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Found 138 results

  1. Hi I am a Mum of 2 girls, 10 and 8 and we live in Roseville Chase. I have been in Sydney for 2 years now. As yet I haven't met many British friends. I was wondering if there are any mums out there who fancy an evening out? I like Sydney, but I miss those nights out with my friends at the pub, having a good old chin-wag! Let me know if you fancy catching up one evening, maybe in Chatswood, or even the city somewhere?! Catherine
  2. Got the train from Central to St Peters then walked in a meandering route back to Enmore & Newtown, two schooners of Tiger in The Bank, then decided to get a cab to Woolahra for two more schooners and a meal. Spending money which I actually had for a change. Walked back home to Surry Hills all the way down Oxford St to Crown St, mixed in with mobs of fans who'd been to see ?Foo Fighters? at the SFS. I did not really mean to go out but once I got the 'taste'........ There's plenty to see and do in all those inner city 'burbs too. Lost count of all the pubs and restaurants, plus book and music shops which were still open too.
  3. Hi Guys, I just wanted to write this down as i can't really believe its happened! For the week before we flew out to australia (hubby on business trip 1st week and i'm tagging along, then quick reccie 2nd week) Jon wasn't feeling very well - he had a headache that wouldn't budge, it wasn't a particularly bad headache, but the fact that it wouldn't go was worrying him as in 2004 he had a Brain Heamorrage and came pretty close to dying. The night before we left he was really panicking as he was getting very little sleep and was worried about the preassure on the areaplane. Anyway, since we arrived he's still not been feeling that great, but we put it down to a virus and jet lag - we havn't had hardly any sleep - him especially. Our first day here he had to get up at 6am for a breakfast meeting, and got very little sleep in the night, he kept waking with a headache and general uncomfortablness. Then the second night he had to be up at 4am to fly to Sydney for a big presesntation (this was yesterday) and again he had no sleep at from 12am-4am. So when he got back from Sydney yesterday afternoon i was expecting him to be completely exhausted, but it was the last business meeting so he could relax now and hopefully recover. However when it came to bedtime he fell asleep on the bed and i crept about trying not to wake him, but he woke suddenly after about 20mins saying he felt really unwell, and he was really panicking. I was saying to him what i have been saying all week - you've got a virus, jet lag and exhaustion, thats all. But he became convinced that if he lay down again he would pass out and stop breathing. I tried to calm him down and make him see logic but he wasn't get any calmer. Eventually i asked him if he wanted to find a doctor, and he said yes, and i was having a bit of a flaff as i had no idea how to find one, as it was late at night and whilst all this was happening the fire alarm went off in the hotel - adding to the sense off panic. Eventually i called the business associate who had also flown over from the UK for the meetings and was staying with the other business guy who lives up the road - i was in a bit of a state by this stage, in tears, and felt awful about waking people, but Jon wanted me to do something. The business partner rang me back and said theyd called a 24hr dr, but then next thing i know they've called an Ambulance!!! Which added to the panic aswell as i really felt were going to be wasting thier time - but Jon was terrified and crying, thinking he was going to die. The ambulance arrived alomst immiadiatly, and they monitored his heart and blood preassure which was quite high. Then they said they thought it best he went in to hospital to be checked over, but they said its purely precautional as all his vital signs are good. Just as they were putting him in the ambulance strapped to a bed with oxygen mask on and heart monitor, the two Business associates arrived, and it really looked bad! I was very tearful (just the shock of it all and being in a strange country alone) and tried to explain that i think its nothing, just extreme exhaustion. The guy who lives here gave me his mobile number and told me to call him when we needed picking up from hosiptal, which turned out to be 25mins drive away (Nambour)!! So when we got to the hosiptal they did various tests on him, and i think everything looked good. I spoke to the Dr, who said at the moment they are putting it down to extreme stress and exhaustion. They put him on a drip and gave him some strong pain killers to help him rest, and booked him in for a cat scan in the morning. She then told me i had to go home, so i had to ring this guy i'd only just met to ask him to pick me up, it was now 2am!! He came and picked me up bless him, i felt awful, i could of got a taxi but it would have cost a fortune and to be honest i was feeling pretty scared and lonely. Anyway, its now morning, i've spoken to the hospital and they said he's been up and about and had some breakfast, now they're just waiting for th scan, but they can't give me any indication of how long it will be. I really want to be there with him, but i don't want to bother the business guys again, although they are expecting a call. I've been considering hiring a car for the last 2 days of our stay here on the sunshone coast, so that i can go up and get him by myself, as i have no idea how long he'll be yet. I'm also obvioulsy a bit nervous about the cat scan, as although i'm about 80% theres nothing wrong with him, theres always a possibility. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent, i feel a little calmer now, i havnt had a lot of sleep and feel pretty lonely. I know that these two business associates will help whenever i need it, but i feel awful putting them out anymore than i already have!!! The good news is though that i'm very impressed withe the hospital and ambos, and i was worrying about cost and if travel insurance, but it turns out its all covered under the reciprocal health care agreement - even the ambulance - which i was told would cost me $650!!! Meg xx
  4. Think its about time another girly night was organised again. Let me know if end of June suits the girls. Enjoyed the place Kathryn organised opposite Flinders.
  5. Hi guys! Really feel like a night out. Anyone like to join me? This Tapas bar is really good and a lovely place to meet new people. Let me know if this sounds good and I can book it for a Saturday night in November. My daughter, who works there has just reminded me that on a Sunday there is live music. That might be an option. :jiggy: Look forward to hearing from you all. Kitty. :wub:
  6. It always puzzles me when people call it 'uncultured' here, whatever that means. This was the full London cast with Kevin Spacey as 'Richard III.' 'Mary Poppins' is still on at the Capitol, 'Jersey Boys' at ?Her Majesties? (In the MLC Centre), plus whatever else there is on at the Opera House, Belvoir Theatre, Sydney Theatre Co, etc, etc. Sydney Festival on next month too. Walked down through Darling Harbour from Town Hall for something to eat before the play. Darling Harbour was packed, the casino at Star City was packed, everywhere was packed, though I did not care for George St after midnight. I guess that is just down to age though.
  7. soup and bread made for lunch tomorrow, loads of chocolate ghost buns made for the village halloween party tomorrow afternoon, lamb hot pot in the slow cooker for tomorrows tea, just a crumble to make (big lad's home from uni, you know...FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDD MMEEEEEEEEEEEE...........just Herman to sort out (friendship cake), so I reckon I've earned me night out with the girlsfriends and why am I driving! :no::no::no::no::no::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked:
  8. I stayed up most of Saturday night with my friend Bill and then felt stuffed most of Sunday. And then I did it again Sunday night because I wanted to watch Spurs play away to Blackburn Rovers. Now, I feel stuffed again, almost like being jet-lagged! In fact I remember a friend in England once saying he asked his wife, after she'd done a long flight with him, how she felt? 'Now you know how I feel after a week of nights when you want me to get up and come shopping.'
  9. I was waiting to turn right into Devonshire St at the lights outside the Trinity Bar on Crown St and I hesitated, thinking that the taxi coming towards me was going a little to fast for me to 'go'. At the last second, instead of continuing on up Crown St, he suddenly turned left into Devonshire, the way I wanted to go. 'You 'bleep', I said, and on noticing the driver's face, 'you bleeping wog bleep.' Mea Culpa. Less than a minute later, I regretted my anger. He possibly did not mean to do it, forgot where he was going, whatever, we all do it, but, for me, I know there is no redemption for I am a white man and I revealed my true nature.
  10. O yes. :yes::yes::yes: :swoon::swoon: Yeah, its Tuesday and I am still liking this. This followed hot on the heels of last years ad, linked below I've been buying the merch for years so this is purely eye candy for me :cute: :swoon::swoon::swoon: And here goes the BBC breaking it all down and explaining how it worked http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15240688 Genius marketing :yes:
  11. Hiya all! Following another sleepless night I have decided to have a bit of a rant on here and hope that someone ... anyone can help me!! I have posted on this site before asking about a 176 visa for my husband as a Radiocommunications Technician but have now found that there may be another way in for us, please take the time to read this as it is quite a long winded question!! My husband currently works on the Digital Switch over contract in London installing satellite equipment (radiocommunications job on SOL). He took this job when the recession hit as there was very little work about in his previous job which was working on a self employed basis for 10 years as a floor fitter, specialising in wooden and laminates. I have now found that the SOL for WA lists 'Floor Finisher' and am wondering whether to go for this option as he does still attend clients homes for service issues regarding flooring in his current position (re-routing cables under flooring etc). He would need to get his skills assessed but we have found several forums which advise the AQF III certificate to increase the chances of a positve TRA assessment but have also found comments stating that DIAC are in dispute with the TRA as they will only accept this qualifiction if it is completed in Australia over a two year period. Can he take this assessment in the UK? Can onyone recommend a good company to contact? Even if he can, will a specialism in wooden flooring be enough? Any help would be very much appreciated! Eve xx
  12. Hi All Here are the details of the next Melbourne CBD drinks night: Date Saturday 22 January 2011 (the weekend before Australia Day) Time From 7pm Location Bridie O'Reillys, 62 Little Collins Street (near corner of Exhibition St) We will have some space upstairs Map Location - Bridie O'Reilly's Everyone is welcome (as long as you are over 18) Could you please add your name to the list if you are interested in coming along, as I need to give the venue an idea of numbers before the night Look forward to catching up with the regulars, and seeing some new faces :jiggy: Definite Maybe
  13. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone could recommend a nice place for a group of Mum's in their 30's for a good night out of dinner, dancing & fun. In Williamstown, Point Cook or maybe the city. Thanks :jiggy::jiggy::wink::laugh:
  14. Oh My God!!! I have just had the best idea in the world (and I am sure no one has ever though of it before ever). I think all of us POI'ers who are in the UK should have a night out!!! Yes that's right a night out!! I think we should make arrangements in somewhere like say Newcastle (cos it's kind of central) and all have a bevvy!! Any thoughts?? FYI, I have arranged nights out where no one has turned up and I have gone psycho because of it:twitcy: so be warned:policeman: Perhaps we should do regular ones. Obviously I am not yet in the UK and seen as it is all about me, we will have to wait til I get back........... or............. people could start doing it before I get back. Obviously it won't be the same without me but chin up. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze like I say I think this is the best idea in the world. Maybe we could have Scottish nights out, Welsh, Irish and English nights out (did I miss anyone?) Like once a quarter ore something.
  15. whichway

    Last night as a fat person

    Yes folks, this is my last night as a fat person. Tomorrow I will be an ex fat person. I am having a full fat coke, I was tempted to have the mini bottle of pink sparkling wine that's in the fridge but then I know I'll have the yellow too, then probably walk to the offie and be too hungover to commence my ex fatness tomorrow. I am hoping this post will help me fully stick to my new lifestyle. Wish me luck:eek:
  16. I watched A Night To Remember tonight - Kenneth More - not very special effects I guess - made in 1958 - but it's one of those old British movies that I love watching - like Genevieve & The Dam Busters. Understated!? A time when less was more perhaps? Sure that i misspelt Genevieve, Genieveve, Geneveive - bugger it but it just does NOT look right! Kenneth More was in that too - and The 39 Steps????? What was the other guy in G called? John Gregson? He was in something I liked - 'No Hiding Place' perhaps. He did an advert for something too, can't quite think of it. NOT 'Mackeson' was it! 'looks good, tastes good, and by Golly it does you good?' In Hants a 'Macky-Mild' was an alternative to a 'Boiler' - Brown & Mild. I'm just rambling off to bed at 10 to 4 so much for getting to bed early and getting up early! WS FM is playing a succession of 'oldies but goldies' thru the night with no ads. 'Always something there to remind me (not Dusty), You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, He Aint Heavy, Young Hearts Run Free, Wouldn't it be nice to be in your shoes? Oh they are playing ads after all.
  17. tonyman

    on here every night ...!!!

    as from next sat i should be on here every night for the next 3/4 weeks as the mother in law is coming .....:cry:......think i will take the oppertunity to kick start my water colouring and drawing up again .........my wife n children love the stuff ive done but im never happy with it ........but i do love the feeling of almost there
  18. I went up to Chatswood tonight to meet my mate Bill for a beer at the RSL club. It was OK in there and I did arrive very late - 930pm - but, after about an hour decided to look for somewhere to eat and the main shopping mall/street was desolate, very few places open for late eats. Could not even find a Macca. It's a major shopping/admin/transport hub and I know it's very busy during the day but I don't care for that desolate feeling. Got a decent pizza at the RSL anyway. Funny, there wasn't a soul on the train back to the city at 1am either.
  19. Guest

    9/11 on itv last night

    Did anyone see that programme on 9/11 last night which was on itv? I still cannot believe when watching it now that it happened and it still shocks me to see those poor people jumping from the tower's :sad: and seeing those planes slamming into the buildings it is as shocking now as it was then in my opinion. I remember that day me and my buddy were up on a scaffold when it came on the radio that a light aircraft had crashed into the world trade centre and we both made a bit of a joke of it saying something along the lines of he must be a sh7t pilot if he didnt see that, anyway as the story moved on we quickly realised that it was obviously something far more sinister and went home to watch it on the tv, and as far as i remember i sat and watched it all night as it was compulsive viewing which sounds a bit sick but thats how it was. Anyway just thought i would ask if you had seen it? :unsure:
  20. Beautiful pictures, take a look http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2031704/Australian-photographer-Lincoln-Harrison-endures-15-hour-photo-shoots-capture-stunning-night-images-star-trails.html Metoo
  21. The evening started agreeably enough, walking from Surry Hills via Redfern, Waterloo, Alexandria, Erskineville to Newtown which I'd never done before. I bought a loaf of brown bread for $1.80 at an Asian bakery near the IGA in Regent St (or is Botany Rd?) & treated myself to a slice of banana bread. I was feeling noble for avoiding any of the pubs I passed but by the time I reached The Bank at Newtown Station I was parched and I popped in for two schooies of Coopers Green. The Bank is an uber-cool place and although I was dressed OK (I hope) the white plastic bag with my bread in was definitely not cool. Then I knocked my second schooner glass off the bar. Was it my imagination or did the sound of the smash still the pub? Then I started babbling to the bloke next to me - Pommie too - 'how did that happen?' 'did you see it?' (you were DRUNK you old fool, now stop bothering me!?) More humilation followed in the station when I had to ask these young people if I was on the right train to the City. 'Are you sure? I thought it said 'Lidcombe' on the front? (City via Lidcombe!) Then I started babbling to them on the train. Then I got off at Redfern thinking it was Central and had to jump back on and renew my babbling. Just another drunken old fool with his belongings in a plastic bag.
  22. Am I right to feel a sense of violation? A $10 plant but I watched it grow for nine months and now there's just a heap of soil! Perhaps in their drunken/drugged state they thought it was a cannabis plant so I hope they smoked it.
  23. Finally flying to Adelaide today night via Singapore Airlines.. so much excited and nervous also.:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Ahmedabad-Singapore-Adelaide.. 15 hours hold on Singapore airport.. so may be join Singapore 2 hours tour:biggrin:
  24. Hi All My family and I are flying to Adelaide via Singapore next month and have a 6 hour wait at Changi airport. I have read that there is a rooftop swimming pool that you can use while in transit which sounds very welcoming after a long flight. We land at 5pm and think the pool is open till 11pm, does anyone know the approx temperature it'll be there early evening? Don't want to use up valuable hand luggage space with swimming gear! Thanks in advance Janice
  25. Well it's been quite a night. My husband and my daughter's meds were uploaded and finalised last week. My newborn son's (Noah) were couriered last week and arrived on Monday. Mine were uploaded on Tuesday and referred on Wednesday (not sure for what?). Before I went to bed last night my referred meds were changed to finalised. Noah's meds were finalised when I got up at half 3 this morning to feed him. Then when I woke up this morning to an email from our agent stating our visa has been granted! Our case officer has been great the whole way and must have been waiting to push that grant button as soon as he got confirmation of Noah's meds! We are so so happy but not looking forward to telling the parents that it's actually going ahead. This has been such a long process (despite what my timeline may suggest) and a dream that began 6 years ago has finally been realised! I'm off to have some champers now!! Natalie