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Found 33 results

  1. Hi all Is it possible to open a bank account in aus before we get there?but we would be staying with my partners parents for around 6 month so wouldnt have a fixed address for a while,we need to transfer money over into a bank account.Plus does anybody know the best and cheapest way to transfer money over from uk to sydney and one with a good rate thanks:biggrin:
  2. Guest

    opening a bank account!!!!

    Hi all, Im moving to Victoria as soon as my visa arrives. I want to open a bank account from home so when i arrive thats 1 thing in place. Can someone help or advise the best bank and how. Thanks chris!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  3. I'm sure I did and it was packed with Poms (and homesick Aussies?)
  4. Hi all, I live in Sydney and will do so for another year or 2 and dont need to move my savings over from the UK. My current savings account is receinvg under 1%pa in interest so need to find something else but it appears you need to be a UK resident. Has anyone tried opening a savings account in the UK whilst living in Oz??? or even a sterling savings account here?? I'm slightly apprehensive of opening an offshore account. thanks
  5. Can anyone tell me if an Australian bank such as NAB or ANZ would do a credit check on a applicant prior to opening a $ account in the UK? As you may or may not know, credit checks are recorded on your credit file and for some people, this may not be advantageous.
  6. Can any one help me? I am trying to print of forms to apply for a subclass 101 but every time I try to open up the relevant forms to print a box pops up telling me I need a pass word to be able to view them. Has anyone else had this happen to them? John.
  7. Dear All Mummies & Children; I am starting a new playgroup in Joondalup running on a Thursday morning between 11.30 and 1.30. Currently there are 6 or 7 confirmed mummies and children (2 to 4.5) all hoping to attend; but to make it financially viable we're looking at a minimum of 10 parents and their children; plus I like making new friends! We're all a lovely group most of whom have been here for less than a year. If you would be interested in joining us, I have started a Facebook Group... thought it was the easiest way to introduce ourselves and keep people informed of the information prior to the Playgroup opening. Search on Facebook for THURSDAY PLAYGROUP (JOONDALUP) or email me at gemma@watson-mail.com Gemma
  8. Hi there Is anyone having trouble opening the last page of the summary: spousal visa thread, have tried 5 times and it keeps throwing us out of PIO and comes up with an error, we can open other reads just not this one!! Thanks guys, have we missed something................. Any advice appreciated:confused:
  9. Hi could someone let me know the best way of opening a Oz account from the Uk i'm sure it's possible but i thought you would need an Oz address. Any advice would be great thanks
  10. I'm Lindsay, 28 from PH.. I've been to Melbourne like 6x.. My uncle is leaving there and were planning to start a dog walking business.. Can anyone recommend a worthy book related information on how to start a dog walking business? I've found one called dog walking services Do you think its worth the price?
  11. G'day folks, My partner and I will be putting in our defacto application at the end of this year (the amount of advice on here is excellent, pats on the back all round!) in order to satisfy the 12 month living together stipulation. I arrived in australia on jan 1st of this year so need to hand our app in as close to the 31st as possible to meet the 12 months. I've looked all round the immi site for details but the opening hours over christmas are not on there. Possibly they may not have decided at this stage but does anyone remember what they were last year? We are worried about having to put the application in too early or even worse after jan 1st next year when my whv has expired which wouldnt look good at all! Any help much appreciated
  12. Guest

    opening a UK bank account from oz

    Hi I know this has previously been discussed, but just wondering if anything new has happened on opening a UK bank account from OZ I spoke to HSBC and they said I could open an account in Oz, and then they would open a UK one for me, but it would be $200, to open a UK one Would love to hear how those returning home manage to open thier UK account Thanks Christi:biggrin:
  13. Hi All, We have been living in Oz for around 18 months now and we still have a property in the UK that we are renting out, our tenants are showing an interest in buying it and as long as the price is right we are willing to sell it. We have no intention of moving large sums of money over to OZ while the pound is so weak. The problem that we seem to be coming across is opening a new savings account in the UK while we are residents here in OZ. We still have a UK bank account but our interest rate is not competetive as it is an old account. Cheers The oldgit.
  14. I've left everything to the last minute again and I'm arriving in Melbourne next week. I'll need to open a bank account pretty much asap as i need to start work. My bank are being silly and want to charge me for a letter of good standing - do i really need one of these? how easy is it to open a bank account when im in Melbourne? Is there anything I should bring like old bank statements etc? Who should i be looking to bank with? Thanks in advance
  15. Can any one advise me please. Has any one recently opened a bank account with Westpac? I opened two accounts (westpac choice and esavers) from the UK on the 25 Jan and I have just recived the paper work in the post today. I was under the impression I had 90 days to take my ID to my branch to validate the accounts but now im a little confused. They have requested us to sign the terms and condition and find a acceptable referee to sign off identification documents. This needs to be done within two weeks. Letter was dated 25 Jan so the two weeks is up. It also say that acceptable referees from overseas must be a International bank employee and known the applicant for over 12 months. Really not sure if this applys to us or im reading it wrong??? Has any one else joined Westpac and what did they do????
  16. scoots

    opening a bank account in oz

    just a quick question about when i arrive in australia,is it better for me to take over £1000 GBP and open an account with that or do i need to change my money to AUD here and take that and open it then. thanks scott.
  17. Guest

    M&S opening in OZ !!!

    Hi, I hope I have read this right on the M&S website that they are opening their first store in Oz next year,please be true I won't jump around yet until somebody can confirm this from what I've read. Please please. Kas:wub:
  18. Hi all, We're headed down under next week for our validation trip, and really want to open up a bank account while we're there. Can anyone tell me what ID etc I'll need, we're staying with family so can put their address if necessary?!! Not sure what to bring with me, other than passport, driving licence.... Thanks Lisa x
  19. Sat my test today and during the lengthy wait between getting to my desk and the test starting (about one hour) I counted how many candidates there were. Anyway the upshot of it is there's money to be made...that session today must involved at least £16,500 changing hands. Now the nurses seems to need IELTS too it's a veritable goldmine! So that's my plan if I don't get me visa an IELTS school, catering to the accountants and nurses that are obliged to jump through linguistic hoops, is my future....:laugh: valleylass
  20. :confused:Hi folks in & around Perth, I'm hoping you can help me out. We are due to land in Perth , friday at around 5.30pm, by the time we get out of the airport & pick the hire car up it's probably going to be close to 7pm. Our dilema is; Is there going to be a supermarket or petrol station open ( headind to Mindarie) that we can get some MILK etc from??? The thought of not being able to have a coffee when we get to our rental is putting me in a panic!!! From what I've been able to find out, the supermarkets close at 6pm, so do the petrol stations sell milk etc ? Thanks for any help. X
  21. I'm just trying to get some information about transferring money over to Australia and earnings(rent on a property) in UK while living in Australia. I'm also after information to do with taxes I'm in the Army and currently transferring over to the Australian Army, I'll be bring my pension over and wondered if I would get taxed on this money. Where is the best place to open an Australian bank account, can you open one in UK or online.
  22. Guest

    opening a bank a/c

    Morning :chatterbox: Sorry if this has been talked about before but I have a question regarding opening a bank account before you move to OZ. This is some information I have seen on the web and would like to know if anybody has done this. It is with the National Australia Bank and they say you can open an NAB Investment Cash Manager Account before you arrive in Australia over the internet. It looks straight foward - but is that a good thing? I know about monthly charges on accounts but that is all I know. How different are the banks? does anyone have any experiance they can share? Thanks. :hug: Sue. X
  23. Hi there, My partner and I will be moving to Australia in Jan 2009 and I am trying to sort out an Australian Bank account to transfer some of our savings , as the rate is quite good at the moment (although I we have now missed the boat on the 2.6 rate from few weeks back! :goofy:). I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the best bank to choose and also the best way to exchange currency i.e. with my current bank or a financial trader - i.e Moneycorp or similar. Any help would be greatly appeciated Thanks
  24. Hi Now we have the visa! we want to open a bank account over there from here and transfer money whilst the exchange rate is good can anyone offer any advice on how to do this and which banks we should approach thanks. x
  25. Guest

    opening an oz account

    Hi all as some of you know we go over to perth nov to validate, was wondering is it worth opening an account before we go then go along to activate. as we could slowly transfer money into it we would at least be set up when we do move for good. prob is do you need an address once there, plus if cant sell the house and decide cant go over would it be easy to close from the uk.............. just an idea i thought off julie :wubclub: