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Found 14 results

  1. Guest

    questions here pls help,,

    i have my certificate of employment then it states there that it is certified true and correct do i need to notarize this to the public notary although it already states there that it is certified? coz i nid to pass this to ACS..
  2. Hi guys I've sent off my AHPRA application for registration with all of my documents certified by a local solicitor here in Camberwell (London). I was under the impression that a solicitor was allowed to certify these documents. But I've recently seen, on another thread here, that some people have been asked to re submit some documents and get them certified by a notary public instead. Is this accurate? What are people's experiences? Are solicitors ok? Or should I commence panic Cheers
  3. Hi all, I am new to this forum, I have just started preparing documents to apply for ACS. I have notiarized my academic, and work experience letters in last year i.e in June 2011. will I be able to use those notarized copies now. or should I need to take new photo copies of my original documents and notarize them to be latest. please suggest ... let me know if any of you have already sent documents which are certified in an year before and got ACS -positive assessment. Thanks, Chinnababu kancheti
  4. Guest

    Help!! Notary public again

    :arghh:Hi. Its me again!! I have just been told by a notary public that as my Birth and Marriage Certificates are Crown Copyright they cannot be photocopied, and therefore need to apply online via the GRO for further certified copies. Also said that my Degree Certificate would need to be verified by her as genuine. So I would need to give her written permission to contact the University records department to verify the document. Is this correct??? It sounds like a lot of hassle to me. I am applying for APHRA registration and going on a 457 visa. Please help!!!! Sian
  5. Guest

    Notary public

    I am a qualified midwife and hoping to migrate to australia soon!!! I am at the beginning of skills assesment and wondered if wnyone can tell me if a solicitor can certify my documents for the nursing and midwifery board of australia or if it has to be a notary?? Any info would be really apreciated. Thanks Sian
  6. Hi I am just about to make an appointment with a Notary to get my documents certified so I can submit my AHPRA but seem to have an awful lot of documents and not sure if this is correct.... 1 Passport 1 Marriage Certificate 1 DipHE Midwifery Certificate 1 DipHE Transcript 1 BSc Midwifery Certificate 1 BSc Transcript 1 Post Grad Certificate 1 Post Grad Cert Transcript I have no school letter to confirm I was taught in English so instead of this I have: 3 School GCSE School Certificates 1 Statutory Declaration to be witnessed stating I was taught and completed my secondary education in English. 12 Documents altogther!! I also seem to have completely missed this skills assessment that I have read about on some posts....what is this? Do I need to do it first? AHHHHH why is it all so difficult! lol:arghh::arghh::laugh:
  7. Cinders5055

    Notary Fees

    I have 8 documents that need certifying for APHRA. I have been e-mailing and ringing round all afternoon for quotes and the cheapest I have found in London is Grovensor Gardens SW1 and they have quoted me £100 if I bring my own copies with me. Does anyone know of anywhere cheaper? Or do you think this is a good deal? The next cheapest I have been quoted is £175 and the most expensive is £370! :arghh: Lisa
  8. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a Public Notary in Dublin that doesn't cost a fortune? I contacted one today and he was quoting €50 per document up to €100 and then €20 each after that, it just seems a bit much!! So far i have on my list to get done is birth cert, passport, college degree, college transcript, Ielts exam results. am i missing anything else? pay slips?? Also do i need to get work references done too even if i can get multiple originals of them to send? This is all to apply to ACS to get my skills assessed and then apply for visa. Thanks in advance for any info given :wubclub:
  9. Hey everybody We're about to get my husbands skills assessed as a Construction Project Manager. Can anyone help point us in the right direction of a reasonably priced public notary who might be able to sign all our docs? Also does anyone have any timescales on the skills assessment. I think I read approx 8 weeks on their website - is this accurate? Thanks!:cute:
  10. Hi PIO, My OH has to do a Statutory Declaration regarding his employment, but just checking if it needs to be witnessed by a solicitor or a notary? And what the difference is? (That seems like a reallly thick question, but we need to get it done by the right person) :laugh: Thanks! Cx
  11. Guest

    what is a notary public?

    Apparently I need to get one of these to sign a copy of our passports bio data page. Regards Glynn:spinny:
  12. Just been to visit my friendly solicitor and notary who certifies my documents, to find out he's on holiday for a few weeks, and that he's the only notary in the area. Is is ok for the docs to be certified by a Solicitor or does it have to be a Notary? Anyone had them done by a solicitor and they be fine? If I wait for my solicitor to return from hols, I will miss the date when the fees go up:sad: Thanks Julie
  13. I got all signed references from my former employers with their signs in each page, what I will send to ACS. Please help me in one question: do I need to make photocopies of them now and go to notary as well with these copies? Do the references need even to go to notary? I know that any of my former employers won't go to notary because of my copies, I just can't bother them with my life so much ( It was quite painful to put them write so detailed references. Are really these notary copies needed or I can send originals, with their (employers) genuine signs? How you people have done these things?
  14. Guest

    Notary help!!

    Hi, I would be applying for 457 visa. I understand that I need to get the documents notarized to attach with the application. Wonder if there is a list of documents somewhere so that I can get them all done in one setting as I undestand they chatge per visit. I have been quoted £100 +, is there any cheaper way to get them notarized. Thanks