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Found 7 results

  1. Victoria Lennon

    Office Manager 512111 Removed From CSOL List

    The position of Office Manager, ANZSCO 512111 has been removed from the new Consolodated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL. This means the position is no longer eligible for GSM, ENS or 457. If this change affects you, start looking at other migration options including RSMS or investigating skills you have which may be transferrable to another occupation on the CSOL.
  2. Hi, I was lucky enough to receive WA SS and lodge my application on Jun 28. But it went threatening just 2 days right after my lodging when I found my occupation of Office Manager had been removed from all lists. -----it is still in high demand in the ceiling though. I read through the website of DIAC and still feel unsure what would happen to my case. It would be a nightmare if my application is dumped into Cat 5. Is there anybody help to clarify for me? Thanks in advance!! Piensmon
  3. Karma Nev

    ENS 121 office manager

    Hi all, I am relatively new to this forum. I am currently in subclass 573 visa. My company a business migrant bought the business i am working on, 1.5 years ago along with the employees working on it. They have offered me a sponsorship for ENS 121. I have lodged my application and still waiting for the acknowledgement from the DIAC. I meet all other requirements except, ":mad:3 years full time work experience prior to lodging the application". BUGGER........ So, my question is am i eligible for EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES based on these circumstances. I have been working as OFFICE MANAGER for over 3 years on the same place, but it is part-time because of the visa i currently have. It has a work restriction of 20 hours a week. I have my skills assessed with VETASSESS and it is positive, I have 2 Bachelor's degrees from the UNIVERSITY. My wife has done a diploma for 2 years from a college in Sydney and is currently doing her Bachelor's in a UNI. I have an overall band score of 8 in my IELTS (may be i can even go for STATE-SPONSORSHIP).My lawyer said, we can try and see if they will waive it, as i have already worked three years in AU in the same role and in the same place.......! AM I ELIGIBLE FOR EXCEPTION....? ANYONE HAD ANY EXPERIENCES...........! I am so stressed.......the lawyer is charging me around 9 grande just to lodge the application excluding any government charges....! Any help will be sincerely appreciated. THANKING YOU, KD
  4. Guest

    Jobs in Bunbury WA

    We are currently considering applying for a 176 to WA. We would like to settle in the Perth area but house prices seem to be really high there. We are considering Bunbury as an alternative. Has anyone got any experience of the job market there? My husband works in clerical/office or customer services management but from what i've seen on job websites that area still seems very much an industrial area. Thanks
  5. I got a positive skills assement in January 2010 under the old Asco Code 3291-11 for Office Manager. I now want to submit my application to WA for state sponsorship, but before I go ahead and lodge my application can you tell me if I will need to have it reassessed under the new code or will my assessment still be accepted under the old code??
  6. I have many years experience as an Office Manager and PA in the construction/OG&C/Mining & Metals industry. Would it be viable for me to consider moving to Perth and/or its surrounding areas?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new here but hope you don't mind me jumping right in with a shed load of questions!! I'm in the early stages of visa's etc, but am a bit confused! I have relatives in NSW, but as they are 2nd cousins to me, I think I'm right in thinking that they could not sponsor me. So, my next option is skilled visa. I'm 39 yrs old, will be moving on my own and have been an office manager for 14 years (with a couple of breaks inbetween employment), I've been in the same employment in this role for the last 2 yrs. I have A level education and a couple of basic UK IT qualifications....do I need more than this? I have read another post on here that recommends the Orion courses and wonder if I need to shell out $2,000 to do them? I've seen Office Manager on the SOL but it seems to appear under the financial jobs....can the OM role be in any industry to 'qualify'? I would ideally like to move near to my cousins (nr Bondi Beach), how do I go about getting state sponsorship?? Does this make it easier to get a visa? Sorry if there are some dumb questions here, but I've almost researched too much and have just confused myself!! (its not easy doing this stuff by yourself!!) Also, there seem to be millions of agents out there! How much roughly can you expect to spend if you use one instead of doing the application yourself?? Thanks in advance for any replies!!