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Found 41 results

  1. Guest

    Nominated wrong occupation ASCO

    Hi Everyone, I'm a recent grad , Completed studies in Bachelor of Software engineering.Currently working Melbourne as a software engineer. In Feb, I've applied for Onshore ,Subclass 485 and nominated my occupation as Computing Prof - Software Designer 2231-15, as that time i'm still waiting for my skill to be assessed by ACS, and finally 2 months later , i've received a possitive skill assessment, however it came back that I'm positive for Computing Prof - Recent ICT Grad 2231-15 . Apparently , Software Designer requires work experience!I was shattered because I'm aware that it is impossible to change nominated occupation after application has been made! Now i'm waiting for the decision for the visa and made a post lodgement inquiry(attached a formal letter in my application), requested to admend my occupation to the one assessed by ACS. I'm wondering how much chance i have here for them to consider changing my occupation to the correct one .. considering both occupation is in the same category ASCO 2231 ? :embarrassed: Hope to get some advice from some great people here Regards, Demoiree
  2. HI All, yesterday I have got my SS approval from SA as Telecommunication Engineer ( ANZSCO code 263311). I submitted the my assessment as Electronic Engineer (ASCo code 2125-13) which I got before introducing ANZSCO. As per the DIAC endorsed ASCO- ANZSCO correlation, the ACSO code (2125-13 Electronics Engineer) has correlation for the below ANZSCO codes. 263311 Telecommunications engineer 263312 Telecommunications network engineer 233411 Electronics engineer Now I am applying for VISA application. In the application, I have to select my nominated occupation . Which will be my nominated occupation : is it Electronic Engineer (ASCo code 2125-13) or Telecommunication Engineer ( ANZSCO code 263311). I have assessment in Electronic Engineer (ASCo code 2125-13). BR, Morshed
  3. l have been working as an engineer in the company for 11 yrs with a diploma in mechanical engineering, my job scope is equivalent to an engineer. During my work peroid, 1st yrs onwards l took up offshore part-time studies and have graduate with a mechanical engineering degree from University of South Australia in April 2010. Does this allow me to claim points for 8 yrs of Overseas Skilled Employment? Please kindly advise me. Thank you..
  4. Can anyone inform me if you get any points for the ''Nominated Skilled occupation'' see link below http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/475/eligibility-applicant.htm
  5. My Oh is a Bricklayer and has been for the last 13 years. In the last 13 years he's actually never worked for 12 months straight, as most jobs in Bricklaying are never that long. Will that affect his skills assessement??? Also he hasn't worked for the last 5 months as a bricklayer will this affect his skills assessment eve tho he's been doing this job for the last 13 years??? Please help we want to apply for assessment just not sure if this will work against us... Tanja
  6. Guest

