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Found 38 results

  1. Fyrish

    Is this amount of info normal?

    We started our visa process in Sep 2009 with an agent, 176 WA. There have been a lot of hurdles along the way, hubby working abroad, no apprenticeship papers as company folded but has never been a problem workwise, TRA being declined 1st time, no references from previous employers, new baby etc. I am wondering if we are having to submit the same amount of info as everyone else... just curious.. We couldn't get a police check done for the country he worked in so submitted a character declaration. Agent thought we would then get a decision. CO wanted another one done as DIAC had changed the reference. Agent then thought this would be the last piece of info needed......We have now been asked to submit Form 80 - detailing all work since leaving school (there have been a lot) and all travel in last 10 years. Is this the same for everyone?
  2. JoandJon

    Is it normal?

    Ok, so I've known for years that I'm not 'normal' and am very very happy about it. But is it normal to be up at 0430 on the morning of your movers arriving to finish sorting stuff, and hope they DO take 2 days, because there's no way in hell you'll be finished going through the bedroom by then? And remembering that you've not finished cleaning the tent yet and starting to panic about shoes.... BTW - the kitchen is organised - just cleaning the fridge
  3. Cal2

    457 medical - is it normal

    Hi, as most of you know I had a kidney transplant years ago, and am doing very well, the OH has a sponsored job offer and I've been asked to have a chest x ray and medical, is this normal, I'm guessing it's to be expected. I'm off to see Dr Smith in Manchester on Friday, seem to be nice things written about him on here, seems he's experienced. Anything I should take, they're saying 10 years of medical letters, Manchester centre says no thanks, just a letter with diagnosis, prognosis treatment and history, anyhow the surgery was over 10 years ago, any advice or moral boost very welcome thanks Calx
  4. Guest

    Is this normal with a CO

    hi guys Our CO has told us not to contact her until december 3rd as she stated "just to check to see if she hasn't forgot about us". We informed her of our travel plans being to go on the 13th december and that a relitive booked our flights as a gift for us. Is this normal or is she just being difficult? we have submitted everything weve been asked for but have not been told as others have that all documents are now together. In fact when i did phone her she asked me if we had sent in some photos and or celebratant deglaration both of which we had in our original submission but had to resnd as she coundn't find them. please help has anyone else had these problems? what if nything can we do? were applying for a prospective marriage visa subclass 300 submitted 3rd July 2011
  5. Haha sorry about the title, but what I mean is people who earn an average wage..... It seems that people here recommend certain places to live in Sydney and call the prices reasonable. However when I look at property prices in the 'reasonable' areas mentioned, it seems to be $700k upwards. That is way out of reach for anyone or couple on an average wage... (which reports online seem to suggest is about $64k ish). I get the idea that anything about $400k is impossible for an average wage earner..... Am I correct in thinking this ? Stereo.
  6. Guest

    what is normal?

    :chatterbox:...........just by reading the threads just recently.......................has made me ask ............what is normal...:huh: "We've narrowed healthy behavior so dramatically that our quirks and eccentricities—the normal emotional range of adolescence and adulthood—have become problems we fear and expect drugs to fix." :wideeyed:There is no automatic link between a label and a sense of abnormality.............The awareness that we all bear flaws is humbling.:wideeyed: But it could lead us to a new sense of inclusiveness and tolerance, recognition that imperfection is the condition of every life.........:smile:...........what is normal to one person could be totally alien to another communication where this happens in a relationship is the key.............whether its where you live or how you live............ :smile: ................Normal people are obsessed with social conformity..............but a diagnosis can sometimes restore a sense of wholeness by naming, and confining, an ailment. :yes:That mood disorders are common and largely treatable makes them more acceptable; to suffer them is painful but not strange.......it takes different enviroments to help us feel secure and content...........so maybe just the acceptence of yes we are all very different :wideeyed: is all it takes to help the world go round..............
  7. Guest

    is this normal?

    Howdie, I recently sent of for police checks and got an email as below: Dear.. Thank you for your recent application for a Police Certificate which was received in this office on .... It will now be dealt with in accordance with the published guidelines. In the meantime, should you have any queries regarding the application, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details below. Kind Regards, ACPO Criminal Records Office ACRO My question is is it normal for me to have received this and my wife who also gave her email address did not get an email ?
  8. Hi all, i applied for an onshore partner visa in novemeber and now its been about 4 months and i still haven't heard a word from immigration! ive called up a few times but they said that they cannot disclose wheather ive been assigned a CO over the phone. i was just wondering if anyone else sent their's off around that time and have been assigned a CO yet. all that money for nothing sorry i posted this before but i accidently wrote novemeber for some reason!
  9. Hi all, i applied for an onshore partner visa in novemeber and now its been about 4 months and i still haven't heard a word from immigration! ive called up a few times but they said that they cannot disclose wheather ive been assigned a CO over the phone. i was just wondering if anyone else sent their's off around that time and have been assigned a CO yet. all that money for nothing Sorry all- i meant septemeber- my mind is miles away it seems!
  10. Guest

    Is it normal?

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. I have submitted my 176 visa application in April 2010. I have been assigned a CO who got my medicals and PC on 17May2010 but as yet no signs of a visa been granted. I called a couple of times to see if they needed some more documents and they told me that they have everything they need. I even emailed my CO but with no luck so far...I also have an agent but she is not saying much herself so I am now asking anyone out there if you could help as it is slightly disconcerting...:confused: Thanks so much to anyone Carl
  11. We have found a self catering holiday home that has dates available when we need them for first few weeks in Oz. request has been made to pay deposit & bond via Paypal & remainder of balance to be paid 7 days before arriving. It's a lot of money & just wanted to know if this is standard pay in procedure for a private letting situation. Apologies if I sound unworldly (I probably am). thanks in advance! Mhags
  12. Guest

    Are These Feelings Normal

    Can anybody relate to this situation. Flights booked for Jan 2011 into Brisbane with temporary accommodation booked in Mooloolaba whilst i look for a permenant rental, Child offered a place at a school. All good ??. Leaving my place of employment (own small company/ joiner) no job in place in OZ, but will be financily ok for the first 12 months. Wife drops the bombshell,:- dont think we should go as we wont be able to survive, and being 45 shes worried i would be unemployable and why leave a place of being secure (UK) and under no pressure to relocate to the Sunshine Coast for a better quility of life, When if we have no employment then all we have is the sunshine. I have tried to reassure her i MUST be able to find work within the first 12 months, things surely cant be that bad in OZ., i will of course cut my losses if she refuses to go as she may have a valid point. Are these UP and DOWN Emotions common ? Help
  13. Just wondering because that's what's happening.
  14. Hello I haven't posted on here much but hoping I can get some sound advice from people who have been in the same boat. Background: We are a family of three with a son aged three and a half. We emigrated to oz in 2004 as permanent residents, had a baby out there, got citizenship and moved back to the uk in 2008. We've been back in the UK for two years now and in that time, I've really struggled with adapting to living back here and have yearned to move back to oz. Miss the lifestyle, weather, think it's a better place to bring up kids! It's taken my OH a while to come round to the idea and after christmas he told me he was ready to go back. Well, I was really happy about this as I had harped on about moving back for ages! I've been very busy researching our move back to oz and felt much happier than I have for ages... That is until last week. I don't know if it's just normal collywobbles about moving or I'm having second thoughts. Reason for this feeling? I took my son to see my family for a week. He had a ball playing with his cousins, hanging out with grandparents and aunties, uncles. He gets on really well with his cousins and it was lovely to watch him playing with them and having a great time. We only told him that we are moving back a few weeks ago and he was very very upset about the news, saying that he didn't want to leave and why did we have to go. He is still upset now although not as upset as before. Watching him with his cousins, I realized how much of being with our families he would miss out on and I would also miss out on seeing my nephews and nieces grow up. I know this is a factor you have to get used to when emigrating, but I had serious collywobbles last night as to whether we're doing the right thing to be taking our son away from our families. I just don't know what to do about this feeling. I don't know if it's just last minute nerves (we leave end of June!) or a realization of what my son and us could be missing out on if we move back. I keep trying to decide if I would regret not moving back to oz to live and the answer is no but when I ask myself if I would regret taking our son away from our family and friends, the answer is yes. It's the pull of a better lifestyle or family. The usual dilemma but at this late stage of nearly moving back, I wasn't prepared to feel like this! Any advice anyone can give / if anyone has been in a similar situation, I'd so love to hear from you as I'm running out of time to tell my OH if I do decide to stay in the UK! :eek: best wishes, laulau
  15. loubylou475

    Need reassurance it's all normal!!

    It's over 2 years since we began the migration process and now that OH has been offered a 457 visa, things are moving at an alarming rate! We're due to arrive in Perth at the end of June. We spent last weekend telling the parents and our families followed by friends and neighbours. Almost everyone was happy for us, just the odd 'why do u want to give up what you have here?'. All docs are scanned ready to send to agent tomorrow....... I've just looked out of the window at my 8-yr-old who's having a whale of a time on his bike with his friends.....and promptly sobbed all over my poor husband who now thinks I'm having doubts! Please tell me it's normal and that you too have had these 'moments' :cry:
  16. Hi all:biggrin: Im after i bit of advice, because im starting to worry there is something wrong with our application. We applied online for our 176 ss csl visa 29.12.09 ( i am a nurse). Had a case officer allocated 12.1.10. ( great i thought).They asked for info on work experience on that date. I uploaded it all within 1 week. It was officially noted as 'recieved' on our visa document checklist 28.1.10. Since then there has been nothing............ no enquiry or further info. They havent contacted me, employers, or recent empolyers as i have checked with them all. I am beginning to panick that they are looking for a reason to refuse us.......you know how paranoia sets in!!! Hubby reckons a need a chill pill or more wine! We have since sent police checks- which has also been aknowleged on checklist and changed to 'met'. Eveything is 'met' except work experience which says 'recieved' 28.1.10 ( and medicals which havent been requested yet). Does it normally take them this long to look at the work experince?? I thought mine was quite straight forward. I see others on here have applied after us as nurses and been granted by now. Yet we're still waiting...........and waiting..........and checkin emails and web sites.........continually...........like an obsessed neurotic!! It is team 3 that s processing our visa. I am worrying unnecessarily? or just being impatient??:arghh: Thank Donna
  17. For about 3 yrs now we have been considering a move overseas, mainly just for a bit of adventure, see what it's like, and to see if we can have anymore luck with life than we have currently. We did look at the US first but the red tape and the retrogression was just too much to bear so have been researching Oz for a year or so now. We have never been before but like i said we are not looking at this as a permanenet thing it is just an adventure and we have said we will do it for a couple of years, if we love it we stay if we hate it we come home we haven't done anything formal yet but i have a couple of interviews for nursing jobs next month so the ball is about to start rolling, but i do sometimes have doubts as to wether we are doing the right thing or not and wondered wether this is normal or a sign we shouldn't be bothering Basically life is okay here in the Uk for us at the moment but not great. we don't own a home, we live pretty much hand to mouth each month. I can't get a nursing job, hubby works for pcworld (so no future in his career then) and we have very very little in the way of family and what we do have we see rarely and they don't play a big part in our lives. The good parts are that we live in a nice town in Scotland and the kids go to a good school and like it there and are doing well but they are only 5 and 7 so still little. I know if we go to Oz that we will probably still struggle, we still won't own a home initially, but i can get a good job as a nurse and you never know hubby might get a job too. I'm sort of torn between struggling through here in the UK and hoping one day we might get some luck and hubby might get a decent job, or i might find a job, and that we can eventually buy a house.( and I'll buy myself a horse in a couple of years and we'll go on holiday to florida, or whilst we have no ties, no debt, and the kids are little we should just try oz even if for just a couple of years I'm thinking that i don't want to be stuck here in the UK in 20 years and thinking what if
  18. Morning all After the initial excitement of getting our CO on 13/08/09 it all seems to have gone very quiet and I wondered if anybody could advise if this is normal? Diac confirmed the CO had been assigned on 13/08/09 and said if we had not heard anything from them by 13/09/09 to chase it up. We sent the meds off and they are showing as recived and finalised on 31/08/09 ( except my sons which has been referred). A few docs are showing as recieved and we know they viewed my hubbys business website on 31/08/09 also. I would be hopeful that it means they are just waiting for my sons medical to finalise but being honest I have been anticipating them requesting more info on my non-dependant daughter and my dependant sons absent father who cant be traced. I did stst decs and sent as much evidence as I could for both but really thought they would question us more! Any thoughts would be really appreciated ... the weekends are so long when you know nothing will happen ! Jen :hug:
  19. We have been here now for just over 8 months and I am feeling very homesick and unsettled. Everything is just so different and I feel like I will never belong here. I've stopped making any efforts to gain a social life here. I love the weather but that's about it. My OH thinks its far too early to go back and we only bought a house 3 months ago. We are worse off financially than we were in the UK and have spent so much on coming here that our standard of living back home would also be worse than it was. I can only get casual work which does not help. We had estate agents round during the week to value the house and they think we can get back what we paid but do not think that will be the case in six months time due to recession. As the pound is still very low compared to the AUD we should get a good rate at the moment if we move our equity back. My children like it OK but I don't think the schools here are as good as the ones they came from back in Scotland. So I'm starting to think its time to cut our losses and go back home. My OH says he will go back if that's what I want but would rather give it longer. I just miss the familiarity of home and don't see that changing. Am I being selfish? My parents think I'm mad but they don't live here and were only here for a few weeks holiday. They think that its just a homesick phase I will get over. Sorry for droaning on.........
  20. Guest

    Is this Normal....??

    I applied Diac dated 8 sept. 08. On 18 APril CO requested PCC, Form 80 and medicals. CO gave 28 days.. i gave my documents to my agent and he submitted dated 5 may. i did my meds dated 21 april...and they were finalized 25 may. On 01/07/09 when i was waiting for Visa and very much depressed , i got a msg on my online status ...it showd personal character assesment particulars Outstanding....on the same page a form was hyperlinked and was requested to completes It had 99% same details that were asked in form 80. Expect some new infor was included i.e. abut current employer other than mentioned employer...since it is same as past so i filled it accordingly. Now, almost 2 weeks have been past out there is no change on my online status....my agent also hasnt received any email from CO even no email for The form about which i already mentioned.... My online status never changes, all docs have requested/ received msg even meds show received NOt finalized msg , although i have confirmed from HOC about this. I am worried, why form was requested to me..is this normal?/ any applicant got such thing on online status??? And above all, this delay is killing me....its getting into nerves....... should i call to diac as i cant send PLE , becaz having the agent.... Me agent isnt as much supporting so dont want to ask him... Please comment???what u guys say about my case...
  21. Hey there, Just wanted a bit of advice. I moved over here 6 months ago to be with my aussie partner and we are getting married later on this year. I've got a job and enjoy my life here and i'm looking forward to getting married, but i'm still feeling unsettled. The main reason is - I miss my dad and I feel so guilty for leaving him. He's always lived his life for us kids and I feel that i'm a terrible daughter. I know he would love it here and wish he could come live out here too, but I have brothers and sisters at home so he can't. I just feel like i've let my family down living a great life here, while they are struggling at home. Is this normal? Has anyone else been through this? I'm also finding that I feel lonely here, I do have friends most of whom I have met through my partner and they are great, but it's not the same. I'm probably not making enough effort, but i'm just struggling. Apart from all this I love Australia and am glad I made the move I just can't shift this feeling. Sorry for a big moan, but I guess I just want to know if this is normal. Thanks
  22. I'm currently having an "oh my god am I doing the right thing" kind of day! It started off yesterday when my eldest was ill and of course it is Grandma that is looking after her while I'm at work - obviously I won't have that support in Oz. Then this morning I had an argument with dh and I don't know why but it made me realise how lonely things might be once we make the move. I just wondered if these little moments and questioning your own decision was normal in the long and emotional journey? Claire
  23. noel2538

    is this normal?

    Hi I have so many things that Im thinking of that Im getting headaches... Im worried we wont get all our stuff in container....then there's the dog.....now my car and trying to sell it without giving it away....both got to get jobs in Oz when we get there....now the exchange rate is cr*p...bigger mortgage in Oz.....seem to have loads left to do and all in less than TWO WEEKS....OMG. Sorry to go on and rant but I need too before I go :arghh::arghh: or am I normal... Debbie x
  24. Well, we have been here for 10 weeks tomorrow, and to be honest, I am feeling completely run down and a bit fed up. Over the past four weeks or so I have had cold after cold, after tummy bug after cold. I have a huge crop of mouth ulcers and feel pretty yuk most of the time. Our eldest daughter has been having a few toddler tantrums and our youngest has teeth coming through and now has a cold, so I have been finding it hard to cope with them, especially since oh is working long hours and occasional six day weeks. I haven't really been out much recently, partly because I feel so yuk, partly because our eldests behaviour has been awful at times, and partly because I am not sleeping properly (disturbed nights with the girls mostly) so don't feel I can concentrate to drive properly. When we first got here I threw myself in to going out and doing things, but I feel that this may have been the wrong thing to do. The kids went from having daddy home all day every day (he finished work a few weeks before we moved) to having him gone in the mornings and not home until bed time. I feel that our toddlers tantrums may be in part due to this. My mum in law went on at me every time I spoke to her about going out and meeting new people etc, but with hindsight I feel that I would have done better just getting the children in to a routine that they felt comfortable with, and just taking it easy whilst we all adjusted to life before then going out to meet people. Now I feel like I have run out of steam, and I am not sure what to do for the best. I feel so run down and under the weather, and every time I start to feel a little bit better, I get stricken with another bug. I have started to take multivits in the vain hope that they might help, but other than that I have no idea. I don't feel homesick or anything and I am happy here, but I do feel a bit isolated I suppose, but only because I haven't felt well enough to go out. I presume that I am just catching these bugs because they are new ones. No idea why no one else has been unwell though. Perhaps it is something to do with the stress involved over the past few months. Any ideas how I can make myself feel better?
  25. Hi we have applyed for a 457 visa about 5 weeks ago! our sponsor in brisbane has been accepted as a sponsor and nomination for the posision has been done. we applyed for our application at the same time as the sponsor and had the x rays a few days latter. On the immi site it says prossesing commenced and also medical results finalised, we havent herd anything else though. It says nothing about a case officer and they havent asked for any more details, is this ok as we are getting a little worried as some people have said 4 week to complete?? Thanks for your reply kev