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Found 54 results

  1. I'm trying to find out how often preschool settings are checked by ACECQA? I can see that all settings have to be assessed against the National Quality Standards now (a bit like our lovely OFSTED), but the certificates do not give an expiry date. Every other online search has come up with a dead end.
  2. Having just attended my kids presentation day this morning - where my daughter won a prize for academic excellence :GEEK: - I started to wonder when folk feel they should join in singing Australia's National Anthem (it was a long presentation and my thoughts wandered somewhat). I know the words to Australia Fair, but don't feel the need to join in. Its not my national anthem - The Flower of Scotland is (though that isn't either :nah:) and I would feel a bit of a fraud as well. I can sing quite well - I am no shrinking violet when comes to bringing my vocal chords to the fore. I think that if I took up citizenship (if they'll have me that is) I would be belting it out better than the rest. But interested in others thoughts - when did you feel the need to sing Australia Fair, if indeed you ever did?
  3. Nothing on the channels and noticed this documentary on tonight. Think its about the 2009 attacks. Will be watching it as moving to Sydney next year.....
  4. hi, i recently applied for a locomotive train drivers job with QR and have heard nothing back. I'm sure the interviews were beginning of november. has anyone else applied? and have you heard back? many thanks. :confused:
  5. I live in wembley just moved over this week from England i have my blue card for plant operator in England with my N.V.Q as well i need to get my National Accredited Ticket so i can start working over here on the diggers does anyone have any suggestions as to wear in perth to go and who to avoid i am looking online at the minute but there is quite a few companies doing it dont know which one is gonna be the best?
  6. The Pom Queen

    Mungo National Park

    Has anyone ever been to Mungo National Park, it is somewhere I always wanted to go but never got around to it. Getting there Virgin Australia and Qantaslink fly to Mildura from Melbourne (about 1hr, from $235 on Qantaslink, low-season return); Sydney passengers fly via Melbourne. Mungo National Park is about 110 kilometres north-east of Mildura, near Wentworth in NSW. A four-wheel-drive is recommended in wet weather for entrance to the park. Staying there Just outside the park, Mungo Lodge is the area's high-end option. Deluxe cabins for two are $260 a night. A self-contained cabin for four adults or two adults and two children is $410 a night. Phone ahead to confirm road conditions; phone (03) 5029 7297; mungolodge.com.au. Turlee Station Stay is a working station near Mungo that offers four-star "bush cabins" for $150 a night. Shearers' quarters cost from $50 a night. Camping is $8. Phone 1800 991 995; see turleestationstay.com.au. In Mungo National Park are shearers' quarters near the visitors' centre capable of housing up to 26 people. $30 an adult; $10 a child. Camping at Main Camp or Belah Camp on the self-guided driving track is $5 a night. phone (03) 5021 8900. Things to do Aboriginal Discovery Tours are conducted by the three tribal groups taking in the Walls of China or a Foreshore Walk and placing Mungo in its context of indigenous history. Bookings are essential; phone (03) 5021 8904; see discovermungo.com.au. Harry Nanya Tours through Mungo National Park operate in daytime April-October, then switch to sunset tours in November-March because of temperatures. From $160 a person, including park fees, morning tea and a buffet-style picnic lunch or dinner; phone (03) 5027 2076; see harrynanyatours.com.au. Nearby Wentworth is also worth a visit for its historic buildings, the Murray and Darling rivers, and the famous Perry Sandhills. Artback Gallery and Cafe exhibits works from local artists and serves the best coffee in town; phone (03) 5027 2298; see artbackaustralia.com.au. More information See visitmungo.com.au.
  7. Guest

    National Police Checks AFP

    Hi all, My CO needs National Police Checks certification from Australian Federal Police. My immi agent told me that I have to do it cause he isn't allowed to apply for. I try to find all the details about that but I found that the only way to pay is by check (made through an Australian bank), no other possibilities? Is it possible apply for it online ? Thanks Luca
  8. Guest

    National Anthem.

