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Found 27 results

  1. Hi everyone. I have today received a negative PASA (Pre-Application-Skills-Assessment) from the ICAA (Institute of Chartered Accoutants of Australia). I'm an Accountancy & Finance graduate 2:1 (BA Hons). The ICAA comfirm that my degree is assessed as comparable to the level of an Australian Bachelor degree based on AEI-NOOSR guidelines but I am not suitable for my nominated occupation as Accountant 2211-11. They say that this is because not all of the core knowledge areas have been studied in my degree or have not been covered in sufficient depth. I have been working in practice as an Accountant since graduation for the past nine years. I was hoping you might be able to advise if there is any point in me contesting this or if there would be any point in having my skills assessed by another recognised accountancy body? The news has left me totally devestated. I was confident this would be only a formality. I am part-qualified ACCA with my final three exams left to do. However, I have a little boy aged two and I didn't really want to wait for the 12 months post qualified once I have completed ACCA before going. Would it be an option for me to acquire an employer sponsored Visa now and make entry that way. Would I be automatically accepted for PR after two years? I would be sincerely grateful for your thoughts, I really would. Many thanks, Helen
  2. I found this while I was on the net, simple advice really most I think we already know, but always worth a read. Positive and negative thinking can be very powerful. If you’re someone who always looks on the negative side of things then chances are you’re always feeling disappointed and let down by the people around you. Say you’re going to a theme park and all that’s on your mind is “its a bank holiday, its going to be packed” then you’re not going to enjoy yourself because you’ll be complaining about how packed the theme park is. However, if you go to that very same theme park with this thought on your mind “Yeah it might be packed, but i’ll be able to get on a few rides and i’ll enjoy myself” you instantly transform your mind from negative into positive. Positive thinkers are usually happy people, people who can look on the positive side of every situation are fun to be around because they’re usually always upbeat and happy, and thats the type of person many of us like to be around because we can enjoy ourselves. Negative thinkers are often the complainers, complaining its too hot or too cold, and just complaining about anything bad that happens. If I ask you to look at a news website, the chances are a majority of that news will be bad news. When there is an Earthquake, the news is always focused on the deaths and destruction that, that Earthquake has caused, what the news rarely focusses on are the people that have survived, the people that are pulled from wreckage and reunited with their families. Whatever the mind expects it finds. For example, if you go out during the night and you expect something bad to happen then you’ll be constantly “look” for that bad thing, which is where the saying “If you go looking for trouble, it’ll find you” comes from. It’s quite common for someone to say “Think positive” to someone who’s feeling down, although usually people don’t quite understand what this means so the words aren’t taken seriously. Positive and Negative thinking is contagious. When you’re with someone who is constantly moaning and thinking negative about everything then after a while, you’ll begin to do exactly the same and you’ll start to feel miserable. However, if you’re with a positive thinker then things instantly brighten up and you enjoy yourself a whole lot more. So next time you catch yourself thinking negative about something, stop yourself and think, what’s good about this situation? How can I make the best out of the situation in front of me? Do this for a few days and you’ll begin to instantly notice a difference in how you’re feeling, you’ll no doubt begin to feel happier.
  3. Hi guys I just had my vetasses result after 4 months of waiting and its negative. I applied for archi draftsman but im actually an interior designer so now I need to change occupation to vetasses and need to pay $500 aud. Anyone here who experience this situation .. needed to change occupation in vetasses? How long did it take? thanks for anyone who will share :biggrin:
  4. Hi guys, Im in serious problem now. I just graduated on June 2011. I lodged 485 online(august 2011) and now my visa expired and on bridging visa A. Everything went smoothly until i got the negative assessment from vetassess. I know i should use agent from the start.=( Now I'm confused how to solve this problem. Can i re-apply 485 on paper application on bridging visa a and after i lodge it,i will withdraw the old 485? of course i will choose different occupation which closer to my degree. Second options, I think i should withdraw and go back home and come back to australia with visitor visa and apply new 485 visa with different occupation asap within 6 months of my graduation. And also use agent. (should i go home with bridging visa b and apply for visitor visa to australia or i have to withdraw first)???? I have called migration agent but nobody available now. I just want to know the answer like asap. Please give me some information about any good agents or recommendation what should i do. thank you
