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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, Does anyone know the chances of obtaining PR status if they come over to oz on a 457 visa? We know this would be the only route for us, but we are concerned we would come over on the 457 and then be rejected for the PR when we apply after 2 years. Can anyone tell us what we could do to avoid that happening?! Also can you please tell us the what restrictions would be on us - for example buying a house, schooling, medical care etc... Thanks in advance for any answers...:wubclub:
  2. Hey guys would appreciate your help..I'm heading to Oz on 457 visa and my employer has offered sponsorship for permanent residency if all goes well.however I am only one year qualified as a midwife and from reading the immi website I've noticed that I need three years experience and a skills assessment (which I have) to be eligible for ENS. I know can wait til I have worked two years in oz and then apply for ENS then but if we wanted to apply for permanent residency sooner then what are the options when we are in Oz? Hope someone can help
  3. Hi all , I'm moving to Brisbane in a few months and I am a stonemason to trade , does anyone know if it's better to try and get a White card in the UK or wait til I get to Oz , I've heard that the companies in the uk that do assessments and testing for working in Australia are a rip off nut have no experience of using any as I done my TRA myself Thanks Andy
  4. Hi guys, I'm just looking for the facts about this visa. Including any payment to be made by the employer, what is the total cost in obtaining the above visa? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a 30 year old English guy who moved to Perth from the UK a week ago. Rather embarrassingly, I never got round to learning to drive back home but I intend to get it sorted over here. I have found some info on the subject but the process seems very different to back home. Can anyone give me a step by step guide for as to what I need to do. Has anyone had to do this themselves? Am I also right in saying that because I'm over 25, I don't actually have to log any driving hours whilst I'm on my provisional licence? Any information is gratefully received. Thanks, Steve
  6. Hi all, hope all is well. I am planning on going to Australia on a working holiday visa, Probably working contract in engineering. I will probably love it there so will want to stay longer. However I am going with my girlfriend who has got an occupational training visa (6 months) I am looking to get sponsored by a company to get a work visa so I can add my girlfriend as we are in a defacto relationship (scary) Can anyone give any advice on the best way to get sponsorship from a company? Or could anyone shed any light on any problems we may encounter? Regards Iain
  7. Hello guys, I would like to ask how we can manage to get a driving license in WA. My partner & I are both not comfortable driving with stick. We're so stupid driving it! We will be arriving in Perth by first week of September and our int'l license are no longer valid due to our visa was granted last March. So the 3 month period shall be expired during that time. Does Perth driving school require us to pass the test by driving a stick to obtain a license? Please advise... Thanks taz
  8. Hi there Does anyone know how to go about obtaining an A-class Electrical Licence please? Does it have to be done in Australia or can my OH start the process from the UK? Many thanks Trudy
  9. Hi all, My husband has been offered a job on a temporary 457 visa subclass. I wondered if anyone has done this themselves and how we would do this as the agents are charging a lot and we want to try and save what we can on costs like this. Or is it easier to just get an agent to do it? Any feedback/advice is greatly appreciated! :huh:
  10. Guest

    Obtaining PR

    I have 8 months left until I can apply for PR through my subclass 309 spouse visa. I'm just wondering, what will they require this time round? Of course we have already proved our relationship etc in order to get here in the first place. Will they want an extension of that as it were? Also, I used an agent last time but having done so I reckon I could have done it myself. How about applying for my PR, is it a similar process that I could do? Or is it best to play safe? Cheers
  11. cartertucker

    Obtaining a visa for our NEW BABY!

    Hi Everyone....:cute: I havent been on PIO for such a long time, we were delighted to recieve our visas & then to find out we were expecting a baby! :jiggy: Our new little one is due in December & I need to get myself organised with getting them a passport & visa....As we need to be validating/moving by March 2011! Any advice would be so gratefully recieved :notworthy: As I dont really know where or how to start?
  12. I have got a job in Melbourne as a Midwife and am going out on a 457 visa- soon I hope (visa application sent off last week). If we like it out there I was wondering if anyone can tell me how easy it is to then apply for a permanant visa. i am worried as I will be 45 next year though I have heard the age restriction may not apply to Midwives. Has anyone got any up to date info for me. Much appreciated:smile:
  13. Does it really matter when they process our application ? I feel it really makes difference when they see an application from an European or Asian country :confused: Any Idea ?:swoon: I am an Iranian and am not hopeful to obtain SS despite my qualifications and experience due to my nationality ! thanks:hug:
  14. Guest

    Reality of obtaining a 457 visa

    Hello Is there anybody out there who could advise me on how likely it will be to get employer sponsorship over there. My skills are that of a marketing specialist but this is not on the Skills in demand list. I can move pretty immediately but wondered if any one knew how receptive employers were to recruiting someone from the Uk for marketing spcialists. Is it likely to take 6 - 12 months as employers dont want the hassle of recruiting from overseas or could it take less time than that? Any feedback would be great as I need to decide on what I am going to do in my current role within the next couple of weeks! Thanks
  15. Guest

    Obtaining Tax File number

    Hi Does anyone know if you can get your tax file number before leaving the UK?? Just that you need it to get jobs, Medicare & a whole loada other stuff. Thanks xx:wink:
  16. Guest

    obtaining permanent visa

    Hi , having visited my sisters in OZ a few times , I would love to emigrate there. However as I am not a tradesman or qualify ( I think) as a skilled worker, and the fact I am 58 years of age, I don't think there is any way to achieve this. I own my own local removal company, have 6 children, all except 1 are adults, some of who wish to emigrate in years to come . Does anyone see anyway that it could be possible to emigrate ? Kind regards stewy:no:
  17. My partner has previous custodial sentance's for driving whilst disqualified and driving with no insurance over in the uk :policeman:, we were hoping to move to australia next year as i myself hold an australian visa but still dont know weather he's able to due to his previous convictions, the longest sentance he recived was 8 months of which he served 4 months in total. Anyone have any information weather there is any point him aplying for a visa, we were hoping to get married early next year, would there be any point him aplying before we wed or after ? any help would be appreciated thanks x
  18. Hi All, I'm moving to the UK in May and was wondering whether anyone can give me a heads up about glucose test strips for diabetes. I'm a Type 2 diabetic and here in Australia I don't need a prescription for test strips for my glucose meter,but I do have to fill in an order form and pay $14.10 for 100 strips which lasts about 30 days. Can anyone advise me about the situation in the UK?Will I have to pay for them and how do I go about getting them? All advice appreciated.
  19. frizzy1

    Tourist Visa and Obtaining a Job

    Hi all, I wonder if someone could help me with this question. My sister is currently in the process of sponsoring my parents on a Contributory Parent Visa and once they are in the country then she can sponsor me for last remaining relative - we can meet all of the criteria but understand that it could be 4 years before I actually get PR going down this route. I am planning to visit my sister in October next year on a tourist visa (hopefully for 6 months) with my mum and dad and was thinking about doing some investigation into work options whilst I am out there i.e speak to some agencies etc and find out how employable I am. Firstly, am I allowed to do this and secondly what if I am lucky enough to actually get a job with employer sponsorship - can I just change my tourist visa and get a work visa instead? Or is this just a complete waste of time i.e will employers even consider someone who in on a tourist visa? Any thoughts appreciated.
  20. Guest

    Obtaining Job Sponser in Oz

    Hi, Can anyone help with best places to look for jobs in which companies are happy to sponser? Most sites I have found so far insist on visa to be in place already. I am 34 so unable to use the working holiday visa route - so only the Employer Nominiation Scheme possibile. I am a project analyst working with IT sector so looking for similar role in Sydney. Dont know where to start! thanks
  21. Hi after much fishing on the net (cos its the biggest concern at the mo') I've found details about getting trades recognised-once passed the TRA & wanting to work in OZ_ie; Aussie qualifications & skills assesed I found it helpful anyway!! Queensland Building Services Authority (BSA) : Homepage Best Luck!! Michele xx
  22. Hiya guys Glad the forum is still buzzing with info. We're in Oz but need to organise police checks as we've just submitted our PR application. Thing is, the form my agent downloaded from Sussex Police website states that you must provide original ID (passport/driving license) to prove your identity. I don't want to get this wrong as the police checks seem to be the one thing that can hold things up. Anyone got any ideas/suggestions? Thanks in advance Pj xx
  23. Hi, I've just joined PomsInOz and would like to tell you something about why. My wife and I have a daughter who has just married an Australian and moved to Australia. I thought she would be able to apply for Australian citizenship as soon as married, but she says that first she needs to apply for permanent residence and that will, hopefully, be granted after two years from the date of marriage. Does anybody else have a similar experience. It seems a lot easier over here in the UK, and there is no compulsory two year wait. Roger