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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm 22 and just recently moved just north of Newcastle, I love it here but the only thing is there's nothing to do at night it's like a ghost town for people My age I can't find any one! I been to the local rsl and find me self drinkin a good few at night haha. It's the only thing to do. If there's any one that knows of any groups that get together or if there's anyone that wants to go discovering with me let me know .
  2. On previous posts Iv made it known im flying into Perth on the 1st of October with a view of staying there for at least 3 months. However, after looking through many threads, there is a lot of negativity shown towards Perth. What I want to know is it really that bad? Iv heard things like very rude people, terrible night scene & lack of amenities etc? If this is the case I may not stay in Perth all that long as I really desire to go to Melbourne as I hear its a terrific place to be. If anyone who has traveled Perth as a backpacker or even as a resident who can shed some light on Perth & some of things iv heard id really appreciate it. Thanks guys! Leigh
  3. Guest

    Night-life in Brisbane suburbs

    Hi My husband and I are planning to move to Australia early in 2012 but are trying to figure out where! I will be working as a GP and my husband will hopefully be working in a special needs school so would hopefully be able to get work. We have spent a 2 week holiday in the Gold Coast recently and visited GP practices in Thornlands and in Redland Bay which were both lovely, however the areas seemed pretty quiet. We are 28 and 30y old and have no children and so we would ideally like to live in an area with some cafes or bars that we could go to in the evenings and at weekends. We are thinking of going back to Australia in the summer to have a more detailed look at areas in Brisbane (and probably sydney) and would be grateful for any suggestions about suburbs to look at. We were thinking of maybe living closer to the city and commuting out to work, as we dont mind travelling up to about 30-40 minutes by car. Thanks for your help! Emma and Daniel
  4. I am in my mid 30's and have lived in Sydney for 12 years, I love it here, and have good friends, but need the next adventure. Whilst I am not a total city slicker I enjoy dinners and drinks out and lots of great shopping, but I am looking for a bit of an easier lifestyle than Syd, and maybe a city with a more casual approach. (also considering melb) I also seek that Bris is a little cheaper than Syd to live. What I am wondering is, Has anyone who has lived in Syd for some time moved to Brisbane.. what did you think? Pro's/Con's? I want to make sure I can still have an active social life, and that there are not just bogan rough style pubs and bars etc, But from what I can gather the Valley has had a big makes over, St James St looks a bit more upmarket and there is Southgate where the fake beach is that has lots of restuarants. Do you think the people are friendly up there ie in making new friends/contacts etc In terms of weather is the summer that muggy and sweaty its unbearable? Whats the rest of the years weather like? Anyways would love your thoughts from anyone who has lived in both Bris and Syd.... Thankyou
  5. Smithy Family

    nightlife for the kids

    Ok were hoping to relocate to QLD from Adelaide. We have 4 kids 22,20,18 & 14. I was concentrating on being about an hours drive from Brisbane due to thinking about the kids and them having a good night life. But do we need to really, whats the night life like around other area's? Are there night clubs in other areas? Also we have to think about work as hubby is a carpenter by trade and i've just complete aged care cert 3 but i also have experience as a teaching assistant. We would prefer to be near the beach but it's not set in stone. Anyone got any suggestions Thanks in advance Debs x
  6. Guest

    Advice for a young artist

    Hey all, I'm finding this forum to be incredibly helpful and I'm hoping it will continue to be for me! I'm moving to Sydney in August from the U.S. having just graduated from college. I'm a young actor, working part-time for a production company in the CBD and I'm wondering where the best places to live are. I'm a gay male who loves the outdoors and nightlife, so I'm looking to live somewhere where I can be around lots of young, easy-going, fun, open-minded individuals. I tend to make my way around the gay clubs and bars more frequently than "straight" per se, but I'm not exclusive! If you're familiar with New York City, I've most enjoyed living in Hell's Kitchen and the West Village. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. hey Dont know if any of you other 'poms' are finding this, but i am getting increasingly frustrated with the Sydney nightlife, for a number of reasons. 'Dress codes' 'id' 'awful music' ' pretentious crowds' 'security guards fill with dellusion of grandeur' to name just a few! I have been here for around 5 years and have seldom felt satisfied the way i did in the UK with a good night out, a night that typically doesnt involve any of the above. I have been dj'ing over here for 5 years now and can hand on heart say I have found the place. So if any of you are interested in getting to know where you can have fun like back in the motherland let me know. I didnt want to use this as an opportunity to offer unsolicited ads about the night I am part but wanted to see if anyone else felt the same and wanted to know what else is out there. all the best Sean
  8. I was wondering what kind of nightclubs and bars are like in Perth, I am bit of party boy:biglaugh:, wondering if there a any good DJ's or events on?