  5. Hi guys, Im in serious problem now. I just graduated on June 2011. I lodged 485 online(august 2011) and now my visa expired and on bridging visa A. Everything went smoothly until i got the negative assessment from vetassess. I know i should use agent from the start.=( Now I'm confused how to solve this problem. Can i re-apply 485 on paper application on bridging visa a and after i lodge it,i will withdraw the old 485? of course i will choose different occupation which closer to her degree. Second options, I think i should withdraw and go back home and come back to australia with visitor visa and apply new 485 visa with different occupation asap within 6 months of my graduation. And also use agent. (should i go home with bridging visa b and apply for visitor visa to australia or i have to withdraw first)???? I have called migration agent but nobody available now. I just want to know the answer like asap. Please give me some information about any good agents or recommendation what should we do. thank you
  6. Hello all I'm starting this post as I really need help and advice. I sat on this website and another one last night reading horror stories and posts about finance issues in OZ...one whole thread of people saying don't do it, you will be left in financial ruin. Our position - we are 30/31, just married, just sold our house in the Scottish Highlands and are about 25K up after the sale (not something many people can say now eh?). My contract for my job finished in May and my hubby is a self employed Plumber, but still finding it hard. We have state sponsorship from Victoria pending a positive skills test result. We would then be in category 2 and as things are at the moment, would perhaps even get our visa before Christmas. We are at the point now where we have to send off this skills test application as we only have a set time to get this to Victoria to confirm their sponsorship. As some of you know this cost is really high - $2400. So this is the start of our costs and before we fork this out I want to be sure. We travelled the world in 2008/09 and we cannot settle here in Scotland, it's remote, cold and not much going on with employment almost non existent. I'm not sure if we were in the South whether we would feel differently. We are up for a challenge and like doing new things so wanted to emigrate for a better way of life. OZ, Canada and USA were on the cards. Can't get in to USA, Canada annual leave puts me off so we decided on OZ. We worked out that between us we can prob earn 100K - would this really be a struggle? My main concern is that after being there a few years we would want to start a family and so would be reduced to one wage, perhaps 60K then if hubby has got his plumbing licence. I'd want to go back to work but I see child care costs are high also. Do we also really need private medical insurance? I was treated while in OZ when travelling and all seemed okay with their public hospitals? I went online to Cole's to see if I could get a rough estimate for shopping and it didn't seem as bad as some say, especially if you go for own brand rather than the brands we know and love. At such a crucial point in our lives I don't want to make the wrong move and end up back here in a few years, with no money, starting again having not started a family. Any help or breakdown of figures would be helpful xx:arghh:
  7. Hi all, Not a dilemma as such, and not really sure what I expect from this thread, but here goes. A few days ago, our visa was granted. However, ever since then, my wife has been a bit 'down' and seems fairly negative all of a sudden. Now I realise there's a lot left to do - particularly sell our house and get a job, but I thought she'd be more excited - after all it's what we've been waiting for 6 months to get, and what we've been talking about for around 2 years. Annoyingly her family and closest friends seem fairly negative, and keep suggesting that "we may not be doing the right thing", and "we're just running away", and "what if it doesn't work out" - it's so annoying! There are no guarantees in life, but why can't people just be supportive! It's not like we have an amazing life in this country, so why can't we be allowed to experience an adventrue and see if Oz is for us? Surely the worst that happens is we waste a bit of money, but come back to the UK with a new appreciation for it? Is this a common feeling for some? The sudden doubts? And if so, is there anything I can do to help her, or do I just give it time? Hmmm.... :confused:
  8. Hello All I just received a Negative Assessment from ICAA stating not suitable for nominated skilled occupation Accountant (General) 221111. I have been working as an Accountant for the past 11 years. I have a Bachelors Degree in Commerce from Bangalore University in India. They have stated my degree is assessed as comparable to the level of an Australian Bachelor Degree based on AEI-NOOSR Guidelines. The reason they mention is that not all core knowledge areas have been covered in my degree. They have asked me to pass the following subjects and assess it again. The subjects are: Corporate Accounting and Reporting Accounting Theory, Professional and Regulatory Processes Information Systems Design and Development I had lot of hopes that the subjects I studied were sufficient for assessment. I am really not sure what course to take up now to cover these subjects. This has come as a very big blow for me. Appreciate if someone could please guide me as to the best possible way to overcome this predicament. Regards Nebujm
  9. Guest

    ACS - negative assessment

    Hi everyone, Just received news from our agent that our acs application has been unsuccessful with the nominated occupation of ICT Business Analyst. Apparently we meet the qualification requirements no problem, but it's how they've calculated our employment experience against the occupation. Is it possible to apply for a review, and nominate an alternate IT occupation? Has anyone been or is going through a similar situation? Any advice would be of great help. Cheers.
  10. hi we are in negative equity on our house and would rent it out whilst we are away and not sell for few years. whats likely to happen if we dont admit to having a motgage on the SS 176 form? i feel that if i admit to being in negative equity it will go against us so cant i just pretend i dont have one? Thanks
  11. I'm about to send all my documents to ICAA for my skills assessment. I'm using the "Uni or Tertiary" route as I do not have certification. Just curious, has anyone been declined a positive assessment or had any issues with coursework, non-accounting degrees, bad marks, etc.? The reason for my concern is that I have a degree in Business Economics, but do have coursework in more than nine of the twelve core knowledge areas. I don't have formal CA?CPA certification, but do work as a managerial accountant for an engineering/manufacturing firm in the States for the past two years. Any replies/assurances would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Guest

    Negative posts only please.

    Just to balance it out which I think will be a great help to those wanting to move. Bloody flies get everywhere.... to start.
  13. guys if, now i am 175 applicant(CSL+MODL) and yet to allocate a CO after June. i plan to apply for WA Sponsorship and yes, my occupation is in their list. scenario 1) when i'm in a process to get approval from WA gov's approval, will it affect my 175 application? scenario 2) if i've been sponsored by WA gov, and i've been approved my 175 visa. is there any negative effect? basically i just don't hope that applying WA sponsorship may ruin the possibility of getting 175 that i've applied since last july. i'm so worried now.
  14. Hi There Just wondering if anybody has experienced negativity from their family when you told them you were emigrating... My parents were devastated when I told them wish I had kept it quiet now, I know they will really miss us and vice versa and I feel bad for taking my girls away from their grandparents, my sister just refuses to talk about it with us its all a bit weird :sad: but at the same time we are really keen to go :cool: Life is never easy Carrie x
  15. its hard for some people in aus sometimes and not everyone likes it, but it gets on my nerves a bit when as soon as someone puts something negative on like going home, that people jump on there backs and say how happy they would be to swap with them, usually people who have never lived in australia, its not right to judge someone, its easy to think the grass is greener on the other side, but until you climb over the fence and grab a handful you cant be sure its not covered in s**t. so use this thread to put your negative thoughts on and hopefully no one will attack you for your views, no positives please.
  16. It has take me 2 years away to realise that we are the most negative people in the world. I know understand why we are called “whinging poms” Every newspaper and every news programme is just full of doom and gloom, Countries like Spain France and especially Italy have much more corrupt governments than ours but all I am hearing is about this “corrupt government” because of a couple of bad eggs in the Lords and on the main benches. Australia has similar problems to the UK with crime recession etc but they do not go on and on and on about it like we do. I have noticed friends who are well off and have a great lifestyle go on and on about how hard it is to live these days and this one has 2 kids in private education and 2 new jags on the drive. British love to queue because u get to stand there and have a whole bunch of other pissed off people forced to stand there with u to moan with. Moan Moan Moan. Damn it and when they get to the front of the queue they moan a bit more to the person whos serving hence the queue stays being slow and moan moan moan more excuse to moan We live in a Country that has so many advantages than the vast majority of the world and just whinge and whinge and whinge, I have been to Mexico India and most of Europe and see people who have nothing with a smile on their faces and are happy with just a little food and a crap existence to what we have in the UK. We are defiantly the most “glass half empty” nation in the world and the term “whinging pom” is sooo appropriate. Rant not over.:GEEK:
  17. Hi all, Just thought I would do this new thread to let you know that I have had two new valuations done on my property. Both came back putting us in negative equity by 18k and 10k I can't believe it :arghh: when I think at the start of this process I had 25k equity it makes me feel sick to my stomach. Bloody Crdit Crunch!!!!!!!!!!!! it's doing my f'ing head in. I have tried the Red Envelope, Green Candles St Joseph and nothing not a blooming thing. This means that we will no longer be able to fulfill our Oz dream at least not yet any way. Still all is not lost I have decided to book a holiday in May so that I can validate my Visa before it runs out on 4 June. Have found somewhere to rent and now just need to sort out flights and then save like billio. Will keep the house on the market just in case miracles do happen :biglaugh: Sorry folks all I ever seem to do is moan and groan but it is so frustrating as I am sure many of you on this forum know. Good luck to everyone trying to sell their properties or obtain their visas. Regards Karen x
  18. Hi Yesterday, my agent emailed me with some disappointing news that my skills assessment came back NEGATIVE. I had been waiting for over 3 months as there was a delay finalising my case and that VETASSESS has not recognised my Higher Diploma and NVQs as equivalent to the Australian framework. Has anyone been refused this and whether they had to apply for a re-assessment? Or took another alternative?? This was supposed to apply for visa sub class 475. I feel like I'm losing hope moving to Australia!! :dull: Cheers, Claire
  19. Lets have another thread about negative threads and whos bored with them.......why is it these threads get more replies than any other thread all repeating comments made on other negative threads???????? cant we talk about something else please???? Oh no i think ive started another thread about negative threads. oh well here we go again

    Due to negative posts

    Dream blown out of water as OH has read NP.I wish I had not found this forum it has done so much harm. In the early days the threads gave positive & negative but in very contructive way but now those people who intentionaly spread or a single small minded bully who i expect got his visa refused is out to ruine it for most of us. It might of turned out wrong but we would of been happy trying. now i will never know.
  21. Guest

    Stop All The Negative Posts!

    Hi All, All i have to simply say is: If you dont wanna go. Dont go! If you wanna come back. Come back! God i no y we got our nickname WHINGING POMS! Where never happy! I am sorry but i come on this site to feel good, congratulate others on there visa's been granted and get excited about mine getting nearer and nearer daily! People experiance things differently, my thought is all these people on this site wouldnt have gone through all this stress, hassle and expense if they werent serious about their move. And you no what you can always come back if you want, nothings indefinate! As far as i am concerned my partner and his whole family are from Oz and in my eyes and they are the best thing about Oz. Yes the grass isnt always greener but let people live their experiances themselves, its differant for every one. I personally cant wait to start a new life with my partner and his friends and family and for every-one that is still excited about their visas been granted, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WHAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  22. Guest

    negative responses

    hi is anyone else receiveing negative comments from friends & families about moving to oz? It seems everyone i spk to about my plans have some kind of negative approach, one is i can't afford to visit the country first before we move , unless we do then have less money togo over with,and i'm seem to being told it be a big mistake as the country is so different to our which i know!!!!! :arghh: Has anyone else moved with out visiting the country done this and how has it worked for you? I'm beginning to get confuse what to do as i seem to be upsetting family by moving, but i want the best for my 14mths daughter the standard of living here is getting stupid and seem to be living on boarder line not even comfortable, i want a new fresh start for my family. I know it so far away to move, how is anyone else getting on? Our house is on the market now, worried how long it will take to sell with the market the way it is at mo! if anyone got any helpful advise it be welcome because now i really don't know what to do for the best though part of my heart is still wanting to give it a go for my family
  23. I've heard that burglary is very common in Aus.Is it a major problem?i've been told its a major issue in all the big cities,especially Perth !?!?) I just dont like the thought of leaving your house and not knowing its going to be ok :cry: regards,Lee
  24. I was watching Thursday's 'Wanted Down Under' about bubbly northern couple who have emigrated to NSW Central Coast. They absolutely LOVE it there (I think the lady said she still pinches herself to believe she is actually there?) I sometimes reply to posts extolling a 'pro-living in England' point of view although I love Sydney and intend to live there again. I couldn't cope with my workload in my last Sydney job and I started doing more and more overtime - every night plus all day Saturdays - but I still could not cope. (cue violins) Lack of confidence made me think that I had a normal workload but I just did not work fast enough. (cue even more violins, much sobbing) To compound it, I was doing a degree part time at UNSW. Eventually I was made redundant and returned to the UK for a holiday. I did not intend to stay this long but I've got a job with Royal Mail that is SO GOOD compared to my Sydney job. I work exactly 8 hours a day (not a single MINUTE's overtime) with zero stress and no commuting hassles as I work late shift. The thing that scares me about returning to Sydney is that I might have to do another awful job. No one will ever convince me that commuting in Sydney's rush hour is better than any other comparable big city. Anyway, that's why I may sometimes appear to be saying 'Australian Heaven Can Wait - I prefer living in UK Hell. Dave
  25. Guest

    So Bloody Negative !