    Though I make no bones about wanting to live in Australia, I have done for many years, and will do again at some point I wholly admit to one aspect that remains true to me as a Pom. Whenever I see the Union Jack hoisted and the national anthem played I get a huge lump in my throat. The pride I feel is immense, and I doubt/hope this will ever change. So my question is this, is it so wrong to be fiercely proud of your birth country (not necessarily it's people) no matter where you choose to live. I'm not one to go to Australia and moan that in the UK we do this etc. I just get on with it and generally scream behind closed doors when something really winds me up, but in essence I see no wrong in still being HUGELY proud of your birth country. IMO nothing winds me up more than someone who 'chooses' to live in another country and then takes great delight in slagging off a country that was in essence fairly good to them. Cheers Tony.
  9. Guest

    National Flag Day 2011

    110 years ago today Australia hoisted its flag for the first time in its known guise WHO KNEW THIS? And if you did did you do anything today? I took a walk to my local cenotaph and saw a flag of importance the CIVIL ENSIGN I also found out about several other important flags of AUS including the COLONIAL FLAG of Aus HAPPY FLAG DAY PEOPLE
  10. Hi, I've still got my UK Lottery online account being paid by Direct Debit, and today I got the "you've won a prize" email. I can't log into the account at the moment, because it says "we think you're abroad (no kidding)". Since I have a UK VPN account accessible from home (not work!!) that I use for watching iPlayer and playing Spotify I will be able to log in later but does anyone know the legal position of playing the Nat Lottery while living in Australia, not much point paying them if they're not going to pay out if I ever get a decent win? Thanks,
  11. Its just breaking on sky news that a British citizen has been mauled to death by a polar bear. It just got me to thinking ................ What way wouldn't you like to die? Sorry for sounding grim, but i think we all will have said, when theres a reported death on the news, that someone has died, or we know someone who has passed away and thought ............ i wouldn't like to go like that, i want to pass away in my sleep. My two that i can think of is to die slowly in pain and having worked in the mill, to die being dragged into a wool tearing machine and slowly crushed to death, that was in the news not long back. Anyone else got any?
  12. Troy&Kim

    UK National insurance

    HI PIO, Don't know if anyone can help me with this. were moving to Aus in October this year on a permenant visa and have no intention of coming back. The thing is you can never say never and has were moving out on a tight budget, I just want to know about your national insurance etc. Can you carry on paying it while your in Aus just in case you do come back home. Don't know what happens if you leave for 2/3 years and don't pay it, and then come home to the UK and you not entitled to anything. Will will be still entitled to the same things as if we had never left. Hope this makes sense. Have a good weekend, Kim
  13. Just wondering if anyone has heard any news about the NBN rollout, Im hoping this will be on the go by the time we are going to be moving over (just starting process). As a fibre cable splicer i would have to be employer sponsered and the Broadband rollout should hopefully make it a safe bet.
  14. Hi there just filling out this form as requested - how did anyone send the fee? It states cheque or money order and that any cheques must be from an australian bank or a bank that is affiliated with an australian bank. What is a money order? Also, did anyone send a copy of their marriage certificate? or just passport? will be a pain to have to get another certified copy done! many thanks!
  15. Does anyone know if you can get Australian National Police Checks priority processed? My boyfriend and I have nearly had our visa granted but just found out he needs australian police clearance now. We want to go to Australia at the end of the month as I start work next month.. is there any way of getting it processed as quickly as possible? Also, how do you pay for it if you are overseas?
  16. I believe England is moving St George's day this year to May 2nd. Do you think anyone will notice?:wink:
  17. I often watch sport, (well, way too much according to better half) and have noticed something that seems of little consequence but thought I would ask anyway. During the oppositions national anthem should we/they remain quiet and respectful, or should we/they whistle, boo, or shout. After all national anthems are just that, a time for the players and crowd to feel proud about their country. I noticed it in the cricket the other night, both sides (minimal) supporters decided to whistle or boo, not a lot, but it was there. I'm not sure about ALL sports but it does seem prevalent in cricket and rugby to a degree, but especially in football. It's all well and good being supportive and the old adrenaline gets pumping, but is it right that when the oppositions countries national anthem is played/sung that the opposing fans show a certain amount of disrespect to the opposing team. Just asking is all. I have been to many, many test series at cricket, and though I said minimal in appearance it does go on from both sides. Not a great football fan, will always support England though, but it does seem far more prevalent at football. OK, so it is not meant to cause great harm (I think) but does it show some disrespect to the other COUNTRY involved. I'm all for having a go when the actual game starts, but personally I wouldn't boo, whistle at the national anthem ceremony, (except the Germans,:embarrassed::mad::biglaugh:, only kidding folks) Cheers Tony.:wink:
  18. Falling between the cracks of skilled migration reform - The National Interest - 3 December 2010 I'm sure some will be interested in this article from The National Interest on ABC Radio National, presented by Peter Mares. Best regards.
  19. If anyone wants to see some fabulous platform and springboard divers in action - head to the pool at Albert Park in Melbourne this week. All the Commonwealth and Olympic athletes will be in action, along with the rest of the top Australian divers. My daughter is competing in the Platform competition on Saturday, so please come down and cheer her on! Failing that, please send her some good karma vibes :cute: Love Rudi x
  20. Guest

    National Police Check. decision

    Hi all, I am a UK citizen living in Oz on WHV at the moment but I applied for 176 ss visa and I got a CO assigned last week. She asked me for work experience related documents which i will send her soon. Can I do my National Police Check for the time being so when she asks for it I'll email her stright away? cause i lived in OZ for the past 2 years which one do i have to do for example. NPC.AFP Victoria police check ? thanks Lee
  21. imorariu

    national visas

    can anyone tell me about national visas are any good ? please help
  22. Hi All, Thanks for your attention to my question. Maybe I am too fussed about below concern. I am in Australia now under termporary Visa and plan to apply for Australian PR. I need to get clearance from police that is called National police check (NPC).There is one thing I thought of. One evening a year ago I quarreled with my wife for my kid's education arrangement at home, but making very loud sound that disturbed my naighbor. They called police to come over to my home to check what was going on. Policemen came to my home afterwards, but they didn't enter the door, just standing outside and asking what had happen.I apologized to policemen for disturbance and explained to them that there was only a family arguement and all had finished,nobody was hurt.Policemen just asked me to show my passport and wrote down my name then left. Will this experience bring negative effect on my National police check ? Thanks for your kind help ! Have a nice day !
  23. Guest

    BTEC National Diploma

    hey guys me and fiance are looking to move back to australia, she has a BTEC National in animal management and over here that would be sufficent to access uni to study vet nursing or do an apprenticeship, would this be the case in oz or would she need to do more studying first all comments welcome
  24. Plan ahead by moving overseas with the experts! Moving to Australia is not without its ups and downs. To make sure you stay ahead of the game, it pays to be well informed. Everyone wants to start their new life down under with as much money as possible and there are a number of things you can do to ensure you make the most of your funds. Key topics always discussed on the forum include moving your possessions and transferring your money into your new Australian bank account. Poms in Oz is hosting Live Chat sessions with leading experts in banking, currency exchange and international removals. These sessions will take place today from 12pm-2pm and 8pm-10pm (UK Time). National Australia Bank, Moneycorp and PSS International Removals will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about your move. To participate in the chat sessions, select the 'chat' menu option at the top of the page., this will launch the chat software. There will different 'rooms' for each of the different companies. If you are an unregistered visitor, to take part, use this link - Chat with Industry Experts. Once the chat software has loaded, tick the 'Guest' option at the top of the chat window, then choose a username and enter the 'Moneycorp, NAB or PSS' chat rooms. National Australia Bank [img2=right]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/chat-nab.png[/img2] Rebecca Joils will talk about the Australian Banking system providing you with some insights as to what is different between the UK and Australia. She will also talk about how straight forward it is to open an Australian Bank account before you leave home and some of the services you should consider. Moneycorp [img2=right]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/chat-moneycorp.png[/img2] Whether you are moving to Australia, or living there already, Jonathan Griffith and John Kinghorn will bring you the latest updates on the Aussie dollar and provide insight into the key factors influencing market movements. Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating and transferring your funds at the right time, via the right channel, can make a big difference to the amount of money you actually end up with. PSS International Removals [img2=right]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/chat-pss.png[/img2] One of the key ingredients when you are moving overseas is the planning of your removal. Liam Witham and John Moynes will be on hand to offer advice and answer any questions you may have regarding the packing and shipping of your household effects, including what items you can ship to Australia, Australian Customs procedures and AQIS. Whether you are importing household effects or just a vehicle, it is never too early to start researching or to start the process.
  25. stevie ellis

    Scots national team

    What do you think o the Scots team then ? thread for scots really but english can put there tuppence in aswell.:hug: