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Found 8 results

  1. tazmania

    Notice from Natural Justice

    We received an email yesterday from my CO, informing me that my declared job description was exaggerated and denied by my previous employer. They called my previous boss and ask technical question about accounting and my boss failed to understand those terms, instead he said I just imputing some figures given to me (btw he's high school graduate and it's a family business). We sent job description before signed by him. After I talked to my boss, i informed my agent about it and they told me wait within this week for further evidences we need to submit. They said, we can present evidences just once and it's their discretion if they will be satisfied or not. Other proof of documents such as payslip, job description and employment contract are submitted. It worries me much, is anyone in the forum experience the same? does our chances of granting our visa would be small? and will it take long. Please advice. I just want to know your experience. Thanks
  2. Hello everybody, sorry for the "catchy" title, but since there is lot of competition you go to sell the thing :biglaugh: Visiting this forum and others I have read a lot of things about people being scared of being bitten by a snake, some giant spider or even serve as a snack for a giant shark or a saltie when in Australia. Nevertheless, whereas these kind of events are highly advertized in the media, we know that the probability of being the victim of these type of accident is very low. In the meantime, we tend to ignore other types of dangers, although they represent a higher risk. I think we are all subject to the same "field of distorstion" in our perceptions: we tend to ignore or underestimate the dangers represented by things we are familiar and to exaggerate the risks of whatever is unknown, or unfamiliar to us. Australia is known to be by far (along with New Zealand) the country most affected by skin cancer. This particularity is the product of a particular combination of factors: a fair-skinned population of british ascendance, a lower distance from the sun in the southern hemisphere vs northern hemisphere, the proximity with Antartica and its depleted ozone layer and the relatively low air pollution vs similar countries in the northern hemisphere. In fact, UV index reaches "extremes" values during most part of spring and summer in almost every part in Australia (see: ARPANSA - UV Index Data ) According to a recent report (http://www.aihw.gov.au/publications/can/56/12138.pdf ), the incidence of melanoma and other types of skin cancer has augmented since 1998, although this fact can be partly attributed to better screening and life expectancy. I personally am fair-skinned, with lots of moles and I get screened each year for skin cancer (in switzerland, for some unexplained reasons, we have the highest rate of skin cancer incidence in Europe, along with Norway). So for me, this is one major concern about coming to live in Australia. So I would be interested to know how people like me do cope with this potential danger ? Do you take particular precautions to minimize the risks ? As for myself for instance, whereas I love to swim, I could not imagine to come to the beach between 10 am and 5 pm during the summer months when in Australia. Cheers, Cedric
  3. Guest

