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Found 64 results

  1. Hi, My partner and I would really appreciate any help with skilled visas for Plumbers. I have so many questions and I keep getting told different things. We're wanting to go down the route of skilled migration as a Plumber in Australia. We have both lived in Australia previously for 4 years (I was sponsored) but left due to family reason back at home in the UK. So, my partner has a NVQ level 2 in plumbing (Not a level 3). Do you know if NVQ level 2 is enough of a qualification for a Plumber? He has over 5 years plumbing experience in the UK, and 2 years plumbing experience in Australia. We've been advised that to pass VETASSESS you need to have either Gas or Roofing experience. However, he doesn’t have much experience working with gas and no experience in roofing. My partner is currently completing a Gas course to get the knowledge, would this be enough for VETASSESS? Please can you give us some information about how hard or easy the test was for you. Any tips, advice or guidance would be great. Thank you in advance for your help. Jeanette
  2. Hi, myself and my family are hoping to move to oz next year, i was just wondering if there was much call for Nursery nurses over there!? Also will my NVQ level 3 qualification be recognised over there? Any advice would be grateful! Anna
  3. Hi - my husband and I are looking into emigrating to Australia. We have family there (my brother) who is permanent resident with Australian partner. My husband is a builder with 15 years experience and his own business. He served a four year apprenticeship and has been working in the trade ever since. He does not hold any formal qualifications so just wondering if we were to apply for a skilled visa, how do we evidence his experience? We have accounts for his company of more than 10 years but nothing to prove he is qualified. Have been looking into an on site qualification (NVQ3) but wondered if this is the best one to be recognised internationally and have also seen City and Guilds mentioned - does anyone know which one carries more worth? Thanks
  4. Hi, I hope someone can help me. My OH is a plasterer and has been for 4 years. We're hoping to go on an Independent 175, and are starting to prepare the skills assessment. Will an NVQ Level 2 in Plastering be sufficient? Where is the best place to find out exactly what the TRA want to see in your application, I can't find much on the website!!! Any advice about TRA and pathways greatly appreciated! Becca and Stephen
  5. I'm a carpenter with an NVQ city and guilds level 2, I've been told by a recruitment firm that I must make my qualification valid in Australia to be considered as a carpenter. How do I convert them?
  6. Nick84

    Foundation Degree

    Hi all by trade I am a qualified electrician but I also have a Foundation Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Are Foundation Degrees recognised? If not, do they recognise levels? As in my apprenticeship was to NVQ level 3, the foundation degree is equivalent to level 4 and 5. I think a batchelors degree is a level 6. Thanks Nick
  7. G'day all!! I've jsut found this site. Welcome to Australia :cool: I'm Australian and I lived in the UK for nearly 8 years..I'm based in Melbourne and if there's anything I can help anyone with I'll be happy to do so - so just ask on this thread! For anyone concerned about NVQ's and how they stack up against the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), I can tell you that the NVQ 3 is equivalent to the Certificate IV here in Australia...I know because I had mine certified by the Victorian State Government's Department of Business & Innovation (Overseas Qualifications Unit).. If you don't have an NVQ 3 just scale up and down accordingly to that which you have - NVQ 2 (Certificate 111) NVQ 4 (TAFE-Technical and Further Education) Diploma....Bachelor, Masters and PhD qualifications are the same here as they are in the UK - all equivalent.. For anyone wanting to email the Overseas Qualifications Unit here in Melbourne directly to see how or if they can help you whilst you're still in the UK, their email address is as follows - "oqu@dbi.vic.gov.au" Obviously that email address is only relevant if you intend to settle and work in Melbourne or anywhere else within the State of Victoria...If you plan to settle elsewhere in Australia, you'll have to hunt down that respective State Government's equivalent service(s) if they have one...It is a free service in Victoria but it can take around 10 weeks for the process to be completed..There are companies here (I believe) that can do it in a shorter timeframe but there is a nice levy to be parted with for their trouble lol, so if you can wait, then all the better for you.. Cheers Ken
  8. HI, I've just completedmy City and Guilds 6217 in site Carpentry. I have been receiving mixed informationon which qualification is recognised in Oz C&G or NVQ?? as I have all the relevantpaperwork for my NVQ but it is an extra £1000 to register for it. Does anyone know for sure what the appropriate qualificationis? Does anyone know what the current work situation is at the moment? thanks a lot Laurence.
  9. Hi all, I'm after some help/information regarding my trade and qualification. I've recently completed my NVQ Level 3 in Auto Electrical and have 6 years experience in the trade, i believe my trade is assessed by the TRA and have been told i need to provide proof of 900 hours of formal :wacko: training (not sure if this means hands on practical or text book theory). My problem is that most of my NVQ portfolio is documented evidence of diagnosis and rectifying electrcial faults throughout all modern vehilce electrcial/electronic systems. I then had to complete 6 exams, so would this be classed as enough formal training? Thanks Paul
  10. Guest

    VET vs NVQ

    NVQ courses in Australia, Sydney? I am a Srilankan student. Currently I am studying National vocational qualification (NVQ) level 4 in computer hardware (IT). Can I continue my studies in Australia? I want to do level 5,6,7 or equivalent qualification. And what kind of qualifications I need? Can i do a bachelor degree ? and can i join a degree from middle of degree ? OR NVQ (UK) to VET (Australia)? i am have NVQ level 4 in computer hardware (IT) with 6 months work experience, currently in srilanka and i have chance to go Australia. I want to do NVQ level 5,6,7 in Australia or VET. can i do Vocational graduate certificate/diploma ??? or a degree ?? please help.
  11. Hello, Me and my family are looking for a better life for us and our kids. I am a qualified NVQ road rail machine trainer operator. Would anyone know where we should start first?
  12. Boesman

    Are NVQ's recognised in Oz?

    Hi, we already have our visas and will be moving in JAnuary to South Australia. I was just wondering if a NVQ2 qualification is acceptable in Oz? I am a carer and was looking to do the Australian certificate 111, but would like to have a formal qualification before we arrive, but if a NVQ is worthless, than I should just wait till there?:embarrassed: Any info or ideas? Cheers
  13. Guest


    Hi, my name's Kelly, I have been searching the forums for 8 months, We have just got a case officer, meds booked, police checks sent. I would like to ask a question, I have two NVQ Level 3's, one in Health Care & one from a NHS Hospital which is Clinical based. I am currently a Senior Health Care Assistant working in the Main Outpatients with 20 years experience in care. I was wondering what sort of position I would be able to hold in Aus. I've heard that my qualification is equivalent to a certificate 4. Any advice in what my qualifications would represent or where I could work ie: hospitals, community, agenies etc. would be very helpful.I am hoping to settle in Adelaide.:nah: Many thanks Kelly G
  14. Guest

    NVQ 3 Advice

    Hi All This is my very first post here so thanks in advance for any info. My wife has a Business and administrtion NVQ level 3.Is this enough to appey for a skills visa.On some sites I have looked at it, is the same as a AQF Diploma and on some it is not. some sites say she would need an NVQ level 4 at least.Any help appreciated. Thanks P
  15. Hi, new to PIO. I am single 44 Health Care Assistant. Currently working in a Doctors surgery. Have I any chance of being job sponsered for WA. Any advice gratefully received.
  16. Guest

    NVQ Assessor

    Hi, I'm a qualifed NVQ Assessor with the A1 award (equivilant to a Level 3 NVQ)... would anyone know please what skill occupation this would fit in to... As i dont think its enough to for the Vocational Teacher occupation , but was looking at a Trades person and related workers...??? An nvq assessor is classed a professional occupatation in the UK but not sure what it will come under in Australia.... any thoughts..?? thanks in advance for any help
  17. Hoping that some of you experts will be able to help us. I am then main sponser for our visa as I am a registered RMN. My OH works as a non registered nurse in UK and holds an NVQ level III in health care. Any ideas if that is worth anything in Oz or who could look/assess the qualification? Also would any know whether it could count towards an enrolled nurse qualification in Oz? Thanks in advance and anticipation!!!!
  18. Guest

    NVQ's in Oz

    Hi all, I have been searching the forums but cannot find anything concrete, I would like to ask a question regarding my wifes NVQ3's in health care. She is currently a senior health care assistant working in main outpatients within the NHS but has 20 years experience in all types of care. I was wondering what sort of position she would be able to hold in Oz, I've heard that her qualifications are equivilant to a certificate 4?:eek: Any advice in where she could work ie: hospitals, community, agenies etc. would be very helpful. We have a case officer, meds completed 26th March 11, police checks sent. Many thanks Nick G Good luck to all of you fingers crossed waiting for the dreaded screen details to change! most of my nails are chewed away!
  19. i am an nvq qualified joiner and am emigrating with my wife who is a mental health nurse. we will hopefully be getting state sponsored from queensland government so i was just going to find work when i got there. i wasnt going to do the skills test as i want to put the money towards other things, is this going to affect me getting work in oz? cheers!
  20. Hi all I have been in OZ for nearly 2 years, i have decided to stay and im trying to get back into carpentry again. I completed a Carpentry apprenticeship in the UK and have a NVQ II qualification in site carpentry and 5 years experience. I have been trying for some time now to get my qualifications australian recognized but getting nowhere, the info i get basically says i need to complete another apprenticeship to gain the equivalent:no:, there has to be an easier way surly. Any Help would very much appreciated. Thank you
  21. Hi:biggrin: We as a family are considering moving to Perth.:laugh: I'm NVQ 3 + 4 qualified here in the UK in childcare + education and can run a Nursery school. Will this qualification recognised in OZ? Or would I need to retrain? Thanks for your help. :notworthy:
  22. Hi, there was a discussion recently on here about a company who we can contact to get english qualifications assessed to the equivalent of australian qualifications. Can anyone send me the link please? I just cannot find it anywhere. I have searched but nothing appears. I would like to get my NVQ4 assessed - but not sure who to approach. Thanks.
  23. i all im a newbie,im looking for any help in sponsorship for work in australia,Hi I'm currently from the united kingdom seeking work in Australia,I've been driving excavators and face shovels up to 100ton,also dump trucks triple 7s,loading shovels eg cat 992,for 15years working on big projects eg terminal 5 heathrow airport to coal and metal mines with various firms one was an Australian firm called brambles ive a cpcs ticket with NVQ in plant and I'm currently employed by harsco metals in the steel works,im also a qualified bricklayer serving a full time apprenticship would any one have any firms that would be interested...happy new year all...:confused:
  24. Hi people my name is sonny and i am 20 this is my first post as i am new to this, since i was about 17 i have been wanting to move to australia i went for 3 months in 2008 and since then have had my heart set on it. I am qualified in plumbing with city and guilds level 2 and 3 and also nvq 2 and 3... I have tried to research on job opportunities, average wage, licenses but its all a bit confusing so if anyone who has taken this route or knows exactly what is what please inform me. I want to move to the gold coast area aswell. Thankyou in advance peeps x
  25. I have a NVQ level 4 for site manager in the UK. What does this mean in OZ? How can I change it so it is relevant to a qualification in OZ? I have 14 year experience in Civils & Construction. Can some one please help? Thanks