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Found 50 results

  1. fishbowl84

    October 2013 189 visa applicants

    Hi, thought I might start a new thread. Applied for 189 visa on the 21st of October. Having medicals tomorrow. Hoping things go smoothly and expecting a direct grant! Anyone else on the same boat?
  2. Guest

    Moving to Mornington Oct 11

    Just thought id start a thread for Mornington as we are moving there this Oct. Anyone else would love to start to build a network of friends and vise versa. Age group 30-35 Me -housewife HO- chef 2x boys 1/half & 2/half Hobbies- biking, hillwalking, running(although not doen much since boys came along!!) reading, tropical fish, dogs, family. Cheers Maz
  3. Hi there We are in the process of an interstate move from Tasmania to Qld. Flying on 10 th oct and then hoping to secure a rental ASAP!! Just a couple of questions for those of you that live there... My husband will be working in Logan central- what kind of commute can he expect- he starts work at 8. What's the deal on Internet- heard there were problems but not sure how current the issue was Anyone want a new friend- I am nice!!! Have 2 boys, one is 2 and one just about to turn 4. Thanks!!!!
  4. Offshore 176 family sponsored, applied Oct 2010 > received general email March 2011 to send meds/police > Sept 2011 gsm team sends email requesting info > now still waiting without any updates I'm in priority group 3, should it be waiting much longer?
  5. So is there any welsh or irish havin a party that we can join in on!! Im so fed up with watchin the world cup with Aussies and sing the welsh anthem on me own!! HAHA No babysitters mean no pub which was traditional :sad: I really really really miss a good drink on an international day!!! Just havin a sulk really, what you all doin??? :wink: One welsh mad lady Jules xx
  6. Hi As there is a few threads about meeting up, thought we would suggests drinks and rugby this Saturday at the Belgian beer cafe in the Rocks? England is playing Scotland We'll be there from about 5-6pm. If you are up for a few drinks this rainy long weekend come join us. Cheers, Andy & Cecilia (-409315918 pls replace dash by 0)
  7. Hi all, I'm moving to Brisbane on my own next month I have a job to come out to, but would like to make new friends in Brisbane can anyone give any advise on ways to do so. Neil
  8. any one selling up- or kids out grown -anything considered PM me thanks
  9. Hoping someone can help as i've just completly confused myself looking at the various websites! My husband and i are on a 856ens visa so permanent residents since march 2011. We both hold UK passports and were born in the UK. I am pregnant and due in October :biggrin: We fly back to the UK in february 2012 for a 2 week holiday. I understand that the little one will automatically be an Australian citizen because we are permanent residents?! Therefore i am assuming that we will have to apply for an Australian passport first? I am keen that the little one has dual nationality- is this possible? How do we go about this process? is there something that needs to be done in the hospital or when we register their birth? Do we have to apply for UK citizenship before we apply for a UK passport for them? How does dual nationality work? Sorry to ask a million questions .... I know with only 7 weeks to go before my due date my brain isn't functioning fully and i need help!!:confused:
  10. Hi All, Can't believe it, this place is hard to take sometimes. :sad: In a nutshell, moved from Liverpool UK in Jan 2010 with 2 cats - now 9yo. Two days ago our male was fine - he was the house cat, the female is an outdoors cat. He hid in our closet for 24 hours - usually hides, but I didn't see him eat his dinner, or sit with us when the kids went to bed. About 2am I woke up and opened the door as I heard him moving inside, so he could go in and out as he pleased. Didn't think to check him, so next afternoon thought he was trapped somewhere when I found him in the cupboard, unable to move, his breathing sounding like snoring, struggling a miaow, covered in urine, a real mess and pretty harrowing. carried him and lay him on the kitchen floor while I got catbox, vet called and baby in carseat for dash to vets. Raced to the vets - they found a tick on his neck - (1cm murderer!!!) and they stayed with him till 9pm, he got stressed being moved - to be taken to a 24hr vet facility, and so they said they'd have to leave him unattended in the surgery with oxygen, sedated, and see if he made it by himself. Got a call at 7.45 on Tues 26th Oct, to say he'd died in the night. Went there at 9.30am to say goodbye. :cry: Worst is that I didn't want him to die alone, so wish we could have brought him home and stayed with him. Once we'd got the cats from Quarantine in March, it felt the family was whole again. Now it's a nightmare, and I feel like I just can't breathe. The guilt of bringing him, of not finding him earlier, of now cleaning out the shelf he was on, and the cat box and towel I took him to the vets in. Just so many tears. He was with us pre-kids. I insisted on bringing them because they are family. Doing the kitchen sink thing, and being irrational thinking, why did we even come out here, such a struggle and now this before our first Xmas here. argh!:cry::sad: It's only been a day or so, so pretty raw still, but he's not coming back. and I'm at a loss. Poor kids just keep saying, oh mummy don't cry. It's ok. One word from the wise, 'you can't turn back time'. And that's all I seem to be wishing right now.
  11. Hi, Welcome to the thread for the oct cat 3 applicants. I am VF176 family sponsored Oct 2010 category 3 applicant and still waiting for the CO. Please share your updates. Thanks.:rolleyes:
  12. hey all, we are going to try and have a beachside barbie on Sunday 31st October at Mooloolaba, down near the seafood market / wharf. Probably kick off around 10 am. Which I guess makes it brunch. :biggrin: Anyone else up for it? Its the first time we've tried doing this, so hoping at least one person who comes along will know how to operate the barbeques! cheers sg sg@funnelweb.net
  13. lookingtoleave

