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Found 31 results

  1. Guest

    Older friends

    We have been in Aus a while and spent most of the time putting our children through school and Uni, also bought a run down weatherboard and renovated, now we have time on our hands and realise that our social life could do with expanding, anybody interested in drinks or coffee or a chin wag around the Mordialloc area. we have a few "friends" but not friends!! if you understand that you know what I mean.:wacko: we are wll versed in Aussie ways so new comers are also welcome.
  2. Guest

    Travel Insurance for Older folk

    Don't know if anyone can help but my parents would like to come to Oz to visit us ... They are both in their 70s and my Dad has had serious heart issues in the past - consequently they are struggling to find travel / health insurance either at all or for an affordable price .... Is anyone able to recommend any companies or any alternative - eg could we cover them on our health insurance policy - we are PR but they are visitors. Any advice welcome! Thank you!
  3. Guest

    older education

    what is the age people finish/leave school in the perth area ? and what qualifications and exams do they do ? :biggrin:
  4. It's one way of explaining it anyway but what was 'he' really talking about? Back on an even keel after spending 15 increasingly fraught minutes hunting thru my CD's until I found 'Greatest Hits Volume 3' which my brother gave me for my 39th birthday.
  5. Hi my eldest son had is visa refused because he was no classed as a dependent. So if we get our visas we will have to go with out him. We have been told its easy once you get out there to get him over can any one give advice. Amanda
  6. Guest

    457 Visa with older children..

    Hi All I am hoping somebody maybe able to help me out. I have managed to secure a position with a company within OZ starting March 2012. I have a family to take with me but my eldest son is 19... Can anyone please inform me whether he will need a separate Visa. He has recently completed an Apprenticeship NVQ level 2 in catering and has just accepted an offer of a contract for work. Would it be easier to take him if he was unemployed over here, taking a year out or in work? Many thanks for your help Paul
  7. charlie5

    Insulating Older Houses

    Hi Our home is pretty cold in the NSW winter. It has loft insulation but that is all. Has anyone any experience of retro-fitting cavity wall or underfloor insulation? There seemsa great shortage of people who offer to do this. Charlie :frown:
  8. Hi all, can anyone shed any light? My Dad wants to come over for a holiday and to see us and his new grand daughter. UK insurance is more than the flight due to him being 80. Someone has told him I could insure him from this end for his time here. Anyone been through this? Thanks in advance.
  9. hi, I have been reading through some info on the Visa we will be migrating on (ENS 121) and it says that all kids, even non migrating kids, needs meds done. We have an older daughter 22, lives in Germany and a 20 yr. old daughter staying here......do they both need meds done???? Hope not as this is a total waste of £500!!!!!!!!!! sharon.xx
  10. k8bug79

