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Found 32 results

  1. Kavi09

    Early Years Teacher

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows anything about being a early years nursery teacher in Adelaide or Perth ?
  2. Hi, myself and my family are hoping to move to oz next year, i was just wondering if there was much call for Nursery nurses over there!? Also will my NVQ level 3 qualification be recognised over there? Any advice would be grateful! Anna
  3. Hey there, looking for some advice about moving to Australia next year! My whole family are looking to move for 5 years as my dad may be getting a new job out there! I am 21 and I’m a qualified nursery nurse, my qualification is called ‘IOA level 3 Diploma in early years and childcare’ I’m just looking to see if any body knows how I would go about getting my qualification recognised! I know where we would be moving to would be Sydney! Has anyone been in my position before or is a nursery nurse expat living in aus? Thanks, Christie
  4. Stacy Cooper

    nursery fees in perth

    How much is it for nursery for a 2.5 year old in western Australia. Hillarys area? Does the government help towards child care costs or do you have to be there for a period of time before you can get any benefits like that, we are moving on a permanent visa. Thanks
  5. DrChris

    Living in Mona Vale

    Hi All, This is my first post. I moved to the central coast about 3 months ago but I am moving down to Mona Vale in 2 weeks. Does anyone know any good nurseries for a 3 year old? Also I would like to meet up with fellow poms in the area. Regards, Chris
  6. zidden

    Nursery Nurse

    Looking to find out if the NNEB qualification that was available in the UK until mid 90's coupled with 15+ years experience qualifies for the assessment in Early Childhood Teacher (Kindergarten Teacher). There was no known Degree certificate at this time in the UK for teaching in the ages from 0-8 as Primary Teachers were qualified to teach from 4-12. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi. We are moving to Sydney at the end of Jan on a 457. We have two daughters, aged just over 2.5yrs and 10 months. If we were staying in the UK, our eldest would have been due to start nursery school in September, to do 12.5 hours per week. I already send them for two 2.5 hour sessions because they have the opportunity there to do things that I have neither the space, equipment or nerve for at home! Plus, whilst they are at nursery, I have to opportunity to do the boring stuff like housework and shopping. I have googled but I can't find out what the norm is for childcare and schooling in NSW. I know that the school year runs from Jan-Dec, and I know that on a 457 we will have to pay for it ourselves (although intending to apply for PR if we like it), but I can't find info about when they start pre-school or anything like that. I seem to remember seeing a long time ago that she won't be able to start until the January after she is three (she is three in April so would be only four months off being four when she starts) but I can't find where I saw it or find out if she can start earlier at all. If anyone has any info, I would be very grateful!
  8. Guest

    Nursery Nurse

    Hello im a qualified nursery nurse with a NNEB im moving to Perth in July 2009 and wanting to look for work, i understand i might have to do an Austrailian Training course, has anyone any knowledge or advise on this, or know the type of wages i could expect? Thanks, Carla x:wink:
  9. mtb1979

    Day care/nursery's in Melbourne

    Hi I'm new to Poms in Oz and would like to seek out advise from people who have actually relocated to Melbourne and gone through or going through something similar. We will be arriving in Melbourne early January, still unsure of the exact area we will live however we have a family member based in the Mont Albert area. Does anyone have an idea about child care costs for daycares/nursery's, we will have a 17 month old with us and are really unsure what to do. Are the waiting lists times the same as over here in the UK? And does anyone know what the rough costs per day are. Thank you in advance Hayden
  10. I was just wondering what the general consensus is on this from UK expats... I am getting stressed out by the whole issue! My child is still very young, but the more I look into education in general, the more worried I get! My son is going to a day nursery here in the UK and although the price is extortionate, I do love the Ofsted-guidelines and the amount of teaching he receives at a relatively young age. Comparably, in Australia, they don't seem to have a similar framework so would he just be sitting in front of a few secondhand toys all day? What about state primary schools in Australia - are they any good, compared to the UK? I'm from Melbourne but we went to private schools so I don't know anything about state schools, beyond the snobby attitude towards them (the local state high school near us literally was full of kids who had been expelled from other schools in the region) although we were aware of the couple that were excellent (e.g. MacRobertson). My OH and myself don't earn much and getting to Oz will be all of meagre savings and if it all goes wrong, we would really struggle to return back to the UK so I am stressing majorly over the whole thing. I really just want the best for my kids - any feedback much appreciated!!!
  11. Guest

    Nursery Fee's in Melbourne

    Hello, Please can anybody give me an idea of how much nursery fee's are in Melbourne (eastern suburbs). I'm thinking of getting a part time job for 3 days per week. I saw another post on this forum saying center link helps with the cost but I know it's hard to know the exact amount we would be earning so I don't know if we would qualify. Thanks Hayley
  12. I am due to move to Australia this October and will be living with my fiancé and his family in there house which is in Winston Hills, NSW, I have a 12months working holiday visa, How easy is it the get a job as a fully time nanny/Nursery Nurse? I am a NVQ level 3 Qualified and have all the relevant experience and certificates. I am hard working and would be willing to start straight away, does anyone have any advice for me getting a job quickly or have one ready for when I enter the country. any advice would help Thanks.::biggrin:
  13. 2and3

    Nursery nurse??

    Qualified Nursery Nurses - Work in Australia 457 Sponsorships Available !!! Job in London, London Not sure how I stumbled upon this??
  14. Guest

    nursery nurse jobs

    hi there i'm a qualified nursery nurse with many other qualifications with it. what are my chances of getting a job in oz that i love and enjoy doing? any advice would be great thanks
  15. Please see my thread in Job Vacancies - "Midwives wanted in NSW" Also looking for nurses with Special Care Nursery/NICU experience wanting to make the move to Australia... PM me for more information
  16. Guest

    Schools & Nursery

    Hello All, Hopefully 2011 will be the year the family and I make the move to Perth. We have our 176 visa appliaction submitted (cat 2 priority) and are now feeling very positive. Although many things are running through our minds. Having 3 children, (ages 5, 2 and 1) I was hoping someone out there could provide us with some information on schools and nurseries. 1. What are school start and finish times in Perth? 2. Do schools offer morning and after school clubs (for early drop-off and late pick-ups)? 3. Are there plenty of nurseries readily available and do they also have early opening and late finishing times? 4. How are people finding employers in Oz - are they flexible with employees with children? Thinks that's it for now. Hope someone can help. Thanks Carl
  17. Hey all, This is my first post so forgive me if this has been covered before. My girlfriend and I have talked about moving to Australia for a number of years however never done anything about it. We now would like to look into the possibilty of relocating to Melbourne, obviously our first concern is finding work and whether either of our jobs would qualify us for a VISA. My girlfriend is a fully qualified Child care supervisor to HND level with a management qualification, she has over ten years experience in child care with 5 years experience at supervisor/assistant manager level in a very prestigeous pre school. I run my own vehicle detailing business and would like to continue this however may not be possible-i must stress this is not your cheap £5 car wash but a very high end professional detailing service mainly dealing with the likes of ferrari, porsche, aston martin etc etc. So really we are looking for advice on these two careers ie availabilty, salaries, etc etc Any inforamtion would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Gav and Katie(both 29 years old) Aberdeen,Scotland
  18. Hi all this is the first time we have used this forum after finding many useful tips about the immigration procedure to Oz. I am looking for a little bit of advice on the best way to apply for jobs before we get out there!! Both my wife and I are at the latter stages of the visa process with only an IELTS test and our medical exams to submit. I am a Quantity Surveyor and my wife is a Nursery Nurse. We are looking at moving to Melbourne (hopefully St Kilda area) early to mid part of 2011. Can anybody help in any way or suggest companies to apply to; timescales to start applying for positions; areas to start of in; wage rates. My wife is a Senior Nursery Nurse running her own creche and I have a broad knowledge of QS'ing working within nearly all sectors. We would really appreciate any sort of advice as we have both been out there in the past but not for business!!! Thanks in advance. Kevin and Emma
  19. Hi We have recently moved to Secret Harbour (4 weeks ago) and are loving it!!! My 7 year old is enroled in school but I am looking for a nursery for my 3 year old around the local area. We are going to look at one tomorrow in Rockingham which has come recommended but seems a bit far to travel! Not heard great things about the ABC Nursery in Secret Harbour??? Any advise would be great!! Cheers Emma:smile:
  20. Hi there im in a little pickle, we'v had r visa granted an now its all real its all about the stuff that needed doin but has sat on a shelf waiting for the go ahead:eek:. My OH was the main applicant therefore i have not done a skills assessment. Here is my problem i need to have my qualification in childcare transferred i have a CCE - (Certificate in childcare and education) and DCE - (diploma in childcare and education) i have searched the web and found little help (maybe im not using the right words in my search) and iv found 1 western Australian gov website regarding changing my qualification but my problem is that it is not on the list and transfers it to grades A* B* ect and im very unsure how that transfers in oz with regards to jobs and further training :chatterbox:. If someone has gone thru this or knows anything about it cud u pls help. Also it says that they need things from my course but i completed my course in 2003 and dont have anything to do with my course (bar certificates) left, they all got binned thou the yrs :arghh:!!! im soooooooooooooooo confused.com.
  21. Hi, I'll be moving to Brisbane in May next year by which time my daughter will be 2 1/2 years old. She has been in part time nursery here in the UK since April and as I intend to get a hob over in Oz I will be looking to place her in over there. Can anyone provide any information about how it works, rough costs etc?? Also, are there any official reports like (OFSTED) that can be accessed on nurseries etc? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks Nat
  22. Guest

    Nursery & Primary Schools

    Hi all, My husband and I are new to the forums. We are thinking of moving to Perth, WA and were wondering if anyone could tell us where we can get information on Nursery and Primary Schools. At the moment we are just wondering what ages they start school. We have a 2 year son, 3 year old and 8 year old daughters. Any information would be a real help. A. x
  23. Guest

    Recommendations for Canberra nursery?

    Any recommendations for a good Canberra nursery for Jan? Do they all have waiting lists? Do they have Ofsted type inspection reports? Any help appeciated as there seem to be a lot listed on the net and difficult to differentiate. Don't know where we will be living yet. Thanks
  24. Guest

    kids nursery fee's????

    hi all,does anybody know what sort of prices that nursery's charge around the perth area? our daughter is 1yr old at the moment but will proberly be about 2yr old (hopefully) by the time were there,any info would be greatfully recieved,thanks-phil,laraine and jessie rose.:biggrin: