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Found 4 results

  1. Victoria Carol Gadd

    Help with my options!

    Hello! I am new to this brilliant forum and I am hoping some of you lovely people could help me out with a few things, firstly i'll tell you a little about my situation. I am 25 years old, from the UK. I have a business degree in Events Management and currently work as an assistant manager for a health and beauty company. My sister moved to Perth September 2012 as her now finance moved over there a few years before with his parents who had enough points. He now has citizenship and an Australian passport. My sister went out on the year working visa, she didn't complete the 3 months working on the land as she applied for a spouse visa and is currently on a bridging visa until she hears back from the outcome of her application. I am now wanting to move to Australia and I am wondering what my best options are. I am wanting to move in June 2015. Should I apply for a working visa, complete the 3 months in order to get a second year visa? But then what happens once the second year is up? What about a student visa? I know you can only work 20 hours per week when on this visa which is not a problem. Should I complete a course in the UK for a job that is on the SOL eg a PGCE in teaching before I leave? But then do I have to have so many years experience working in that role? Also I am thinking of possibly using a migration agent, Does anyone have any experience of using one? If so what are your thoughts and anyone you can recommend? And lastly, what advice can you give me? Anything would be appreciated. I have spoken to people I know from various different age ranges who have done it however I am always willing to listen to more experiences, especially as all the people I know live in Perth, what is it like in other parts of the country? Many Thanks for your help Victoria X
  2. Daveymb

    Documents sent to Aitsl today

    Hi All This is my first post, although I have been consulting the forum for info and advice for many weeks now. My partner and I went to Oz in August for a reconnaissance mission, visiting Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Whilst there we visited friends and had a great time, although visiting four states in four weeks was a little hectic to say the least. Ever since I went to Oz in 1999 on a WHV I have wanted to make the move. After finishing Uni in 2003, I went to NZ on a WHV with the intension of making it work there and then making the move to Oz, but that wasn't meant to be. As many of you know, life just takes a certain path which isn't necessarily straight. But, it's the twists and turns of life which makes us who we are right? Anyway, after talking about Oz for many years, August was the first time in 12-13 years since I have been back. I have to admit, I had mixed feelings about going back; although I was excited I was also worried that for all those years of talking about Oz and longing to be back, was I simply looking through rose tinted glasses at the land down under? I was a very different person when I was 18-19 in Oz as a backpacker on a WHV moving from state to state; I had more hair for a start :biggrin:. For my partner going to Oz was a different adventure. Although she had visited in 1999 as part of a school trip and really liked what she saw, she hadn't experienced Oz in the way I had experienced it. Granted, my experience was nothing more than an extended holiday and I couldn’t honestly say that I had really immersed myself in the everyday 'Australian life'. It is also a fact that I want different things out of life now than I did back when I was young. For a start, I would be going back to Oz as a couple, with the intension of starting a family; very different things from the fun loving, long haired guy back in the late 90s. For my partner there was no risk of breaking the rose tinted glasses or shattering illusions, she went to Oz with an open mind, which is probably the best approach one can ever take. To cut a long story short (too late) we managed to speak to a lot of people, including teachers and individuals working with the department of education SA (my partner is a secondary school teacher and will be the main visa applicant), which put my partner’s mind at rest re employment. After two weeks of being in Oz my partner and I made some enquires re visas etc and were toying with the idea of using an agent recommended by a friend of ours in Oz. However, on coming back to the UK we made the decision to conduct the visa process ourselves. Surprisingly, I was the one who questioned our decision to migrate. Don't get me wrong, it was not that I didn't want to make the move, but I have to admit the rose tinted glasses had certainly been removed and I was now really seriously weighing up the implications, consequences, costs and benefits of migrating to Oz. Anyway, as the title of the tread illustrates, we have finally sent all of the documentation off to Aitsl this morning. It has been an absolute nightmare getting the information together, particularly getting official letters re number of supervised teaching days etc. But, it’s done and all we can do now is wait. Incidentally, getting the IELTS was the easy part (sorry for those still struggling to get their desired marks), although my partner did practise for a whole week in order to get an overall band score of 9. So for all those still having difficulty with this, we understand how frustrating this can be. Anyway, we are hoping for a speedy turnaround by Aitsl so that we can lodge our EOI asap. With 80 points we are hoping that we will get an invitation. Has anyone else had their skills assessed by Aitsl? How long did it take and were there any issues? Good luck to all those applying etc and making the move to Oz and we hope to hear from you soon. Cheers D
  3. Guest

    Hi...just a few questions

    Hi Im Jenn, Just joined the site today. so im looking at applying for a work holiday visa for late next year or early 2014. Im just wondering is there a best time to go to Australia? Or is all year round always about the same? I would possibly be looking for a travel buddy/partner as no one I know wants to do this and it is a bit nerve racking, so if anyone is interested please do let me know. If anyone has any information or tips at all in regards to everything, how much i need to take with me? how much i will be looking at paying in accommodation, food etc etc I would be very greatful. Thank you Jen xox
  4. hello all new to this bt after living in sydney 6years ago as a nurse on a sponsored visa, me and my oh now with with our 2 children age 5 and 5 months are considering returning. dont think a permanent visa would be too hard to get but seeking any advice from people who have moved re cost of living. As a family we could prob be earning around $130000, bt is this enough for a good standard of living? would prob move to queensland as few friends moved there bt cars childcare rent etc is making us wonder. we partied and travelled when was last there so lived alot like students!!!! but would now want family living in the sunshine, here in uk both work full time and would do the same there. Any info from others families greatfully recieved x