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Found 37 results

  1. Hi my 14 year old daughter and 15 year old son are visiting me us in Baldivis over Xmas and then again at Easter before they emigrate permanently. My daughter is into Dancing, playing keyboards, is learning Japanese and loves anything Japanese related, is a member of the Guides, and is heavily into anything Twilight related! My son is into music, playing guitar, Xbox, BMX and skateboarding. My daughter has an account on here set up, but she forgot to activate it so just waiting for that to be done then I'm sure she'll post her own messages. So if anybody is around and would like to meet up teens and parents then please give me a shout. Want to also get the low down on some of the schools in the area from both teens and parents points of view. Thanks Jayne
  2. Hi Am looking for a bit of a favour...we are looking to be coming to Canberra this year and our 17 yr old daughter (18 in Nov) is really not wanting to come (atm). We can leave her here but was hoping she would come with us and find a better life. She had already planned to re-start her a-levels after completing her AS levels this year so would not be any worse off by starting college in Oz If anyone around this age that has already made the move would be prepared to maybe chat to her on here, fb or msn I would be grateful. She seems to have changed her mind a thousand times and maybe another perspective would help finally decide either way? She is saying that she never wanted to go and is currently saying a definite no, but has also said before that we are to make her go no matter what she says. We don't know if we should push her or not. If someone who had made the move could let her know if it was a good experience or not, what college life is like, uni stuff like that? Any help would be great Thanks Candice :biggrin:
  3. When we eventually get out to Oz (fingers crossed), Cleveland is the place we're hoping to settle. Just wondering what it has to offer a 10 yr old boy? We're absolutley dreading another long winter here in the UK :frown:, he will be climbing the walls in the next few months. Are there many skateparks etc in the area? and do kids play outside there or is it a culture of play dates after school? Hes really into skateboards/bmx and just started taking an interest in rugby. Would really appreciate any advice/information about anything in the surrounding areas:smile: Dee x
  4. LisaRich

    Free child care for 3-4 yr olds

    Hi there, Just wondering if australia is the same as the uk in providing so many hours free a week for nursey care for 3-4 yr olds before they start school? Any info wiuld be grateful. Thank you
  5. The Pom Queen

    7 Year Olds Taking Knives to School

    Just read an article where it says children as young as 7 are taking knives to school in the UK. What's the world coming to, it looks like having your head pushed down the loo or being rolled down the banking is no more. I can remember before we left for OZ my son had a knife held to his throat on the bus home from school, it was a joke (not in my eyes) but what would have happened if the bus had slammed on. There use to be a time where a fight was fists and maybe heads, now it's guns and knives:no:
  6. Hi guys we have our 176 visa application in with the DIAC and have now turned our minds to actually living in OZ and the cost etc. We have two children currently aged 9months and 3 years old and are probably looking to move over to Perth metro area (Rockingham initially) this time next year. I know our eldest will be able to start Kindy/pre-school depending on his age at time of move but I'm wondering what sort of childcare is available for our youngest as I would like to be able to work myself once we've settled down. I was wondering what the current costs for childcare are how availble places are many thanks for your thought Est
  7. Hello, my name's Joelle and I'm 16 (17 next month). I may be moving to Australia next summer with my family, my parents are looking at Adelaide and Brisbane, we're visiting them this summer as we have received our visas. Just wondering if anyone that's visited or lives there could tell me what either of the places are like and the kinds of things there are to do for 16-17 year olds? I was hoping to make some friends when we visit this summer so would anyone around the age of 16-17 like to chat on msn or facebook etc?? x x x
  8. Guest

    Chest X-ray for 11/12 year olds

    hi, when we started this process one of our son's was 10 therefore no chest x-ray needed. We finally did our medicals last week and were expecting to have to get a chest x-ray done for him as he is now 12. However, the doctor would not do it as he had had an email from DIAC from 14th Feb saying that if a child was under 11 at the initial application date then no chest x-ray is required even if they are now over 11 when asked for medicals. The doctor showed us the email from someone high up at DIAC which said they would be sending guidance to all CO's shortly. It seems our CO hasn't had this guidance because today we logged in to check our application and it says further medical requested for our son - aagh!:arghh: Has anyone else come across this?
  9. Hi, I am just trying to do some networking for my 12, nearly 13 yr old stepdaughter. we are new to Mandurah & only have her for holidays but are therefore trying to find her some friends. She's a very good kid (school captain at her small Qld school) & wouldn't have probs making friends so if anyone out there has a 12/13yr old wanting to meet some fresh blood on the hols, let me know. ps we aren't Poms!... stumbled on this site googling:biggrin:
  10. Hi we're thinking of coming'back' over, we've had our visas for a while and originally went to Adelaide. Long story short no work for chippies and a lot of bad luck! We want to try again!! My daughter is 14 and would like to be a product designer. In the UK she currently studies product design, textiles, photography, dance and all other core subjects. She already has some GCSE modules in Science and Spanish as her state school encourages them to 'take them' early.Am I mad taking her out of her GCSE's. :unsure: I also have a 12 year old. I'm not too worried about her as I know from experience the Australian system is more laid back than the British and she still has time. I do worry about the 14 year old though. I wouldn't want to sabotage her education. I have done some research and I believe that when she finishes school at 17 she could then study at TAFE for a certificate in 'Applied Environmental Arts'??? I'm not sure if i'm completely off scale but if somebody has any experience of taking a 14 year old into education I would appreciate your input. Personally, I don't have any worries, she is a great girl, as is my 12 year old. they are both very well adjusted. We are thinking about Scarborough. My husband is coming out in January. What are the recommended state schools or private catholic?? Any info would be great. I am pretty scared having done it once and now the girls are both a little older than when we first took the plunge, we really can't afford any 'major' mistakes. I know there a a lot of questions bt any input would be great Thank you all Angela :chatterbox:
  11. tonyman

    Babies Toddlers 2yr olds

    can we dedicate this to the above ,regarding issues , problems ,advise and general baby talk...? our 3 girls have been no problem but our 2yr old twin boys are such a handfull, they seem to scream and cry the moment they wake up , this goes on and on , their next trick is to undress when its sleep time in the cot which involves the removal of the nappy ,usually when they or one of them has pood ...! its becoming a proper pain and beyond a joke .....and the showering is endless......not to mention the cleaning......i spent 2hrs in the nursery yesterday cleaning it up and some of today washing their clothes , blankets and shoes of the poo.......with gloves and dust mask...... so, has anyone else had this persistant problem and whats they best way to sort it out .....? remember its twins tho ...........:arghh:
  12. Are there any 15, 16 or 17 year olds new to Perth that are finding it hard to make friends? I have a 16 year old son in that position so I was thinking maybe we could arrange for the families to get together to help our kids out! We live in Butler NOR. Be good to hear from someone.:chatterbox:
  13. Hi, been struggling to find soccer (not too expensive) for my 4 year old. We are NOR. Found 2 so far fit4kids (are on sundays and my other kids have soccer matches sunday mornings) and another one which was expensive. Looking for weekday or Saturday session indoor or outdoor. My 4 year old is desperate to play and he's pretty good so I want to encourage him - especially as he has to come to his brothers soccer training/matches etc... it's his turn now surely! any advice/info would be gratefully received. Cheers :spinny:
  14. I will finish my GCSEs this June. Me and my family will move to North Sydney, areas around Chatswood. IF you are the same age group, I would like to hear from you.:laugh:
  15. All being well we will be on our way on 1st Feb 2010 :jiggy: Our daughter turns 10 at the beginning of March, so seeing as we will not know many people by that stage, has anyone got any good suggestions for a good day out for her birthday? Don't want her to be feeling homesick on her birthday and be missing all her UK friends. We are heading SOR, initially Secret Harbour and then Baldivis hopefully. All suggestions greatly received.
  16. Looking to meet people on the gold coast who have no children. Im 35 and my oh is 31, everyone in our age bracket seems to have kids and makes it really restrictive on what they can do. Anyone who fancies getting together get in touch

    Two 17 year olds boys

    Coming out for 2 weeks hols at christmas 14- 28th dec & moving to Perth 2010. I was just wondering if there was any partys or things going on so we can get to know people ?. Thanks Jamie.
  18. Guest

    18 and 19 year olds :)

    I just moved to Oz(Brisbane) together with a friend of mine about 6 weeks ago!! We'd like to meet anyone around our age and is up for a laugh! We're up 4 anything new and exciting! So if anyone would like to meet just reply! Cheers
  19. Hi all I have a 3 month visitor here ( Kinross ) :wacko: who needs to get out a bit!! Any one lonely for some company? He is fully functional!! and clear thinking chatty 92 year old fella He gets terribly bored when we are all out at work during the day. All suggestions gratefully received!! regards Tracyx
  20. hi! by about october-november, ill be finishing the last couple of months of year 11 at mindarie college, before carrying on with year twelve next year. ill be 16 by the time i move. Is anyone else joining this school?! does anyone know if its good there?
  21. Guest

    SATS papers for 11 year olds

    Hi , i have found two website that are a great help. They are Brightminds ( which list all the past papers in all three subjects back to 2003) and Spark Island which gives you tips on the SATS. Sorry couldn't add the links but they are well worth looking them up as with Brightminds you can printout the papers and get your child to practice in a comfortable environment so she/he is aware of the ways questions are phrased as they are set to see how clearly your child can work out problems, eg maths papers Frankie is actually enjoying the test papers at home and feels more confident to face them in May now, Hope this helps helps all the parents who are fretting about SATS. I still follow the set times for each test but then look over the paper together Good luck to all you children and parents having SATS in May Gail xx
  22. :jiggy: Hiya, my name is Fran, i'm 17 years old and am currently training to become a hairdresser and due to finish my NVQ2 this summer. I enjoy talking on-line and on my mobile with friends (and would like some more from Australia and those moving to Australia too around my age ), i also like R&B music & Fashion. My parents are just waiting on the visa's to come through so could be any day now before the big move down under after i've finished college. One thing i can't stand is change....and this is THE BIG ONE! :nah: Anyone out there looking to move to Brisbane/Sunshine Coast, or already there please let me know as i'm really not sure about this move, is it for the better? I need convincing....PLEASE HELP ME! :swoon:
  23. Guest

    any 17 year olds

    is there any 17 year olds moving to perth?
  24. Hi, Im debbie and iv been in Melbourne for 2 weeks. Im a nurse at the Royal Melbourne and am here with my daughter Emily who is 16. We are moving into a place in south yarra in a couple of days. We would both love to meet up with people, especially Emily would like to meet any 16 -18 yr olds. xx
  25. before we start the ball rolling with an emigration agency can anyone advise us on the childrens immunisation requirement our two youngest kids havent had the MMR as our son had a life threatening reaction to the HIB given at 12 weeks old as all parents can imagine we are terrified to have any more tripple vaccines administered . maybe single doses over a few months would be bearable for us if nessesary please help with info if you can all advice greatly appreciated thanks