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Found 71 results

  1. Hello looking to meet new people as i've just moved to bunbury hopefully get some replies this time
  2. Hi newbies. Im heading back to the UK in a few weeks time and have a ton of excellent condition furniture to sell, quickly. Could help out families that are waiting for their container to arrive or if anyone fancies something new. The items are as follows: matching cream leather 2 seater and 3 seater suite with matching footstool, cream wooden drawed daybed (from Ikea), childrens cubby outdoor Little Tikes playhouse, 6 seater iron patio set with glass hexagonal table with lemon seat cushions, Rinnai gas bayonet house heater, various size suitcases, standup fridge (with freezer compartment), kids tricycles, front loading washing machine, tumble dryer. I live in Winthrop, about 10 minutes from Fremantle. Michelle x
  3. Hi Me and my husband (and out 2 yr old daughter) have started looking into moving to Australia from the UK and thought it would be great to join and get some advice from people who have actually made the move! Any help would be appreciated, really we were wondering how long it takes to go through the process and how you decided which part of australia is for us? Also I have seen there are lots og agents out there to help with the visa application but as they charge nearly the same amount again was wondering if they are worth using? Thanks! Lau and Andy
  4. Kelandpete


    Hi, So were new on here and looking forward to brisbane we hope !! meds done and police checks in now just waiting for the green light .. were lucky that we have couisns out here to stay with but other than that totally cr*ping it ....:wacko: Just wondering how long are we looking for till (they ) say yes ?? Great site BWL Pete &Kel and the other 4....
  5. Hello my name is Aisling I'm 21 ive just moved to bunbury with my family from london.. and well I didn't realise how scarey it would be.. I would like to meet new people that are in the same poision as me and also looking to met new people as its quite hard.. so don't be shy love to hear from people of all ages.. thanks
  6. adsmich


    Hi there, Newbies here, Tra skills assessment cleared for general fitter, just received my IELTS results getting 8.5, 8, 8, 9 and 8.5 overall. So now we have the main visa to do, we were going for a 175 but can now apply for a 176 due to IELTS score. How long are visas taking at the mo? We are looking at WA around Busselton or Bunbury areas. Thanks
  7. Guest

    Newbies & Q

    Hi everyone, may i introduce me and my husband :biggrin: we are new to this forum altho we do browse occasionally! Craig is Australian by descent, making our 3 children Australian by descent. We have made the decision to emmigrate to Oz when I leave the RAF in Feb 2013, so I have just printed off the partner migration booklet and Form47SP..... just a quick question...maybe a stupid one but ill ask anyway! It says as part of my id evidence i need to provide my birth certificate showing both parents names. Now I only have my mothers name on my birth certicate - does this matter? I do know my father but they were not married and not together at the time off my birth so he is not on my birth certificate. thanks in advance Looking forward to getting to know you all! Lynds
  8. missshelly

    Newbies to Canberra

    Hi is anyone moving to Canberra in the next few months:wacko:
  9. Guest

    Newbies in the house!

    Hi all :biggrin: Couple of newbies here,, making thier 1st post :wideeyed: Just had final interview today (went really well) for possible job offer in NSW with HITACHI. Wont find out the outcome until early next week :unsure: If all goes well 457 visa's will be started and then the waiting game to follow i guess. We will be on here a lot more than we have been if the job offer comes thro so watch out for our questions :wink: kennmikp
  10. I've been speaking to a few people on here who are going to be here end of may or beggining of june this year and suggested maybe a newbie meet up? If you keen let me know and can arrange a meet up for a drink and can introduce you to a few people I already know Speak Soon Tony
  11. Hi there! I've found this site through various google searches about info we need for our migration, and more often than not ive found the answer within the forum here, so i thought we'd better join up! I'm aussie, James is a pom, and after 7 years of living in the uk, im heading home and taking him (and the dog) with me! We're planning a huge trip first - we've got a KTM 990 Adventure S motorbike and we're riding it from London to Oz! Not sure what city to live in yet - I guess we'll figure that out as we go. Our main questions so far are about vehicle imports (one motorbike that's here now, and the other that we're riding), and about pet importation. I'm going to get stuck in and browse the topics already here, but if anyone wants to offer advice it will be much appreciated! Anyone else interested in or done motorbike travel?
  12. Guest

    Visa help for newbies please

    Hi I'm new to PIO, so please forgive any cheekiness! My other half (John) and I have applied for a skilled migrant visa, we have just been allocated a case officer, we applied in Nov 08, when our daughter, Emily (17) was in full time education, however the case officer wants to know whether she is still a dependant, although he has instructed us to obtain police and medical certificates. Well, she's now 20 and is working 30 hours per week. Does this now mean (in the eyes of the Australian Government) she is no-longer a dependent? and therefore not elligable to be on our visa? Of-course, in real terms she is very dependent on us! Naturally there is no way we could go without her, although sometimes she can make the thought tempting! Does any one know our best way forward please? The last thing she wants to do is give up the job that, not only took her ages to get, she enjoys, when there is still a chance we won't be granted the visa anyway, also all full time college courses started last September. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Hopefully yours, Char.
  13. We are new. He is British, I am German. We shall be down under in May - but we have not even applied for Visa yet. Still waiting for the contract, that's why. Though we are expected to be in Melbourne so soon. Very odd. Do you think it can be done? In any case we need a place to stay soon. For the first few months we will have to live out of a suitcase by the looks of it. We already got removal quotes but obviously it takes a while until the container arrives from the UK. So we would be grateful for any helpful hints as we are basically without any knowledge about how to organize such a big thing in such a short time. PS: We already moved a couple of times between Germany, Italy, France and England so we have experience moving stuff around - but for the rest.........
  14. Guest

    Newbies seeking some clarity..

    This is our first post, so any help or advice is much appreciated. We have been considering a move to Australia for some time. Both my husband had a working holiday visa some years ago and would now like to make a permanent move with our family. We contacted an agent who gave us some brief information and advice on what to do, considering the costs involved, we would like to maybe tackle the application process ourselves but are unsure of where to start. For Visa Sub Class 175, we have established that our points score is 115, so 5 points short of the required 120. Reading more into how the points are allocated, it seems one can obtain 25 points for English proficiency by completing an IELTS test? as apposed to the normal 15 points for being UK passport holders. Has anyone ever done this in order to increase their score? The agent we spoke to suggested applying for State Sponsorship, we've tried to research this online and can't quite get a grasp of it. My husband is on the Skills Occupation list and has the relevant qualifications etc for his job and the required work experience but we are reading that applicants must complete a Skills Assessment and are wondering which is done first? and also, is the State Sponsorship route our only way seeing as we are just short of the 120 points for the general skilled migration visa. Thanks for reading.
  15. Leach Family

    Newbies needing advice please

    Hi all.......first time posting so hope im doing it right!? (sorry if not) We are hoping to start our visa process soon and move to Brisbane. We have visited Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane over the last 3years and love them all but think Brisbane best meets all our needs. We are having to wait as i have not got 12months recent work experience! I have been working in education but not early years. I am BA (Hons) Early Childhood qualified and have previous experince but was 8years ago. I have completed voluntry work in Early years over past 12months whilst qualifying but this wont be enough for assessment purposes, i dont think? My husband is a Civil Engineer and works for himself over here successfully managing his own business for 2years.....but hes not qualified!? He has over 12years experience but other than completing the CDR route not sure how he would qualify? We are 100% commited to emigrating but like most are finding all the small print and changes very confusing.:confused: Again not sure if this is the right place to ask but any help, support or advice about our situation would be grately appreciated. Many Thanks......we look forward to talking to others in a similar situation x
  16. Hello from the Dodds'! We are new to PIO and just saying hello:biggrin: Husband got a job in Oz a month ago & starts end of January! We have sent off our 457 visa application today, & packers are coming a week on monday to collect our belongings ready to ship, so all being well we will arrive in Perth December!!! Yippee!!!!!!! We have three daughters 12, 7 & 1, so hoping to find some info on schools, areas to rent etc....... and hopefully make some friends:biggrin: PIO has been a great source of info in the last couple of weeks, thanks everyone & looking forward to seeing you soon! XxXxX
  17. the mooz

    Newbies 176 - mum CPV ??

    Hi Everyone Our first post on PIO and like every one else we're trying to get our heads round the new regs and failing. Us: Mrs Moo - main applicant - Registered Nurse working as a Community Palliative Care Nurse (same as a MacMillan Nurse but funded by the hospice she works for) 20+ years in palliative care. Mr Moo (me) - a part qualified bean counter with the incentive to get the finger out and study for the final professional exams Twins - aged 10 Missy Moo - lovely but stroppy Master Moo - sensitive but prone to the odd wobbily and thumping of his sister (she can give as good as she gets as she'd done Tae Kwon Do for a couple of years) My folks were £10 poms in the 1950's and lived in the Unanderra area of NSW. They returned to the UK a couple of years before I was born so I was brought up singing Aussie songs , surrounded in bits and pieces my folks brought back from Oz and their stories. My wife and I had our honeymoon in Australia back in 1998 which was great. We were mostly in Queensland (Brisbane, Noosa, Port Douglas) and we (well mostly me) really like the laid back attitude of Queenslanders. Our original plan was for us to go over on 176 visas to Brisbane and for my mum (84) to come over on a CPV shortly afterward. We were going to buy mum's council house and sell it 3 years later when the CPV final payment would be about due. However, nothing runs smoothly and we found we couldn't get a mortgage as the house was classed as sub-standard due to being a prefab with a new outer skin and roof. Also, the credit crunch made banks adverse to a loan on this type of house. Bu**er. So things are a bit up in the air at the moment for getting mum over as we can't afford the visa and it would use up most of her savings if she pays it. I'm also kicking myself for not getting the visa application in before the freeze on GSM visas in May. My wife got her QLD state nomination in April but due to 10-12 hour days and working weekends I never got round to sorting out the paperwork and applying. When we heard the announcement about the freeze I nipped off work but the website had blocked applications before the actual deadline!! Anyway I've got loads of questions to ask so I'll get going. Excuse my turn of phrase as my only written communication for years has been on yellow post-its. cheers Mr Moo
  18. hello all, while i was lookin for a recent meet-up on the sunshine coast,i found that there was no new posts in the last 3 months:goofy:.... so if anyone is interested in meetin up, makin friends , then start this thread....:jiggy: i am livin in mountain creek and have only been here 2 months .... i have OH , linzi 21, an megan 10.. look forward to hearin from you all ...... caroline
  19. Hi everyone, We are new here i say we as its both myself partner and daughter making the big move down under, We have recently had our visas changed just as we where getting close to the end now we have to decide on an specific area in WA and we are seriously struggling on making that decision unfortunatly we dont have very long to make our minds up which is where im hoping you lovely people come in, My partner is a fully qualified plumber so obviously that is a important part of our decission and we also need to be close to schools, The regions we have been given to choose from are: Peel Gascoyne Goldfields-Esperance Great southern Kimberly Mid West Wheatbelt Perth Any help or info on these areas would be great, Thankyou all xx :chatterbox:Charlene & Matthew:Randy-git:
  20. Guest


    Hi all, just starting the long road to Aus. We are a family of four, 2 daughters 12 &10 and me and the mrs , both 42.. The good lady is a nurse and will be main visa application, we live close to notts/derby border and welcome all advice good and bad All the best!!
  21. Guest

    Hello all 2 more newbies

    :wub:Hi all, we are Paul and Lesley and live in Newton Abbot, Devon. We are Newbees to the site but started the process of moving to Oz some months ago. Paul is in suspended ceilings and dry wall lining [ Fiberous Plasterer] in Oz, he passed his AQF111 in May this year and we just managed to get the paperwork in for S.S. the day before they closed the doors for Queensland, so we hope to move just north of Brisbane around April/ May next year, depending on the sale of our property. We have two beautifull long coated German Shephards who will be coming with us called Lottie and Storm. We did a reccie to Queensland last December for Xmas and fell in love with it, travelling from 1770 down to the Gold coast in a motorhome, it was great. Paul is also a keen scuba diver, so he can't wait to get on the Great barrier reef. Anyway hope this is my first of many chats, good luck to all, Lesley
  22. Guest

    Confused newbies!

    Hi All - we are a couple in our mid/late thirties. Nikki is an Occupation Therapist and easily makes the grade for an independent skills visa 175 with a score of 130 or more while Tom is a Public Relations Officer and scores over 100 but under 120. Tom's score is dependent on having his skills assesed and there is no guarentee that his degree will be recognised as it was in Tourism (he does PR for tourism industry). Anyway - will the fact that Tom may not have a decent skills score affect the visa application. Is the application a joint one or just based on Nikki's skills? Does Tom need to meet the skills score in order to work? It is all very confusing! Any advice would be welcome.
  23. Guest

    more newbies :)

    hi all, thought we should introduce ourselves, signed up a few months ago and have found the info and people on this site very helpful & friendly! i am carrie (an aussie.. but currently in uk on working hol visa), my boyfriend is jonny, who has applied for a skilled visa (carpenter), and since the recent changes to visa processing has also put in an application for state sponsorship to WA, which we're hoping to hear about in july... so keeping fingers crossed until then! was good to come on here today and see people starting to get their sponsorships through for WA, have been a bit down with the changes and delays to visa processing.. feels like it could take forever! so that is us hope to get back on here regularly, and i will try help out where i can with info on WA (i am originally from down south, near Albany, and have also lived in Perth and Geraldton..)
  24. Guest

    Newbies from London

    Hi there, been following this forum for a while now and thought I'd say Hello. I'm Emma 26 originally from Edinburgh, Scotland but currently living in London where I work in IT. My hubby and I (Paul 27 from Blackpool, also works in IT - but we're not *complete* geeks - honest :wink:) are coming moving to Sydney in October '09. We just got our Visas through yesterday - very excited. We're coming over on a working holiday visa for 12 months to see how we like it with a view to settling more permanently. No jobs or anything lined up yet - beginning to feel slightly crazy but so excited too as we've been talking about doing this for years so it's great to actually be doing something about it! I'm sure I'll have loads of questions over the next few months but this post is just to say Hi really. 5 months and counting!! :arghh:
  25. TaniaColin


    Hi to everyone and their families who have joined the forum, it is nice to see so many people interested in moving to Oz and New Zealand. Do other members think there have been alot more new people on the forum recently, or is it just me. I wonder how many new people are joining on a weekly basis, perhaps one for Tim. Why has there been so many, are we all fleeing the UK because of what?????? Do we all think it is going to be a better life elsewhere or better opportunities? What do other people think as a matter of interest Thanks for reading this, and please post your views Tania X:yes: