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Found 10 results

  1. Lauren L

    309 visa - with baby

    Hey guys, First time aussie living in the uk and married to a Brit! We are looking at starting the 309 visa process for my wife so we can move back to Oz (I’m an Aussie on a uk partner visa). My question is- we are looking to have a baby in the next 12-14 months but not sure how it will go with her visa application and I will be having the baby (yes we are both female :) ). 1. If I am pregnant before we lodge application do we have to advise them? 2. If I conceive after the application is lodged do we have to inform them? 3. If the baby is born in the uk is it an easy process to get the child Australian citizenship and an Australian passport?
  2. Hi My newborn baby Samuel was born two weeks ago. I was given centerlink application form when leaving the hospital. I have some questions regarding filling the application : 1- Who should be the main applicant ?my wife or myself ? 2- Who is the child main carer? my wife or myself ? 3- What is the medicare safety Net and how would I register my wife and myself for medicare safety Net ( the form says only one person can register and the other family members should register later) then again the first question arise who is the main applicant ? Thank you and looking forward to your replies Regards Reza
  3. We are planning to lodge our visa application in December this year. We have a baby due in mid-late November and intend to include him on the application, however we won't yet have his passport at the time of the application. Does this matter, or can passport copies and numbers be supplied at a later date? We will have his birth certificate.
  4. I've got two months until I crank out my first child, I've never really been around small humans having no small siblings or cousins and all that STUFF that baby shops are full of freaks me out.:wideeyed: Mums, what do you really NEED in the first few months as opposed to stuff you may want that just ends up as clutter? So far I have a pram and one of those little portable bath things and that's it. help!
  5. wakeboard1980

    UK passport for a newborn in Aus

    Hi everyone, so we made it to Aus (well I finally made it home) and we have had some great news, my wife is pregnant, due 1.8.11. She wants me to ask anyone on here who has been in the same boat how they went about obtaining a british passport for the baby once he/she is born. I enjoy telling her our first will be Aussie by birth and then British by decent......hehe :biggrin: Any advice will be greatly apprectiated. Thanks in advance Pat
  6. Guest

    Travelling with a newborn

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. My wife, daughter and I are planning to go on holiday later in the year as we have seen some cheap flights in the Jetstar boxing day sales. The problem we have is that we have to travel in August/September to take advantage of these prices, however, my wife is due with our second baby in May. Would 3-4 months be enough time to register the birth of the newborn baby and get a passport or should we hold off on booking the flights? I have checked the issue date of my daughters passport and it was issued 5 months after she was born but I remember there being problems with registering her birth due to her being born so close to Xmas and the registry office was closed. Also that was before we could apply for UK passports at the post office. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Richard
  7. Hi all, My husband and I are moving to Sydney in January 2010 when I will be 8 months pregnant and our daughter will be 20 months. He will be working in Northbridge so we are looking for a nice area that isn’t too expensive around the Lower North Shore or even further away if easily commutable. I am a little puzzled to which areas offer the best in activities for babies and toddlers. Currently we live in Greenwich, London which has loads of classes and activities for little ones, like baby swimming, sensory classes, soft play etc. and we’d like to find somewhere similar in Sydney with lots for the little ones to do close by, as my husband will have the car for work, so I will be relying on public transport/walking. If anyone can recommend a fun area with nice places to live I’d be super grateful. We are looking to spend a maximum of £800 per week rent and we would love some outside space (!). Any pointers or general help for a young family welcome, as our baby #2 will be arriving about 5 weeks after we do, so we won’t have too much time to find things out for ourselves! Thanks so much in advance. All best wishes Helen
  8. Hi My friend, his wife and his 2 children are soon to fly back to Australia from the UK. Both the parents and 1 child have PR. However, the other child, a newborn in the UK hasn't. They plan to apply for the necessary PR / sponsor visa for the newborn onshore, in Australia because of time restraints. However, they plan to apply for an E-visitor visa for the newborn so the little one can travel. Does anyone think that this may cause problems at Australian immigration? Any advice would be appreciated urgently. Thanks.
  9. smb101

    adding newborn to visa

    we were granted our 475 visa in february and found out were pregnant only a couple of days afterwards. our new daughter has now been born and we need to get a 475 visa for her passport. any advice as to what form we need to complete and how much it will cost? any advice will be much appreciated. simon
  10. Charlie Jack Browning, 8lb 2, born 31st March 2009, 9 months (-1 day!) after our return to the UK. Just thought I'd update you all on his safe arrival. Lots of love from a happy...knackered, but very, very happy Browning Family!