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Found 36 results

  1. Gin100

    Mobile Phone SIM Card

    We arrive in Melbourne next week & will need to get new SIM cards for our mobile phones. Can anyone tell me where you can buy these & what the best network is in terms of coverage etc around the Melbourne area? Thank you!
  2. Hey everyone! I moved to Sydney about 8 weeks ago with my wife & two French bulldogs, we're living in the area of Balmain/Rozelle. We've built a good network of mates already but mainly through work and we're keen to expand this outside of work circles. Besides we love meeting new people and making friends! I'm 28 and a Manc and my wife is 26 and a geordie. We moved here from Amsterda after spending 5 years there. We're on 4 year business 457 visas and will go for PR as soon as we can but we LOVE it here! If anyone is looking to expand their social network and would like to arrange a meet up then feel free to get in touch! Have a great weekend everyone!
  3. Hi all I am doing my skills assesment as a Computer and Network Systems Engineer (263111), as I dont have many qualifications I am doing a RPL for the ACS. I have completed everything up to the question : 3. Describe the design method you used on this project and the rationale for its selection. The project reports I have done are essentially a network/domain migration and datacentre design and build, however I am stumped by this question. Can anyone supply me with some advice as to what options I should consider for this answer? What design method might one use to design and build a Bladcentre (Vmware), SAN based datacentre? thanks Rich.
  4. Well, I've looked at the SMPs, and I've utterly upset for the simple reason that Telecomm Network Engineers have fewer possibilities to move to AU than tradespersons such as Telecomm Technicians. I'm the Telecommunications Network Engineer with more than 7yr experience, however I haven't been assessed yet and no IELTS as well, so I'm just trying to decide for myself, which kind of assessment I have to choose. Let's consider a Telecomm Egineer opportunity, who is represented in two positions in SOL3. These are: 263311 Telecommunications Engineer 263312 Telecommunications Network Engineer Now let's consider the SMPs: in WA SMP (IELTS 7777, 7 year exp) - but there is ONLY 263311 in SA (20k$ cash) - only 263312 I remember ACT SMP has 26331x position, but there are some insane cash requirements also. An engineer must be assessed with the IEA, have an IELTS 6666, and be ready to pay about AUD$500. As well the assessment will take about 5 months. After that the engineer will get just one ANZSCO code. It's very sad. Then let's consider to the opportunity 342414 TELECOMMUNICATIONS TECHNICIAN, who is just simple tradesperson. You can look at duties here: 1220.0 - ANZSCO - Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, First Edition, Revision 1 I suppose, any professional telecomm engineer knows how to work with cables and with telecomm equipment, so i presume that any one able to be assessed as a tradesperson. Furthermore, lets look at the telecomm technician possibilities and requirements: WA (IELTS 6666, 5 yr exp) VIC (5 yr exp) Telecomm technician has to be assessed in TRA, the assessment will cost about $300, and it will take 1 month. Feel the difference. Well, now is the question. I have a bachelor degree, and I was qualified as 'Physicist'. After qualification I've been working for different telecommunications companies, so my summary experience is more than 7 years as Telecommunications Network Engineer. However, i see that a technician has more possibilities to move out to AU than an engineer, therefore the question is how to be assessed in TRA ? Has anybody an experience with TRA assessment ? May be have you another thoughts? Don't hesitate, and just drop line here. p.s. All of this is relating to the new points test. I don't make delusions to my ability to pass an IELTS more than 6666 or somthing else
  5. In the UK some mobile companies allow free calls and texts to other users on the same network. As there are 6 in our family this is a handy freebie to have. Does anyone know of any networks in Oz which allow the same on PAYG tariff?
  6. Guest

    Network Administrator for SA...

    Hi Guys, Im back again and after careful consideration I think I will hold out until May when I have the 2 year work requirement for ACS (Australian Computer Society). I was going to go on a whv in March but I think if I got a proper visa I would have more of a chance geting a decent job. I am looking to apply under Network Administrator but I do not know if it will be in the high availability category that it is in now. Do SA release I.T occupation lists every year? Does anyone know does Network Administrator feature as a skill needed every year? Any info much appreciated. Thanks sooooo much.
  7. Hi Guys, Im back again and after careful consideration I think I will hold out until May when I have the 2 year work requirement for ACS (Australian Computer Society). I was going to go on a whv in March but I think if I got a proper visa I would have more of a chance geting a decent job. I am looking to apply under Network Administrator but I do not know if it will be in the high availability category that it is in now. Do SA release I.T occupation lists every year? Does anyone know does Network Administrator feature as a skill needed every year? Any info much appreciated. Thanks sooooo much.
  8. Who is the best and a second best mobile network provider in Brisbane? Not in CBD where reception is not a problem, but say 12 km east from it? I am currently with Virgin and you can just about send texts, can't hear when talking on mobile and as far as the mobile broadband goes - forget it. Is Telstra the only reliable network? Do they have packages with landline and mobile combined?
  9. just as the title suggests really i want mobile broadband for first month or so on pay as you go when we arrive until we are ready to get a contract. I have a 3 pay as you dongle i'm currently using and it is quite new being hspa+ enabled, getting downloads of over 5Mbs. Can i take it over with me and just get a new sim on whatever network is needed or would it need unlocking like mobile phones, or would it just not be compatible full stop???:wacko: thanks Sarah
  10. Just wondering if anyone has heard any news about the NBN rollout, Im hoping this will be on the go by the time we are going to be moving over (just starting process). As a fibre cable splicer i would have to be employer sponsered and the Broadband rollout should hopefully make it a safe bet.
  11. Hey everyone! Moving from the UK to Oz- I have sim free iphone bought outright- wondering what is best network to go on when i get over- suppose i use data roaming the most and will be ringing back home every so often- who has the best deals? Cheers :biggrin:
  12. We have been having a bit of trouble fitting our skills into the new SMPs. My OH and I are 25. I'm a hospital pharmacist and he is a network engineer. With our age we were having trouble as we obviously don't have years and years of experience. Pharmacists now need 3 years (I've done 18months) so we are trying to apply under his occupation. Brian graduated with a Bsc (hons) 2;1 in computer games technology in 2008 and has been working as a tech since (2 and a half years). He has gained some Microsoft qualifications, currently at MCSA working up to MCSE. We have signed up to an agent in the last couple of weeks (Thames migration) after some discussion they seemed confident about our situation. However since receiving brians degree transcript they're not sure his degree will pass the skills assessment. Does anyone have any idea if a BSc in computer games technology from the University of Portsmouth will count as a suitable IT degree? Thanks in advance :-)
  13. The Pom Queen

    PIO Network Issues

    Apologises for the website being unavailable but the data centre where the site is hosted are experiencing problems.
  14. Hi All, My family and I are looking to migrate to Australia as soon as possible, I have passed my TRA Skills Assessment: Supervisor, Communications Tradespersons 4316-01 and my visa has been logged with DIAC, which I am waiting to be processed. I joined British Telecom (BT) in September 1986 as a trainee Telecommunications Engineer on a full time contract. On commencement of employment I was under the supervision of a Senior Engineer who was a fully qualified Telecommunications Technician. I attended college on a day release scheme for three years to gain the National Certificate of BTEC – ONC in Telecommunications Engineering, whilst also gaining on the job training. This enabled me to become a qualified Telecommunications Engineer (Communication Tradesperson). All this training was carried out under supervision and to BT’s strict Health and Safety and Quality standards. I have progressed through BT with promotions on the way, and I am always looking to improve myself for the benefit of the company and customers. My current position is that of, Wideband Planner (Planning the end to end delivery of data / communications over the Fibre Network), I have also worked within the Copper Network in the past. I am actively seeking employment in the Brisbane area, and trying to find a company, who would be willing to Sponsor me (I am prepared to pay for the sponsorship visa, if anyone would be willing to commit to the sponsorship), with a view of a permanent position, while my visa is working its way through the system. My brother and his family as well as my Mum and Dad are already residents of Australia near Cleveland, and we are looking to join them as soon as possible. I visited my brother and his family December 2009 and we are returning again this December 2010 returning home in January 2011, we really appreciated what Australia has to offer us. It has really made us even more determined to migrate. I am enquiring, if anyone knows of any employment vacancies in my line of work. Any help would be very much appreciated. Kind Regards.
  15. Guest

    Can I use my i phone?