    Natural Justice

    Hi Has anyone else been down the Natural Justice route? Unfortunately our 8 year old Daughter doesn't meet the necessary criteria as she MAY have Aspergers, but the MOC has diagnosed it! Not only has he/she diagnosed her but wrote that it was moderately severe! Anyway, how do we convince the MOC that even if she is diagnosed with Aspergers on 20th July that she will live a perfectly normal life and will not be a burden to the Australian Economy? The evidence we have provided at the moment has not convinced him/she so far. This included a letter from the SENCO at the Primary School, all of her School Reports, a letter from her Dance Teacher (she has been in two shows and has taken numerous dance exams). Any help, advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you all in advance x
  4. Is anybody already or thinking of training in natural therapies in Perth? I would like to train with AIHM in Perth and become a qualified nutritional medicine therapist but wondered how much work there is out there. I will probably train in massage, aromatherapy as well but it seems uni is the way forward for most thing in oz. Thanks.
  5. Just wondering as I was called a right miserable barsteward this morning by a poster, of course it was tongue in cheek and I knew perfectly well where he was coming from.:biglaugh:. I often post very serious issues and ones that could be viewed a bloody miserable. BUT, I can never hope to contend with some on here (and life in general) with reference sense of humour, so I don't try, I would just look bloody silly. And my so called sense of humour has been called 'Glib' 'Sarcastic' or just plain childless, and this is from my family, :goofy::biglaugh::embarrassed::mad:. But my question is this. Are people born naturally funny or can you 'learn' to be funny. I equate it to this. I have always maintained that you are either very good at maths/art, in your genes if you like, and these qualities can never be learnt or nurtured. Your either very good at maths/art or you're not, very much the same can be said for humour, your either very good at it, you try very hard, or your just not any good at cracking off the cuff remarks , etc. What do you reckon, natural or learnt? Cheers Tony.:wink:
  6. Hope none of our members are affected by this:wideeyed: BRISBANE has been declared a natural disaster area, as soldiers help repair damage caused by one of the biggest storms to hit the city in two decades. More than 32,000 properties across Brisbane, Redcliffe and the Gold Coast were without power this afternoon after yesterday's storm brought hail and wind gusts of up to 130km/h, ripped roofs from houses and toppled power lines and trees. While most areas received 40mm to 60mm of rain, Ferny Hills in the northwest suburbs of Brisbane received 80mm, 69mm of which fell in 30 minutes yesterday afternoon. A 20-year-old man was killed when he was swept away by quickly rising water while photographing the storm in a drain with a 23-year-old friend at Chermside, in Brisbane's northern suburbs. Premier Anna Bligh compared the disaster to Cyclone Larry, which devastated north Queensland in 2006. Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard activated natural disaster relief and recovery arrangements, including the deployment of 40 soldiers, and pledged to cover half of the State Government's clean-up costs. "The Government's thoughts are with the thousands of families that have been caught up in this disaster and most particularly with the family of the young man who tragically lost his life," Ms Gillard said. Lord Mayor Campbell Newman said 1200 people, including emergency services personnel, Energex staff, Queensland police and the army, were working on the clean-up. "Nothing like this has happened to the city for at least 10 years," he said. "Perhaps it goes back to 1985 with a very big storm back in those days." He said Energex had recorded 576 cases of toppled powerlines. Some homes are expected to remain without power until tomorrow. The city council has warned residents in western Brisbane to boil their water or buy bottled water after a bird dropping-coated roof collapsed into a reservoir at The Gap - the worst-hit area of the city. Transport services are expected to remain disrupted into tomorow and traffic lights are out at many intersections. Ms Bligh said families severely affected by the storm were eligible for cash assistance of up to $765 and individuals could claim $165. "These are just the immediate cash payments for people who have literally got nothing, for people who need to buy food for their children or buy clothes," she said. Ms Bligh said some people would not be able to return home for weeks. Police patrols are being boosted to deter looters. Ms Bligh said up to 4000 insurance claims had already been made, but this would grow. She also warned more storms were expected to hit southeast Queensland on Thursday.
  7. Well.....spent the morning throwing up!! NOT the reaction I thought I would have to getting 'THE NEWS'!! Got a phone call this morning from Agent...who woke me up with a 'G'day Lisa...you got the visa'!! My reaction was 'whoohoo' in a 'I've just woken up' voice!! Then spent rest of morning with head down loo!! (in between filling in 'beupdate' with my visa grant!! And texting the world with our news!!) I know we're REALLY lucky particularly being on a 176 to have got the visa within 6 months and I'm REALLY trying NOT to show off when our friends Nix & Mike and others are STILL waiting!! Sorry guys...I really would swap with you if I could!! I'm sending subliminal messages for my C/O to pick up YOUR file (and blow the dust off it!!) So we've got 'til May to either validate or leave for good (the latter would be great! House to sell though!)....our Son has told us he's staying here to finish his 4 years of Uni...not a massive prob...he can email us!! Ha Ha! Thanks for listening to my AAARRGGGHHHs for the last month guys! We will have to get started on the dog's paperwork now! Love to you all and thank you so much for all of the help and advice over the past couple of years....I can't believe it...SO EXCITING!!! Lisa,xx __________________
  8. MikenSal

    StepSons, natural Dads.

    Can anyone give advice as regards migrating with my stepsons. My wife has 2 sons from previous relationships. Both have different fathers and I want to know our rights if their natural fathers decide to stand in our way. Our eldest (12 yrs)sons father has no parental rights though his name is on the birth certificate. Our youngest's (10yrs) father has gained parental rights over him and has his name on the birth certificate. My wife has custody of both boys. Can the boys natural dads stop us going, even when its to give their son's a better upringing and quality of life?