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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, Just looking for opinions/Advice I am a British National currently on a 4 Year 457 work visa. I have numerous things I have been carrying with me for a while with regards to health issues and have not been able to get home to have them sorted out. One is possibly an operation I will eventually need on my nose, due to being unable to breath thorough it thanks to a deformed septum which requires surgery, the other is a serious stomach issue that I need a colonoscopy for to find out exactly what is wrong. I am so desperate to get these fixed as they are both currently making my life a living hell. I have the standard Reciprocal Medicare Card which says "Visitor" which I am assuming only helps me a little with Doctors fee's etc so my question is two parts. Firstly if I pay top dollar and get individual private Insurance, how much difference cost-wise would this help when I go to attempt to rectify the problems explained above? (I mean who private health care actually cover for say the colonoscopy or help with the cost of the op for my nose) and secondly, If so which Private Health Care fund comes highly recommended in your opinion? (ie, Upgrade Medicare, Bupa, Etc) Can anyone give some sound advice on what I should do? Cheers in advance, for any advice given! Ruddy
  2. Hi all To cut a long story short I am here on a business owners visa and have recently being diagnosed with a tumour that they currently believe is benign but I need to see a specialist this week. I do not have private health insurance - I am kicking myself now but it is too late so got to get on with it. I have medicare but it is a visitors medicare so I cannot claim as much back as people with PR etc and it does not cover some things. I am extremely worried about the cost. We do not have much money as it has all been invested in the business and so have no savings left. Does anyone know how much you can claim back on operations etc? Or has anyone had any experience. I am worried on so many different levels right now!! I do have an english acct left open and since we left the UK I have still paid National Insurance etc - not sure why but just left it going for some reason. So I guess worse comes to worse I could go back to UK for OP although not ideal as my children would have to stay here with my partner. If anyone has any advice that could help me sleep tonight I would be grateful. I only found out last week so not had chance to call Medicare direct as its the weekend.... Thanks in advance for your help Zoe xxx
  3. Hi all, I heard on the radio this morning that Rio Tinto (mining company) are commencing their new 'Brockman' operations/site - if you go to www.riotinto.com, then careers, then vacancies, and search using 'brockman' as a key word, a number of jobs come up - stuff like health and safety tech, load and haul jobs, training officers, supervisor, moblie equipment maintenance, etc. Just thought that this might be useful! Genevieve
  4. today I've inquiry to panel doctor clinic (want to know how much does is cost), the clinic said, If I apply 175 by online, no need to send to Sydney, they will fill in by online. I've explain again as need to sent to Sydney, but they said very sure, for online no need to sent to Sydney as doctor can fill up by online electronically. (How come Raffles Hospital Singapore can do this by electronically??? , they are not HSA related, am i right?) eventually I'm confuse. Please help
  5. Guest

    Lung Operation

    Hi just wondering if there will be a problem with my husbands lung operation which he had over 2 years ago his operation was call bullectomy/pleurectomy which basicly had bubble on his lung which kept causing it to collapse , the surgeon has said he can fly no problem and is a 2% chance of collapse the only thing he was advised was not to scuba but in the uk thats hardly likely lol any advise on this would be greatly appreciated eg: would it be a problem getting visas to live because of this Thanks Emma
  6. Hi, Hopefully in the next few weeks i will be having my medical for a 457 visa. The thing is, i'm due for an operation on my knee in a couple weeks which will leave me with a limp for a good few months. Will i fail the medical as i'm not 100% fit? Any opinions/experiences will be greatfully received. Andy
  7. Andy & Kelly

    457...Have operation before medical?

    Hi, Im due to have an operation on my knee which will leave me with a limp and limited use for a few months while it heals. If i had it done before my medical, would i fail it because i'm not properly fit? Any help much apreciated Andy
  8. Our medicals are looming and I'm due to go into hospital to have an operation on my ankle. Basically I have a bone deformity and I will have my ankle joints fused together. This will sort my ankle out and I will be pain free which in a funny way am looking forward to. I will be in a cast for 3 months and even though the operation if succesful and it does have a good success rate will fix the problem. I'm just really worried that it will affect my medical when I have it done. :wacko:
  9. Hi, My husband found out today that he has an infection in his ear, and the infection is eating away at a bone. He needs to go for an operation to cut out the infected bone. It is a fairly routine operation and once the bit of bone has been cut out, the problem will have been fixed and he wont require any more treatment. We have just applied for our visa at the beginning of the month and were hoping to do our medicals in the next month or so. Is it best to have the operation before the medicals (could we be rejected due to my husband having an ear infection and it not being fixed before the medical?), or delay the medicals until after the operation and he has been given the all clear? We desperately want to go to Oz and hope this wont cause any problems... Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hayley and Dave