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Found 62 results

  1. Guest

    Just needing to vent!

    Sorry to vent this on here, but I just need to get this off my chest as my frustration has been getting worse and worse about this all day and I'm about to explode! Anyway, the staff appraisals at work are coming up and we ask all staff members to complete a pre-appraisal form so that it can be discussed at their performance review. All staff members are asked numerous questions, one being "how approachable is the Practice Manager?", i.e. Me. One staff member answered "sometimes" from the 4 options of "always, frequently, sometimes and never". She didn't elaborate as to say why. Now I don't mind taking criticism and if she felt that I'm not always approchable, then that's fair enough. However, this year I have bent over backwards for this girl. Basically early in the year this girl's sister passed away and she ended taking on the care of her sister's 3 children (which I commend her for and would be a feat for somebody who never wanted children). She has asked me to keep all this private from all other staff members other than the bosses which I have obviously done. But since her sister passed away, I have allowed her to have time off whenever she's needed it (which has meant asking another staff member to change some holiday dates which was hard to justify when you can't explain the real reason why), allowed her to completely change her shifts straight away which has meant asking other staff members to change their shifts, have worked her shifts on reception (when I shouldn't even be doing reception), been a shoulder to cry on regularly and just this week put my neck on the line by asking the bosses whether, rather than allowing her to take unpaid leave as she requested, we could give her special leave where she didn't have to take annual leave but still got paid as she's having some financial hardships. I crossed the line with the bosses (and they told me so), but I felt happy to put myself in the line of fire to hopefully be able to help her out. When I got her pre-appraisal form today saying that I am only "sometimes approachable", I just felt like this was a slap in the face for everything I have done for her this year! I am so annoyed!!!! I don't know what else I could actually have done for this girl! Again, sorry to vent, but I feel much better now! Thanks!
  2. Guest

    Newbie needing a bit of help

    Hi all im new to this site i want to come over to australia in january next year im not sure which part of the country would be best to go and what type of visa i would need.Was thinking WHV to start then go for sponsorship I currently have my own locksmith business and would like to come over and get a job as a locksmith but not sure how much it pays and if i could get a job as in england there is no formal qualification i have been doing locksmithing for two and a half years now. I also have an NVQ in plant operative (digger driver) 3 years + experience and have been looking at work for that it seems to pay more and looks easier to get into. 1.what type of visa do i need 2.which part of the country would be best 3.what is the possibility of actually getting work Any help would be great thanks :biggrin::biggrin:
  3. Hi there, I am joiner with 20+years work experience (age 40) and just at the very beginning of the visa process. My qualifications are apparently outdated and have been advised I can update to an equivalent which is NVQ II. Does anyone know if that is an acceptable qualification or if there is another route I should be taking.:unsure: Would be very grateful for any advice:notworthy:
  4. Hi guys. My names ashley from glasgow. I'm young, single and seriously thinking about making a move to oz to work. I qualified in 2009 with my degree in psychiatric nursing. I have now nearly 2 years of working with addictions and social work regarding child protection cases behind me. I have no ties to stop me however the thought is naturally daunting. I've lived in perth, western oz for a few months back in 2009 and wasn't impressed. Beautiful place of course however i am a city chic and was told by backpackers whom i met in pubs in perth then i would like Melbourne better as it is more modern and cosmopolitan. Is this the case? Would love to hear from folk. Thanks
  5. Hi, im new to poms in oz and was wondering if there was anyone i could talk too. I need advice and i want to know what it is like in australia. thanks ...laura.
  6. Hi there, my sister lives in Melbourne and has been in Australia on and off (mainly on) for nearly 20years. She is now married and had a baby in June. We have not seen each other for 4 yrs since she was in the UK and due to various things we have not had the easiest of relationships. We dont have parents and have been each others biggest source of emotional support at times, which adds to the challenges of contact between us with such a big distance and as the years go by, differences in lifestyles. As ex-pats can you advise the best time, in your opionion to visit Australia for relatives from the UK, mainly in terms of price. The reason I am not asking my sister is that she contacted me this week asking if I would come for Christmas - this has pulled on my heartstrings in a big way but the prices and availability are not good, so my head is saying wait. Anyhow, its a turnaround situation as earlier in the year, while pregnant she wanted me to "back off" as she was finding it hard to be in her life there with memories of the UK.Now she wants to put the christmas tree up with me and see my nephews face:huh: Its very hard as I had just got used to the idea that I would have to accept that we were drifting apart and that she was not coming back - crazy I know, but its always been temporary in my head! I will be able to get my head around it, but probably wouldnt have chosen Christmas to go, emotive and very high prices. What are your thoughts on cheapest time to fly and what it would mean to have relative not come at Christmas - is it very significant when you live away? It is significant to me not to have family as well, its just that I feel torn as to whether to try and make a "family" connection over special times or just play things by ear as it were. Arrrgh Thanks Sally
  7. Hi Guys I am currently in Australia on a working holiday visa and cant get work as a spark here due to the complicated licencing here. I have been shown the path to go down and no a place to get my skilled assessed for the 457 in the University of Swinburne in Melbourne which is costing 1800 Dollars all in. Can any1 tell me what the next step would be if i was successful in getting my skills assessed. Thanks
  8. Hi, myself and my husband, Andrew and our 3 children, emigrated to Adelaide back in March 2008. We returned to the UK in Aug 2008 due to family circumstances. Whilst we were out in Adelaide Andrew worked for a Company data cabling. We are at a point in our lives now where we wish to return to Australia. Andrew if 47 now, but even though the age has been upt to under 50 we believe we are still unable to gain the 65 points required for a skilled visa which means Andrew would need an employer sponsor. We have tried emailing many companies with no joy :cry: Andrew works for BT and has done for over 10 years, but he also worked for Sky for a year when we first returned to the UK. I was wondering if there was anyone out there who would maybe know any agencies that would be able to help us find an employer sponsor or even be able to suggest actual companies that may be looking for someone like Andrew with his skills and experience. Hoping there is someone out there that could help us :smile: Many thanks, Andrea
  9. Guest

    Needing a little help

    Hey I'm Roisin I'm 22 and currently live in Edinburgh. My boyfriend has been offered a job in Melbourne and has accepted. We are coming out together, however I'm having trouble getting my head round the decision. :biggrin: I understand that by making the move we will have a better quality of life. However I worry about leaving my family, friends and job to move to a country where I don't know anybody. The uncertainty of not knowing if I will get a job and be able to make new friends scares me and I really don't know how to overcome this. I'd be greatfull for any advice people couldn share with me :biggrin:
  10. TheClarkeFamily

    Confused and needing info please

    We have been gathering info and advice from the visa bureau who have recommended that (as a nurse) we apply for the 176 state sponsored visa. To have them assist us with the paperwork, documents etc we have been quoted just under £6000 (inc medicals and skills assessment etc). This is for me, my husband and our toddler to apply. Is this a good quote?? I am waiting for a few other agencies to quote us too. My husband is not happy about paying an agency when he thinks we can do the work ourselves - who did it themselves and was it hard/easy?? :wideeyed: :chatterbox::confused::eek::arghh:
  11. Hello We're looking to start the process of applying to emigrate to Perth as soon as possible. I just wondered if anyone had any advice/opinions on using an agent? I have contacted several but wondered how easy it would be for us to go it alone? Also, my husband is a qualified electrician so he will be the main applicant, is he able to work immediately in Australia or we would need some formal training to understand the Australian electrical standards? I am a qualified Accountant but have just given up work to bring up my two babies. Any advice and help would really be appreciated. Thank you in advance :biggrin:
  12. Hello guys I am soon to turn 20 and my passion in life is to move to Australia and want to complete this goal whilst I’m still young. I have recently been trying to investigate what are the best ways to move to Australia?? I currently work back in the UK for virgin media which is a telecommunications company and will soon complete a national qualification in telecommunication with this company. So if there is anyway anybody could advise me the best thing to do would be greatly appreciated?? Thanks :biggrin:
  13. Guest

    Needing some encouragement!

    Hi I'm so fed up, I want to be there already!!! Having finally made the decision to emigrate, it turns out we can't due to a stupid rule about me having to work 20 hours per week for 12 out of the last 24 months. I'm a secondary school Teacher. Although I can't find confirmation of this on any website on the web or on the application form for the skills assessment or 175 visa, I've had 2 migration experts tell me this is the case and has not changed since July 2011. I'm very upset by this as it's practically impossible to up my hours in the UK due the recession and budget cuts. My hubby is a Purchasing Mangager and we have decided to apply for jobs for him in the hope of getting 457 sponsorship but he's now applied for hundreds and getting nowhere. If anyone has any bright ideas, I'd be glad to hear them. All we can do is keep applying for him in the hope that eventually someone will be interested. Or is there any possibility of me getting sponsored as a teacher?
  14. Hello everyone, We recently attended the Australian Expo in London, my partner has been a British Gas Engineer for the last 3 years. He misses out on 10 points due to being 40, so annoying! Our only option is to get sponsorship from an employer, whats the best way to do this? Is it better to got to oz to get a job or do it from here? Was also told we have to get vetasses and have to get somesort of license? Please all this is doing my brain in!
  15. Hi all, I am a Britsh Gas engineer looking for some answers please. All the information on various forums is confusing me. I am a fully trained gas service/repair engineer for BG and am hoping to move to Australia in the near future. My wife has an Australian passport so I would be entering on a spouses permit. The information I am getting is that my qualifications are not being recognised in Aus and I would have to sit various exams? Also hearing that the wages aren't very good. Does anybody actually know for sure what the laws are in Victoria (where we are looking to move)? Can somebody perhaps give me contact details of associations that can give me the correct info and companies that employ people like myself? Thanks in advance Craig :arghh:
  16. FooFighter

