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Found 31 results

  1. We are moving to Ocean Reef next week and should be there for Easter weekend! (My children are worried the Easter bunny wont find them in there new house :-) ) My hubby and I have three children, 2 boys aged 5 and 7 and a little girl aged 3. My boys will be going to Beaumaris primary school thanks to all the great advice on good schools on this forum. :-) It would be lovely to make contact with some ladies who are in the area for a coffee or just a bit of advice on what to do/not to do in Ocean reef and Beaumaris primary. Thanks so much and look forward to hearing a couple of replies. :-)
  2. tonyman

    Leeuwin Ocean Adventure

    http://www.sailleeuwin.com/site/articles_index.php?articleURL=/site/20_about_us/10_about_main.htm has anyone took part in this adventure from Fremantle .....? check out the link , its sounds like pretty good fun and work...!!!!
  3. Hi, We are seriously contemplating renting a property in one of these northern suburbs, however, I am concerned about the commute into the CBD for work? From what I can gather, a bus and train ride into the city will take approx 1 hr, which I have no major worries about. But, I have just been reading an article (not sure how long ago it was written) that said the northern burbs have become too large for the public transport system which results in overcrowded trains heading into Perth. What is the commute really like? One of the draws to the north is that we seem to be able to rent more property for our $$$ there, as opposed to the property that is nearer to the city centre, but a consideration is that if we end up spending those savings on a longer commute to work, is it really worth it? I'd really appreciate some guidance from people that live in these areas and use public transport to make the daily commute into Perth. Thanks, Simon
  4. PommyPaul

    Esperance WA The Great Ocean Drive

    Went for an explore round esperance today and found this great tourist drive, some amazing beaches, plenty of room to surf, swim or sunbathe.. looked some good fishing and amazing scenery as well!! Definately a must do if your in the area, heres some of my pics :cool:
  5. Hi there, We are moving over tho Perth in August and are considering both of these areas. Can anyone give me their experiences of living in either Hillarys or Ocean Reef, we are a family with 2 children aged 7 and 3 years. Also, can anyone give me there opinions on the primary schools, we know Beaumaris has a great reputation, but we don have any information on Hillarys primary or Ocean Reef primary. Thanks very much for any help. Rachel
  6. :cute:HI well i thought you would find this funny and help if anyone at the age of 40 gets chicken pox ! :laugh: Basically my OH is 40 and is stuck on the ship with it ......... I will edit certain things for security and blushes but thought a few might find this a chuckle :biglaugh: Day one : Ok it was chickenpox, all over me the spread continues .. the brackets simulate whispering ok? (There is even one on the head of my blank the last time I had the courage to look)... back to normal volume now. The one on the bottom of my eyelid is the more annoying, although the other eye feels as if it will give me an option tomorrow. Fleet were asked if we should turn around and dump me in sandy place they said give him drugs and if skipper happy with the risk carry on, of course he was we are on essential tasking. Had a black adder moment there....Is PO evans really ill or has he just got chickenpox, I had to shoot an entire department for that at the battle of Jutland..blah..blah. I am actually under strict quarantine at the moment so I am being very naughty sending this email, although I am mega wrapped up and have alcohol gelled my hands up and everyone who has come in I have shouted to %*"off! Don't know how long I will be confined to my cabin at the moment, it looks like it will be at least a week, I am eating ofF paper as they cannot sterilise my dishes, the bloke I share a bathroom with was on the phone to his mum this morning to find out if he had chicken pox as a kid, quite a lot of them have, still no funnies on my cabin door at the moment, I would have done it to me within the first hour I will leave it there for now, I will be here for a couple of minutes I need to find a picture to leave here in the morning, I was thinking john merrick with a POs cap or perhaps a photo of me with a phantom of the opera mask and become the phantom of the cto boredom driving me out of my mind, still at least it's finally out of the way and carried out on the navy's time, DAY TWO :Another stealth run, have been forbidden by the CO to leave cabin today, , so as u can see obedient as ever lol You sound as if you have it all under control at home. They are all closed up at action at the moment, spots are increasing their spread, so much so I said to the LMA that self abuse was no longer a time passing option, I could be locked up for at least another 5 days but the spots have all swollen up and ready to burst, itching not a major problem, anti hist must be working, no shaving a major burden I gonna go now, don't know next check in because defence watches office manned for 24 hours, we about 20 mile of the coast of BLAH BLAH at mo don't know any thing else, bye for now FROM THE SHADOW ON HMS :Randy-git:
  7. Hi all I know this is a long shot - but we're moving out there in April and we have an aspiration to live in ocean reef - largely school related. Searches of reiwa and the like reveal suitable properties but normally with very little notice - i.e. its available next week. Does anyone have any knowledge of any houses coming up beginning April or that you want to break lease on around this time? We're looking in the area bounded by Hodges drive, Marmion & Shenton aves and the ocean. Appreciate you reading this Regards
  8. Hi, Me and my family are moving out to the Joodalup area and my 4year old daughter is really into her dancing,she currently does Ballet,Tap and Street Dance. I am wondering if there are any dance classes in the Joondalup area for young children and what sort of classes do they do and what is appox cost? Thanks for your help Jamie
  9. Hi, Me and my family are looking at moving over to perth in 2012, We are hoping somebody could help us with approx rental cost and cost of living for a family of 4. I am 34 years old, My wife is 28 and we have 2 children aged 2 and 4.We are looking at renting at least a 3 bed home with a nice large garden maybe in the Ocean reef area or area close to the beach, we want to be no more than 20mins walk from the beach and walking distance to primary schools. My wife will be working as a midwife in one of the hospitals in Perth and i will be looking at getting a part time job doing anything from about 9am until 2pm as i will be looking after the kids when they are at school. We are just looking for approx costs of renting and what is normally included in the rent and what extras do you have to pay. And what is the cost of living average food bills, cost of trains to perth or fuel cost for travelling in car everyday, is there any school fees, what else do you have to pay out for. Do you think we could live on my wifes wages approx $50000 dollers a year for a start until both my girls start school. Sorry one more question what would you approx see from the $50000 dollers a year after the taxes etc? Thankyou very much in advance for looking at my question and answering it Jamie and Family
  10. Elliott-Family

    Ocean Grove, Nr Geelong

    Hi when our house finally sells we have decided we like the look of ocean grove as a place to settle, providing hubby can get work in Geelong. Just wondered what anyones thoughts were on Ocean Grove if they have visited, good or bad Cheers Claire x
  11. Hi everyone, meself and my girlfriend are going to be spending 10 days travelling from melbourne to adelaide via the great ocean road. the aim is to drive and camp on the free sites. Can anyone provide any suggestions on places to visit things to do etc? or even camping locations. Any help would be beneficial as i am sure some of you have found some awesome places on your travels. I look forward to hearing from you all!!
  12. PommyPaul

    The Great Ocean road

    Anyone recomend some must do things for the great ocean road? (and surrounding area) Took a 600k drive down from the station to Torquay today and tomorrow will be hitting the famous surf beach Bells beach and driving the 200ks of the great ocean road in both directions (will post some pics tomorrow night)
  13. It really lived upto the hype
  14. Hi all, am new to the forum and am looking for some advice. Am moving from Ireland to Perth in January and am totally up in the air re where to live and schools. At the moment (this could change) we have narrowed search down to Currambine area / Ocean Reef but still not 100% sure. Does anybody know what these areas are like. Also with regard to schools I am hoping to put my 2 girls (10 and 5) into Catholic primary if possible, any info on catholic schools or state in this area would be much appreciated. I have seen the websites of Currambine Catholic Primary and St Simon Peters in Ocean Reef - look nice but if anyone had info re these it would be helpful. Thanks again,
  15. Hi ,our lease is up soon and was wondering if anyone knows of a 3/4 bed house in Connolly or Ocean Reef coming up in september ish, we want to stay in the this area if possible. Thanks Mari
  16. Hello Just looking for some friends ( violin playing)!!!! Well actually looking to chat/pm with people who know the area so I can get some recommendations on DR's/Dentist and lot of other things that most of you have figured out/learn't since being there. So if you have time it would be nice to hear from you. Thanks a mil LL
  17. We are currently searching for a quality rental 4 x 2 with pool in Ocean Reef, Iluka or Mullaloo - from 25th April but would take on lease early to secure the right property if required. If anyone has or knows of anything available we would be very grateful. Excellent references available. With the exchange rate so bad at the moment we have decided to rent instead of buy. Been to a few open homes but the property was either not right for us or there were about 15 families looking around so think our chances are slim being new to WA.
  18. Has anyone got recommendations for campsites along the Indian Ocean coast road (Perth to Caenarvan stretch) I'm looking for unpowered tent sites preferably places without chalets/static caravans etc - definitely not 'holiday parks' National Park campsites would be ideal although ablutions prefered Jules
  19. Hi kids, im wondering if anyone can help me with, where might be a good place to live in Vic, or at least give me some pointers , im applying for Vic SS, and im thinking of maybe living on or near the Great Ocean Road, im an avid surfer and would like to live in proximity to the sea, i know most of the towns, like Torquay, Jan juc, Lorne, are about an hour and a half from Melbourne, i have been to Melbourne before, cool town , reminds me of San Francisco, i didnt get to GOR when i was there, or Bells Beach , im thinking the coastal towns are relaxed, surfer types living there?, im a single man in my early 30s, over the whole going out getting smashed!! , just looking for somewhere peacefull with a few pubs to call a "local" and a few shops for food ,beer , but close to the sea, with the city in proximity, Anyone know what Geelong is like, what property prices are like on or near the GOR and Geelong, i would be looking for something small, a house with space,that needs work, as im handy . I assume the weather can be cold and windy in the winter, like most coastal towns, seems like the weather in Vic is like Northern California? I would like to meet surfers for BBqs and that sort of stuff. Any info would be great, cheers :cool:
  20. arlene

    Ocean Reef High School

    Does anyone have any experience of Ocean Reef high school? We lived in Mullaloo for a year and the school looked fine! but I have heard some mixed reports about it! Thanks Arlene
  21. Hi everyone, we move to O/R on tuesday and meeting in school on wednesday so should start soon after so if you live in the area and would like to meet ,let me know.My name is Tyler and im 15 and i know no one and getting fed up with the playstation !! Im on face book too. Tyler Martin
  22. We arrive (finally!) in Oz on Thursday night and have Friday planned to explore Melbourne. Saturday morning we collect our hire car and set off up the GOR and plan to arrive in Adelaide on Monday afternoon/evening. I know this isn't very long to do this trip but it was all the time we could afford. I'm planning to spend the first night at Port Campbell/Princetown area and then the second night around Mount Gambier. Any tips on places to stay or things to see along the way greatfully recieved! Many thanks Mike & Lynda
  23. I am trying to find out how good the primary schools and high schools in Ocean Reef - Perth are like? Can anyone who may live in the area or know someone their let me know? Thanks kindly:biggrin:
  24. Guest

    Help: Ocean Sky Shipping

    Hi there, I am returning to the UK :arghh: in 7 weeks and have got a quote from Ocean Sky to ship a few items home. Just wanted to know if anyone has used them before and can tell me if they are good or bad. I'm a bit apprehensive as I've never heard of them and their quote was cheaper than everyone else by $200-$300. I'm just naturally suspicious.:unsure: Help. Thanks Hayley
  25. In Perth or coming to Perth need short term accomodation!! 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home in Ocean Reef. 900m to the beach close to High School, Primary School, shops, and bus routes. Available 1 Feb 2009. Contact us by email at- daini.lance1@bigpond.com.au