    employer nominated visa help

    hey all im new here so please bear with me :wink: my husband, myself and our 2 kids (2 and 3) are hoping to move to melbourne on an employer nomiated 856 at the end of 2012...i know its a way off but im trying to get as much orangised as possible! we're not able to start the process until later on this year but im trying to work out what i can do in advance-medicals, getting his qualifications verified in australia etc and i just wondered if anyone can tell me how long your medical is valid for from getting it done to applying for your visa and ditto for having qualifications verfied? i hope this makes sense...im feeling somewhat overwhelmed by all the things im going to have to do!!! thanks all
  7. My husband is a plumber/gasfitter and is just starting out the process for 175. I've seen on other threads that its easier to go down the 'gasfitter' route as its quicker and cheaper than doing the 'plumber' route. I've just noticed on the Vetassess website that gasfitter isnt listed as the nominated occupation list and when Ive gone onto the Australia.immi website the gasfitter and plumber are under the same number on the SOL. All v.confusing. It looks as though you cannot apply for gasfitter it has to be plumber. Correct me if Im wrong??
  8. Hi, I am planning to apply for ACS skills assessment for my 176 visa application under NSW state sponsorship or the 175 visa. My nominated application is Software Engineer, but my current work is SAP Functional Consultant for the last 12 months but I have been working as a software engineer for 7 years prior that. The confusing part is that for me to be eligible to either 176 or 175 visa, that I should be working for 12 months for the last 24 months under the nominated category. I presume that SAP Functional Consultant and Software Engineer falls on two different categories, so if I nominate software engineer, will I not qualify for this visa as I have been working as a SAP Functional Consultant for 12 months in the last 24 months? I cannot nominate my SAP work experience which I presume would be under Business Analyst as I have only 1 year of experience. Please advise me what to do as I am a bit hesitant whether to pursue my skills assessment because of this issue.
  9. Hi all, just put in for skills assessment last week.........now ive just read this!! "A Skill Assessment involves providing a written opinion on the comparability of your post secondary qualifications, such as university or polytechnic qualifications, to the Australian qualifications required for an occupation identified on the Skilled Occupation List. (Note: work experience is not assessed).:confused: In conducting this assessment VETASSESS will take into account a range of factors including: the education system of the country concerned the awarding institution the level, structure, length and content of the program of study undertaken. " Before I selected my chosen occupation I was told that I needed to have been in that job for 12 out of the last 24months otherwise I wouldn’t pass? My dilemma is that I have a BA(Hons) in Early Childhood Studies which would better pass me as Childcare Centre Manager, but because I have not been in this line of work recently (last two years) and instead been in an education managers position teaching in a school with students with SEN I have opted for the Special Needs Teacher. Now I am confused. I was wanting to get skills assessment and put in for 175 or 176 but if I was passed as a CCM could I still pass for my visa app as I haven’t been in this role, but have been in the SEN one full time for the past 4 years? What should I do??? I thought I had it all sorted!! Why is there so much conflicting advice? :arghh: PLEASE HELP
  10. Can you move states if one has sponsored you? i know theres no legal requirement to stay in the sponsoring state its only a moral one but what happens if you cant settle there? Thanks kelly
  11. Hi, hoping to get a visa as a skilled migrant as a Drainer. I dont have any qualifications only work experience including work exp' in Oz as a Drainer including a reference from when I was there on a working holiday. I thought I would need to be assessed by TRA from looking at the criteria for the visa but now Im thinking I dont because the occupation isn't on the list as a nominated occupation? Does anyone know what needs to be done? Drainer is on the SOL, is it possible to migrate over on a GSM visa as a Drainer without a sponsor. I feel like I have gone around in circles on this one! cheers
  12. hi all, I am facing a problem in selecting nominated occupation in DIAC application form. My CDR approval occupation in "Electronics Engineering" (ASCO 2125-13) but I got State sponsored in "Telecom Network Engineer" at 29 Dec 2010. Please advice me what should i select in Nominated Occupation at the time of DIAC application form. This is really urgent. Thanks in advance // Raihan Kabir //
  13. Hello, I applied for 485 visa with Life scientist as my occupation. I was granted this visa based on Life scientist. Now I want to change my occupation to a Chemist to apply for 886- State sponsored visa. Is it possible to change the occupation? Can I get Vetassess to provide me an assessment of my qualification based on the new occupation. (I have already got my qualification assessed as a life scientist from Vetassess). Please help!! Thank you chaitali
  14. Would anyone support such initiative to ask the Minister to lift onshore Cat 4 applicants with current ongoing job in their nominated occupation to Cat 3? I am trying to find a way to separate the seeds from the weeds, as it is true that many applicants clearly took advantage of the system and having Australian qualification on their PR visa application, they have never worked as IT, cooks or hairdressers... Would such initiative have your support? Yes, it is hard to get a job on bridging visa, but there are options. Get a bloody ABN and work on short term contract at least somewhere near your nominated occupation and don't complain. Many Australian companies only care if you have a work permit and for 3 months there is no binding. And if you don't have a job, prove otherwise you are a benefit to Australia or withdraw your application.
  15. It is regarding 475 s/s visa , if my nominated occupation(skill assessment done) is on SOL3, and recent work experience is on SOL4, did i am eligilible for that kind visa?? I also get state nomination from NSW , which obviously didn't release their SMP yet :cry: What do you thing fellas, please share your thoughts with my. I am slightly lost because of the immi.gov.au is sometimes not straight forward enough, and has some issues for me. :wacko:
  16. Hi All, Here we go: Applied for 485 nominated Software Designer ASCO 2231-15 before student visa expires in FEB 2010 Got a positive outcome from ACS -Comp Prof(NEC) ICT recent graduate- APRIL 2010 Applied for 885 after i got the ACS skill assessment letter - April 2010 Reapplied for skill assessment and got positive result - Software engineer - ANZSCO 261313 - NOV 2010 I nominated the closest occupation related to my studies(Bach of software eng) but ended up I did a really big mistake on my 485 application. :arghh: Since there is no way we can change nominated occupation , I thought there will be no hope for my 485 to be approved. However recently I've got a positive skill assessment from ACS , got assessed as Software engineer - ANZSCO 261313 , and it correlates with the old ASCO Software Designer I've nominated for the 485 application. So my question is , do i stand a better chance for approval? I wonder if DIAC reject my application , should I lodge a MRT case? This has been in my head for a long time , hope some experience agent can shed some light on my situation Many Thanks Demoi
  17. Hi all is it possible to get employer nominated sponsorship offshore 121 and only work part time my wife is a nurse, and due to the kids etc could not work full time. Is it possible to get sponsored from the uk any one went down this route.
  18. My HUsaband and I have been umm-ing and ahh-ing over making the move until recently, then just as we were about to get moving with a skills assessment the announcement last week got made!!!! The only option available that I can see is an Employer Nominated as both our roles (HR Manager / Supply and Distribution Manager) still appear to be on that list despite potentially not being on the new SOL. I am going in circles about how to get myself out there for Emplyers to see either of us as a potential option................looking on websites all require visas to work in Australia so I feel that I am wasting Employers Valuable time in sending my CV in reponse to these adverts. Any advice on any places that I should be frequenting (websites / expo's - ANYTHING) where Employers with ENS Status would get sight of me would be really appreciated. Please help :confused: Thanks xx
  19. Hi, I came to Australia with an accompanying student visa 5 years ago (spouse of PhD student). I recently discovered that with my Business Admin BA and MBA I can qualify as an accountant (Covered 11 topics out of 12 in total 7 years study) I am trying to get accountant assessment and apply before 1st July. My question is: I have been working in one of the big Banks in Australia for the last 4 years (last 2.5 being in a middle manager position). Role is in operations mainly involves broker commission payments and requires understanding of basic accounting knowledge. Would immigration consider this as closely related to my nominated occupation "accountant"??? or should I try to fit in Business Professionals and get points from "in any occupation in SOL"??? Please help, I have very limited time left before they change the rule for accountant assessment but I am not sure how to put my Australian experience in my application. Thanks Ida
  20. Hello! Firstly, how long will this take approx. I have read versions from 6 months to 3 years...! That's a HUGE difference. Secondly, if I am scanning originals, do they still need to be certified? Thirdly, proof of age: shouldn't the passport be sufficient? Or do they need a birth certificate too? Lastly, does anyone know is there a deadline to enter Australia after the visa has been granted? Thanks for your help! :cute:
  21. Hi All, Hoping someone might be able to help! I've been on a 457 visa for 3 years and recently been offered nomination for PR under Employer Nominated Scheme. I've been working with my employer for 3 years, and therefore should qualify for the scheme but my company has recently merged with another, and I've recently transferred over my sponsorship to the new company. I've therefore been told by our HR dept and lawyers that I have to wait until I have worked for the merged company for 1 year before I can apply. My role has recently been removed from the SOL therefore I can't apply through a skills assessment. Has anyone else had a similar situation? Seems a bit unfair given that it's pretty much the same company that I've been working for the whole time. Has anyone got any advice on how I could proceed with this?? Any help would be much appreciated!!
  22. Hello everyone! I`ve been here for weeks i found there are many useful advice here. Now I have a complex problem of my immigrated case, i would like to consult from you here, thank you in advance! My Case like this. (10.2004-05. 2008) I was a electronic engineer two years agao, the work lasted 3.5 years. IEA (CSL) (2008.10-current) But the recently two years i changed my job to be a foreign trader (export make-in-china oversea) I am self-employer, i work at home, SOHO. I have no colleague, only myself working. my work is internet sales (e-commerce), including promoting products to customer, following up by email. after they placed an order, i source from the china market and contact shipper to arrange shippment etc. I handle all steps. all the process. so my role like a internet sales representative. buyer. quality inspector. etc.... from sales TO the goods reach the port destination. Techinical sales representatives (SOL) Marketing specialist (SOL) Importer and exporter (NON SOL) Suppose i have passed the IEA assessment,(i have an electronic engineering bachelor degaree and the relevant work experience) Can i start to apply the 175CSL individual immigration? MY WORRY (1)my recently two years working experience is not the same as the nominated occupation IEA. I heard that the Department of Immigration Australia have publish a new policy which requires "all persons must have worked in the skilled occupation for at least 12 months in the period of 24 months ending immediately before the day on which the application was made. from 1st. January 2010." Australian Immigration - Legislation Change Update Does this new policy apply to ALL? or just for those TRA students? last year they only required the applicant`s recent experience in SOL ! now it is still mentioned here --> http://www.immi.gov.au/visawizard/#vw=%23a_results " This visa allows you to migrate to Australia if you have good English language skills and have skills and qualifications in an occupation in need in Australia. You must: be under 45 years of age have the skills and qualifications that meet the Australian standard for an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) meet the Australian study requirement, or meet the recent work experience requirement (you must have worked for 12 months in the last 24 months in any occupation on the SOL) meet the English language requirement Note: You must pass a points test. The pass mark is 120 points." (2) Can the soho working experience be admited? I can ask my oversea customer to give letters to evidence my work. and the income list of the company from the bank. etc..... I am thinking to mention clearly all my situation in the application form of me working at home as only one person. to start an application. Do you think it works? I am thinking to define my recently working exprience as Techinical sales representatives (SOL) Marketing specialist (SOL) will they consider it as Exporter and importer? which is not in SOL!!! It seems my case is rather complex, if you don`t know an exact answer, would you please advise how can i and where can i contact the DIAC directly to have direct answer?????. I have to let everthing clear before starting an applying, because the charge will not be return nomatter what reason they refused! I ever email to the Mr.Evan, but no reply as expected....... :wacko::wacko::wacko: Thanks for your valuable advice! Kind regards Jessi
  23. Hello Everyone, We just received SS for VIC. I am very happy but apprehensive. SS is successful for occupation of Statistician but the 175 application has occupation of Economist. We attached form 1023 to our 175 in early July and sent PLE to inform DIAC that the occupation of Statistician was more appropriate because that was where the employability was. We attached along the new Vetassess for Statistician. We haven't heard anything from DIAC even though we sent a second PLE 10 days later to ask them what we were supposed to do. Is there a chance that they will accept the change of occupation since they are very related? Or do we have to withdraw 175 and lodge a new 176? I am afraid that visa will be refused even though we have a successful SS. We have been waiting for 16 months already... Thanks for your help.
  24. Guest

    employer nominated!

    Hi all, Has anyone had any luck under the employer nominated scheme for a permanant visa if so would love to hear from you!:chatterbox: We have just applied for a 6 jobs so fingers cross! We feel like this is the last chance saloon!
  25. Guest

    Changing Nominated Occupation?

    Hi All, Would anybody know if you can change your nominated occupation once you have applied? OH is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (stuctures) on MODL he could get assessed for Aircratf Maintenance Engineer (mechanic) which is on CSL!!! so would be great if we could get re-assessed cause it looks like we are near the bottom of a very long line as we are now.... Appreciate any input Janet