    Older Partner

    Hi, I am ever hopeful that my Mum and her family will decide to come out to Oz one day to join us.....think I have a cats chance!!!! But hey. However she is now 50 but she is married to her younger man who is currently 38. As they are about to increase the age and presuming they met all the skills requirements would he be able to be the lead applicant and bring my Mum as partner or do partners need to be below the age limit as well? Thanks
  11. Is anybody out there with older children ? We have made the move a bit later in life (well we are older than 30 !) We have boys 10 and 12 and wondering how folk are finding things for the 'teenager' My older boy really misses home. Any one wanna to meet for coffee or beer ? (we have been here 3 months):cute:
  12. Hi, We had decided on buying a new or new'ish car on arrival, but are now wondering whether its worth taking our older car from here, and having it as a second run around or even holding off buying the newer one for a bit and doing with this to start with. Only thing is, its not a fancy or valuable car, so is it worth taking, as I cant seem to find out how much exactly its going to cost me in charges to take it? Re the shipping, we are going to take a 20ft container and it wasnt going to be full and now we may not take as much so wondering if it will fit in so will get the shippers out for a re-quote. So shipping cost may not be too much in addition to what we budgeted for this. Its a reliable Vauxhall Meriva, 2004, with low mileage and reckon I'd only get £2000 for it here. I'd not be concerned about trade in over there as would just run it til I scrap it! Repairs and parts would be a concern and the costs to get it there. I'd looked at buying a used 2004 Kia Sportage there, and they're about $17k so maybe better taking this if not too expensive. Anyone any ideas of the all-in costs to expect,other than shipping? As I said, just a thought at the moment, not even sure if worth it so grateful for advice. Cheers Shaz
  13. I have been advised that as our 856ens application was lodged before October there is a good chance that our friends application who be lodging shortly (in other words over a month later than ours) could be granted before our visa as his will be lodged with the new "decision ready" option. Now i'm not huffed that his might be granted before ours but i am somewhat worried about how many applications will be put in front of ours and if that means that our application could end up taking longer than the original estimated 5-7 months. Does anyone have any further information regarding this?:arghh:
  14. Hello, As most of you are aware, OH is busy job hunting, as he won't have a job as of the end of September. We are willing to move interstate at this time, as he is the main breadwinner, and will go to where ever he gets a job. Been in Perth for almost 2 years now, and to tell you the truth, my almost 17 year old twins are getting a bit bored with Perth. OH has been applying for jobs in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. I haven't really researched these areas, as when we were emigrating, we researched Perth as that is where we were headed to. Can anyone living in South Australia, Victoria or Queensland give me some insight to the pros and cons of their state and if it would suit two almost 17 year olds. Also, I will need to find employment as well, and was just wondering how hard it would be for me to get a job (saying that I have had 5 jobs in Perth in under 2 years lol). I do admin, personal bankruptcies, work for state gov now... so can turn my hand to pretty much anything. If you could let me know that would be great. At the moment no job offers have come in, but we are busy pounding the street. Thanks again. Cheers Karen
  15. This is aimed at every older teenager / young adult on this forum. My family and I will be arriving on the Wednesday 10th February 2010. We are a young couple with a daughter Shannon aged 17, son Nathan aged 21 and another daughter Charlotte aged 11. I am extremely worried about my kids being isolated and not gaining good friends in Adelaide. I am not so worried about my Nathan has he is a professional sportsman and has very outgoing nature, but its my Shannon she is more resiliant about our family adventure with our new life in Adelaide. Basically does not want to be in Adelaide. So what I am hoping to arrange once we have settled is to arrange a a BBQ at our place for all you teenagers / young adults to socialise. Hopefully this will not just help my kids but other young people to meet new friends. Maybe some like minded parents can tag along as well lol. Obviously we will not be in Adelaide until Feb, but I will post an update nearer the time. Furthermore I have coached and managed soccer teams for the past 22 years here in the UK, plus my son has been a professional. I am going to look into sorting out a team from scratch and enter a Saturday/Sunday league. Maybe we could call the team PIA FC. What do you think moderators. We could arrange Parents V Kids Soccer match. I understand that you young ones - that it is horrible for us older people/parents trying to get you friends etc, but this BBQ is meant with all good intentions. Hopefully some good can come from this socialable event and you had the chance to gain acquaintances and exchange contact details and sorted out your own future arrangements regarding meeting each other. I look forward to your replies...................
  16. Guest

    older kids

    Hi Just wondered if anyone who has moved to Oz with older kids can help!! My oldest who's 13 nearly 14 is adamant she's NOT going! Has anyone had this problem right to the end & did you have to drag them on the plane kicking & screaming?? Help I'm so worried - she says It's gonna ruin her life!! We're going at Xmas for almost 5 wks so I'm really hoping this will sway her!!(it's the friends she doesn't want to leave) Help Help!!!!:arghh:
  17. rainyc

    Older kids causing stress!!!

    Hi there, wonder if anyone been in similar situation?? Have 18 yr old daughter who was all for coming to Oz till she met boyfriend, now def not coming, is moving in with him etc etc.....she will be on our visa so she will have option to come should she decide at a later date. I have sort of got my head around this but now probs with 16 yr old son who too has a lovely girlfriend, totally besotted by her and point blank refuses to discuss Oz, says he not going anywhere with us and we are selfish etc etc.!! Fact is he wanted to 6 months ago, is realy sporty and would love it but cannot convince him of this in any way, shape or form!! He is 17 in March, does anyone know legally where i stand. i could not go without him. He is a young 16 year old, typical male!! If anyone has been in a similar situation or can offer any advice then it will be greatly received. Feel like this is all for nothing at the moment!! :sad:
  18. Ok decided to write my story. When I was 10 my dad applied to come to Aus and got rejected he tried when i was 12 again rejected then when i was 17 he got accepted. So my brother mum dad and I boarded a flight on February 17th 1987 all held hands and off we went for an adventure. The only way my dad got me on that plane was by promising me a return ticket in three months if I didn't like it. I was very very happy in my beautiful yorkshire ( leeds ) and had a great life my dad had the grass is greener syndrome. So after 3 months I said thanks its been lovely but I want to go home now he would not give me my passport and made sure that I could not go home after a few months I decided to go to tafe to do my HSC then I went to University and life continued....then I got married in 1995 and in 1998 my daughter was born ad I got severe post natal depression due to the realisation that I was now stuck....I have never settled here and I have tried so so hard but 2 kids and a divorce later I still yearn for my yorkshire where I belong and where my heart is.I am now married to my first ever boyfriend who also is English and from leeds and so one day I hope to return my biggest fear is dying here......But I would not do to my kids what my dad did to me and now my dad and I are estranged because he thinks it is selfish I take the kids to UK for 3-6 months so that they are able to make an informed decision when they are older.....my parents would go home in a heartbeat if they could but they have grandkids here now and so it can get very very complicated so think about all this before you make a decision....I will get home one day im trying to see it as an exptended holiday ....but all our money is spent on trips to the uk and my parents say this is sad and yes it is very sad but its the onyl way I can do it .......:arghh:
  19. Hi all. Initially, me and my OH were looking at getting to Oz on a skilled visa - this was a couple of years ago and due to unforeseen circumstances we were unable to go ahead at that point - fast forward to this year and suddenly our dream seemed possible so we started looking into it again. unfortunately because my OH has been off the spanners for a while now, we don't qualify for skilled visa (even tho he is still working within the motor industry). We are now at the point where the only viable option would be to go down the employer sponsorship visa route and this is proving difficult. I then thought, well what if I train for something on the skilled visa list?? I have always had a bit of a desire to train in midwifery so that would be perfect. However my only prob with this is that it takes 3 years to train and then i would need to have some work experience under my belt so ur looking at 4 years minimum then you have the length of time it takes to get a visa approved and my eldest son is 13 yrs old. Ok, so now i will cut to the chase!!!! I was under the impression that once ur dependents reached the age of 18 they were then deemed as independents and would be unable to go over on ur visa? After reading a post on this forum I am now confused as it sounded like this isn't the case - could somebody pleeeease enlighten me!! lol sorry for all the waffle Hannah
  20. Guest

    Taking Older children

    We're hopefully moving out next summer/autumn if all going well. We've chosen Narangba Valley as our friends have been there since Feb this year. My minor concern is that we have a 16 year old daughter who'll be closer to 18 when we arrive and a 19 year old son who'll be almost 21. I'm wondering how easy it'll be for them to make new friends and settle into our new life. I'm sure leaving all their friends behind is going to be pretty tough going but could be worrying over nothing. If anyone out there has been in a similar situation as us, i'd love to hear how it all went. My son is planning to do a 2 year course in bricklaying when we get there and my daughter is starting a public services course over here in sept so not to sure what she'll do when we get to Oz.
  21. Waitingawhile

    help re dependant older child

    Hi my youngest son is 20 and has been in full time ed since he left school he is doing a degree in IT but I want to add him as a dependant to my visa is this possible does anyone know? He has always lived with us but claims student loan and works part time too! any advice would be appreciated also if it is possible if he carried on doing his degree in this country coming home to oz in the hols and we gained a provisional visa would he then be able to be part of a final application to gain a perm visa ( i am going for regional state sponsorship):mask:
  22. Guest

    older kids and disabled child

    Hi havnt actually started the process yet, but found this web site and you seem a very knowledgable bunch! we are looking at emigrating to australia but need some info, we have five kids ages from 17 to 21 and cant find info on how old they have to be to still come wiith us our youngest is also disabled. have found some info on disabled applicants but looks like you have to pay for visa and then be told you cant come because of her disability, does anyone no what our chances are? thanks.
  23. Hi all, When we visited Oz last year we asked around about finding work for us older young ones. We were told that Oz is crying out for and asking for people to come out of retirement and go back to work. Has anyone out there got a take on this? I am a Marie Curie nurse (Palliative and not a RN) with 14 years experience of nursing terminal cancer patients. My hubby is an IT consultant and also an electrician. What are our chances of finding decent jobs? Many thanks for any help on this. Monica
  24. my son is 19 and has just started an apprenticeship this week to be a carpenter part of his course is at college and partly working on site his wage is below the minimal wage expected for a 19year old. however we need to get him on our visa as we beleive he is dependant on us. We had an email from an agent today who said it may be possible to get him on our visa if he is on the minimal wage stated by the Australian immigration, however we dont know what the minimal wage is in order for application. can any one help with this may be your going through a similar process. would appreciate any info which may help. tracy n john
  25. Anyone got any experience with getting a visa for an 18yo on a skilled independent visa? My stepson turned 18 in August and is now taking a year out from his studies doing some part time work to save money for university next year. Has anyone else been in a similar situation, was there any problems or issues we need to be aware of Thanks