    carpenter needing advice

    Hi all, i'm moving to Perth this November after recieving my state sponsorship as a carpenter. I've been looking at the price of power tools and general tools and nearly fainted at the cost of kitting myself out again with new gear... I'm now considering shipping my own hand and powertools over and was wondering if my electrical tools will work out on australian electric supply?? I've heard that its possible to get the plugs changed, then you need to get your converted tools checked and tagged but am unsure how true this is?? If anyone has done this is it expensive and cost effective after shipping etc?? or does it work out ruffly the same as buying new in oz? Also If i decide to ship/fly my tools does anyone know or reccomend a shipping or airfreight company I can use??? If anyone can help in anyway i'd really appreciate it as stuck as to what to do and need to get things organised before the move in november.. Thanks all :hug:
  17. Hello all I've recently arrived in Oz and needing work as a counsellor. Particularly with youth or youth work. I'm located in Brisbane. If anyone has any leads, I would be highly appreciative. Thanks Susan
  18. hi there, has anyone tried to apply for a skilled visa with this job as we cant seem to find this jobs skill??? very confused please help :confused: many thanks thestallards xx
  19. Hi Have lurked on here for a while and have become inspired to start the process of hopefully emigrating to Brisbane. There are 5 of us in total and would need to go out there on my skill as a midwife. So here comes the question! How much does it actually cost to make the move? Any Midwives or nurses who have made the move on a sponsored 457 visa could you give me an idea as to what costs are met by your employer? If you chose to go on a 175/175 how much does it actually cost and is it worth it? I would really appreciate any advice whether it be positive or negative so I am as fully informed as possible before we decide which path to take. Thanks
  20. Hi hope someone can give some wise words or encouraging advice.... I have recently been granted my WA SSV and was planning activating my visa by going on hols this year, then finally making the move over to Perth around Jan 2013... I have had some debts to clear which has taken 2 years to do, and now have a small amount of savings in the bank.. I was looking at saving hard for the next year and a half to give me enough for a deposit and to sort my own tools, ute etc out... I've now been made redundant after 3 years, and have been earning very good money as carpenter in Central London.. The dilema now is do I go to Perth now and try to make a start on the minimum of savings? or struggle on here and try to save a lump sum as my original plan??... I have been looking already at Carpentry jobs over here, but they are only a fraction of what I have been earning... I would be able to afford a couple of months rent in Perth, and be able to kit myself out with tools, but after then I would need to find a income pretty quick, and would have to save for a deposit on a home in oz.... My hearts telling me to get up book a flight and get out there and give it a shot, I mean whats the worst that can happen?? I book a flight home and stick with original plan of saving here.... Just wondered if anyone has been in the same position or can offer any words of advice... Thanks......
  21. hi i am looking for sponsership to australia. i have ran my own business for 3 years. i am currently 28 years old and been a spark for 8 years doing all domestic commercial and industrial work. if anyone has anyidea of any companys thay will sponser that would be great i would prefer to go to brisbane but i am will to work anywere??? thanks kevin resume 2011.doc resume 2011.doc
  22. If there is anyone out there that needs to sell either their car or motorcycle quickly in Australia, please get in touch. I would prefer motorcycles as I've just moved to Oz and am shipping a bike over but want to do a bit of Ebaying whilst I'm looking for a job so would be interested in bikes of any type. Private message me via this site and i'll be in touch straight away. Thanks Nat
  23. Hi all, I am new to poms in oz! :yes: I hope anyone can help us. My boyfriend (soon to be husband) are starting the immigration process and I have nooooooooo idea where to start. I am a rgn degree level 29 yrs old and my boyf is 35 and in telecommunication. We are looking to go on a joint visa skilled with me being the main applicant. That is as far as i have got! I know I have to register with the nursing and midwifery council in oz and I know I have to do an english test but I am really struggling where to start. We are concidering using an agent but money is a little bit tight as we are gettimg married this year too. Can anyone give me a simple step by step process into where I start and what I need to do? We dont want a state sponceted visa. Or even point us in the right direction of who to contact first. I have spoke with a few agents and with the auz government but it is very conflicting on where to start. Thanks a million for your help in advance! Best wishes, scotsnurse
  24. Leach Family

    Newbies needing advice please

    Hi all.......first time posting so hope im doing it right!? (sorry if not) We are hoping to start our visa process soon and move to Brisbane. We have visited Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane over the last 3years and love them all but think Brisbane best meets all our needs. We are having to wait as i have not got 12months recent work experience! I have been working in education but not early years. I am BA (Hons) Early Childhood qualified and have previous experince but was 8years ago. I have completed voluntry work in Early years over past 12months whilst qualifying but this wont be enough for assessment purposes, i dont think? My husband is a Civil Engineer and works for himself over here successfully managing his own business for 2years.....but hes not qualified!? He has over 12years experience but other than completing the CDR route not sure how he would qualify? We are 100% commited to emigrating but like most are finding all the small print and changes very confusing.:confused: Again not sure if this is the right place to ask but any help, support or advice about our situation would be grately appreciated. Many Thanks......we look forward to talking to others in a similar situation x
  25. Hi there, im due to qualify 2011 and my plan was to hopefully emigrate to australia in 2012-2013 after getting 12 months experience. Can someone tell me where I can find more information surrounding the level of experience needed, as I'm reading different things everywhere. I heard that you only need 12 months, but now if i want PR i need 7 years? So confused. Is it possible to Go out after just 12 months? Also roughly how long is the process from application to landing in Oz and im currently doing an advanced diploma, should i be topping this upto a degree? charlie