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Found 93 results

  1. Hi Friends, We currently live in Sydney. My husband has secured a job in Carrum Downs. We have a year old son. How is Carrum Downs as a place for bringing up children? Unfortunately or not, Carrum downs does not have a train station. We would prefer to live nearby train station,because we are yet to buy a car and I have to look out for jobs, so I might have to make frequent trips to the city. I read the nearest railway stations to Carrum Downs as Seaford, Kananook on Frankston line and Cranbourne,Merinda Park on Cranbourne line. We have no idea how these places are!We would want to rent in any of these areas, or preferably somewhere close to Carrum Downs. What we are looking for most primarily are: Community minded suburb close to train station and commutable distance to Carrum Downs,a nice Childcare,close to shops,safe suburb. Suggestions/help appreciated. Thanks, Shilpa :biggrin:
  2. Hi, my husband and I now have our flights booked over to Melbourne for the 28th December. I previously asked about renting in Altona but based on advice we received here have decided to go for something on the Sandringham line or next to a tram stop that stops at Hight St/St Kilda (where husbands job is). We have therefore narrowed our search down to Hampton and Brighton but 3 bed houses seem quite expensive (we don't want to go above $500 per week). There are a few about which we are going to apply for but Brighton East seems more affordable - does anyone know what this area is like? We have a 5 month old baby and 2 labradors. Also, am I right in thinking that the closest train station to 600 St Kilda St is Prahan? Hawksburn seems about a 2K walk which isn't ideal. Any advice appreciated!
  3. Guest

    Banks Are 'Nice'

    Just been announced that HSBC have been fined ten and a half million quid for DELIBERATELY selling services to the elderly that were of little use and they knew full well the potential damage the 'services' may cause, but hey ho, they have aplogised 'profusely' for there actions, all OK then.:yes::mad: I honestly thing Banks are there to help and advise, I luv em, a public service of the highest order, as proof here are a few clips from their TV ads to prove they 'care'. [YOUTUBE]ja8BdnbFHdI[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]tMWS4d-Y3D0[/YOUTUBE] :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  4. Guest

    Wales is nice.

    This is one for all our Welsh member's, We have just spent a week in Tenby which is the first time we have been to Wales even though i am 40:shocked: and have to say what a beautiful country it is with some extrodinary views, instead of driving along the motorway we decided to travel along the A40 all the way and went up through the north of the Brecons and were rewarded for this with spectacular scenery :yes:, their is an enormous amount to do there which kept the kids entertained including seal watching, my first ever round of golf :shocked:, fishing, surfing on Tenby beach which is one of the best beaches we have been to, and loads of other stuff. My son also had a go at bog snorkelling in the tiny town of Llanwrtyd Wells, if you have never heard of it it is exactly what it says on the tin snorkelling in a bog :yes: my friend who we went with is a presenter for the BBC and was recording for the news and it will be on in a couple of weeks so you will be able to have a closer look at this strange sport then:cool:, you may even get a sneaky peek at yours truly :wink:. But anyway Wales is a top place, just needs a bit less rain :yes:
  5. Guest

    How nice is this weather!

    In true local style - "How nice is this weather today!" Sod the job application I am supposed to be finishing this morning I'm off out. A bit of op shop browsing, then a walk along the sea front is in order. I'm also supposed to be buying a summer quilt as its getting a bit too hot under our winter duvet. After years of living in the sun I thought the hardest part for me would be getting used to the awful weather. From my so far very limited experience of Melbourne I am beginning to think that people say the weather is awful here in order to keep the masses away. :yes: Mind you it did take an hour to get the knots out of my hair after a really blowy day the other day :laugh: and my washing didn't dry on Monday cos of the rain... Gosh I am enjoying Melbourne!
  6. Hi there, we are planning to move to Sydney June 2012 and we are offering our 3 bed semi detached house in exchange for something similar in Sydney. Got a feeling this is one heck of a long shot but quite optimistic so fingers crossed. Here's to hoping anyhow!!!!
  7. lynne1266

    Nice suburbs in Perth ???

    Hi, We have just been approved for a 457 visa and until last week my OH had been told that his branch would be in Melbourne, we then had an email asking if he would like to go to Perth instead which we are really happy about. Our problem is we have spent so long looking at Melbourne suburbs we don't know anything about suburbs in Perth !!!! My OH will be working in Booragoon, we don't mind being 30-40mins away but we have no idea where to look ! also I quite like the look of NOR but not sure what the traffic would be like to get SOR in peak times. Any advise/help would be great !!!! Lynne x
  8. Guest

    Nice place this pio

    Just thought i would put in a big thanks to all the people who run this site, all the moderators and big cheeses who make things tick, you all do a wicked job :hug:, also all the wonderful members on here who are constantly helping each other out, i have put loads of threads on this year about our trip and have had loads of responses and some fantastic tips, also have had some great offers of help when we get to oz off certain members and have already lined up contact and a few beers with these guys, so a big pat on the back from me to everyone :wubclub:
  9. Hi guys a little help and advise please ! Could anyone have any advise on Mandurah ? Or could anyone tell us of any nice areas or any areas to stay away from please? It's just me and my hubby comjng over, oh and our staffy missy . We're looking for a 2-3 bedroomed house, happy to live half hours drive away from the beach, making friends is important to us, plus a place where something is going on, but not too much but not a ghost town ! That makes us sound fussy bur we're not :cute: thank youuu x
  10. nice to see the optomist/britchick/paulv--posting on pio--i like all of them,and think they have a great deal to offer to all of us--but there just my thoughts on the subject:wubclub:i love pabs post--saving the lemming is a one off,and brings such a roundness to pio--gothic rose has quite a few things to say that interest me--theres heaps more that give me interest,and pleasure--thanks guys:wubclub:--so who's post do you like,and why--there's nothing like a pat on the back occasionally me thinks:notworthy:
  11. We are a family with four adults and two children desperately trying to find some reasonably priced accommodation for end of march '12 for three weeks. Proving very difficult because of the size of our group and the houses to rent through stayz etc are proving to be quite expensive. Was quoted $6500 for one of them! Tried the big4 caravan park and that was extortionately basic. Ideally we would prefer an apartment or house with three bedrooms. Anywhere in Melbourne or suburbs. If anyone has any ideas I would be extremely grateful. I suppose I am looking for a cheap break equivalent to the haven caravan price of £250 a week for the six of us but just can't find anything cheap in Oz. We are going out to validate our visas and are on a very tight budget, but we want to entice our teenage daughters out there so don't want anything shoddy!!
  12. :arghh:Hi Folks, been a member of this site for a while now but just as an observer watching peoples life changing decisions. Now it seems to me my turn as i've just been offered a job on a 457 and it's just went a bit scary. i'm looking for advice about nice suburbs around SE and suggestions for schools etc for my 2 young boys. I've got so many questions but this will get me started, thanks in advance for any suggestions and advice.
  13. Englishlover

    Nice places in Devon and Cornwall

    Hi, Last time I asked you for the suggestion about the places that I will go with my boyfriend in England in September. Now, we have chosen Devon and Cornwall. We have 12 days to travel. Do you have any ideas about the places that are a must? Which place that is good for the man to propose his girlfriend?:biglaugh: I heard about the town called Torquay, but I am not sure if it is too far from Devon by car. Thank you
  14. Guest

    Nice area for couples

    Hi Everyone, My boyfriend and I are moving to Sydney and are looking for advice on nice areas to live in commuting distance to the business district. It would need to be near public transport and we would like to be in an area with shops / restaurants nearby... Any recommendations? Kate
  15. Hi guys, I am after some help. I am looking to emigrate to Perth and was wondering if any one could tell me of any nice areas that are not too expensive. Thanks so much guys. xx
  16. Guest

    Nice areas in Bunbury

    Looks like we 'll have to move from Mandurah to Bunbury due to job issues :wideeyed:. Can anyone recommend a nice area in Bunbury close to beaches. We have three children age 4, 12 and 15 so any info on schools would be good. Any info would be helpfull
  17. Hi I am new here but hopefully not for long. Like so many have agonised about moving back to UK but its all relative. Want to be near my ageing parents and have been unemployed in Brisbane for some time so Oz hasn't been that kind to me. It is a lovely place at times and of course I will miss certain things but I find it somewhat dull here just not enough variety for me. I will never be a surfer or AFL convert and I hate going round to peoples houses all the time!! Most of my friends are English and I don't seem to connect with the Aussies. I just need to sell my house in Sherwood so I can relocate back home so if anyone is interested in a nice house in Sherwood QLD (a very nice suburb and excellent location) have a look at http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-sherwood-107294133 Its good reading these forum as I thought it was just me who wasnt entirely happy here. Great place for young children though for any new migrants I will just put it down to experiencing life's rich tapestry. Regards Andrew
  18. Guest

    pio be nice thread

    With all the arguing and nastiness that has been apparant on some threads of late i am ordering everyone to be nice to each other on this thread otherwise me and brother pablo will be paying you a visit:mad:
  19. rockola57

    Wouldnt it be nice.

    It would be great if we didn't have to worry about the neighbours,and other people,regarding noise.Heaven to me would be to blast out my favourite sounds in peace,with no shat from no one.Loud,and not bothering no one!Anyone got a Mansion in the Country?Or a pair of noise cancelling headphones!:wink:
  20. Ours was better. :cute:
  21. Sorry for the long header! But, as a guide, how much would a modern 3 bed house in Syndey (within 45 mins drive from MacQuarie Park, 30 mins to coast), ideally with pool cost to rent?? Thanks!
  22. Sorry, for the vague area - but trying to get some barings. Where are some good suburb areas of Sydney, for family living. After 3 bed house, within 45 mins drive of MacQuarie Park and 30 mins of coast? Thanks!
  23. Another question about the partner visa, I'm afraid!! Any help would be much much much appreciated! I am Australian and sponsoring my husband on a partner visa and we are putting together all the documents. I am confused as to what is required to prove our marriage. The Partner Migration Booklet says you must provide "if you and your partner are married, a certified copy of the registry extract showing details of your marriage; Note: The department does not consider the decorative marriage certificate to be acceptable evidence of marriage." However, the actual visa form says to attached a "certified copy of marriage certificate". I rang the Australia Visa phone number and spoke to a girl today who told me that "she thinks" I only need to submit my marriage certificate but we obviously want to get it right the first time. We were married in Ireland and they have informed us that there is no way we can get a copy of the registry book at all as they have made all their files electronic. So sounds like we don't have a choice anyway! Has anyone had their visa approved on the basis of marriage certificate? As always, truly truly grateful for any help!! :confused:
  24. Townsville...can anyone give me any nice areas to live not too far from the beach and good senior schools...am going to hopefully be working at the hospital in Townsville as a midwife...anyone work there? would like to be about 20-30 min away if not closer...Thanks
  25. Guest

    nice areas ???

    Hi all and thanks in advance for any helpful advice :wink: I am a 30 year old electrician with a wife and 2 girls looking to emigrate to WA. Before the kids arrived my wife and I spent a year in oz on a working holiday visa and ended up getting married in perth (Armadale) by a very nice expat welsh minister called Jeff Munn - had a dog called taffy:biggrin: We spent about 6 months living/working in Perth, we stayed in Riverdale, the City, and we saw little of the surrounding areas / suburbs, north and south of perth. We are looking to initially rent when arriving with a view to renting something longer term afgter 3-6 months, then when inheritance comes through purchase a property outright. where would be suitable areas??? we would need to live close (ish) to the coast for the family, and also close or driveably close to the CBD in perth for potential work for me ( electrician ), have worked in the mines for 2 months in Yandi when I was there for AGC in an opencast Iron Ore mine , and realyl didnt like the seclusion or the FIFO lifestyle, so would need to work in the city or a heavily populated area so chance of consistant work/contracts is high. also it needs to be reasonable in price rental wise as we are on a budget and wouldnt have a huge deal of spare income untill we got on our feet there. To give you an idea our outgoings here (nice part of Chester, 3 bed semi detatched dorma 2 beds upstairs 1 down, garage, garden front / rear, we pay £600 a month negotiated from 650pm, council tax is about 1500 a year and gas / electricity is average 100 month combined, water 40 a month not sure of todays exchange rate or what the current prices are on rentals , outgoings etc, am hoping one of you guys already there could help us out with a cheeky bit of inside information on what to expect thanks guys lloyd