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Found 24 results

  1. Hi there, Had an interview for a role in Perth and employers seriously considering the 457 route. I just want some guidance that the role will fit the 457 criteria. I THINK it comes under Information & Organisation Professional but would appreciate a second (or third) opinion. The job is Client Administration Manager within a financial services company and the job spec involves the following (list is by no means exhaustive): - retrieving client information from third parties - ensuring client database is kept up to date with relevant information - liaising with financial planners to prepare accurate advice documents - diary scheduling - assisting with new business & arranging follow ups - maintaining confidential files & records - creating training database - management & filing of confidential correspondence The salary seems to meet the 457 requirements so its really working out if the job does too! Thanks! :err:
  2. Dear All, As there has been change in priority processing which definitely has thrashed a lot of minds & souls Now what is the fate of Computing Professionals which were on MODL/CSL like Computing Professional (Network Security) before these priorities. Are we coming under this statement: "Applicants with a nominated occupation of Computing Professional (nec), Hospital Pharmacist and Retail Pharmacist, who have already been allocated a case officer, will be contacted directly by their case officer to advise processing arrangements." Please professionals specially agents, guide for the sake of all which are depressed due to new changes. Umar Farooq.
  3. Hi all, i've been a little lazy with my australia visa application recently and have not really kept up to date with all the changes. I called IMMI just before Christmas for a general update. My family and I applied for a 175 Visa back in May 2009. I was advised that as I was assessed by ACS using an old SOL code (2231-79 Computing professional (NEC)), it would be in my interest to get a reassessment done. I was advised I should look for a new code from the ANZSCO Schedule 3 list (which I can't find anywhere). If I don't do this, we could be waiting a very long time to have a case officer assigned. Also, I am not sure what to get my reasssment completed in. I don't know what code I should be using. Therefore, I don't know how my old SOL code maps across to one on the new list. Has anyone got any experience in this because i'm either being really thick or things just seem to have got more complicated than before. :arghh: I hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks in advance.
  4. Greetings everyone, Its my first post here, so pls excuse my writing. I have applied for 885 on 28th june 2010 and I am under priority 4 now. I have applied for new ICT Business Analyst - ANZSCO 261111 on 15th of feb in order to bring my file to p-3. Still waiting for outcome from the ACS. According to 18 march 2011 processing status the processing 2/09/2010 files for p-3 and visa 885(e-lodged). 1. May be after a month I will get my ACS skill assessment, Will I be able to my file to priority 3 as the time for that has already passed? 2. I am currently working as database support officer since last one year in Melbourne, Can that be helpful to move my file to p-3? 3. What should I do? Thanks in advance for you support Cheers Jatin
  5. Just wanted to know if there are any pharmacists or computer professionals (NEC) out there who have applied, haven't had their application finalised yet and have a case officer allocated. The above two occupations seem to be the ones that were on the CSL, but are now not on the new SOL; the recently-released priority processing details state: "Applicants with a nominated occupation of Computing Professional (nec), Hospital Pharmacist and Retail Pharmacist, who have already been allocated a case officer, will be contacted directly by their case officer to advise processing arrangements." We have not received any contact from our CO, but were wondering if anyone else has, and if so what was the response and secondly has anyone actually contacted a CO themselves in this regard and, if so, what response did they get ? Many thanks
  6. Inspired by the similarly named thread for ICT recent graduates, i have decided to set up a thread for Group A applications. Given the new release from DIAC: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/acs-skills-assessment-review.pdf Are people looking to get their skills reassessed/reviewed? Has anyone done this already? If so please do share your experiences with the rest of this group. VISA SUBCLASS 175 CLASS VE, 2231-79 (nec) applied may 2009, priority gp 4
  7. Hi can anyone shed some light on whether, being on new Ansco code 254499 nec (NOT ELSEWHERE CLASSIFIED), would put be at the bottom of the nurse processing list ?? Confused.com Had spoken to some one at queensland work live play who said they had changed my code over to new Anzsco. when i challenged it and said that code didnt match my current job description as a district nurse and felt that the community health code matched better. I was told it would make no difference where finding a job is concerned and only for immigration purposes. I feel its a code when they unsure as to where to place you which is fine so long as it doesnt affect the processing priority at immigration. Im assured it doesnt, but with the bad luck im having lately anything is possible x Please help :confused: Annette
  8. Hello, I got this message from some source, it is created three days ago, it's very likely that this will be the announcement of IMMI after discussing with ACS: So here are some points: 1 IT applicants with SA of 223179 ICT Recent Graduate(nec), can get into G3 if you review your skill assessment and get a suitable outcome 2 You have to do the review within 60 days after your SA 3 contradiction: applicants facing the 223179 -> G4 issue are applicants who got SA outcome before 1st July, which is more than 60 days from now, so no review can be done. 4 Applying a new skill assessment does not work as you cannot change your occupation. 5 Also, from ACS: "f you have already used the assessment outcome letter for Migration purposes, then the assessment process is regarded as finished and no Review request can be made." 6 HOWEVER, there is a PAID REVIEW which does not have 60 days limit(hopefully): http://www.acs.org.au/assessment/docs/PASAGuidelinesforApplicants.doc Read page 30 So, conclusion is, they KNOW this is not fair and they will be in problem if they do not solve it and people go the MRT way, but they tried their best to get money, if you are a 223179 applicant, according to their rules, you cannot get a review for free, you have to pay.
  9. Hi Friends A quick question i applied as a csl modl network security professional in jan 2009, co alloted in june 2009 submitted all pcc and meds completed in july 2009, csl was finished in 2010, and 20 july priorarity list came out, and i fall in computing professional with nec which are still i cat 3, My question is do i have to change to SS or my visa will be processed as it is? I contacted my co he said they are just waiting for my checks and did not ask for any change. Please guide me where do i stand Thankx in advance for your help
  10. Read somewhere in the forums of some 2129-79 environmental engineers who have lodged, but are languishing in Group 4. Contact your skills assessment officer, or e-mail msa@engineersaustralia.org.au with your client ID. Ask if they are able to provide an explanatory letter to request Immi to move your application to Group 3 SOL. They will provide this service for free. Note to Computer Systems Engineers 2129-79 (i.e., me) and other non-SOL Sched 3 engineers... no such luck for you (and me) if you aren't SOL qualified... we're still sitting pretty on Group 4.
  11. Hi Guys, I am starting this new thread for Computing Professionals NEC and CSL applicants who have not heard any thing from their CO yet as we suppose to be contacted by them. Please let us hear from all the Computing Professionals NEC and CSL who have CO but have'nt got their visa yet and also from people who have been lucky in this category and got their visa approvals. Those who fall in this category please add their information so all other applicants can have an idea that where they stand at the moment. please keep posting as other applicants will be kept updated. Please also add your application timeline as well. Good Luck ITpro Application Date: jan 2009, co assigned: May 2009, PCC MEDS sent: June 2009, job varification: May 2010, Visa Grant Date: Still waiting :arghh:
  12. I applied pr176 family sponsor on 1/2010, I applied 2231-79 (Nec - C/C++). How can I know I am in category 3 or 4? Thanks you very much
  13. Guest

    Computing Professionals NEC

    Hey guys, I wanna ask you guys, is there any chance DIAC will allow pre-July graduates to change their occupation, if they can manage to get new ANZSCO code, based on their experience or studies?
  14. Hi All Would like to know if any of you fall under the following and if any of you have been contacted. I have not been as of yet so a bit worried at the moment "Applicants with a nominated occupation of Computing Professional (nec), Hospital Pharmacist and Retail Pharmacist, who have already been allocated a case officer, will be contacted directly by their case officer to advise processing arrangements." Many Thanks
  15. rikmartin

    New Priority? 2231-79 NEC / 176

    Hi, I am sure there are others with near identical timelines/codes as me so I was hoping someone could clarify/speculate what priority my application is now going to get and the possible changes I could experience in next few months. I have read through the forum and DIAC websites and have gathered my own conclusions but it would be good to get someone to comment on their interpretation of the new rules I am a 176 WA SS - 2231-79 NEC; my application was submitted as a 175 in June 09 and converted to a 176 in Sep 09. As far as I was concerned I was a category 5 following the Sep 09 changes Since July 10 what I read is that I am now schedule 4 with a priority level of 4 unless the WA SMP possibly releasing Sept onwards gives my ASCO or ANZSCO code to then become a priority 2 Please can someone clarify what my current position is regarding priorities and how my ASCO code remains or what it translates to as an ANZSCO code. If it does translate does it do it automatically or do I have to do anything? Thanks in advance
  16. Hi Everyone , I applied prior to 1st July, 2010 and was on Priority # 3 on previous list(i.e. CSL & SS). My code & occupation was 2231-79 & Computing Professional(NEC). With recent changes i fall in Priority # 4 that left me no where. Though there is a ray of hope for computing Professional (nec) having CO (i.e. they will be contacted shortly and they will be processed separately bla bla) yet 19th July changes say nothing about people in same profession but unfortunately with no CO. Lets share how many of us, are in the same situation. Do anyone has any good news to share for Computing Professional(NEC) with no CO? Regards
  17. After seeing NSW state list http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/migration/pdfdocuments/STNI_Criteria_STNI_Skilled.pdf Couple of things were puzzling in my mind, In the list under the ANZSCO code 261313 they have mentioned the specialization as Java. But according to the SOL schedule 4, previous ASCO code 2231-79 (Software Engineers with specializations such as Java, C#, C++ etc.) mapped with ANZSCO 261399 Also in above link, IELTS score mentioned as 7 and is it overall score or each component ? After seen this list, I was thinking probably they would have mistakenly mapped previous code 2231-79 (Software Engineers with specializations) into 261399. Based on this, I guess there will be a high chance that, if you have a successful assessment with 2231-79 (Java, C#, C++ etc.) and If you apply for a re-assessment you'll most likely get 261313. With ANZSCO code 261313 we can proceed with; GSM 175 with IELTS 7 (each component) ??? :goofy:
  18. Guest

    Computing Professional nec

    This is from one of the FAQs of new changes. I am a computing professional employed in an occupation on the new SOL but obtained a skills assessment as Computing Professional nec to enable me to access priority processing. What can I do? Your nominated occupation on your visa application must correspond to the skills assessment obtained in an occupation. Can someone explain to me, what above statement means?
  19. Hi Any idea, will counsellor (nec) be on New SOL, i have applied for SS with WA for the same OH on Dec'09 and its been 6 months of waiting, but before the outcome of SS this suspension came into effect! :wideeyed: I didn't apply for visa yet, my agent told once i get the SS can move for visa lodging. Now saying a prayer my OH should be on new SOL. any idea will be on New SOL, fingers crossed! :goofy: Any one feel free to share your opinion....:yes: Thanks :smile: Becky
  20. KD79UK

    2521-79 - Legal Profs nec

    Im on a 457, wondering whether to try and get on an ENSOL, or wait 2 yrs on the 457 to apply for indpendent visa under another skill (long story!!). I want to approach my employer but only when I have all the info! I have an LLB Law degree from the UK, and I am currently employed on the 457 as a contract administrator. Has anyone else been sponsored under this category/going for this? I want to know whether VETASSES need to do a technical interview? Or whether they will just require my uni certs, letter from employer, wage slips etc? Any help will be appreciated
  21. I think I have got good news from the ACS. I am suitable under the following Computing Professionals – (nec) 2231-79 but not specializing in any of the areas, so I would not be entitled to the each MODL points. But I think I only need to complete the English test (third time lucky) I found the reading quite tough, so any tips let me know. I have some questions for anyone that might know. What is the next step (other than IELST)? Am I at the stage where I could lodge an application? I know everyone is changing to the 176 visa I was looking at the 175 before all the changes. I am not sure that the 176 is right for me as I would like to be as near to Perth as possible and to be on a PR visa. Does where is the nearest region or place to Perth for the 176? :wideeyed:
  22. I have applied for my visa 175 on the 31st December 08 under the ASCO code 2231-79 Computing professional NEC, I am a bit confused with regards to the new DIAC processing times and which category I fall under as the letter I received from ACS states the code of 2231-79 and nothing else, I am not entirely sure if Computing professional NEC is on the CSL or even MODL but if I do a search on Department of Immigration & Citizenship it tells me it is on the MODL but if I view the list it doesnt seem to be there, all I really need to know is where I am in the pecking order :err:
  23. Firstly, congratualtions on a great site with priceless information. I've used this for a lot of research, but have a specific question, so this is my first post. I've just started looking in moving from the UK to Aus, and have quickly realised that I need to get cracking on the Visa as a priority. I think that I'm clear about my options. I've taken a couple of the on-line tests, and it looks like I score 110, so I've been focusing on the state sponsored 176 option. Here's my question. I'm an IT professional with 20 years experience (technical & management.) My recent experience (past 8 years) has been in the role of Service Delivery Manager (and more recently managing a team of Service Delivery Managers.) The closest match that I can find for this on the skills list is: IT Manager 1224-11. However, this doesn't help a lot, as this is not listed on most of the local skill in demand lists (particularly as Victoria removed it today !) What I have found is 'Computer Professionals not elsewhere classified 2231-79. The description of this is essentailly what the title says. Given that my role is widely recognised (there are plenty of Service Delivery Manager roles on Aus job sites) and that I have formal qualifications (ITIL) what are the chances that the ACS would accept an application for this category ? Also, if I could get classified as this, would it help me as it is on the MODL ? Sorry for the lengthy post. Any advice with this would be much appreciated. I didn't realise that this would be so confusing or stressful ! :arghh:
  24. Guest

    nec - not elsewhere clasified

    Hello nec - not elsewhere clasified, whats this all about ? it's in bold on the bottom of the pdf supplied on the immi website but it's not on all the SOL lists supplied by Agents !! Any info much appreciated thanks Jay Ps cant wait to speak (chew the ear off) to some agents directly got so many questions my head is about to pop :arghh: