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Found 454 results

  1. Mamma Midwife

    Just saying hello!

    Hello! I have just joined your lovely forum and have had a good look around. I have dreamt about making the move to Oz for at least a decade! And I've finally managed to convince the hubby that it is a good idea!! (I hope I'm not wrong ) We are just starting our in-depth research now so I know we are a while away from the big move. We are thinking of relocating to Perth, however this would be dependant on the availability of jobs for us both. We also have 4 children (ages 6, 8, 11 and 13) so at least 2 of them will be teens when we move. Has anyone else successfully made the move with teens? Any tips on making the process easier for them? I know it can take a while before you are in invited to apply for your visa after submitting your EOI so would you recommend submitting asap just in case? My concern is that it all happens to quickly and we won't have time to complete our research - I know this is unlikely, but I'm just being cautious! Perhaps it would be better to wait until we've done all our research before submitting the EOI? Thank you for your time and I look forward to reading your replies
  2. Ash Sewell

    At the beginning....

    Hi everybody! New to the forum. We are at our first steps of wanting to move out there. Any advice on anything would be much appreciated! Thanks ?
  3. Hi, looking to move across asap from Aberdeen to Perth on 457 Visa sponsored by company looking to join. Process seems pretty lengthy, I will update progress in the correct section, but we've been appointed a visa specialist at Fragomen, and we have someone to help us at Kent relocation, and have had a wee look on Domain at places to stay. my first question, does anyone know if it's feasible to commute by bike from CBD to Canning Vale, are there cycle lanes, and is it very hilly?
  4. jazzed28

    Hello, I'm new here.

    Hi, it is a good site! I live in New Zealand now and planning to move to AUS for the future. This site is really helpful to me, I can hear many experiences before getting into real world. Thanks a lot!
  5. Tigerlily86

    Hello from a soon to be "Pom in Oz"

    Hello! I've just joined Poms in Oz, though I have in fact been haunting this forum for some time - several years in fact. :wink: I applied for a subclass 309/100 partner visa in December 2012 so I could move out to Melbourne with my Aussie partner of 2 and a half years. We just found out on the 6th June 2013 that my visa has been granted! I'm still a bit in shock as I hadn't been expecting to hear anything until August/September this year at the earliest. We're hoping to fly out to Melbourne in October/November of this year as we still have some money to save away and I have a LOT (well, it feels like it right now) of loose ends to tie up. I've been waiting for this day for so long and now it's finally come I have to say I feel rather overwhelmed...not sure where to start...I'm hoping this forum might help me with this huge move and that I can learn from the experiences of those that have done it already! Lol, I'm trying to organise myself but my brain still feels like: :arghh: Hopefully that will pass! Anyway, hello to everyone! ~ Tigerlily86
  6. Hi everyone, whilst looking for somewhere useful to find info on emigrating and the cost of living etc etc i came across many websites/forums but after only a minute or so of looking here i knew this was the one i wanted to join. So, our story. We are a family of 4 currently, 2 adults and 2 young kids. We tried to move to NSW a few years ago but DH's job didn't pan out so that was a no no. He is now applying for the WA amb service (that's what he does here) in hopes they will accept him instead. I have constantly ummmm'd and errrrr'd with regards to moving since we first applied, then we got rejected and it was quite a let down. Obviously if we emigrate we will be leaving family behind and (even though we're not particularly close) i know that would really be the last time we see them in the flesh. (Skype is not quite the same). That is something very difficult to get my head around. And i know would break my children's hearts. BUT, ultimately they WOULD have a much better life in Oz then the UK. Anyway, that's a little about us. I look forward to getting to know you all.
  7. lostgirlwildworld

    Melbourne migrant flying solo

    Hey I'm moving to Melbourne from Brighton and arriving in early April. I'm going on my own and pretty much diving in at the deep end as I don't have a job or long term accommodation yet. Oh, I also don't know anyone! I am, however, very excited nonetheless! Wondered if anyone had any top tips for getting settled or fancied arranging a social after I've arrived?! Would love to hear from anyone who's been there a while or anyone arriving soon! Ashleigh
  8. Hello! My partner and I are wanting to move to Australia with our two year old. We are finding it extremely difficult to find out information on visas etc and what companies to use. I am 22 and a freelance hair and makeup artist, I work on films, fashion shows and commercials. My partner, joe, is 23 and an electrician. He qualified in 2010 and has two and a half years experience working as an electrician. We have a two year old son, Mylo. So far we have been in touch with a few companies who have briefly explained the points system and have been told joe would expect to be awarded 60points. One of the companies I have spoken to, on joes behalf, was visamigrate. They seemed very quick to want a £300 deposit which slightly worried me. Does anyone have experience with this company? Or does anyone know any good ones to go through? Any information anyone has would be greatly appreciated! Also we are not married and we can't find any information as to whether I would be on his visas or not? Thankyou in advance amanda
  9. shorty85

    Newbie needing some basic info

    Hi, Im new to the site and seriously considering moving to Oz. I am 27 and would be making the move on my own. I am looking at Queensland area as I have some relatives out there. I am currently a student in the uk and qualify in 2014 as an Occupational Therapist (which I think is on the Skilled Occupations List). I am looking for general tips/advice such as how much does it cost for essential stuff like visas and savings required before actually moving. Any advice would be welcome! Thanks # Rachel :biggrin:
  10. MrStocks80

    Hi all, newbie in awe!

    Hi all on PiO, I have been registered on here a little while now, and have spent time looking at a few posts. As I am looking to move to Australia (Brisbane) spring/summer 2013 and will be submitting my 309/100 visa application in the next 2-3mths, I thought I'd introduce myself - no doubt I may need the odd bit of assistance here and there. I also hope that I can add to the banks of information here on this site by helping others with my experience and progress. MrStocks80
  11. Guest

    From Wales to Dunedoo....

    hey there.. The names Beth. I'm new to all this, Ive just moved to Australia, all the way from wales in the united kingdom. I'm currently living in dunedoo (nsw). I'm interested in finding out about activities to do here. id really like to go exploring, and see what Australia has to offer. I'm a fan of all creatures great and small. And love a bit of an adrenalin rush.! any extreme sport opportunities and I'm there! I do like horse back riding. and galloping across the great outdoors. I love meeting new people and getting to know different cultures. so if you have any ideas or know of any good places to visit, or if you just want to make a new friend then write back..
  12. Guest


    It's my first day here so I want to say, "Good day to all fellow pomsinozian's" :biggrin:
  13. Hello All! I've been lurking around the forums for about a year now, so I thought it high time that I say hello. I'm originally from southeast England but I came Down Under in February, 2011 on a WHV. After touring around the country, I decided I wanted to stay! Since February of this year I've been in the process of applying for a RSMS 857 and I'm currently at the (seemingly endless) waiting stage. I live and work for a landscaping company in Darwin and, otherwise, I'm just diggin' life in the Top End. Thanks to everyone in the forums who have answered questions I've had (and some that I didn't know I had) over my time lurking around! Best wishes to everybody!
  14. Hello all! I'm very new to all this. I've never been part of a forum before so if I seem a bit slow on the up-take, bear with me! Very basically, myself and my partner are hoping to come for a 4/5 week trip in the next 12-18 months. I've been doing some researching on what to do, where to go and what to see, however my better half is really indecisive. He's also not the 'leap of faith' type and likes a more 'tried and tested' approach. So I thought where better to ask advice than with you guys! The trip will hopefully be the first of many and will also play a part in determining if we really do want to take the plunge and move here in the future. We unfortunatly can't take a trip any longer than 4/5 weeks because of work commitments, and to allow for a 4/5 week trip it will have to be around the Christmas/New Year period where we are given 2 weeks by our employer. What I'm after here are any opinions/ideas on what to fill our little trip up with. What are the 'must do's' and the 'must see's'. I'm still in the very early stages of research so anything I can then go on to find some links or webpages, with plenty of info to bombard the other half with, would be fantastic!! Thanks for all your help, hope you're all having a great day! Erin x
  15. Guest

    toolmaker newbie

    hi friends, This is naseef from India.just wanna say a big HIIIIIIIIIIII to all of you guys out there. I am a Toolmaker with 5 years of experience and looking to start my Immigration to OZ.Can any one of you help me out with the proceedings Thanks
  16. Hello all new to this but looking to be in oz this time nx year with my family on a skilled migration visa?? im a nurse who has lived in oz on a sponsorship visa in 2002 now looking to return with hubby and kids and make our future there, i am 30 with 2 young children (5 and 5 months) and a partner who works as a duct fitter. we would both be looking to work. Not sure though should i use a migration agent or apply for visa myself, applied and got 457 visa years ago to work in sydney though not sure about this time? have been quoted around £3600.00 for visa and skills assessment does this sound about right and can anyone recommend good agents through pm please x thank you x
  17. Grahamskyline

    HeLlo and welcome

    Hi there, I'm new , my wife and I have spoke about oZ for around 6 yrs. About 3 yrs ago we looked into coming out there but had to cancel due to family commitments . I'm a carpet fitter and my wife a school cook, some of you may think this is a bit premature but were looking at moving out in around 5 yrs (2016/7) just because we want to save enough money first as we only rent here in the uk as we have never bought property.I'm 33 and my wife 38' maybe only a dream but a dream that we both still want to do, watch this space friends,speak soon.
  18. Guest

    Newbie saying G'Day

    Hi all, just about to start the ball rolling in the ENS with my current employer. Left it a bit late with just over 2 months to go until my 45th Birthday but let's see if it can be done without calling on any new extensions to the age limit. Hindsight? I'd have saved up £10 as soon as I could walk in the early 70's and jumped at the opportunity. Would love to be going out to live near my Grandmother on the Northern Beaches but alas, as is so often proved, too many birthdays can be hazardous to your health GRHS. I hope to learn a few things from those that have gone before on here and hopefully, leave a few nuggets for those that follow. Live it, it only happens once!
  19. Newfie fan

    Hello from yet another Newbie!

    Hello all. I have been reading through this site and found so many of the threads helpful. My husband has just recently been offered a job working in Melbourne and they want him to start on the 9th Jan! It has all happened so quickly that I feel like my head is spinning!!:wacko: What really worries me is that we haven't received our 457 visa yet and we have a 3 year old Newfoundland dog that we will be bringing with us. All the new laws on the rabies jabs is very scary and we will need to get Jessie on a flight before the 1st Jan (if we can). Needless to say I am feeling very stressed!:arghh: I have also heard that it is difficult to rent properties if you have pets.....any advice would be greatly appreciated.:yes:
  20. Guest

    Greetings from a newbie!!!

    Hello Everyone, I have been lurking around the site for a while and found it to be quite an interesting place. I came across many things that I haven't even thought about. So, I thought that its time to dive in and just thought about saying 'Hello' to everyone. Looking forward to have a good time hanging here.
  21. GlobalTrotter

    Newbie looking for Pommie mechanics

    Hi, I am a new to this site Basically I signed up to the site to find mechanics that are either in Oz or planning to move to down under. My company has mechanical positions that need to be filled across Australia and not enough people to fill them so hopefully this site will help somewhat. Looking forward to speaking to new people, Cheers, GlobalTrotter / Andy
  22. :wink::wink:Hi all, Am new on poms, just wanted to say hello to everyone. we are moving to central coast in january and am so excited, cant wait. any information on education, entertainment, health, i mean all aspect of life are welcome. and i would love to meet up with you. that is if u re in cc.:hug:
  23. Guest

    Newbie 176 or 175

    I wanted to say hello to everyone in this forum. I've been reading for some time and I think there are loads of great information here. I'm planning to submit my visa soon, however I'm not entirely sure which could be the best way. I'll travel with my OH and 3 kids. Have already my AACA positive skills assessment, and I guess I'll get my 7-in-each-band-score-IELTS-results on Friday, but I'm not sure what to do. Whe are willing to go to Sidney, so our options are: option 1. 175. I've read recently that people are spending an average of 7 months in this visa, despite the information in DIAC option 2. SS NSW and 176. I'm more keen on this. I've read that people are getting 176 very fast, despite DIAC's information ( a couple of months or so). However I',m not sure about the timing for the positive SS assessment for NSW. Any advice would be apretiated. Thanks.
  24. Hi all, Landed in WAon Thursday and having a great time already. We're staying over in Fremantle at the moment before we have to find a place of our own (looking at Success and areas around there). Just wondering if anyone knew where a good place to buy second hand cars here? Trying to find something akin to AutoTrader but had no luck so far. Obviously, there are the used car dealers but you don't get the same variety. Any recommendations for a Sunday in Fremantle? I think we may have exhausted what's on offer already!
  25. Hi, My name is Stefan and im 35 years old :yes: I have been reading through this site and found so many of the threads helpful. POMSINOZ are the only usefule forum in the net.. I stay here with my wife and now we like to change from a 457 visa to a 857.. and i have a couple question about this change any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Cheers Stefan Perth