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Found 249 results

  1. Guest

    OMG The Aussie Invasion

    Many weeks ago I put up a thread about the choices we now have in 'Coffee' bars in the UK. I ranted and raved that all I wanted was a 'Flat White'. I was sick to the back teeth of people asking for a 'Long, skinny, double whipped, non peanut, shaken not stirred, Frapachino, with extra non fat cream, and a brolly to finish. I'm all for choice, BUT, come on, pleeeaaassseee, I just wanted a coffee. Well, bugger me, went to London yesterday and went into a 'Coffee' bar and would you believe there on the menu was a Flat White. I nearly fainted in disbelief. A FLAT WHITE, :jiggy:, my day was a dream after this. Anyway went to Covent Garden after this and would you believe one of the buskers was a Didgeridoo player. Young fella, white, but by God could he play the Didge. Stood there like a lemon for around an hour and even tried to imagine myself back in the outback for a while. He was surrounded at one time by onlookers and he got a massive round of applause when he finished, put my own Didge playing to shame. After this and went onto Oxford Street. Always an experience. And there just behind Oxford Circus tube station was a band of Aboriginal dancers. Once again I stood gobsmacked as they went through their routine and once again they had a huge gathering of people. Bearing in mind the sun was OUT yesterday it made for a great day and bought many happy memories back. Now all we need is Vegemite to replace Marmite:shocked:, a V8 ute roaring around every road, the sun to stay a little longer throughout the year. Tuna, Marlin, Spanish Macks, etc to inhabit the UK waters, the outback/rainforest on my doorstep, people who actually have a smile on their face, and my life would be complete. I would have no need to travel backwards and forwards to Australia. I know this is a little tongue in cheek, but I think the Aussie invasion has started.:cool: Cheers Tony
  2. Well it is finally going to happen me and the kids are starting the journey to Oz on Monday, getting scarry. Hubby wont be joining us until begining of Feb as he left for work in Angola yesterday. Been a really stressfull few days, my mother has ended up in hospital on Saturday with a broken leg and today I took the dog to the vets as she hasnt eaten her food for the last three days, tought she had maybe sensed we we leaving and was having a sulk (as she did when she didnt get her own way - typical bitch as my hubby says), but total shock when vet seen her told us nothing they could do she had cancer and only had days to live so had her put to sleep before she began suffering. Kids are gutted and them on Saturday the 2 cats are going to there new home. So all I can say is role on Monday. Best of luck to all others who are in the process of getting visas - well worth the wait.
  3. I am writing this post to inquire about the application and eligibility of Remaining Relative Visa (Offshore) (Subclass 115) or an onshore 835. I wanna be in Oz ASAP. Although I have read through the correspondent pages on http://www.immi.gov.au, I still have some questions and doubts about my case of possible application. I hope u kind people don’t mind helping tipping me a little bit. Please help me. My mother has been married with my step father (an Australian citizen) more than 2 years ago, and she has got her visa subclass 309 in January 2011; she is now happily living in WA Perth with my step-father. They both want me to immigrate to live with them as soon as possible because I am a licensed working doctor in Shanghai and they are happy to have me live with them, about which I am also very glad . The 1st problem is my mother now holding visa 309 is TR till a possible grant of PR in 2012. Although my step father as an Australian citizen is willing to be my sponsor, will it delay my application ? Or another put, am I eligible for this visa now? I am keeping single and don’t have any other relatives except those living in Australia. The 2nd problem is that I am now a physician working in P.R.C government, namely in the police system of justice bureau. Would it be a problem to my application? And could u please tell me how long would it normally take to get this visa? If it takes 10.5 years as it says in webpages, should I first enter Australia by a Sponsored Family Visitor visa (Subclass 679) and then apply for a Remaining Relative Visa (Onshore) (Subclass 835)) & Bridging Visa as i prefer to be in Oz ASAP. Thank u very much for your time and patience. regards Jason
  4. Guest

    OMG, PIO Offline.

    Well, it's nearly here, PIO offline fairly soon for an upgrade.:shocked::cry: If like me you often wonder about an 'outside' world since becoming members of PIO,:notworthy: and need some help during this difficult time I have supplies ready. Cheers Tony.:biggrin:
  5. BritChickx

    Omg! Excited!

    Yay yay yay finally finally going up North!! Me and Paul have found some where (else) to wwoof, in an area called Proserpine, 20 mins from Airlie beach and a couple of hours from Mackay we were wondering what there is to see around these areas? Except the beautiful Whitsundays :jiggy: can't wait!! We're paupers atm lol but hope to do loads of the free stuff! Bob watch out :laugh:
  6. Cal2

    OMG - Our Turn

    :shocked: visas have been approved, OMG we're going, but I don't know what I'm doing, have to get packers, dogs sorted, cat rehomed, somewhere to live, schools, car to transport, family to tell, child to leave behind (at Uni joining us after), and goodness knows what else I've forgotten, please feel free to tell me what I've forgotten :unsure:
  7. Am absolutely floored to learn that the road tax / rego for the $900 bomb we bought on arrival in Oz is $805 for the next 12 months. Eek! :jiggy:
  8. Wellers and Whitehead

    Omg flights booked!! Whoooo

    Got our PR visa last week and booked our flights this morning!! Whooo! £580 one way London to Perth! Singapore airlines.. So excited but soo nervous x
  9. Guest

    Flying to Perth tonight - OMG!!

    I can't believe today is finally here and we are flying to our new life down under this evening. I really cannot describe how I am feeling at the moment but Im hoping the excitement kicks in when we are on the plane. Good luck to all those awaiting their visas you time will come Gillian xx:hug:
  11. lazydaisy

    OMG SS 176 visa granted today!!!

    At long last , we're so happy our visas were granted today!!!!. Time line fyi: Nov 09-Applied for vetassess test (carpentry) May 10-passed vetassess test Jan 11-granted state sponsorship 4 march 11- took medicals 23 march 11 -passed medicals -cert issued 18 mar 11-cleared police checks 1 april 11-VISA GRANTED!!! and thanks to everyone on pomms in oz who have guided us along the way...it is possible without an agent !!! (and with a v. minor cannabis conviction!!!) :notworthy:
  12. fivetogo

    OMG!! OMG!!! We got it!!!!!!!

    I am so happy to tell everybody that we finally received our Visa this morning! Thank you all your support in this time! Everybody with his post was very helpful!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! :hug: :jiggy::biglaugh::yellow_guy_crazy_ty
  13. Hi Guys After what seems like emailing every maternity hospital in the Perth/ Northern Peel region, have got an email asking to interview me this Wednesday (9am our time). Whilst I'm elated and its what I want, I am very, very nervous, anybody got an tips for the telephone interview process. Any help would appreciated, my head is spinning:v_SPIN:. Kirstie
  14. Shipped stuff to Perth 2 yrs ago cost=£2700 fo a 25ft. Then back to the UK cost = £3000. To re-ship to Perth £4500 for a 25ft. Omg. Can the value in a 25ft container even add up to £4500. Wow.... everything else in the UK seems to be going down but 'oh no' not shipping. Husband is refusing to ship at this cost.... Maybe I can do some deals!
  15. Mizzmp

    Meds finalised problem OMG!

    Just wonder if anybody else has had this prob. Had meds done 25th July, all clear and all our meds were finalised a week ago. However, they STILL haven't uploaded my OH who is main applicant! Keep phoning clinic to be told, "oh yes we will remind the doctor" its killing me here! We had til 8th Aug to comply and now need our 3rd time extension! Dont understand why something so simple cannot be done having paid out all that money. Just want our visa! xx
  16. Guest


    Im still in shock ! woke up this morning to find we have been granted our 176 visa :biggrin::chatterbox::biglaugh::wacko::jiggy::wub: so many emotions running around my head lol, I just want to say that i couldnt have done it without the help of eveyone on this site you have been my bible in times of stress and have enabled me to do the whole process without the use of an agent ( not that agents arent good lol its just we couldnt afford one ) So a huge thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Good luck to all of yous that are still waiting Tonya xx
  17. Guest

    omg sold the car today!!!

    We have sold the car today even though we have no date to move!!!! (up until yesterday we thought we were going end of Aug) but now after being totally mislead by the estate agents we are not sure, arghh!!! Hopefully things will move as when we put car on ebay it was the right time, what a difference a day can make, but couldn't risk not selling it, we have already had that problem with a motorbike. The question is now, do we make do, walk, use the bus, hire a car, buy an old banger???? What fun this emigrating is, one day you are up the next down, but looking forward to the move, just want to get there (Perth). Cheers for listening Kim
  18. Was just having a nosey to see if I could afford my dream home in oz (i wish) and was gobsmacked to find the following. 12 months ago for £125,000 I would have had $218,750 1.75 dollars to the pound Now for £125,000 I would get...... $186.251 :0( 1.49 dollars to the pound
  19. shaza

    OMG!!! we got our visa

    Finally after 2yrs we got our visa. It's been a real roller coaster ride with all the changes & medical problems etc but we got there in the end. My head is spinning & I have no idea where to begin preparing for this massive move. Think I'm going to spend every hour on the Internet doing my homework now. If anyone has any advice they can give me I'd really appreciate it.
  20. twinsmom65

    OMG - Enough of the Heat already

    Hi folks, Well I thought after living through 2 Australian summers I could handle the heat.... OMG I was wrong. Living in Perth, I endured hot hot summer days but it was a dry heat. Back in Canada now, and in the full swing of summer, as some of you may know, North America is in the midst of a major heatwave. As I sit typing this it is 35 degrees, but with the humidity it is feeling like 48 degrees. It is expected to be a bit cooler tomorrow with forecast temps of 33 degrees with humidex values of 37 degrees. Most of Ontario is under a special weather warning. Most cities have cooling stations set up for people who need them (especially the homeless !). I don't know how you folks cope in Qld with the high humidity.... I guess you must aclimatize yourselves. I know that living in Southern Ontario, we do have to endure some sumer days, there are some days where we have 80 to 90 % humidity.... strange I know for a country that is more known for its cold than it's heat :biglaugh: Well I guess I shouldn't compain too much.... looked at what the UK is having for a summer, theirs isn't looking too great. Just wanted to share. Karen
  21. Guest

    Omg the golden ticket

    OMG !!!!!!!:wub::wubclub::chatterbox::rolleyes:Hi there just wanted to share our news, after only saying yesterday that we are waiting for some news!!!! today we got woke up by a phone call from oz from our agent to tell us our good news!!!!! visa granted!!!!!! today !!!! 13 days after meds!!!!!! have been in a muddle all day going round in circles with emotions!!!!!!! Cant beleive this day has arrived!!!!! so happy but scared!!!!!!! so for anyone just starting process and in the middle still waiting keep going!!!!!!!!!! it will be worth all the hassle and hardwork and money in the end!!!!!! Yipeeeee champers is out!!!!!! for the weekend!!!!!! Kell, AL and girls 8 & 4yrs heading to perth!!!!! start of app Feb 10, app logged dec 10, ss march 11, co may 11 , pcc june 11, meds july 8th 11 VISA GRANTED 21 JULY 11 !!!!!!!!!!
  22. Guest

    OMG is this info correct.

    Hi my husband and I are hoping to sell house and be over in Perth by jan 2012, on student visa my husband is hoping to study. Just been working out how much money we need to come over with 2 kids under the visa conditions. I can't quite believe the figure it's £82000 pounds, does anyone know a way round this as we only have £40,000 which we thought would be plenty to get us started.
  23. gaz n family

    OMG - No turning Back NOW

    Sorry i have not been on here much recently, but we are now a week away from flying and its all coming together now. Removal men packed the house up Tuesday and Wednesday this week, unfortunatly we had to leave 3 shelf units and 2 bikes behind, despite telling them we didnt want other stuff taking, but they managed to load those items first!!!!! Plus they didnt let me take apaert items of furnitue to save space, as they only have the ISO container for 2 hours, but a letter is being written to them as there promise of what they would do didnt happen, if it had everything would have fitted and the two items we didnt want and were only taking them if there was space. But all else is going as planned. So we have moved out of our home (last night) staying locally in a B&B. Our son was due to leave school today, it was founders day (their last day of the school year) so Son and Daughter have now left their English school, there were quite a few tears from all, including myself :cry: as i hate seeing them upset. Especially as i made them due to this move....... We are now with granny until next Wednesday, leaving for Heathrow and staying over night for a Thursday flight (assuming VA dont strike that day) to Shanghai. I hope everyones plans are going well and all those in the visa application process is going smoothly. As we have now moved and packed i should be able to post more on here, keeping those who are interseted upto date with our steps, plans and actual events, it will be interesting if it goes all accoring to plan.
  24. OMG - MY VISA IS APPROVED I can't believe..... I am just crying..... My medicals were uploaded yesterday and visa has approved today. I Thank you very much to all the members of PIO for the great support. :wubclub:
  25. If , you discovered your house on fire and no way back .........and you had 3minutes to get your gear together ...what would you grab..........:policeman: