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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I'm very new to this site so hope I'm doing this correctly. I was hoping to get some advice from anyone who is in the know / has had a similar experience. I have been employed with my employer for 2 years and 5 months. My employer completed a nomination for me for 186 visa In May last year. I submitted my application in October last year. It has only recently come to my attention that the department are disputing the validity of my visa and it sounds like it won't be granted because the nomination was put it too early. ( My concern being my money for visa may be lost despite them not even looking at my part of the application yet ) We have received nothing formal yet - but communication / response is proving very difficult. Im just wondering how likely it is that the nomination and subsequent application would be approved given it was submitted early ? Even though that time frame has long been surpassed? And I made contact before I submitted my application and feel like I have been given misleading information? Also, if it was to be refused - what would my options be? Or is there anything I can do now before it gets to that point ? I have been trying to access some advice from certified migration agents and waiting on call backs/ appointments but my anxiety regarding this is getting the better of me so thought I would post here to see if there is any other advice. Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanking you in advance.
  2. Hi! I've been working as a Cafe Manager since NOV/2012 and on NOV/2013 my boss offered me a sponsorship. Application for BSB was made on 20.12.2013 and approved on 28.02.2014. Nomination had already been lodged on 13.02.2014, just to try to speed things up. Everything was going well until 21.05 when Case Officer informed my agent through the phone that he was going to refuse nomination as "he doesn't like approving managers for Cafes". Long story short CO said he approves for Restaurants but not for Cafes because he reckons Cafes don't need managers. My agent explained to him that our operations are as complexes as any Restaurant, as we do have table service (40 indoor seats and 90 outdoor seats), have an extensive breakfast and lunch menus, offer catering services and also do functions (have a liquor license). My agent also asked him on what grounds he was going to refuse; he didn't answer, just said again he doesn't like Cafes and we could go to Court if we were not happy with his decision. My agent's last shot was to tell him my boss is opening a new Cafe in October (that's real, he is already working on the design and all the papers are signed) but he didn't seem to change his attitude. He finished conversation laughing about the situation, saying "I'm checking her file and can see she has a valid visa until next year... enough time to look for something else". After hanging up the phone my agent sent him a very straight forward email explaining again our position and how law supports 457 for Cafe Managers and ever since we haven't heard from him. On 30.05 my boss wrote two letters pointing out why he needs me working full time by his side (I'm currently on a student visa working part-time). During these nearly 2 years he tried to replace me several times as a Cafe Manager as he needs someone full time but was never successful (that's why he offered me the sponsorship). I've a Diploma of Business completed here and also I'm graduated in Business back in my country (4 years studying). I'm very stressed and aware the only thing I can do is wait until CO makes him decision but would like to ask if anyone has any tips or has had similar situation. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone I'm in the deepest sadness because my nomination for ENS was marked as rejected and the letter arrived to me last Nov. The reason of refusal was, my sponsor company had lack of effort to prove why I need to be their paid employee and their description of my position was out of the defination from what ANZCO defined. I also heard about MRT, but i assume it is not applicable for my case because it was not my CO's fault. So I am working on my 'New Application' for ENS nomination again, therefore I have below questions. If there is anyone had similar experience for me, I will really appreciate if you can share your experience so I can refer to it. 1. I am gonna proceed this fresh nomination process again without chaging my (sponsor) company, it will be ok? 2. As I said, the rejection letter only metioned about cridibility of the data regarding necessacity of my position so I will prepare well-stated documents this time. But CO didn't mentioned my condition for nomination was the problem. Do you think CO completed all the assessment about me and my sponsor company before sending rejection letter? I mean, there would be any possibility they refused me again due to 'my condition' even after I reapply and re-submit implemented documents? 3. If there is anyone got through the way I am going to, could you share the time line how long it took to get nomination approval and visa approval? And actually I am not onshore now, so pleases kindly consider this fact into your opinion as well. Thank you so much.