    Jobs Expo London Oct 2010

    Did anyone attend the jobs expo in London a few weekends ago? If so was it useful ? Any big employers for construction jobs ??:biggrin:
  14. Hi All, I've booked a ticket to the Live Australia and New Zealand Expo in west London Sat 09 & Sun 10 Oct 10. Is anyone else from PIO going? I already have my visa, flights booked and a house in Australia so I'm only going there to meet employers. My plan is to turn up in a suit with a folder containing all my qualifications and a shed load of copies of my CV and business cards and get round as many employers as I can and then leave. My question is, having never been to one of these Expos before, when is the best time to turn up? Is it stands and you just go to where you want or are there set times for visas, states, flights, removals, jobs etc. and you have to be there at the right time for the right seminar? Any help or tips would be gratefully received. Thaks in advance
  15. Hi, A few of us met up a month ago for lunch in the city and we have decided to try and make it a regular thing every month.... So, this Friday we will be meeting again at around 12 o clock... We went to Time Out last time in Fed Square which was very easy to get to.... BUT service not the best.. So any ideas of where to go????? Or shall we just go to same place? Anyone who can make it and fancies a coffee/wine and a spot of lunch would be great to see u.... Elaine.
  16. Guest

    Reccie to Perth in Oct

    Hi all We are coming to Perth in October for three weeks to validate our visas and try and find an area to live and a job before moving out at the start of January. We have our shipping booked for Mid September as we are not bringing much and are sharing a container so need to get it in early. Just looking for as much advice as possible as to what to ship, what to pack and any helpful tips on what we should do etc both now, in October and when we first arrive in January. All advice, experiences and tips will be gratefully accepted! Nic
  17. Hi All, yesterday I read a couple of posts re. a radio broadcast that's taking place this Friday? on ABC Australia Radio, re. DIACs Sept 23rd changes. Could sombody please post a link here because I've lost yesterday's link and I can't remember which thread I read it on!! :unsure: Cheers zippy
  18. We are having a Britvics / Poms in Oz meet up at Mornington park on Saturday 24th October. Whether you have been before or its your first time why not come along & meet others in same boat. Bring food for yourself & whatever you drink, beers wine etc & make sure plenty of water for the kids to drink if its a warm day. Last year we had between 40 & 50 families turn up at the Mornington meet so put it in your diary.
  19. nik_kershaw

    ACT Motorbike ride 18th Oct

    I have been looking to join a bike club but as I don't really know anyone over here who rides a bike, however I saw tonight that Taff has a SV650 (the old bike I used to have in the UK and a great bike!). So I thought I would just throw it out there and find out if anyone else out there has a bike and would like to go for a ride on Sunday (the forcast looks good). Even if your not able to make it on Sunday then lets just see who has a bike.
  20. Just wondered if anyone is flying Singapore Airlines on 8th Oct on Sq321 ? I have my 2 kids flying in to Brizzy, and although one is 18, I'm gonna worry about them flying alone. Just maybe thought someone might give them a friendly nod in the right direction ??
  21. Hi, I thought it would be fun to see if any of you guys are on the same flight as us. If you are and fancy a chat give us a shout - lets face it, if we manage to kill an hour out of 24 it will be a help! Just a thought though, don't know how we would find each other ...........red carnations!!!!???:wubclub: Bev
  22. Hey all :smile: After a long process we are finally moving out to Caloundra on the 6th Oct...Me - Angie, hubby Dave & 3 kids, 8yr old daughter & twin 17mth old sons....very excited & very,very nervous!! Would be fab to meet up with other families and make some new friends asap....stop the homesickness, my daughter especially needs to make friends to help her settle in...quite shy at times.....would be great to hear from any-one who's been or is going through the same xxxxx
  23. Hi Poms, well it's been a long 18months but the time has come for us. Sold the house move out on the 2nd Oct, booked the farewell party 23rd Oct, dogs flights 28th Oct are booked, notices are written and reality is hitting home. We are so excited but scared of the unknown. I am hoping that this is natural?? I have one small problem to clear up and that is to sell my Horse, I really don't want to loose her, I can't bring myself to advertise her and we are suppose to be leaving in 6 weeks time. Is anyone else flying to Brisbane from Manchester on Mon 26th Oct, Look forward to hearing from you :cool:
  24. Hi guys, Just found out this morning my 175 visa was granted. I applied Oct 3, 2008 and it was granted this morning, exactly 11 months from the date of application. Now my passport is almost full except for 1 page. I cannot get a visa label in my passport, but I *DO* have enough room for the initial entry immigration stamp. I do have an existing 457 visa label in my passport too that would make it appear to my airline that I have a valid visa anyways, even without the 175 being evidenced. My question for anyone who knows: have any of you entered Australia without a visa evidencing label in their passport for any type of PR visa? The instructions sent from do DIAC say that I need a label in my passport, but I believe from what others are saying, if you can get by the airline check-in and board the plane and get to Oz you are fine to get there without a visa label? Cheers and thanks your help guys. This website has held me through along with BE for months now!
  25. Hi there, I got my visa granted to move to Victoria last November and have been holding of the move for a while - partly because of the recession and also because of the obvious question "am I doing the right thing?!" Anyway, in order to validate my visa I am coming over to Melbourne in early October around the 10th-20th which I'm hoping will go some way to informing my choice of whether I do start making concrete plans to move or not...I would be moving on my own so its quite a daunting prospect! It would be lovely to meet any people who have moved out there to get some advice (and just to see some friendly faces!), particularly anyone who is in a similar situation to myself whilst I am out there, i.e in their 20s/30s who has moved alone. Hope to hear back from you all, Roland