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Found 32 results

  1. I've noticed that there seems to be lots of us nurses on PiO , with more joining the site all the time! (everyone trying to escape the nhs?! lol!) Thought I'd start a thread for us nurses to keep in touch, and offer support to one another! We could keep up to date about where we're at in the LONG process of visa applications, and help one another out with any info. Or even if your a nurse in Oz already, please feel free to say hi. I'm sure you'll hold a wealth of info for us still in the uk. So I'll start! I'm a children's nurse, married, with two daughters, aged 13 & 10. At this point in time I've applied for my 175 skilled independent visa, and we have our meds this week! House yet to go up for sale, but will hopefully be on the market in the next 2 weeks. We're hoping to head to the Gold Coast, July/Aug, but this depends on visa & house sale. I have no job there yet, but have submitted my cv th Queensland health, plus a couple of individual hospitals in the GC. Waiting for them to get back to me! Right, your turn! Mags:wubclub: x
  2. Goochie

    For Sale: Official IELTS Book

    I have an official IELTS 7 book for sale which I bought on ebay a few months ago. It came without the CD but is ideal for practising reading and writing tasks and most importantly, learning how the test is structured. Just looked on ebay and there is a similar item with a few minutes to go at £4.98 + £3 postage. Mine is £5 including delivery to any UK mainland address. Please drop me a private message if you're interested. Payment by PayPal or cheque please.
  3. Hey All Prospective Migrants Check it out...Some useful stuff... http://www.immi.gov.au/media/publications/statistics/immigration-update/nom-july11.pdf Source: http://www.immi.gov.au/media/publications/statistics/ thanks and regards Big Bob
  4. Hi does anyone need an official IELTS practice manual with CD, we didn't need to do it in the end . Willing to post to anyone in the Uk , its free ....maybe after you have used it you can pass it on to someone else :wubclub: Brides x
  5. It has been reported today, That a primary school has taken it upon themselves to ban parents attending their child sports day, for fears of the children mixing with strangers! I personally think that this is going a step to far, not only do the children look forward to this event, and do nothing but report back on hard they have been practicing, and asking if you will do the parents race :wacko:, but it helps them with their confidence! Sports day will end up as just another boring games lesson! There's me thinking authorities were busy promoting healthy exercise? Next public parks will be closed for fear of mixing with other strange parents, or fast food places, like macdonalds and the cinema will all be things of the past!! Whilst i appreciate you have to have eyes in the back of your head and be on your guard in certain places, but the school playing field is surely not the place!
  6. Guest

    Name change- official or not?

    My OH as a child was known by a different surname for a while (mum's new husbands name) he's not sure if it was done officially- school doctors etc knew him as that surname and he decided to go back to his original name (on birth certificate/ pasport etc) as an 17ish year old (he's in 30's now) We have delared it on 176 visa but it asks for proof of name change- his mum is no longer about (he's going to ask grandparents) but do you think a Statutory Declaration explaining the situation will do? Don't know what else to do? How would we find out if it was done by deed poll etc?? Its never been a problem for him until now!
  7. munchbaby99

    Well it's official!

    It's official, just found out this morning that I have been made redundant! Mixed feelings as I wanted it so that I could start my journey to try to get to oz but at the same time apprehensive as I've never been unemployed before!! Hoping for a move to oz in the coming year or two.......hoping not three!
  8. Not that any of you barstewards would have noticed, but I have been absent from PIO for a number of days, I take a break at times, but this on was enforced I'm afraid. There I was sitting down with the good lady at our local cafe having a coffee after I had got a little wound up earlier with PIO,:embarrassed::biglaugh:, and felt a very slight chest pain and dizziness, after not being able to drag on the old fag :embarrassed: for around ten minutes I thought 'Ay up' somethings a miss here. So drive to docs and within fifteen minute transferred to hospital,:biglaugh::shocked:. Suffice to say, without boring you all the old ticker is fine but it couldn't cope with a sudden increase in blood pressure and stress, luckily it was outside influences that made the old pump play up a bit, and with some happy pills and check ups all will be OK thankfully. To blame PIO for my 'condition' is a bit much I know, I have always got worked up very quickly with most things and sometimes let things get to me, but after nearly four days in hospital I think I should put this warning out. If you find yourself, running out of breath, a little dizzy, nausea, and a bit 'iffy' after reading a few posts/threads on PIO............. WALK AWAY FROM THE BLOODY KEYBOARD NOW,:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:. And if anyone wants to put that final nail in my coffin, go for your life, I have my 'pills' at the ready, my 'How To Relax Without The Need To Fiddle With Myself' manual, and a punch bag installed in my living room,:eek::goofy::shocked::biglaugh:. No seriously folks, its great to be back, I have missed you all, (well nearly:biglaugh:) and long live 'emotions' and PIO. Cheers Tony.:embarrassed:
  9. Hi I know this has prob been asked but...is the New Points test that is coming into effect from 1st July actually official yet? If not, when will we know it is???? Stressing out big time regarding time frames etc - any opinions/advice greatly appreciated:chatterbox:
  10. Guest

    Well its official!!!!!!!

    Hi all just wanted to share our good news - me and the kids are officially PERMANENT residents of Australia as of 10.00 am this morning!!! :biggrin: Cant believe we got subclass 100 - such a relief I can't tell you. Geoff is so pleased as you can imagine - he's had the bubbly on ice all day waiting for the call!!! I was on the phone to him as the email came through so he had up to the minute information lol. Just sorry we cant be together right now as I just so want to give him a big hug! If anyone is in the Western Suburbs - can you pop over and give him a big squeeze from me and the kids lol:wink: As many of you will know from Geoff's (aka tracy123) posts we have had a rocky road to get to this point but I can tell you that email we received this morning has just made it all worth while - am so happy I could burst. Just got our bags to pack and then we are on real count down to 3rd Feb - Melbourne here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin: Good luck to all those still waiting Tracy xx PS Geoff is still struggling with setting up the modem at home (OMG I have a home in Australia pinch me I still can't quite belive it) but he will be back online soon with all our updates and trials and tribulations no doubt
  11. So, i received my Police Checks today. I have used an Agent for all my application so have not uploaded any documents myself. So, i now have them, how do i do it myself, can i scan and upload to my own account? All i have looked at so far is the DIAC state of application and there seems nothing on the to do it?
  12. DIAC have just released their 2009/2010 stats http://www.immi.gov.au/media/publications/pdf/emigration-2009-10.pdf
  13. Firstly Jim. This is done in the name of humour, I am still laughing at what you said, and I quote: In the name of brother/sisterhood I here by nominate Jimbo as the official PIO 'Welcoming' Committee. Poor Eddie (Jodie) who posted in complete innocence was met by Jim accusing her of being a heshe,:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:. Jim, sorry I can't stop laughing at your unique welcome mate, classic of all time matey.:notworthy::notworthy:. Jimbo, I salute you mate. :notworthy: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  14. George Lombard

    State Migration Plans - Official Statement

    The Sponsored Skilled Migration Policy Section, Labour Market Branch, DIAC, has given the MIA the following advice: In the absence of State Migration Plans (SMPs), State/Territory government agencies should only seek to nominate applicants whose occupation is listed in Schedule 3. Once their State Migration Plan commences, they will have access to Schedule 4 occupations provided the nominated occupation is included within the relevant Plan or the jurisdiction identifies the occupation as an off-list nomination. In the case of off-list, the occupation can be any occupation listed in Schedule 4 even if it is not listed within the relevant Plan. It is intended that each jurisdiction will have 100 primary off-list nominations to use per program year. States/Territories should not seek to nominate an applicant from Schedule 4 unless there is a plan in place as within the Migration Regulations 1994, there is a Schedule 2 time of decision requirement for the applicable visa subclasses that 'the Minister accepts the nomination'. For the nomination to be accepted, it will need to be made from Schedule 3 while there is no Plan in place and once there is a Plan, that the nomination be in accordance with the Plan. The MIA Queensland Branch President Sharon Harris has been advised that SMPs will not be released by anyone now until after the Federal Election. Cheers, George Lombard
  15. Australian Government LURED us here by making us think that we would get permanent residency if we studied in Australia for 2 years and lodged our applications when the profession we studied for was still on demand, and now that they have taken our money (and I don't only mean the application fees, I mean rent, colleges, phone bills, transports, etc. - let's not forget that education is the 2nd largest export industry of Australia) and years of life, they wanna KILL our applications. If the Cap & Cease Bill is passed, it will be safe to say that International Students are COCKROACHES to Australia.
  16. Well it is now official we now have a women PM in Australia. http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/newshome/7452520/gillard-becomes-australias-first-female-pm/ Bye bye KRudd...... Karen
  17. Guest

    New sol

    hey everyone any ideas on when the new SOL might be out? :jiggy:
  18. Guest

    ACS official transcripts

    I'm about to submit my ACS skill assessment application. My university provides official transcripts in a sealed envelope upon request. Can I make a certified copy out of this sealed official transcript and submit it for the skill assessment application? I wonder if ACS really requires a sealed official transcript. :err:
  19. Dawny

    its official!

    Well at last the sale board went up at 12 today, E/A received the electronic link for the Hip, Two viewings booked one for tomorrow at half 5 and one on sunday at 11am, Back to the wonders of cleaning for me!! Both families want the area due to the local infant school, which has the highest offstead report for the last two years running, must remember to leave school s/shirt on show lol x
  20. Hi all So we heard back from the High Commission in London, finally, after two and a half weeks of waiting. We emailed them (they replied literally within minutes of the 48 hour timeframe they said they'd reply in expiring), and we rang them (1 pound a minute to listen to recorded stuff we already knew!). The dude on the other end of the phone sounded like I'd disturbed him and then was quickly ready for a fight - I just wanted to know what was happening, if we had a case officer etc... anyway, after Mr Droopy Drawers had explained to me that he couldn't tell me anything due to privacy laws as it's my fiance's application etc, he came through with a slightly helpful item: the phone number and name of our case officer. We then rang said CO, only to get voicemail... Definitely not by coincidence, they emailed today - all bad! They want form 80, which quite frankly sucks in a big way, but we all know that I'm sure. There's other stuff they want to but I won't bore you with those details... Sorry for the vent! :arghh:
  21. bannie

    Official ACT Sponsorship list

    ACT state sponsorship list is finally out; Business and Industry Development - Skilled Migration Cheers, bannie
  22. Guest

    Official - Brisbane is Sh!t

    Unashamed Ramblings: Brisbane: The Shit. Literally. :biglaugh:
  23. Met Office cools on summer sizzler Forecasters have warned of the pitfalls of predicting the weather a long way in advance after the British summer has so far failed to live up to expectations. The warning came as the Met Office was set to issue a revised forecast following its claim in April that the UK was "odds-on for a barbecue summer". Since a hot spell at the end of June and beginning of July, rainy conditions have been dominant and are set to continue. Tom Tobler, forecaster at the MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, said it was difficult to forecast more than around two weeks ahead. "The further you go into that period the more uncertain it is," he said. "We are usually confident about the general weather system for a number of days. "As far as seasonal forecasting is concerned, it's only a very vague, general forecast." The Met Office's summer predictions were based on percentage chances of it being warmer than average, although it did state Britain was unlikely to escape some downpours. Ewen McCallum, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said in April: "After two disappointingly wet summers, the signs are much more promising this year. We can expect times when temperatures will be above 30C, something we hardly saw at all last year." But Mr McCallum warned that while there was a two in three chance the forecast would be right, there was a one in three chance it would be wrong. He urged caution over seasonal forecasts and said the forecast was based on probabilities which showed there was a 50% chance of the temperatures in June, July and August being above average, a 30% chance they would be average and a 20% chance they would be below average.
  24. Dawny

    Its official !!

    Just had a phone call from our agent and email, to say yes!!!! We have a case officer... woo hoo, So all of you who are still waiting, don't give up guys they are on their way xxxxx
  25. Guest

    It's official!

    I can now confirm I am the preferred snack of choice for the local mozzies! A couple of nights ago I heard one buzzing in the bedroom but couldn't see the blighter....next morning I woke up covered in bites all down one side - must have been cos I was sleeping on my side - and worst of all my eyelid was completely swollen and red, not sure whether it had been bitten (as it was the only one not itchy) or whether it was a reaction to the other bites! I got a few funny looks at the supermarket yesterday when I took my sunnies off.....I went and bought some lavender oil in the health shop which did actually take the swellings down (obviously can't use it on my eye!) and today I went to the nursery and bought some plants which are supposed to repel the mozzies so fingers crossed they will find another snack in future..... Karen