    I have a contract i phone in the UK with a full year left that I have to pay off !!! Begrudgingly !!!! My question is when I get to Oz ( Melbourne ) can I get a sim from an Australian network and put it into my UK i phone? My husband also has an i phone but his is pay and go, can he do the same? Thanks in advance. Vixx
  16. Does anyone know whether the 263112 Network administrator vocation is any State/Ensol/SOL lists in Australia at all... Any help greatly appreciated thanks Liam
  17. Hi all Not been on for ages as was starting to give up hope....but Vic SS finally granted this week and confirmation we're cat 2. Things may now finally move....!! Very excited, and still can't quite believe it... Good luck to everyone one else hoping for SS/SMP
  18. LukeM

    Best mobile network?

    Hi all Wondering what the best mobile network is? I've only ever taken my phone out of the UK (which was on o2 at the time) to "roam" on the Gold Coast, and it ended up costing me heaps on PAYG!! I spent about £50 in the space of 10 days... plus it kept swapping between networks (Telstra and Optus) so I always had full coverage!! Which is the best network out of Optus and Telstra? I think Vodafone is overly expensive and no matter how cheap they are etc 3 are terrible and have been terrible for me in the UK!! I heard from my cousins who use 3 in Aus that it's terrible there too. My mum will want to get a new PAYG handset, my dad will be forced to buy a phone (as he only has a contract from his current job), brother should be ok and I will be unlocking my phone soon and looking at either Optus or Telstra!! Which is really cheapest/best value, and which has best coverage on the north side of Brisbane and Gold Coast? :biggrin: Cheers :jiggy:
  19. My 5 yrs exp fall under the 263312 -Telecom Network Engineer but I have a undergradute degree in Computer Science. As per DIAC new list the assessment authority for this code is Engineers Australia. Am I eligible to appy under this category?
  20. Looks like this niche (Network Security / Firewall / Internet Security) is off the list!? What are my options now? Help is greatly appreciated! Thanks. :cry:
  21. Hi Everyone, I'd like some help and advice please. I'm currently preparing a visa application with a view to move to Queensland and probably the Brisbane locale. I'm an IT professional with over eight years experience, four at second level desktop support and the rest as second and third level network specialising in security. My work exposure is with an enterprise infrastructure of approximately eighteen thousand users with a substantial number of "branches" and being direct responsible for the corporate data centre network. I'm flexible with regard to my network skill utilisation and all other aspects of my abilities. Does anyone have suggestions regarding avenues of investigation regarding job opportunities, such as agencies or websites to interrogate etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Kind Rergards, - 4lan.
  22. Hi all This is my first post. I think the forum is great! My partner and I are in the very early stages of looking to move to Oz. We can't really afford an agent so I've been doing lots of research to try and do it ourselves. We're just in the process of completing the skills assesment to ACS for his job in Network Security (on MODL). I'm just wondering if anyone else has done it alone and if they can offer any advice around the amount of detail etc required for the written explanation to go with the resume? Any advice much appreciated Maddie
  23. Hi everyone, Me and my hubby are just going through the visa process at the mo (176 QLD SS), and we are just wondering if any Network Security Specialist's currently living in Brisbane can offer any advice on securing a job in Oz? Just out of interest he is CCIE (R&S), CCSP, CCNP, CCDP etc certified. We are planning on moving out in January, and we have been advised that it is unlikely we will be able to get a job secured before emigrating, as employers prefer 'face to face' contact-is this correct? If so, what is the best plan of attack when finding a job-is it best signing up with lots of Australian agents before we go? Can anyone recommend one that they used to secure a job? Network security is currently on the list for QLD SS visa's so there must be a demand, so hopefully there are a few jobs available which my husband can apply for..... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!:hug: Thanks Rach Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  24. Hi, I am new member here. I want to migrate Australia. I have completed my graduation and my subject is applied physics and electronics. Some body advice me to apply as RPL category. I have 9 years experience in ICT sector and I have completed CCNA certificate. I want to apply as Network Security (nec) 2231-79. But I am confused to write my two project paper. Anybody help me to write my project paper. If it is possible, pls send me sample project paper. Plsssssssssssssssss help me. Regards, era
  25. Hi there, My wife and I are moving to Melbourne at the end of September and we are currently looking for jobs over there. I am in ICT/Telecomms and she is in Marketing. I've been sending my CV out left, right and centre and have had very little response from headhunters down in Melbourne. I appreciate that the global economy is not what it used to be, but I was just wondering if any other Network Engineers (or suchlike) have managed to secure jobs prior to moving to Melbourne and can offer advice on securing a job over there? Someone has suggested contacting UK companies with presence in Australia and I think that sounds like a great idea, but I've no idea where to start... Any advice would be greatly appreciated