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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, my wife has been sponsored on a 457 visa and we are moving with our two boys (11 & 9) in January. I currently work offshore UK North Sea as a control room operator on Buzzard platform. I've made a few contacts, but have nothing sorted as yet, if anybody knows anybody looking for production guys, would appreciate the heads up! Cheers Chris
  2. I live in the United States and we have a show called House Hunters International. One show was about a North Sea oil worker who moved to Australia with his wife and kids. With this description I wonder if anyone knows which type of Visa he used or if Australia makes a special exception for high paid workers. A) He was a North Sea oil worker based in Scotland. I believe he was an engineer. B) He worked 6 months out of the year in Scotland and had 6 months off. C) He moved his family to a vacation town north of Brisbane. D) After the move his family lived in Australia year round. E) The engineer kept his job in Scotland. He worked 6 months in the North Sea and spent the other six months with his family in Australia. I don't think he came in as a skilled migrant because he never intended to get a job in Australia. It got me wondering if Australia allows high paid workers to immigrate to it's shores. Is there a special visa for that? Thanks for any input!
  3. I have heard of Mermaid Marine but are there any other oil and gas companies offering employment for electricians? At present I have my 176 state permanent residency but do not live in Australia and work as an Electro Technical Officer for an offshore UK company.
  4. I would like to obtain a job nursing in the mines, oil or gas industries. Does anyone have any contacts and know roughly the salary a nurse could earn there? Have heard that working in these industries is very lucrative.At the moment I work as a community nurse in Perth. Thanks :radar: Debbie G
  5. I'm currently looking for job opportunity in O&G construction field expertise in piping. 20 yrs of experience in various supervisory and managerial functions. Cheers.
  6. stevie ellis

    Oil and gas jobs?

    We see on here about the mining but what about the oil and gas ? are there jobs there as well? I have often thought about a job in the oil and gas here in Aberdeen [ every winter in fact] so would like to try for job in the oil and gas in WA if it were possible. I realize as being a Slater i would have to start at the very bottom in the said industry but hey am willing and able to learn, just a thought. thanks stevie:notworthy:
  7. Good day to you all. Just out of interest is there anyone on here come over from the UK to work in the Oil and Gas offshore sector? The reason I ask is that me and the wife are coming out in April for a 6 month reccie and was just wondering how other halves find it when we go offshore for 5 weeks? She will be kinda left on her own for a long time in a new country. Also we will be looking for some furnish accommodation / holiday let in Perth from mid April for approx 6 months if anyone has anything going? Cheers Martin
  8. Hi I am a 25 year old designer, with 8 years of experience on AutoCAD and 6 years experience on SolidWorks. I emigrate to Perth on March 29th 2011, and I am desperate to get into the Oil & Gas or Mining sectors. What is the best way to achieve this? What are the best recruitment agencies or courses? Or if anybody knows of any drafting jobs in the Perth area if you could let me know, that would be brilliant! Thanks M.
  9. Guest

    Oil & Gas industry

    Hi all, was checking to see if anybody has information on the oil and gas sector in oz I`m a comp ex electrical/tech in the uk working in this sector, but am not sure what is required in oz with liecence etc also where to start looking for jobs, any info any 1 could offer would be great cheers :chatterbox:
  10. Hi, My hubbie is a ROV pilot working world wide in the oil and gas industry. We were wondering if anyone else does this job from Oz, and if there would be a preferred place to live in Oz to make work easier? Thanks for any info Gill x:unsure:
  11. Hi I'm a pipefitter looking for a company to sponser!!!! Is this the best way or go on a silled visa also in which areas of Oz are the oil rigs Thanks John Lynsay Jake and Sophie

    Can you use linseed oil on wood

    As it says can you use linseed oil on wood before we ship our stuff ??????????
  13. Calling all NDT specialists! If you have an accredited NDT certificate, have relevant experience in the Oil & Gas industry and are interested in being sponsored by an employer in Australia please forward your resume to me at sheelaghDOTblanckenbergATgmail.com .
  14. Any leads on the companies hiring for offhshore or office based production operations or Instrument biased positions appreciated. 17 years offshore experience and due in Perth on the 18th February on a SC176 visa.
  15. Myself and my partner are looking emigrate to Perth WA I am 48 years old with 18 years experience in the oil & gas industry currently employed as a senior safety technical advisor specialising in the supply of breathing apparatus to cover working in toxic environments (I was Operations Manager until the recession), prior to that I have worked both in the manufacturing of and running of offshore tools/equipment for Halliburton, Cameron, Vetco etc. I am a qualified Hydraulic/Pneumatic engineer to trade. I also have immediate family in an uncle plus cousins living in the Perth area and a bank account with the Commonwealth bank of Australia since 1999. My partner is 44 years old and is a qualified staff nurse in mental health nursing with a BN degree in mental health nursing she is currently employed in the Edinburgh area of Scotland. Any advice assistance to help steer us in the right direction would be much appreciated Kev and Alex
  16. Hi Everyone My Names Mark i live in Edinburgh, Me my wife and little boy Hoping to be joining or following all the lucky people that are living the dream in Auz soon. Im sitting my practical part of my electrical test on the 16th Oct. I work offshore at the moment and would really like to continue it when i get to western Auz or if possable hit the mines. was just wondering if anyone has any info with regards to the two industreys. Cheers Mark:spinny: Good luck to everyone that is trying or allready there.:jiggy:
  17. Oil prices fell to their lowest level for about four months amid expectations that slower world growth would reduce demand. Light, sweet crude traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange - the world's benchmark price - touched 112.75 US dollars before edging up slightly. It is nearly 25% lower than the 147.27 US dollars seen in the second week of July. The drop came after Europe's biggest economies - Germany, France and Italy - contracted during the second quarter. Japan also said this week that its gross domestic product shrank between April and June, while Bank of England Governor Mervyn King warned that the UK economy was likely to shrink in the coming year. Victor Shum, an energy analyst with consultancy Purvin & Gertz in Singapore, said: "Worries about an economic slowdown in the US and Europe, and even Japan, are weighing on the oil market." Oil also fell despite the continuing tensions between Russia and Georgia. In the UK, average petrol prices have fallen 6.5p to 113.15p during the past month, the AA said. Petrol prices peaked on July 17 at 119.7p per litre. The average price of diesel has fallen from 131.56p per litre to 125.58p, a saving of 6p a litre. But filling up a tank is costing normally £1 more than it should, the AA has argued, based on falling wholesale prices which are down 18%. That equates to an 8.5p per litre reduction in the average price of unleaded petrol, taking it down to 111.2p. The AA's Paul Watters said: "Whichever way you look at it, many drivers are being short-changed by around a £1 a tank when they fill up with petrol in the UK. As well as undermining family budgets, selfishly holding back two pence a litre in wholesale price reductions is denying potential consumer spending at other local businesses suffering from falling sales."
  18. Hi.Does anybody out there have any contacts for working in the oil and gas industry? I do have some contacts but always looking for more and a better pay scale..Maybe we could swop some direct e mail contacts. Please get in touch.
  19. Guest

    Oil Related Companies

    As I've said before we fancy either Perth or Adelaide. Can anyone tell me if Adelaide has an oil related sector or is it a big fat No before we start?! We have found that Perth seems to be as Aberdeen is to GB - the oil capital of the country. Can anyone suggest some good companies my husband can approach re a production position or similar. He wants to find a job before selling up and moving out - doesn't want to get out there and then not be able to get a good job and have to go back the way. Since he is to be the main applicant I have to understand his position which I do so can anyone suggest some companies for us please? Reenie
  20. stevie ellis

    Oil industry

    Any one work for weatherford or any other uk knowen company? Im looking for a change of job . :unsure:
  21. Hi all, Could anyone please tell me if there are cerain areas of oz which have a large amount of oil, gas or chemical industrys? My oh is an instrument technician but we seem to be having problems finding out any areas that we could look at. Are there any companies that are known for sponsoring people in my oh position. Any help would be much appreciated lisa x