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Found 2 results

  1. These are just some observations of difference,some are obvious and expected others just subtle little differences noticed during my time here.These are not in any particular order and are neither meant as praise or criticism.They are just differences.[Mostly relating to my local area in NSW]. *The smell-Aus has a smell all of it's own,very different to the smell of Ireland.I come from an island and even the ocean has a different smell to it.When it rains the smell of wet earth is instant and heady,when the sun shines the trees and flowers have a sweet smell that fills the air. *The sounds-needless to say they are very different to home.I live in a small coastal village here and you never get absolute quietness.Be it crickets,ciccadas,frogs,birds or the ocean,there are always sounds.I miss the quiet. *Little kids seem to go about town barefoot 90% of the time. *Even though BBQs are often and plentyfull they seem to consist mainly of steak and snags[sausages]. *A lot of people my age with kids[under 40]only go out socially on rare occasions. *People get up so flamin' early and therefore go to bed early. *Junk food is very cheap. *Mozzies hate the smell of garlic so get some into you daily[even capsules do the trick]and they will stay clear. *St.Patrick must be sitting on my shoulder because I have yet to see a snake even though the rest of the gang have on numerous occasions. *Walk down any town street and you will notice it is littered with signs.Signs telling you every imaginable thing you cannot do in that particular spot. *A lot of kids only have a birthday party every few years and many not at all. *Even though they are a haven for spiders many people leave shoes etc outside for the creepy crawlies to hide out in and give you a nasty surprise. *The teacher-pupil ratio can be high at times.Our daughter is in a class of 29 and they do not even have a teachers aide. *Gardening is like a religion,so much time and effort is put into clearing leaves and fronds and cutting the grass to within an inch of extinction but many gardens have no plants or flowers. *Many park and beach BBQ facilities are no longer free but only cost a couple of dollars to use. *The pedestrian traffic light button makes a very different sound,strange the things you notice. *Eating ice-cream outside in the sunshine is an act of folly,unless you like the feel of it melting onto your big toe. *Mothers swaddle their young babies up real snug and tight in a sheet and often lie them on a sheepskin in their buggies,in the heat.Must be a reason but when my youngest was born here 8yrs ago the poor little mite lived in a vest to keep her cool. As I said these are just some of the dfferences I have noticed in my time in Oz.Feel free to add your own,some may be the same and some will obviously be very different.It may be interesting for those yet to make the journey.
  2. Having read so many posts about people's reasons for moving and expectations thought I would list a few that may be unexpected. Our supermarkets are nothing like the UK ones prepared food is not big in Australia. Grog is not sold in the supermarkets, separate due to our liquor laws. Food is expensive now no European economic subsidies keeping prices down here. We do not subsidise anything except private health which makes me mad. Second hand cars hold their price here especially smaller more economical ones and cars do not rust so there are lots of very old cars around. In fact we got rid of a couple we had had for over 20 years. My brother has a Subaru he bought in the seventies and it still runs. We buy new cars and run them in the ground most economical way with cars. If you are a in the building trade you will probably end up as a sub contractor and need an ABN. This means that you employ yourself and therefore need to take out insurance for yourself. Doctors have lists and in newer areas sometimes its hard to get on a list. We pick our own GPS. Medicines are paid for here $32.00 average prescription. Average doctors appointment $60.00 if they do not bulk bill and you get some of it back from medicare. School books pens etc all have to be paid for in state schools plus they have some fees they like you to pay Kindergarten is not free and depending where you live can be hard to get a place with our rising birth rate. People pass on the inside on the freeway. Tailgating is a problem. Cats have to be registered in Victoria like Dogs. Bicycle helmets are law ADSL may not be available in some new areas and you should check before you rent or buy. Phones and internet are more expensive. You will not be able to donate blood Water restrictions in force in Victoria Houses are not double glazed and some older ones may not have any insulation need to check. There is more when it comes to me I will post.:smile: