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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, just wandering if anyone in the process of transferring from the R.N to the R.A.N.. We are in the process of doing it ourselves at the moment, and was just wandering if anyone else is out there in the same boat. :jiggy:
  2. hi has anyone made the move from the RN to the RAN? Considering doing this when my 22 years is up and any advice would be greatly received.
  3. ruby1

    transfering to aus navy

    Hi in new to poms in oz and tring to find information about transfering to the aus navy. I have sent all my docs off and waiting to hear yes or no is anyone in the same boat or done it it recently would be good to talk to someone with this experiance. cheers:unsure: Stewart
  4. tonyman

    In the Navy

    i spoke to my brother on FB last night , he was not to happy as he is in the Navy and looks like they are cutting thousands of jobs ........what are his chances of getting in the Australian Navy...........he has been in over 26yrs + was an air enngineering mechanic on the harriers and aircraft carriers ......but now in an office job but still thinks he will be out of a job....whats going on then....?
  5. hello there,im new to this site i am hoping for some advice if any of you can help..Me and my husband have been thinking of moving to oz and as he is in the navy now thinking of putting in for a transfer but we both have no clue where to start!!?? Has anyone on here dont just that or have any info on it! Would be much appreciated! ellie x
  6. HI...... We are currently living in U.K and considering the big move down under. My husband is serving in the Royal Navy and we can apply to emigrate with him joining the Australian Navy. I would love to hear from anyone who has already made the move or are in the process of doing so. We would be based in Perth and would love to find out more about the life there. We are a family of 3...Scott (39) Deb (37) and Abbie (7). Look forward to hearing from anyone with both pros and cons.... Thanks.....:v_SPIN:....x
  7. Hopefully moving to Aus in just over 18 months when my husband has finished in the navy. I can easily find nursing jobs over there, however finding jobs which will use his skills is proving a little difficult. He is thinking of trying as a civilian firefighter - any ideas where we can get information on this for around Adelaide? Bev x
  8. I am just wandering whether anyone could help me, i already know that i can not apply to join any OZzy police forces until i have residency, however, i am wandering if there is anything else i could do for the force. Ive been in the RNP for 6 years and have a diploma which i passed with Distinction, so i do have law background and i am secruity cleared through the UK government. Anyone with any job suggestions???
  9. Hi just wondering if there is any one from the navy going to Perth next year 13th Jan 2010 as i was on the phone to Portman Travel and he stated that there was a whole group going out that day. If so please get in touch would be nice :daydreaming:
  10. When we started the process 18 months ago, Hubby was getting posted to Perth as he's a submariner, he was told about 6 months or so ago that he would have to complete training in Melbourne for a year. Got used to that idea and researched Melbourne to be told 5 weeks before we fly that we are now going directly to Perth as originally planned. Positive side means our daughter won't have to change schools now. :laughxmas:
  11. Guest

    Visa paperwork for Oz Navy

    Hi Our visa paperwork arrived in Canberra this morning and OH is hoping for a January intake but obviously time is of the essence. Been told a case worker will contact us on reciept of paperwork. Can anyone tell us how long before a case worker contacts you and how long the paperwork process is likely to take and whats involved in it. We've been told by the Oz High Commission if visa not approved by mid Dec then we will need to wait until June. Very stressfull in our house at mo. Its already taken us 18 months from initial application to get to his stage. :arghh::mad: Labby
  12. Hello out there! We are a small family Rick, Nicola, Lilly (4) and Harrison (2) from Plymouth, I am an Electrician Working for the Royal fleet auxiliary (Merchant navy). Ideally I would like sponsorship from a mining or large company (176) or a (175) independent, my concern is how will I be assessed under VETASSESS for verification if I'm out at sea on a ship? and where do I go for state sponsorship approval? Should I apply for a job, and then the visa, or vise versa. I worked in Oz for P&O Cruises in the mid late eighties life was good out there things have changed now I expect. we would love to have any help thanks :smile:
  13. Guest

    Joining Aussie Navy

    Hi all, Has anyone emigrated to join the Aussie Navy? I'm just looking into it now, I have a couple years remaining in the RN and would like to emigrate. I deally I would like to go as a civvie, however I'm considering trying to join the RAN to get a foot in the door. Anyone in the RAN? And if so what's the sea to shore ratio like and how's the living conditions ashore and onboard? Any guidance would be most appreciated.
  14. Guest

    First Day out of the Navy

    Well thats it, as of today I am unemployed for the first time in 14yrs 10 months - its the only job I've done since I was 18. My last working day in the Navy was yesterday so as of today I'm a dole waller :smile:. Whats strange is I thought it would feel different, dont know why but just expected to feel like something was missing, but its just another day. Now come on LCU get those meds processed please so I can get on that big silver bird!!!:spinny: Simon
  15. Hi Haven't been on here for ages - been travelling and cramming as much aswe can in before we go in 17 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:jiggy: Mixture of emotions at the moment as we've been to France and Rome over thepast few weeks and we have just completed a 'farewell tour' of friends and family in UK - from Plymouth to Wales - then on to Durham - then to Lake District via Yorkshire Dales - the up to Scotalnd - then back to Durham - then to Kings Lynn - then to London - Horsham - Weymouth and Portland and got home last night!!! :SLEEP: SHATTERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are nearly ready to go now and the doggie goes to the Pet Shippers on Friday as we're off to the V Festival in Staffordshire!! She flies next week all being well with her second blood test - she failed the forst Canicola Lepto Blood Test as she has a positive count - this is completely noraml and we had to find a vet in Horsham to do another blood test - fingers crossed and all that!! We have packing to sort and the worlds supply ofwashingto truy to get through - with this weather??? ARRGGHHH!!!! Anyway, just wanted to say hi and best of luck to all those who are in the same boat at the same stage - in a couple of weeks or so wecan breathe out and pat ourselves on the back for getting through it all!!! Angie :wubclub:
  16. Guest

    Joining the Australian Navy

    Hi All my I just say what a fab site , Its really good. Just wondering if there was anyone here who has left the British Royal Navy and joined the Australian Navy ?? Would be greatful for any advise, My husband who has done 12 years service is really thinking of doing this as my parents are going out there but would relly like some info especially on pensions and pay Thanks all in advance and have a good day