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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    An odd partner visa question!

    Hi guys, This is our first post! Hopefully one of you super helpful and intelligent people can lend a hand! We want to apply for a Partner Visa (309) in February next year once we have enough evidence. However we really want to get married in June after we have lodged the application i.e. get married during the application process (or just after if the visa comes through quick!). Can we do this? We know we really should apply for a prospective marriage visa (300) but for cost reasons we want to avoid this as it works out a lot more. Any help you guys can give would be great! Thanks in advance! :notworthy:
  2. BritChickx

    Odd Facts Thread

    Here are some things that you might not know which may interest you.... - Should there be a crash, Prince Charles and Prince William never travel on the same airplane as a precaution! -The names of Popeye's four nephews are Pipeye, Peepeye, Pupeye, and Poopeye! -A lightning bolt generates temperatures five times hotter than those found at the sun's surface! -Most lipstick contains fish scales! -Over 2500 left handed people a year are killed from using products made for right handed people! -A 'jiffy' is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second! Everyone add their own if you want you can always add an 'odd' fact about yourself to make things interesting
  3. ...shamefully, in the afternoon, after a 'night shift' watching Spurs. I was brought up in one village - Blackfield - but then 'emigrated' to another - Marchwood - when I went back to England. It's only seven miles but in some ways it's as far away as Sydney. Come to think of it, it was EXACTLY like emigrating! I went through the phases of wanting to be in Blackfield, not Marchwood, then gradually realizing there was very little left in Blackfield, before finally 'growing' into Marchwood. It's a weird feeling going back to a place where you grew up with all its childhood memories & rituals of school, games, football, bike rides, Cubs & Scouts, paper rounds, Easter eggs, picking bluebells, lopping the tops of new-grown bracken, summer hols, blackberries, conkers, Bonfire Night, Xmas. There's no going back now, not with Mum and Dad gone and so many others. I got a shock this year when I heard that a guy I went to school with had died. In the pub last night, standing next to 'Steve', this Pommie 'girl' asked me if he was my son? I shaved my beard off and had been making jokes about being ten years younger and the bouncer asking me for ID too. Sad isn't it, even maudlin!
  4. Right, my step-dad is an icecream man back in the UK and I have bought an icecream van ornament for him. Its about 20cm in height and 25cm in length. Its supposed to store sweets in but i am taking them out. What is the best way to post it so it arrives intact? Its made out of ceramic pot type material. Thankyou x x x
  5. BuddysMum

    An odd question about spouse visa

    I know this is going to sound a bit strange. Please don't be offended or think it is morbid. I have no plans for immediate departure from the land of the living (!), but I was musing this morning.... I am an Australian citizen. OH has just applied for his spouse visa (with our 11 year old son). I think it is pretty certain that he will get PR straight away as we have been married so very, very long! So...once it is granted, if I should die before we move over..would he still be able to go? Or, if I died before he was granted citizenship, would they have to come back? I am not seriously unwell...just wondering!
  6. Or is it just me? I have done all the usual research stuff that everyone does. I have my costing sheet and my timetable to work to. I have also bought adaptors and uv swim suits for the boys. I have bought lots of new bedlinen and sent it over to mil as she informs me the prices over there for linen are shocking. I have even purchased a load of travel adaptors. Bare in mind we intend on going in april 09 all been well all of this Hubby can kind of understand however he now insists I have flipped i have just ordered in preparation a spider poster with pictures of the critters and how to treat the bites :biglaugh: And a beterware spider catcher. :notworthy: I think I am well prepared dh thinks I will fail medical on account of been insane
  7. Hi Guys Just a few more odd questions that I hope someone can answer for me.!!!:goofy: After the thred yesterday about what you can and cant take into Oz with you, its got me thinking about some other things too. Now I know and am gutted that I cant take my wedding flowers with me, Ive realsied that there is probably tonnes of other stuff that I use on a daily basis that I am not going to be able to take I practice witchcraft (only the good stuff!) and use dried herbs and plants in some of my spells, will I be able to take them in? I also have alot of decorative items around witchcraft for example a decorated besom (broomstick) that is really precious to me, as it is made from untreated wood and twigs looks like this is going to be a nono too. Does anyone have any idea on how the Ozzies view us pagans? Is it something that I am going to have to keep quiet while Im there? :wacko: That ontop of me worrying about if Im going to have to change the way I dress and the colour of my hair to find a job, I hadnt really given musch thought to how they would view my faith and of curse if Im going to be able to find the tools I need to practice my faith! thanks all in advance! :wubclub: