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Found 315 results

  1. Guys I am currently a Police Officer in the UK. Myself and Family are currently in the throws of applying for a 176 Visa :wacko:. As this would be a fresh start for us I am interested in making it a clean break for myself and changing career completely. But..... as it was such a longtime since I worked outside of the public sector ( 15 Years), my skills in the outside world I would imagine are not much use.....or am I wrong on this????. My question to you Guys out there is: Does anybody have any knowledge of what Job opportunities are out there for someone like me in Canberra e.g. Security etc, goverment depts?? I am pretty much open to anything and wouldn't be averse to using my knowledge and experience.
  2. Hi Guys, I am just wondering wheather the case officer always ask for the medical and police clearence report if those expires. I would appreciate if you guys can share your experiences, ideas & information on this issue. Thanks. Princemp
  3. Hello, Does anyone know whether you have to let your case officer know you have uploaded further docs when they request within 28 days or just let them get on with it? I didn't want to bug someone that is busy already but what has everybody else done?
  4. Has anyone applied to Vetassess for the Personnel Officer occupation under thier CIPD Post Grad Qualifications? I was looking at doing it but was advised that even though they are accredited by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority as a Level 7 Post Grad qualification, therefore higher than a bachelor degree, it would not be considered as equivalent to an australian bachelors degree...................I was somewhat surprised by this so wondered whether anyone had tried it....... :arghh:
  5. Hi folks, I have just found out my medical has been referred to a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth by the Health Operations Centre, after e-mailing the centre to see how long it would take for it to be processed. Is this normal? I had a minor medical issue several years ago but nothing for the last two plus years. Thanks in advance! Jenny
  6. Guest

    Why is my case officer so lazy?

    Hi, long time lurker first time poster! I applied for my 886 (Cat 2) in March first week and was assigned a case officer on 19 March (Team 15) who requested documents and medicals. I submitted all documents on the same day and did my medicals on 2nd April. So far, the status page still shows everything as 'Required' - nothing has changed ever since the case officer was assigned and it's been over a MONTH!! How long does the medicals take to show up as 'finalised' or 'referred'? I've checked with Medibank and was informed that the medicals were sent on 12th April. Is the case officer just being lazy? Has anyone had a similar experience?
  7. Dear, I had commonwealth DEBT which i wasn't aware of. and case officer sent me following e-mail. Dear Mr XXX Our records indicate you have an outstanding debt of $4,500 to the Commonwealth for Litigation. Public interest criterion 4004 of Schedule 4 of the Regulations must be met in order for a visa to be granted. PIC 4004 The applicant does not have outstanding debts to the Commonwealth unless the Minister is satisfied that appropriate arrangements have been made for payment. The debt can be repaid in full at Overseas POST counters. Please provide the receipt details via email (preferably with a screen shot) for updating of DIAC Onshore systems. .......................... I have already made arrangement to pay the DEBT in full. my question is, is my VISA going to be refused on this ground even after i pay the debt? please advice...any comments would be very helpful. I have applied on January 2009..all my documents are showing MET in the system.
  8. hopefulnurse

    case officer allocated

    mornin all, :chatterbox: phoned AHPRA this morning and have been informed that i have beeen allocated a case oficer but she is on holiday for a week, just wondering guys if anybody else has been allocated a case officer and the process of events that will happen next, so as we can try and be one step ahead. Case officer is called Olive anybody else have her? Whats she like? This is all doin my head in. :arghh: Any info would be great. Cheers jim :daydreaming:
  9. hopefulnurse

    case officer allocated

    mornin all, :chatterbox: phoned AHPRA this morning and have been informed that i have beeen allocated a case oficer but she is on holiday for a week, just wondering guys if anybody else has been allocated a case officer and the process of events that will happen next, so as we can try and be one step ahead. Case officer is called Olive anybody else have her? Whats she like? This is all doin my head in. :arghh: Any info would be great. Cheers jim :daydreaming:
  10. I'm playing the waiting game like many of you and want to try and be one step ahead of the case officer to speed up my grant, hopefully this post can help others too with their applications. I received the March 18 email and sent in my meds/PCC months ahead of receiving a case officer - putting in your meds/PCC before your CO is allocated definitely saves time, but finding the right time can be tricky. Employer payslips and bank statements proving deposits are something I missed, but sent them in hours ago before my CO likely would have requested them. Did most others do this with your apps? What have your experiences been, what do the CO usually ask for?
  11. cki2011

    Case Officer

    Hello I am just checking as we have emailed our case officer twice in two days to ask a question about where our visa application is up to and we have not received the email receipt we normally get to say they have received it does anybody know if there is a problem with the emails or is there any other reason we havent received a receipt ( we thought they may be on shut down but we would still expect a receipt as usual.... Any ideas anybody....Please.... Thanks Dave & Carmel:frown:
  12. Moved to Migration Issues
  13. Good day, My company is looking for a Validation Support Officer. PM me if you have validation experience. Primary responsibilities will be; • Establish good technical knowledge of the equipment or processes to be validated and associated GMP requirements. • Design and prepare validation protocols • Initiate new and update existing Standard Operating Procedures, Controlled Logs and Forms as required • Prepare Validation and Technical reports as required • Conduct Facility and Utility design, installation, operation and performance qualification (DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ) as per approved protocols • Conduct Equipment design, installation, operation and performance qualification (DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ) as per approved protocols • Co-ordinate and perform process validation projects • Perform pre-validation trials as required • Air quality testing (Particle counting). • Train staff on validated equipment and processes • Provide technical support to production and QA To be successful in this position you will have: • Degree in Science or Engineering field • Pharmaceutical experience essential • Preferably worked within a GMP or quality management system environment • Good mechanical aptitude • Results Orientated • Customer Focus • Quality Orientated • Teamwork • Problem solving skills • Ethics, Values & Integrity • Planning & Organisation • Communication skills • Be able to work independently • Detail conscious
  14. Hi, Does anyone here have tried to apply Skills Assessment for ICT Customer Support under TRA? My concern is that I hold a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and have work experiences As an ICT customer support. Will it be correct to have my skills assess under TRA or VETaSSeSS? Hope anyone can help me out or share his/her Experience relevant to this matter? Thanks. Appreciate.
  15. THREE English backpackers have been released from the Cairns watch-house on bail as the police officer they allegedly assaulted recovers from his injuries on sick leave. Stephan Jarrett, 31, Lewis Whiteside, 22, and Sally Summersgill, 21, were bailed yesterday on condition they hand over their passports. It is alleged the trio assaulted a sergeant at Palm Cove about 3am Thursday, knocking him unconscious before attacking his partner, who tried to help him. Police opposed bail in Cairns Magistrates’ Court yesterday, arguing they had no fixed residence because they were thrown out of the caravan park they were living in over the incident. Police prosecutor Sen-Constable Bob Soper said the alleged assault was "very serious in nature". "The officer in question who has been assaulted is now on sick leave," he said. He said capsicum spray was used, and a taser was deployed. Mr Jarrett was found to have cannabis and amphetamines on him and was charged with drug offences, and Mr Whiteside also faces a charge of public nuisance. All three have been charged with assaulting police. Defence solicitor Tom Eckersley said at least one of the accused would contest the charge. He said he also believed two of them could be dealt with under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act, rather than the criminal code, because their charges only related to a shoulder charge and a shove. Mr Eckersley said without passports, the trio had nowhere to go and were not a flight risk. "It is in their best interests to remain in the community," he said. Acting magistrate Kerry McFadden said the backpackers would need to report to Smithfield police station twice a week and not approach any point of international departure. They surrendered their passports to police yesterday. "I’m satisfied that imposing conditions on these defendants will ensure they appear on the next (court) date," Mr McFadden said. They will appear again on October 21.
  16. Perhaps quite a common question on here but I am just wondering if anyone can tell me an approximate timescale from being given a CO to visa being issued. I have applied for a 176 and 2 days ago I got an email from my CO asking me to complete my medicals and police checks. Am I close to being issued my visa once these checks have been done or could I still be waiting a matter of months? Any answers are much appreciated. David
  17. cki2011

    Contacting the case officer ????

    Hello It is nearly 4 weeks since the Case Officer has had all our documents and we are getting a little anxious as in the recent post on here we are finding the 176 Visas are going through very quickly so we are thinking of emailing him to ask how long it will might take to reach a decicion but it says on the diac site not to email asking questions has anybody emailed the case officer before to ask this or should we just wait it out? any advice would be apreciated. Thanks
  18. Our agent has told us today that we are due to be allocated a case officer next month (October). On the strength of that I have booked medicals for the end of October and sent off for our penal clearance as advised. Can anyone tell us how long it should take from then on? We are on a subclass 165 visa (Investor visa) which means we also have to lodge a significant designated investment with the Govt which should (we hope ) be straight forward. We are trying to get over by the end of January for the kids school year. thanks Glenn
  19. Hi dear Pomsinoz. Today morning i was assigned to team number 7 i received a e-mail from them and i was asked for form 80, police and health, So my question is that, correct me if i am wrong , did that mean i meet basic requirements ?and etc., i pass initial assessment?, or i am totally wrong , and i just get excited without cause yet.:biggrin:
  20. Guest

    case officer from team 6

    hi does any one know about him? how long after allocation he wants work place check &medical? cheers
  21. Hi all. This is my first time on this forum, well first time on any to be honest, so unsure what to do, but here goes. Myself and my family are thinking about moving to NZ. I am currently a prison officer, so I would be looking at jobs in the correctional facilities. My wife has been a local government worker all her life council tax/housing. I may have sorted a job for myself, but I am worried that when we get out there she wont be able to find work. We are thinking of moving to either Wellington or the Hawks Bay area. Any info on these areas would be great, Hawks bay would be ideal for us. Would just like to ask, whats the weather like over there, OH seems to think its just like the U.K, dull, damp and miserable, is she right. I have read a few threads on here and things look good/bad in NZ compared to the U.K. No jobs in NZ, lots of drink driving, locals very unfriendly, price of food/ housing higher than the U.K wages lower, less leave, god I am going on a bit... If I had a job at say $50k a year and a deposit of $163k would i get a decent house. What are the mortgage rates like monthly payments on a house say for $150k. I have gone on long enough and I apologize if all I have done is ask question, I just need to be sure for myself and my families sake that its the right move for us all. Many thanks and hope you all can help/advise. All the best petemel &( ickle charlie)
  22. hello folks i have applied ve 175 in 2007 and have been waiting since then.Pcc and medicals have been submitted and i come under PG3.I had enough.Now i am considering calling my case officer.. Have anyone ever done that ? Any Thoughts would be really appreciated
  23. Hi all We are coming over this year and OH really fancies the police force. Has anyone gone over and trained in this profession ? If so any pointers...
  24. Well after only lodging our application to DIAC on 18th May, last week, we have just heard from our agent that we have a CASE OFFICER !!! Have booked medicals for 24th June and am sending police checks next week !!! Such great news and so super quick!!!!! So happy am running round like a loony :goofy:
  25. Guest

    Visa proccessing officer.

    I asked my agent to inquire IMMI about current status of my application as I have submitted documents requested by CO about a month back and Evidence of Specific Work Experience on online status still shows as met. CO replied, "Thank you for your email. This application is now undergoing further assessment. You will be notified if further documents are required". What does this mean? Have my documents been accepted and next process has started or my documents are still under consideration? Any one has any clue? thanks le