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Found 153 results

  1. https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2021L00511 4 Maximum number of visas—Contributory Parent visas (1) A maximum of 3,600 Contributory Parent visas may be granted in the financial year from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021. (2) Of the maximum number of Contributory Parent visas determined in subsection (1), a maximum of 125 visas may be granted to applicants for the Contributory Parent (Migrant) (Class CA) visa who are seeking to satisfy either: (a) the primary criteria set out in clause 143.214 of Schedule 2 to the Regulations; or (b) the secondary criteria set out in clause 143.313 of Schedule 2 to the Regulations. 5 Maximum number of visas—Parent visas A maximum of 900 Parent visas may be granted in the financial year from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021. 6 Maximum number of visas—Other Family visas A maximum of 500 Other Family visas may be granted in the financial year from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021. Best regards.
  2. Skilled occupation ceilings for 2020/21 are announced ... https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/working-in-australia/skillselect/occupation-ceilings Best regards.
  3. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/about/corporate/information/fact-sheets/20planning Australia’s visa numbers for the program year to 30 June 2019 have been released today. The Department of Home Affairs has released details of the number of visas available under the non humanitarian program for the year to 30 June 2019. There are no changes compared with the 2017-18 program year. It should be remembered that the Australian Government has adopted a change of narrative in recent months, such that the number of visas in the budgeted program should be seen as a ceiling, not a target. In doing so the Government can be seen to be responsive to community concerns when the actual outcome in terms of visa grant numbers is less than was budgeted originally. Best regards.
  4. Hi All, My mum is currently in Oz on a bridging visa (Aged Parent). We were told by the ATO she was entitled to a TFN, however upon making an appointment, we were told to go to Immigration to get the VISA in her passport and get a bank statement and then return.....which we did - but they refused to give her a TFN because the VISA states she cannot work. She doesn't want to work, she just doesn't want to get Tax Withheld on any interest in her accounts at 47% !!! Has anyone been through this before? Cheers, Dave
  5. So, about 10 years ago, my wife spent some time in Oz on a working holiday visa. Having dug out her old (and slightly mildewy passport), I have the paper visa, but not sure which 11 digit number is the 'visa number'. I have a 7 digit number followed X1, then by her surname - is that it?
  6. johnnyjohn

    Student visa online application

    For online visa applications: "If you have a Australian visa grant number, please enter the visa grant number" -Is this for previous expired visas? Is this number indicated on the visa label? "If you have a current visa label in your current or previous passport, please enter the visa number" -Is this also for old expired visas?
  7. Malkitek

    shipping cat, need oz phone number?

    Sorry if this has been asked before! We have decided (finally!) to take our cat to Adelaide with us. Have started getting quotes, but quite a few have said we need an address and phone number in OZ to apply for permit? This is a bit difficult, seeing as we don't have one! I have short term rental booked which I believe has a phone and I can probably get the number, but if they phone before I get there then whoever answers will have no idea what they are talking about? I have a friend in Brisbane that I email about twice a year, and could probably get her phone number, but seems a bit cheeky? Does anyone have any ideas, and do you always need a phone number? It even says not mobile? Thanks Gill and Spooky x
  8. Ezy Going

    DIAC Contact number

    Does anyone know the contact number of DIAC. I guess this is the number 1300 364 613 from their website http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/telephone.htm but how to dial it from out of Australia? Thanks in advance!
  9. Australian dream fades for Brits - report "THE number of Britons emigrating to Australia each year has almost halved, according to new figures published by British media. Britain's Office for National Statistics has released data showing that residents of Blighty are leaving at their lowest rate for more than a decade."
  10. The UK has sold the most poppys ever in remembrance of our fallen soldiers :notworthy: I have never seen so many people wearing the poppy this year and it was a fantastic effort for former soldiers in their 80s and 90s today at the Cenotaph standing tall and proud:notworthy:
  11. Do you have to provide the passport numbers of family members who are not migrating with you? When I filled out the online application, the system returned some kind of message screen where my brothers and sisters names came up with the field, "Passport Number". The thing is that my brothers and sisters have their own lives with their own families, so I'm not sure how this information is required, or even where to put it in. Also, the system is now automatically requesting form 80, which is not a problem, but I thought that one is supposed to fill that out when a case officer asks you for it. Does anyone have this experience? Or could it be that the system has been revamped?
  12. Guest

    Visa Number on forms

    Hi, First post, I am helping mu Mum complete form 47PA, on point 11 the form asks if you have ever been to Australia and the visa number. the number format on the form is V ___ < ________ , This is differnt than the old 1999 visa inb her passport and also the e-visa issues last year. How should she complete this, Many thanks,
  13. beca686

    Nomination number HELP!!

    Hi all, hope someone can help, an agency in Sydney told me they would like to sponsor me back at the beginning of September. They told me they were waiting to be approved, this would take around 3 weeks and they would send me my nomination number then so I can apply for 457 visa. Its now been over two months and every time I email them to ask if they have the number yet they just say 'no news yet we will contact you as soon as we hear'. Does anyone know how long it takes them to get a nomination number and should I be worried? I have a deadline to arrive in Australia by September next year or my nursing registration runs out. I feel Im pestering them by emailing to ask all the time, does anyone have any advice? Thanks everyone becca
  14. HI , I am asking for anyones experiences with waiting for 457 visa, i have a sponsor and a job offer and i'm waiting for the Nomination / sponsorship number so i can press ahead and apply for my visa online. the problem is ive been waiting for the number for over 13 weeks and wondered if the was the case for other people applying for 457 visa in the NSW region?? I'm a registered nurse so the company must already have sponsored people before and be already registered as a sponsor? i just dont get what the delay is? thanks' mark:confused:
  15. Guest

    TFN (tax file number)

    Hi I am travelling to Australia on my partner visa (subclass 309) in 4 weeks and i was wondering, i have a TFN from when i travelled to Australia on a working visa back in 2008, is this still valid or will i have to re-apply for a new one? Any help would be great :biggrin:
  16. Guest

    Tax File Number

    Hi We are led to believe that you carnt apply for your TFN until you are in Australia [Perth] and this can take up to 28 days to receive your Number to enable you to be paid from your employer. Does anyone know if there is anything stopping us Working prior to receiving Our TFN numbers. And then receiving our salarys?
  17. Guest

    Quickest way to get tax number?

    Hi guys, We have a PR visa and understood that we apply online for a tax number when we get to Australia. However someone suggested today that the best way to get one was to queue up in the local tax office and you will get a number there and then - this advice was based on a holiday visa experience 10 years ago however (!) so a lot could have changed since then. Has anyone applied recently and could you let us know your experience? Thanks very much, Kate.
  18. Hi all!! Can anyone tell me whether after applying for an e457 you get a different TRN issued to you? Sounds like a daft question but I've just realised that the TRN I have to check the progress of my lodged visa is different to the one given to me by my employer Had a sudden panic that I'd somehow entered the wrong TRN at the start of the process (although I'm assuming it wouldn't have let me proceed with the application if it was wrong) :eek: Cheers, Eddy
  19. Hi, I am going to Australia with a working holiday visa. Can anyone tell me what ID / references I may need to get a Tax File Number? Is just a passport ok or do I need employer references etc? Thank you
  20. Six it

    ATO number has arrived

    just a bit of info.. for anyone who is wondering how long it takes to get your ATO number I am in Perth.. dont know if that makes any difference.. but it has taken a week to get my ATO number.. so not long at all.. an no where near the 1 month i was quoted when i applied
  21. twinkletoes35

    DIAC Phone number

    hello all being a bit silly here but could someone give me the full diac phone numer everytime i dial 131881 i get a message saying all lines are busy so must be doing something wrong? i am currently dialing it 0061 131881 thanks tt x
  22. Hi, does anyone have the telephone number for Diac Parramatta office that you can call from the UK? I can only find a number that you can call from within Oz
  23. Hi, I fly out to Australia a week Saturday. I have just looked online to apply for a TFN, but is says you must be in Australia to do so. How do people get around this? Do you just wait until you're in the country, apply on-line and hope it's a very quick process? Obviously you can't get paid without TFN. I'll be staying in short term accommodation for 2-3 weeks, then hope to secure 6 month rental somewhere else. Do people open a PO Box or register using the short term rental address? Seems a pain to have to change the address after only a few weeks! Thanks, Mike.
  24. Houciaus2010

    Visa and new passport number

    Hi all After having my permanent visa I renewed my passport, send a scanned copy and form 929 to DIAC to update my visa details. After few days I got an e-mail from my agent saying that they have updated my new passport details, but in the online visa status it’s still showing the old passport number. How can I check that DIAC have updated my new passport number? Any help would be much appreciated! :hug:
  25. I am trying to cal DIAC for enquire about my visa status . but the no i have dialled is showing invalid no. I am calling from outside australia and used +611300364613. Can anyone help me in this regard. Thanks in advance Tony