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Found 34 results

  1. Good day everyone, I am a 29-year-old software developer who has been working in the IT field for 10 years. I have taken charge in software development, project management and development consultancy. I am specialised in .NET area; in branches mainly as C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, SQL Programming, XML, Remoting, VB.NET, LINQ and also have upper-intermediate knowledge in JAVA, XAML, T-SQL and C++. I am moving to Brisbane in March 2010 with work-and-holiday visa which will allow me to work full-time in Australia for one year while my visa assessment for "Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175)" continues and hopefully finishes during the time I am working there. I am looking for a job in Brisbane in my field. It would be a great plus if the employer sponsored me while my PR assessment continued. I will have time to prove myself as a genuinely skilled programmer, since I will be on work-and-holiday visa for a year. Please pm me if you have any information, advice or suggestion regarding my post. I will be glad to forward my CV. Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Hi, I am a Software Developer from the UK specializing in .Net technologies with over 5 years commercial experience, including: ASP.Net, Winforms, Silverlight and WPF (.Net Frameworks 1.1 through 4.0). I am looking for a contract job in Sydney and can start any time after 5th December 2011 (the sooner the better). I have a working holiday visa entitling me to work in Australia for a year, starting when I arrive in Australia in December. I can send my CV on request and would greatly appreciate any help in finding a job. Thanks in advance, Ben
  3. Hi, I have 8 years working experiences in .NET and am going to Adelaide next year, can anyone tell me where to find the .NET/C# related job in Adelaide? Cheers, Kobby
  4. There has been a case this week about a 14 year old girl being groomed in a chat room. She went to meet this person who drugged and raped her then abandoned her at a bus station in Sydney. Please parents I know this has been talked about before but we need to keep an eye on our children using the Internet. Remember people can pretend to be who they want to be behind a computer screen and that 13 year old boy/girl who thinks they have found a friend the same age could really be chatting to a 60 year old sex offender. You may not want to tell your parents you are meeting someone off the Internet but please tell a responsible adult and maybe take a friend along, but more importantly meet in a public place. Stay safe there are some sick people out there. Hugs Kate
  5. Hey All Prospective Migrants Check it out...Some useful stuff... http://www.immi.gov.au/media/publications/statistics/immigration-update/nom-july11.pdf Source: http://www.immi.gov.au/media/publications/statistics/ thanks and regards Big Bob
  6. tonyman

    note book,net book and lap top

    can any one tell me what the main difference is between these names , what does one do that the other cant..........and is it worth getting a 1gb ram these days
  7. The company that I work for, PageUp People, is continuing to expand rapidly, and as a result is looking to hire experienced .Net developers to join our talented product development team. Although you may not have heard of PageUp People directly, if you ever applied for a job with Australia's biggest names in business - companies such as AMP, BHP Billiton, Coles, Commonwealth Bank, Fosters, Kmart, NAB and many more - you would have used our software to apply for that job. PageUp People is wholly owned Australia business, founded just over 10 years ago, and we provide Integrated Talent Management Solutions to our impressive list of blue-chip clients. To find out more about the business, please feel free to visit our website which can be found at www.pageuppeople.com. We are specifically looking for developers with experience in building .Net web applications, ideally using C#, and the ideal candidates would have between 3 and 5 years of commercial experience. Candidates with less experience should also apply if they feel they have the skills to add to our team. I have posted this information here because there may be the potential for the business to sponsor the successful candidate if they met the relevant criteria. You can check out the available positions on our careers website which can found here - www.pageuppeople.jobs If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  8. I have just come across this website which says the IELTS test is not required if you have been nominated for a position that does not require English language assessment for licensing or registration. Following are the people who are exempted from English language assessment or IELTS test: Applicants whose first language is English and are a passport holder from Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States of America. Click on the link below. http://www.immigration.net.in/are-you-the-lucky-one-to-enjoy-the-exemption-from-ielts-test/ I'm not sure what to make of this as it would make sense to be exempt from the test if your first language is English. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  9. Good day everyone, I am a 28-year-old software developer who has been working in the IT field for 7 years. I have taken charge in software development, project management and development consultancy. I am specialised in .NET area; in branches mainly as C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, SQL Programming, XML, Remoting, VB.NET, LINQ. I am moving to Australia in July 2011 with Australian P R visa ("Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175)" ) which will allow me to work full-time in Australia for Five year. I am looking for a job in Australia any location is welcome in my field. It would be a great plus if I will get the oppurtunity to get the job before landing. I will have time to prove myself as a genuinely skilled programmer, since I will be on work-and-holiday visa for a year. I am applying on SEEK and Linkedin but no luck yet. Please advise as I want to have a job offer before landing in Australia. Please pm me if you have any information, advice or suggestion regarding my post. I will be glad to forward my CV. Thank you very much in advance
  10. Hi, I am on a 457 visa for the next 4 years and have recently arrived in Sydney. I have some money in a UK savings account - can I claim interest gross (i.e. without tax) on my saving? or am I still liable for tax on interest? Are there any other options I could consider - i.e. Offshore bank accounts? Any advice greatly received. Many thanks.
  11. Population growth goes off the boil. The three-year trend of slowing population growth from the 2008 peak continued in 2010 as more of us died and net overseas migration dived..... ....Thus while various politicians were jumping on the anti-migration band wagon during last year’s election, we were already stepping back from a brief surge to a more normal growth rate.... .....The big swing factor in our population story, though, remains net overseas migration. As the one-off factors in 2009 wash out and the international student industry crumbles, NOM dived by 35 per cent to 171,000.....
  12. Hi I currently have a number of vacancies within our fast moving organisation based in Perth for the following development roles: .Net SharePoint Dynamics CRM You should have strong development experience in at least one of the disciplines and have good customer facing skills/experience. We are looking for individuals who can start as soon as possible but for the right candidate we will wait or help with arranging a 457 visa. Send me a PM with your CV and contact details and if it's what we're looking for I'll come back to you shortly. Thanks
  13. BenWestlake

    .NET Developer Job Hunting

    Hi everyone, My girlfriend and I are both considering moving to Australia either, Sydney or Melbourne, but want to ask people's advise on the job situation at present. We have contacted many recruitment agencies regarding jobs but none of them will consider us until we are actually in Australia. I am a Microsoft Certified C# .NET developer with an ISEB qualification in Solution and Enterprise architecture with 5 years experience within the Financial Services sector. What are the prospects of me getting a job in Australia at present? We are considering coming out to Australia on a 12 month working holiday visa, as we are both under the age of 30 to asses the situation as we have heard mix reviews on the current job climate. Ideally I would like to get sponsored to allow us to move quicker but are also finding this difficult. What are peoples opinions on this? Regards Ben
  14. virtual_bajwa

    Net overseas migration is now falling

    Key Issues in Skilled Migration to Australia Kruno Kukoc First Assistant Secretary Migration and Visa Policy Division Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australia-Canada Rountable on Foreign Qualification Recognition 13 April 2011 The new points test that will be released on 1 July 2011, will recognise a range of skills and attributes from applicants both offshore and in Australia, including: •better English language levels, •more extensive skilled work experience, and •higher level qualifications obtained in Australia and overseas. One thing the government is hoping from the new points test is that, through the recognition of overseas skills and qualifications, it will improve both domestic and international skilled labour mobility. To achieve this, the Department will draw on the expert advice of assessing authorities on the applicant’s overseas work and qualifications in order to maintain a high level of program integrity and to ensure that there are no legitimate concerns about potential Occupational Health and Safety issues that may arise due to doubts about someone’s academic and professional background. Those candidates whose qualifications and experience are recognised will potentially provide employers and the Australian economy with a wider set of skills and candidates from which to choose from. Of course, for potential applicants, their learning and skills will be recognised internationally, and we hope Australia will be seen as a favoured destination. for more information, please refer http://www.immi.gov.au/about/speeches-pres/_pdf/2011/2011-04-13-foreign-qualifications.pdf
  15. Got our visa today!! woohoo!! Only took 18 months from deciding to go to getting the visa! Application went in last April Am n half gonna get smashed tomorrow and saturday to celebrate!!
  16. Seems too straight forward so must have done it wrong! :tongue: According to ATO website, 2010-2011 Taxable income for non residents = $37,001 – $80,000 = $10,730 plus 30c for each $1 over $37,000 So...... Gross Yearly Salary = $60,244 ($57,278.80 cash salary & $2966.11 LAFHA) Taxable income $17,703 Net Yearly Salary = $42,541 Net Monthly Salary = $3545pm Does this look right? I will start earning bonuses after a few months so this will change but I need to get it clear in my head what is the minimum net pay I will get. I will also be getting a super of $5155.09 per annum on top of this....now pensions completely confuse me! I assume this is what my company contribute towards my pension each year and I will not actually receive any money or lose any money from my cash salary...would it however be classed as an earning and would I get taxed on it?
  17. Hi All, I had plannin on submitting my 2231-79 (.net) skills assessment on saturday, but I see it's no longer on the SOL list. I've checked the schedule 3 doc (http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/sol-schedule3.pdf), and 2231-79 is no longer listed. But 2231-17 (Applications & Analyst Programmer) is. I've read on some sites, that 261312 requires 5+ years experience? I've got a Bachelors degree + over 4 years experience. The ACS PASA doc states that I'll be group A if i have a bachelors degree, with 2+ years experience. Can someone tell me the official line on getting 261312 assessment? Would 2213-17 be equivalent to 261312? Any help much appreciated - my head is fried. David
  18. I'm reading conflicting reports regarding software development jobs in Australia. I would be interested to hear from those in the industry to how the jobs market is. I'm a senior developer (14 years) working with C#, ASP.net, SQL server. There seems to be plenty of jobs on Seek but I know quite often there can be loads of duplicates on these job sites. I plan on getting a skilled migration visa(175) and would we looking at going to Melbourne (or possibly Sydney).
  19. Hello, Im looking at buying clothes over the net and getting them sent direct to Melbourne when i arrive as i usually buy my clothes this way from europe or the usa and i was wondering will i get charged for this in customs on importing goods? Thanks
  20. Hi there, I am thinking of emigrating to Aus and have been told that my gross salary would be around $70k p/a for my kind of work (BMS Controls Engineer), please does anyone have a rough idea of what my net salary might be as we are doing our cost of living sums / can we afford the move/ will we be better off ? etc. I have a wife and 2 kids age 6 and 8 and are seriously thinking of Melbourne. I did try the aus tax office website but found it abit confusing and don't want to mess up this important stage Thanks Dominic Thompson
  21. I currently hold a +ve assessment from ACS as 2231-79 .NET Tech Specialist. I'm just wondering what my fellow .NET guys think about where what ANZCO code we should fall into. I'm going to apply for the free re-assessment with ACS and I reckon the closest match is 261312 Developer Programmer. This also happens to be the safest as it is included in Schedule 3, Schedule 4, and also the ENSOL lists. See my workings below. SCHEDULE 3 (GSM) 261312 Developer Programmer = 2231-17 Applications and Analyst Programmer SCHEDULE 4 (SMP's) 261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec = 2231-79 Computing Professional nec 261312 Developer Programmer = 2231-17 Applications and Analyst Programmer ENSOL 261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec = 2231-79 Computing Professional nec 261312 Developer Programmer = 2231-17 Applications and Analyst Programmer 261312 Developer Programmer = 2231-19 Systems Programmer Altough according DIAC's correlations 261312 Developer Programmer matches 2231-17 Applications and Analyst Programmer, ABS classifies Developer Programmer's specialisations as: Communications Programmer (Systems) Database Developer Database Programmer (Systems) Network Programmer Software Developer Software Programmer I don't know about you .NET guys but on my assessment letter ACS had my experience down as 'Software Developer'. So I'm going for 261312 Developer Programmer, would like to know the thoughts of other +ve .NET guys. Thanks a lot.
  22. Hey guys, I've just received +ve ACS assessment for 2231-79 .NET Tech Specialist and and I was about to lodge my 176, when as you all know, it's been suspended. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts and opinions on whether this ASCO code will be on the new SOL and how the priorty processing might end up. Thanks if anyone can shed any light. Cheers
  23. Hey Guys, I received a positive assessment from ACS today and they classified me as 2231-79 .NET Technologies Specialist. I'm as little unsure if this gives me a ny sort of priorty processing for my VISA app as I understand the CSL has been revoked. Is this true? What would be my next best step do you think? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi advice needed please, My husband has been offered a job as a panel beater on a 457 visa in the Melbourne region with a starting wage of $750 pw. Is this realistically enough for us to get by on? I will not receive any child benefit so until i can find myself a p/t job to fit around the kids school hours this is all we will have coming in... and only able to work p/t not sure how much extra i could contribute even after finding employment. We have no property to sell but will be taking enough money to start us off... car, car insurance, bond, 1 months rent and hopefully some more...we hope to have about £10-£15k. We have looked on the property websites and have seen 3bed properties for around $300 a week...may not be in the best areas but we are from S.E. London. We both need to work over here (uk) so don't expect to survive on a 1 wage income in Australia. The trouble is i have a well paid job here as a practice manager of 3 Dental surgeries and although i only work part time i take home as much as some i know working F/T. I also have no child care as they are looked after by family members. We do qualify for a 176 visa and my husband was planning on doing the AQF111 prior to leaving( he would still need to sit this in Australia due to his age when we apply for PR) even if he accepts the 457 offer. Would we be better off not going down the 457 route and apply for the 176 from the start. That way we could qualify for childcare as we would be permanent residents and hopefully could work for a company that offered a higher wage? any advice would really be appreciated as we dont want to go 1/2 way round the world, muck up my 3 kids education and not be able to pay the bills or have to think if we can afford to turn on the air con when its mid summer.
  25. :cool:Tuesday 12th of january my son's 5th birthday but the whole family get a present. An email from my agent go matilda titled 'visa grant'.176, victoria, cat 5, electrician. First application 30th dec 2008, 175. changed to 176 middle of 2009 granted 12th jan 2010. When I can think straight I will fill all the timelines in properly but we just wanted to say thank you to everyone on here who contributes, it helps to keep you sane when you think everything is going against you to know you are not alone. To anyone else who had a CO and were asked for ACPO's and meds pre culling day (23rd sept) don't worry it's on the way. We actually took our medicals on the 23 rd sept and our status always shown them as outstanding, even the day before visa grant so don't read to much into what your status shows. Best of luck