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Found 5 results

  1. Ash Sewell

    At the beginning....

    Hi everybody! New to the forum. We are at our first steps of wanting to move out there. Any advice on anything would be much appreciated! Thanks ?
  2. greenmaykelly


    Hey, completely new to this so bare with me lol.. I'm looking at working and traveling in Australia with my sister in March/April of this year. We made the mistake of using 'Global Work and Travel' to help us go about it (Bad idea!) and later discovered bad reviews on numerous sites and proported investigations by the Canadian and Australian authorities. Luckily it was only my deposit I lost which was taken out of my account without my consent and which I will battle to get back. So yeah, I've learnt it's best to plan it all by yourself which my best mate proved to me was dead easy, as she is currently working in Sydney and will soon be working her way up to the Gold Coast. She did it with a friend of hers from uni and started there adventure by travelling Indonesia and Malaysia for 6 weeks which looked and sounded amazing! All she needed was her visa , flights and a couple of grand in the bank. Sooooo, it's my turn and I would appreciate any single bit of advise in my prep! How did you guys do it? How much did you have saved? Where are the best places to work and travel? How soon did you find a job? Forgot to to mention I am 22 year old hairdresser , but I'd do anything for work out there. My sister is 20 and specialises in hospitality and retail but again she'd do anything for work. Anybody else gone as a pair? How did it that go/how's it going? Thank you!
  3. leggyblondebird

    Hello from a Forum Newbie with a WHV!

    Hi all! I have been in Australia on a WHV since 27th December 2012. I love every minute of the experience and intend to keep living this dream for the rest of my life. I now have an Aussie boyfriend so I will be applying for a partner visa before the end of my second year WHV. I found getting my second year visa really easy. I spent three and a half months working on a stud farm in Upper Lansdowne, NSW. It was fantastic and I really enjoyed the experience. I am a very outdoorsy person but prior to coming to Australia I spent three years working as a PA and event planner so it was certainly a change to not be in an office! I worked long days, around 6am-11pm and did it all for free, just doing some babysitting for pocket money, but I loved it all. I was a real part of the family and even long after leaving, I still keep in good touch with the family I lived with. I had no previous experience with horses either, and I was the only farmhand and single handedly ran the place a lot! We had 30 horses, 40 organic beef cattle, lots of chickens, three cats and a dog. There were also the two children that I helped take care of around the farming for my pocket money, so it really was an incredible learning experience and I really felt like I had given a lot back to the country for the amazing experiences it continues to provide me with. I also really felt that I had earned my second year visa. It was nice to feel like I deserved it so much! So now I am temping with a local council and saving to make a life with my boyfriend. We have been seeing each other since I arrived here and officially became a couple in September 2013, so this September we can apply for the partner visa and I will be able to stay. I stayed with him and his family a lot before and during my farming, then moved in properly mid-July 2013 and have been living there and working in the area ever since. I am a little concerned about the partner visa application, but we are building up a good bundle of evidence so we shouldn’t encounter too many problems, I am hoping. I joined here for advice (both giving and receiving) and just a general feel for a community in a similar position, to talk about all the awesome aspects of this wonderful country. And to say that if you have ever tried to call IMMI…my gosh! I called four times and each time waited for half an hour before giving up. I finally got through 15 minutes into the fifth attempt. I was just trying to find the answer to a question regarding exact work limitations as the VEVO documents are so vague. Got there in the end though, and I will hold that woman to her answer! Anyway, that’s a little about my experience here. I continue to explore the place by regular long drives, walks and camping trips with my boyfriend and just keep falling further and further in love with the country. I know this is where I want to be. I look forward to meeting lots of you and finding out about all of your experiences. Hattie.
  4. rachmanning

    Now or never right?

    Hi I'm at a point where I am not sure if I want to continue as an accountant, I have the qualifications but my heart isnt in it, I lost my baby brother last year and since I have felt like there's something missing I've tried marathons for charity, climbed mountains, feel like I've been to the moon and back to find something that makes me happier... I realised life is too short and to do the things that make you happy, this crappy office with the same crap everyday just aint helping! I only rent I have no husband, a job I can quit with a 1 month notice and I am 22... this is the only time in my life I can up and go... I'm petrified as there is so much to organise but i want to do a working visa in Australia, I don't care where, I don't care what work, I will do anything. I have a few mates to fall back on there, I have given my self a target to have gone by next May (2014) but if any one is in the same sort of situation or can help suggest a good place to start I would be really grateful.
  5. whoiam

    Today is a new day...

    Today is a new beginning, a new day, a new life. Though the burdens of the yesters are oft cosier to embrace Lets shed them at dawns door and embrace the new lite.