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Found 44 results

  1. Yehhhhh...My husband had an interview on the phone on tuesday for RN mental health and they said all we do is PR visa's which we will take ya through the process and get you and your family over here....Well what can i say.....Blessing.. So House up for Sale should be over there early next year not looking forward to the plane flight with 2 young children.....But guess it will be worth it??? Just need to find myself a job now.....Oh and childcare....
  2. ukdcsengineer

    457 Visa Offered: Real Concerns

    Hi Guys, I have been offered a 457 visa by a company in Brisbane, but after reading a number posts i am concerned as i have a young son and i also believed i was going to be offered a permanent residency visa. I have a number of concerns as to whether i should accept the offer or maybe try and persuade the company to offer a different type of visa? I have copied the wording of the visa offered: :confused: "[Company] agrees to sponsor your visa, being a Temporary Business (Long Stay) – Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457), to a period of four (4) years." My main concerns are: (I am 44 yrs old, married and my occupation is an Engineer) How difficult is it to obtain PR after arriving on this visa? My son who has asthma might require medical treatment when here, would the treatment be free with this type of visa? What would be my options should my employment with the sponsoring company not work out as i have heard a couple of horror stories? What are the main differences between PR and 457? I have been offered $115,000 pa: could anyone advise if this is an amount that would afford myself and my family a decent living in Brisbane as my wife would probably not be able to work due to us having a young son? Many thanks, Brian and family
  3. Permanent Australian Residency offered to CAT Trained Heavy Equipment Fitters / Mechanics – We pay migration fees, visa costs and relocation. If you are a CAT Trained Heavy Equipment Fitter / Mechanic in the UK or Ireland and are interested in working in or migrating to Australia then please email me with your details and your cv cat-jobs at cat-jobs.com There are currently 45 positions available, these are in various locations around Australia some are in Capital Cities and some are regional – the Permanent Australian Residency visa offered will be employer sponsored, either the RSMS or ENS depending on job location, this means you and your family will be Australian residents from day one in Australia, your obligation under this visa is to work for the employer for min two years. The salary offered is high, as these are mining related positions, the company will be paying all your migration fees, all medicals, all visa fees, air fares, is offering a relocation payment and the company will subsidise the cost of house rental for the first 12 months. This is a genuine opportunity to not only join a great team working for a very good employer, but to also get permanent residency for Australia for yourself and also your family. This is the first time I have used this forum to post a job, if I have made a mistake or breached any rules it is not intentional and please advise me if changes are required or my post is not appropriate. My team and I will be in the UK and Ireland in May to interview CAT fitters and talk to them and their families about relocating to Australia, feel free to come along and ask questions about relocating to Australia, this is not an Australian Expo, there is no charge, we are genuine Poms who live in Oz and have the chance to offer that opportunity to other suitably qualified people in the UK and Ireland, why not come and have a chat with us, we will be interviewing in Manchester, Reading, Dublin, Cardiff and Edinburgh in May, exact dates and venues will be published on the websites in around two weeks time. If you know anyone that works on CAT heavy equipment in the UK or Ireland that is interested in discussing living and working in Australia – please let them know, they will never have a better offer than this. Please PM for more information. Thanks Dennis Migrated from UK in 92 and still loving it
  4. after worring about having to move out of our current property, my wife received a phone call today saying we'd been offered one we applied for. I thought great, it's 2 storey, good location, double garage with an extra car port on the side which are both drive through into a huge back garden. Ideal for us an the kids. Just by chance, my wife asked the agency if it was ok to confirm in the morning after she spoke to me, and please could they send us an email with the offer. Great we thought......until we got the email........."by the way, the landlord is going to build a fence to fence off the car port and the back garden"..........which more than halves the land and takes away the car port. What the hell? What planet are these people on? :mad::mad: We put all this effort into applying for it, waited 3 days for the offer, then they offer it and tell us it's being chopped in half. My wife even asked the agency when she viewed whether all the land is with it (it was huge) and she was told yes. I'm lost for words, it's just unbelievable. The guys really take the p....:mad::mad:. If we didn't ask for the email, were they just going to turn up and start fencing off half the property?!! Do I now need to ensure it's in the contract for future properties that the landlord must not take part of the property and fence it off whilst we are renting there?!!! [continued previous thread on rentals, please delete this one mods]
  5. Hi, I have been offered a salary of $108000 as an IT Manager in Perth. Would that comfortably support myself, my wife and our one year old son? And does anyone know if that's a good salary for the job type? Thanks in advance
  6. HI All, Ive searched the forums but Ive seen no posts which cover this question.... Im on a 457(granted in October 2009) and been given the all clear to get sponsorship of PR through my company - i live in NSW. The company is multinational and uses one specific agency which i am told I have to go through if the company is to sponsor me. If I leave the company after I get PR, the cost to me is 10k within the first yr of PR being granted, 5k in the second yr and 3k in the 3rd year. Obvioulsy this has been put in place as an incentive to stay at the omcpany - fair enough. Anyway, Ive been looking elsewhere for positions as Im not too happy where I am and I'm potentially going to be offered job by another company...if i resign before going through the PR process with my current company is there a time limit that i have to work for a new employer (If I take the job) before being able to apply for PR. My priority is to get PR but Im concerned that if I remain at my current company, get sponsored PR and leave in 6 months, that I will have to pay 10k back to them or they will contact immigration and withdraw sponsorshop - can they do that? Any advice? My job is Market Analyst and dont think Im on the skilled visa list.. Many Thanks
  7. Hi, Well we have been in oz for 6 mths now. OH secured work easily as an air con engineer working in the city. He enjoys his job and the lifestyle that it brings(pub on a Friday!!) Once again he has been asked to become a supervisor but this time they came up with a serious package. $6ph more-sounds great but he will lose his ability to gain overtime as it is salaried. So a chance that some weeks he will be worse off with more responsibility and bringing his work home and not getting paid for it. The plus side is a car allowance so he could buy a twin cab yute rather than have the single cab yute that the company already supply. He has to let them know by Friday. What would you do?? Any advice would be great!
  8. 457 Visa sponsorship available Strong Team Culture $90 to $115K This second Tier firm prides itself on the focus they have on the team environment and professional development. Combining this with the impressive client base will offer you, a great environment to work in, challenging assignments, a clear career path to partnership and the opportunity to lead and mentor junior staff. The organisation is one of Australia's leading firms. They have an impressive client base and seek a professional with drive and determination. Their reputation for the work they are doing on the organisations culture is impressive. They have an enviable track record for diversity and a clear focus on bringing teams together. They haven't always had such a reputation but over the last 2 years the effort the partnership has put in has made them a leader in team development. The Position is for someone with a proven track record that displays both leadership skills and a mix of both Internal and external audit experience. As the firm continues to grow the internal audit side of the business a track record of this and client development within this area would be a great advantage. You will of course have gained your CA, ideally in a top tier or second tier organisation and have strong academic credentials. The company is already an approved 457 Visa Sponsor, 457 Visa Sponsorship (Australian work visa) may be available for a super candidate. If 457 visa sponsorship is required you must meet the 457 visa eligibility. Please PM for further info
  9. As a few of you know Hubby has been offered a good job with a good company with relocation costs and they are willing to wait for him till March 2012 . Now we have a dilemma the wages for 38 hours are very low( they have alot of overtime ) he will be working at least 50 hours so the figure look's alot better . :err:now i have typed that im not sure i'm making sense lol bear with me lol We know his work experiance is wanted in OZ and we could get better wages then what we have been promised but most want him to be in OZ first . So do we go with this job ( so at least we have a job to start with ) get experiance in an aussie firm then start putting feelers out when we hit the ground ? Would love to hear anyones thought about this :notworthy: :swoon:Hope i make sense Thanks Brides x
  10. Moving out to oz this Sunday coming for a year.I am a joiner and the gf works in the bookies and the bar and she does a bit of cleaning here in sunny Scotland.we are flying to Sydney and staying a week there.willing to go anywhere in oz though, not to worried about finding work but just wondered if anyone knew the definite best place to get some given what our jobs are. There's not that many jobs listed online but I take it the local papers will have adverbs. I do a lot of (homers) (side jobs out with my own work,is that a done thing in oz too? Thanx for any replies.:biggrin: Ps.feel free to hire my services through this eh(thread). Cambo the joiner.
  11. Hi Guys, Been offered job in Brisbane, money offered same as i earn now in UK. What's stopping me for going for it. Can anyone tell me of what is deducted from your wages each week, best place for renting, best sites for second hand cars, can i set up a bank account before i go and who is the best bank. Thanks :arghh: :confused:
  12. Hi Everyone, I've never really been on anything like this before, I hope I am doing it right. Well I am really excited about the job offer, I have had my medical and I'm a little worried that there may be issues there, but will just have to wait and see now. Would hate to have got this far and hit a stumbling block. The visa papers look vast and I'm a little daunted. Anyone got any useful advice for me? I am kind of pinning all my hopes on this job and the move, which is a scary position to be in. I have already moved there in my mind :biggrin: I am going it alone out there, I'm 29, 30 this month I really do think it is time for adventure and a new challenge. SO anyway, a big hello to anyone reading this, sorry if it is a bit dull, I'm sure I'll get more interesting once i get the hang of it
  13. Hi Guys I've been offered a job in Brisbane(Pending References) they have said Employer Sponsorship is not a problem but I'll have to pay the fees...the options they have given us are : I obtain a Working Holiday Visa and just come on that initially then after a 3 month probation they'll start the Sponsorship process or they just sponsor from the start but if things don't work out I'll have to head back to the UK sharpish. A mate of my has said on a WHV you pay 'Emergency Tax' which is quite hefty ?,. The salary is 100K. I know what the DIAC timeline says for Sponsorship visas but realistically how long does it take once started ? Please let me know your thoughts Thanks Jess and Matt
  14. :wideeyed:Erm guys i need help ....Hubby uploaded his Cv and the last couple days he has had 4 offers of work and early this morn we also had a phone call from a company in oz ! ! woohoo you say eh :swoon:erm nope lol ...he was only testing the water to see if anyone would take notice of his CV .He thought he wouldn't hear anything back for a while !. We can't get to the country till March due to him being in the RN .They are already kicking and screaming about the date he asked to leave by !. Now he is at actions stations for a little while on his ship , so i cant get in touch with him to ask him what to do lol :embarrassed:should i put a letter together explaining the situation to these companies that he can not contact them due to being on a ship at sea ?... :notworthy:thanks P.s to the person who did his CV big cake coming your way when we get to OZ missy :hug:
  15. Ohhh dear. let me see if i can explain the situation So we are about to hand in our PMV application Last year while in Australia, my partner was offered a sponsorship with a company, they where taking the steps needed etc, wrote up a contract gave him a copy to sign, he signed it, it was sent back to them for signing, and then they pulled out at the last minute saying they didnt have the funds for the contract anymore, it was during this process that caused my partner to overstay his visa by 28days and low and behold told to leave and a ban placed on him. So we are in the Uk been over here since August about to hand our forms in, and this company has come back and asked him if he would be interested in applying again and that they now have all the funds etc needed and would like to revisit the contact. we are sort of in a pickle about what it is we should do. I seem to think the best option is to continue with our PMV as planned, particually after all the hard work and stress put into it and possibly get the company to write a statement stating that they would like to offer him a job and what date they would like him to start that they had offered it last year and it fell through etc etc, and hand that in with out application, or get them to contact immigration themselves and ask what the best plan of action is. Dunno I really dont want to risk losing our prospective marriage visa, or the fees paid for it etc if they are just going to turn around and put him on a work sponsorship visa instead. Have anyone had any sort of situation similar?
  16. Hi Just wondering what would happen to our 176 visa application if hubby gets a job offer on a 457? Can we have both visa's? By the sounds of things the company in question would want him to relocate asap on a 457 but we have spent time & money on 176 visa to just give it up. Any help would be great Thanks in advance :biggrin:
  17. Hi All, An employer offered my Husband a 2 year contract role in Brisbane (Financial Controller) on a temp visa - 457. I'm worried now from reading a few threads that this could have problems with regard to Health Insurance,medicare, school fees,childcare etc. Could someone tell me exactly what it wont let us avail off as we have to work out what the cost of this will be on a yearly basis. My husband mention to employer that he would like to apply for Perm Visa, 856 I think, and the HR told him he should seek legal advice before doing so as it could cost him from a tax point of view. Any info would be great.:confused: AM
  18. Hi there, me and my family have just returned from Sydney where I was offered a job for $90k (inc. super). Do you think this is enough for a half-decent life in Sydney? to summarise: 4 family members: 2 adults 2 children (3 and 5) 457 sponsored visa (so LAFHA can be included) will commute up to and hour for work; 30 mins for beach (job is in Manly) wife could earn up to $30k once we've settled what does anybody think? really appreciate any help, thanks
  19. Guest

    OMG!! They offered me the job!!

    Hi all! Very happy lady today as I have been offered a job subject to the 457 visa going thru. They want me to email them info, where is best place to get this from? They have sponsored someone before from Germany, they are a law firm in Sydney and job role is paralegal. I have been told I can be sponsored as a project/program administrator? Any help would be great! Thanks, Katie x
  20. Hey all! Question: I know a lady who lives in Adelaideand has opened a new hairdressing business and said it would be great if she could sponsor me as im a hairdresser, she says she is busy and needs me! Would this work? I have no idea what is involved, and on the SA website hairdressers are still listed ... would anyone know if this is at all possible? im feeling a lil excited! thanks team ! Tx .AOLWebSuite .AOLPicturesFullSizeLink { height: 1px; width: 1px; overflow: hidden; } .AOLWebSuite a {color:blue; text-decoration: underline; cursor: pointer} .AOLWebSuite a.hsSig {cursor: default}
  21. Ruby on Rails / Javascript - Senior Web Developer 457 Visa Offered We are looking for an extremely passionate and highly skilled individual to work on an exciting web based software project. Working with a team of six talented developer's you will be working in an agile development environment that is fast paced and will allow you to develop your skills with emerging technology. Web application development API code development Documentation Testing and support Significant Ruby experience (Ruby on Rails) Javascript experience. In particular JQuery, Scriptaculous and Sproutcore CouchDB or other document-based database experience Significant HTML/CSS experience Experience with source control software (SVN/Git/etc) Linux/Unix command line + scripting, server admin experience Excellent problem solving skills Dedication and a strong passion for web application development Excellent communication skills - both written and verbal Ability to listen, interpret and thrive off feedback Ex perience with Mobile Application Development This is an extremely exciting opportunity to become part of a growing Australian web based software company. Client is also offering 457 Visa Sponsorship. please pm for details
  22. Hi there people, well i got a phone call this morning offering me a job in oz as a chef. I have worked in the industry for about 10 years, but not for the last 3 years, i quit the trade to have a life. so am at present not working within the chosen trade. i must add that i am not a qualified chef, all self taught over the years, but have worked up to a Michelin star level. have only just had a quick look about, and i think i am looking at subclass 119 or 121 am i looking in the right visa'a? how long will it be before i can start work? thanks in advance, Gaz
  23. Hi, Please can anyone offer some advice. Hubby just offered a 457 visa but we have submitted a 175 for SS. If we take to 457 can we still apply for SS visa even though SA is the sponsor and WA is where the job offer is? How long to process onshore? Will we need to change the application. Sorry about bombarding you with questions it is just they need an answer ASAP. So excited about the job offer but warey as it is not a permanent residencey option. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  24. We moved in Sept 2009 and daughter joined year 10 at secondary college. She has just completed year 11 and done very well with awards and reports. The dilemma is she wants to leave and be a florist but school have just offered her a scholarship for year 12. Anyone know what this involves? The reason she wants to leave is because we haven't been here long enough for her to qualify for Youth Allowance (all the friends do) so she wants some $$$$. She completed her GCSEs in UK before we came and got A's and Bs there think she is just over the school thing but wish she would do the VCE it opens more doors. HELP!! TIA xx
  25. If someone has obtained State Sponsorship and submitted a 176 Application to DIAC, what happens if during the wait for processing you accept and start a 457 sponsored job in another state? I understand the moral obligations associated with a 176 Visa and do not wish for this discussion to focus on that topic, however if you are actively employed in another state at the time of 176 Visa grant, what are you expected to do? Are the nominating state likely to accept this as a good enough reason not to honour the 2 year commitment to them, or would they expect you to quit your job and look for a new one in their state? In addition, would the 176 Visa grant automatically take over from your 457 and mean you were no longer tied by the rules which applied to the 457? Effectively this would mean you become a permanent resident in the state in which you're working. Would welcome any views on this, especially from anyone who has had first hand experience of this type of happening.