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Found 27 results

  1. Hi people we have been living in Perth for a while now and I want to share with any electricians who are making the move an incite on how to go about getting your A class licence. I know there are other threads about this but I hope this will help as well. Firstly you need to go through the vetassess route to gain your 175/176 or 457 etc.. its worth doing this route as I heard an extra week will be added to the course if you went via the TRA route. when you get your visa apply to energy safety for permission to apply to one of the tafes who run the electrical trades licensing course, they will give you conformation that you can apply. the tafes who energy safe advise are polytechnic west challenger institute of technology combined skills training association college of electrical training you will need books for this course which will cost you around 550 bucks. you will attend college for 10 days covering a wide range of theory and practical tasks. you will feel nervous but the lecturers will make you feel at ease. you do a final practical exam which is like a small AM2, then you receive a cert saying you passed the course. you results are sent to energy safe and you turn up a week later and get your electrical licence. hope this helps all the best lads..... :biggrin:
  2. Has anyone got an idea of how common it is that customs might refuse you? My second Working holiday Visa is nearly running out, I applied for the 676 onshore but got refused, and now I'm considering to take a trip to NZ for a few days. I know about the fact that you need to have an ongoing flight. I really like to spend christmas here with my friends and I have got enough funds to support myself and fly back home (Holland) after christmas. I'm about to make the decision to get rid of my rental apartment or take the risk of keeping it till I'm back in the country. I would really like to have a place to come home to if customs do let me cross the boarder. Any ideas? And what would you do in my situation? Move out of the apartment or take the risk? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, Was hoping someone could please help,I am currently looking into ways to move to Australia permanently.Here is my situation: I am a 33 year old UK resident,I have had regular work since I left school,I am a self taught landscape gardener but have no formal qualifications so I suppose I can't class myself as 'skilled' I entered Australia on a WHV in 2007 and stayed with an old schoolfriend who had met an Australian woman who's father ran a fruit farm.Having worked on the fruit farm for 6 months I then returned to the UK. Earlier this year my friend got married and obtained a permanant Australian visa,and I was best man at his wedding.I ended up obtaining a 3 month extension on my holiday visa and stayed for a total of 6 months in Australia before again returning home. During this stay I met a wonderful Aussie woman who I love dearly and have now been in a relationship with for 4 months.I am currently now looking into all ways of getting into Australia on a permanant basis.We are looking to set up our own business in Oz,and looking closely at investing in a franchise.As I am not skilled then the skilled migration visa is a no go.We looked at a student visa but the costs are somewhat prohibitive-we have the money but the course I would like to do costs over $30000 and to be honest i'm not overly keen on the idea of becoming a student again!We have also looked at the spouse visa but it says that you have to have lived with each other for 12 months prior to applying and this is where we have our main problem.I could apply for another holiday visa but spending 12 months not working would bore me to death!!Could I apply for a 12 month holiday visa so soon after returning to the UK if I can prove I have funds to support myself for 12 months?I heard you can spend 6 months of every year in Australia-is this corrrect?I have trawled the immi.gov website but am hoping someone could help me with any visa suggestions from this forum. Thanks!
  4. Hi all anone knows if you can study if you have a 176 visa?? Im applying for a 176 visa under state sponsorship of west aus and i was also thinking maybe if ever i get a succesful 176 visa application maybe i can work and study at the saame time. Will this be possible? Thanks in advance to anyone who can share info/ reply. Paris :idea:
  5. Guest

    Obtain job in aus first?

    Hi all, it has been suggested that i go for a 175 visa,reading a few threads i am now wondering if it would be quicker to go to aus and obtain a job position first,not on a sponsorship but as a poss better and quicker way to get out there.would anyone know if the visa would be the same and if i would still have to go through the same process? Mark
  6. Hi all, Hope everyone's visa is being granted quickly! Just a quick question: when I applied for the 3 month tourist visa last year, it was granted but I was given no 'visa grant number' or 'reference number' on the letter as it was done by my travel agent. Any suggestions how I could go about getting this information? I assume I need to supply it when applying for my onshore de facto visa? Slightly worried as the 'very silly' Flight Centre travel agent who did it for me last year apparently mucked up the application the first time, so a little worried I have a 'rejected visa' stamp on a record somewhere... Any help/advice much appreciated. Leah
  7. Hi Good day We hear and read that CO's say your application is under security checks by external agency or External agency has not completed the report yet ( in my case) Now, I would like to know, is external agency an organization working in applicant's home land? Do they contact applicant's government authority to obtain information ( By legal way ) or they obtain information by illegal ways through spies or their staff in applicant's home land ? I know answering to this question is very difficult but I think there are some users in this forum who are able to share their information and experience. Regards
  8. JonathanD

    How long to obtain visa?

    Hi all How long roughly will it take to get visa following medicals? We have been lodged since autumn 2009 and have just been called for Mede. Yippee
  9. Im a student nurse and have been umming and arrring whether to go up to degree in my final year, due to hearing rumours about the AHPRA only allowing in Degree graduates within a few years. But as it stands at the moment i found this link which actually explains what is permitted. Hope it helps. Does anyone know if this is set to change any time soon? and where do i find out how many years experience i need? for western and southern australia Charlie
  10. HELP! I wish to register as a newly qualified midwife in oz as soon as I obtain UK registration, is this possible??:confused: AHPRA state: Applicant must provide certified documentary evidence from their current and previous employers that they have practised nursing and/or midwifery within the past five years preceding their application, as defined in criteria of the NMBA recency of practice registration standard The only experience I will have had of midwifery will be by training. I do however have two years nursing experience. Can someone please advise!!:chatterbox:
  11. Hello all, A while ago, i was lucky enough to be transferred from the UK to Australia with my old job, i obtained the 457 business visa. After a couple of years, i decided to return home and to this day i still believe it to be the right decision. However, i fell in love with Australia and our romance began (man, i sound lame lol) anyway, i'd love to go back someday (before i'm 30) and do a whole lot of travelling and perhaps work. The visa i would like to obtain is the 12month working holiday visa, i know that you can only possess this once. My specific question is, as i've held the 457 previously, can i hold the 12month working holiday visa? I don't see any reason why i wouldn't be able to but when you're dealing with a government agency, you really never know. I very much look forward to anyones response here! Also, if anyone has any questions on the whole 457 process, i would be more than happy to try and answer them through my own experiences. Best, James
  12. We are still trying to find the facts on obtaining AQF III for my hubby, who's skill match this of a Drainer. We are still waiting to hear from the Migration Agent, as he informed us it would not be possible to do in the UK. He has told us he is looking into Underground Pipefitting? My husband took the call, So didnt question him, like i owuld of hoped. I cannot see why or how this would help us with Stat sponsorship visa? Has anyone completed this for Drainer? Any information would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
  13. Hello Everybody, I'm Actually asking this question on behalf of my cousin. She finished the assessment by VITASSESS, and sat the IELTS. Yet she lacks the points needed for permanent visa, so she is now thinking about applying for regional Australia. Could anybody advise about how to get sponsored by a state or territory ? and which state should she ask for nomination ? For example, is there some territory that responds to applicants faster than another one, or there is some territory needs some specific occupations so she should target the territory that fits her. Your help is highly appreciated Regards
  14. Hi...I need a little advice since I'm not sure what to do... The paragraph above is an extract of the grant letter. Now, in my country, we do not have any Australian Embassy or offices with visa evidencing facilities for Australia. I have checked in the link that was provided and it says that the one responsible for my country is Germany. 1. Do I have to fly to Germany to put evidence in our passports? 2. Or maybe I post them to Germany? 3. Or maybe the grant letter is enough when I land in Australia? Sorry that it might sound a stupid question, I am just not sure what to do.... Thanks!!! B!K3R
  15. hi all myself and my partner are moving to the gold coast in september, i got my visa as a gas fitter and was wondering how do i obtain a gas licence in queensland with my uk qualifications, and is there much work in queensland doing gas, as i cant seem to find anything on the net. Aaron Walters
  16. Hi folks, new to site today. I am serving police officer in england and want to move to victoria and join Oz police.Looking at their website I will need permanent residency visa before i can apply.How can I do this ?Time is of the essence, have looked at loads of sites but for some reason can't get a grip!Police officers dont appear to be listed on any occupation,can anyone please assist me....fingers crossed...
  17. Hi Everyone, This is our first post and literally our first visit on the forum and we are very much in need of some help, hope you are able to assist. Here is our situation in brief and our plans... Our situation... My wife is a serving Police Officer in the UK. We recently applied to Western Australia Police Force as they were recruiting current serving UK officers. My wife was successful and we received a formal job offer which we accepted. Unfortunately WAPOL have now withdrawn the job offer before we moved to WA due to becoming overstaffed. We are now looking into an alternative route to gain permanent residency in Aus, preferably WA, but we will consider other states. A little bit about us... We are a family of 3. Myself: 36 years old with previous experience in Sales and currently working as a successful self employed Personal Trainer for the last 6 years. My wife, 38 years old, a Detective Constable in the UK for the last 10 years. Our baby son who is just 8 months old. We have significant savings for the move and to help us get set up however we ideally prefer to use these savings for a future house deposit when we obtain perm res. Our proposed plan... As it stands we do not have careers that enable us to apply via the Skilled Workers route. Our current careers are not on the list so our points are low. So, instead - after speaking with a migration consultancy here in the UK - we were made aware of the option to apply for a student visa to study in Aus for 2 years with a view to staying upto 3.5 years by completing a post grad qual too. They advised us that whilst in Aus we should simply explore sponsorship from an employer - ideally in the field in which I will be studying - to obtain permanent residency. Sounds like a simple enough plan to me. We are now just beginning to research whether this is a viable, affordable and logistically possible route for us to obtain perm res. How you may be able to help us... We need help! Here come the questions! We would appreciate any info you can provide on this or any experiences you can share, thanks in advance!:biggrin: Have you been down this type of route? Did it work? We hear the student visa route has changed recently, how will this affect our application? How easy/common is it to obtain sponsorship from an employer? Which trades are in most demand and will remain in demand for the foreseeable future? How long do you have to work for an employer whilst going through the sponsorship process. Are we eligible for any type of assistance or funding? We heard that we would have to pay for literally everything from tuition fees to medical fees etc etc. Can we easily go from a 2 year qual to post grad for a further 1.5 years. That is all we can think of at the moment and we very much hope that if you have already explored this route then you would be able to share your experiences with us in order to help us get a better picture on what we may expect. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this as we appreciate that there are lots of threads on this forum. Please feel free to direct us to any threads that we may have missed that are relevant to this post. Kind regards Mark & Lynn.:biggrin:
  18. Dear All I have been in Australian on a working holiday visa, i am now a successfully temporary resident on a 457 sponsorship visa. I would like to know if anyone has any success on obtaining a personal loan/credit card over here. I have an urgent request to go home unfortunatly and do not have the immediate finance for a return ticket. I am currently on a good salary and lease a property, I was wondering whether any factors would make be eligible to apply anywhere. Unfortunatly i do miss the $50,000 bracket by $25 dollars to be eligible for a credit card with Westpac :smile: Anyhow all assistance would be appreciated, thank you Urgent Pom:wink:
  19. How long does it generally take to obtain an Australian de-facto visa from the beginning to the end if i was to start today? Thanks
  20. I used to work in Venezuela, I did not hold a Venezuelan ID card. Now I have to apply for a PCC from out side the country. I have called the Venezuelan Consulate where I live, they told me to authorised to some one in country then have them apply on my behalf. Now I have contacted a law firm specialises in expat relocation services in Venezuela and they told me without a Venezuela ID I can't abtain a PCC because they check record based on ID # not passport #. Is there anyone in the same situation ? Can someone in the same situtation got success writing to DIAC to explain this issue ? thank you all.... Dantien
  21. Guest

    RSMS Visas - how to obtain one?

    Hi Guys, I am an experienced IT Analyst Programmer with over 20 years of experience. Mostly this has been using AS400 RPG, but I also have over 2 years experience of C#.Net. Because of various circumstances I now find that my only way in to Oz would be via an RSMS or similar visa. Has anyone out there managed to obtain one and if you did, how did you manage to persuade employers to use one of these Visas? I am looking toward Adelaide and Canberra and have written to employers, with no replies! Any ideas? Steve
  22. Guest

    Which Visa should i obtain?

    Hi all, basically my partner (Fiancee) Gemma has been offered a job initially for 12 months out in OZ. Her work / Uni will sort out the visa for her and our 2 boys (aged 1 & 3) but because we have moved in with my parents for the last 18 months we have no proof of living together and therefore cannot obtain the de facto visa / i can't go on there application. Me working out there is not absolutely necessary but would be an advantage. Would it be best for me to apply for a extended 12 month visitors visa or a working holiday visa? Thanks for your help. Mike:biggrin:
  23. hi everyone! im looking to go to perth with my girlfriend in december on a working holiday visa. my only problem is getting a plumbing provisional licence, i have contacted the WA licencing board and all i get is 'do the vetassess test before you migrate' (but im not migrating) I have NVQ Level 2, 3, unvented, oil, water regs, water fittings and a.c.s gas (basically everything exept for my gas safe card). does anyone know if i can just turn up in oz with my certificates, 2 references with 4 years experience and my cib police check and do a corse there? or do i need to do a corse? is it a case of filling a form in and paying the fees and thats it you have a provisional licence or is it really a case of doing the vetassess and then geeting there and doing the 1 day corse and fimilliarisation course? help!! i just want to plumb in oz!!! :arghh:
  24. We move on 16/9 so I'm just sorting everything out. I want to redirect our mail to Oz. I know this can be done easily from the Royal mail site but as we don't have an address in Oz we will need to set up a PO box with the mail service there. Anyone know who that is or how to do it ?
  25. Hi All I'm applying for the 175 visa, but on the application they want to know where and when (as in exact day & date) any previous Australian visa was granted to me. I've had the holiday/tourist visa previously but have no idea of the exact date it was granted - any ideas as to how I go about trying to find out? The Oz embassy? The travel agent who sorted the visa for me? Any help gratefully received! Thanks Tom