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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, Finally received confirmation of my subclass 309 provisional spouse visa. The visa was approved on August 3rd and have to enter by January 4th. Flights booked for December 31st at 10pm. Woohoo! Bookedwormuk
  2. Ok folks Almost at the end of the summer holidays now, and because of the glorious summer we've been having this year I have spent a fortune on entertaining the wee ones!! We've also been doing lots of free things too, like picnics, indoor cinemas, local parks etc etc. Help!! I need some advice/ideas on what to do for the last few days that aren't going to break the bank (as its already broken!!!) Indoor and outdoor ideas gratefully received!! Thank you!!!
  3. tracy123

    I am officially an Aussie again

    No I don't have a mullet Pablo :biglaugh: Bought my first pair of thongs (flip flops) today and gee it felt great to wiggle my toes again. Why on earth people want to wear shoes on a hot day is beyond me. I feel so liberated, it's great.... For all of you whinge bags that look down on Aussie thong wearers, get out and try it...... Next on my list, cooking Aussie sausages on one of the many free bbq's Australia has to offer :jiggy:
  4. Just wanted to share with you all Mrs Cranky is having a baby boy in April next year no idea how this happened the stewards enquiry is still talking but yeap i'm going to be a dad agin and this time it due 5 days after the first:jiggy::jiggy:
  5. ellasdaddy

    Ive officially gone mad haha

    So i was on here this morning when i happened to look at the time, my computer said it was 8.25am i thought crap i thought it was like 7am, so i grabbed the kids bundled them in the car and went to school I was all panicked thinking they were late for school ( i hate lateness and always try to be wherever im going at least 10 mins early), so their was me running down the road with my 3 year old on my shoulders my 4 year old on my back and my 10 year old trying to carry 3 school bags, 3 lunch boxes and 3 water bottles, all 3 of them were whinging that i was going to fast. It never even occured to me that their was no other parents around, i just thought i was late and everyone had been and gone, so i ran into the school and the office woman came out and said slow down you still got 10 mins before breakfast club??? OMG i had only got to school a whole hour early AAARRRGGGHHH Im not looking at my computer and it says its 10:27 when clearly its only 9:27, so now i know im now mad im hot and im still all panicked hahaha :arghh::jiggy:
  6. ellasdaddy

    Im Officially a looser.....

    Ok so after 10 years i can now say officially i am a looser its taken me this long to relise it after talking to Liz Steve R Anyway this is how it goes My OH is a submariner so obvioulsy he goes away for months and i noe the kids get to talk to him bar the 30 odd word every week we get to send to him and they get vetted to make sure no news in their and he cant reply But ive relised now that every time he goes away im a nasty cow to him for at least a week before i purposly cause argument refuse to talk to him basically im a beeatch and every now and again when he surfaces i do the same thing on the phone However i dropped him off this morning to go to sea again and he said i know you only argue with me because you love me and dont want me to go, Anyway it the same routine drop him off be really hard faces be nasty then as soon as he cant see me cry all the way home nearly crashing the car LOL i am now officially a looser :arghh:
  7. Cant believe it. We are so relieved we have actually sold the house.:jiggy: We moved out yesterday and have had a call from solicitors to say the sale is complete and keys have been handed to buyers. In all, it only took 5 weeks to complete and we stalled it a week because of penalities with our mortgage company. We are just awaiting the cheque for our little profit. Its not has much as we would of liked but we dont care anymore. Its only money. We are just glad we have managed to sell. :jiggy: Good luck to everyone waiting to sell, it shows there are people buying. I would advice though, if you can reduce your price, then do it. Thanks Jill xxx
  8. Great news our lovely Karen K and her family have now arrived safely in Perth, (lucky mer LOL) So she is now officially a Shelia. Karen sent me an email this afternoon, just before they headed off to catch up on some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bless miss her loads already. Yvonne