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Found 25 results

  1. Hi If anyone knows of any houses going around this time then let me know. Ideally looking for a 2 or 3 bed house up to $320 pw ish. A pool would be nice!!!! We are a gay couple who are tidy. No jobs yet, (one is on the cards) but financially secure. Would also consider Kallangur, Burpengary, Narangba, Strathpine Send me a private message Cheers Mark
  2. Hi, We will be arriving in Narangba just a few days before Christmas. Have a house and everything sorted but thought after a long drive from Adelaide it would be nice to just go out somewhere for a nice Christmas lunch. Looking for somewhere that will serve quite traditional food so was hoping to see if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks in advance Deb
  3. Jersey Beans

    Primary Schools in and around Narangba

    My husband has been offered a job in Narangba and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on primary schools in the area. I don't really know where to start! Any advice would be much appreciated :arghh:
  4. Alaska

    Narangba - thoughts please?

    It looks likely that DH will be offered a job in Narangba. Well either there or Petrie but we think it will be in Narangba. I have done a search on here and it looks quite positive. Anyone have any thoughts/experiences about the area? Any experience of the schools? I have read a bit about the chemical place which is obviously a bit of a concern. Many thanks.
  5. Hi all, I am currently in Adelaide but heading up to Qld next week to check out schools before making the final move in December. I called a couple of schools on my hit list the top of which was Narangba State High. I got quite a chilly reception from them and when I requested a tour around the school, I was told they didn't allow people to look around? And I could speak to someone who would tell me everything I needed to know and enrol with them. Anyway that person wasn't available so I am waiting for a call back. The second school on my list was Dakabin State High. I had a nice lady greet me on the phone and she said they would be happy to show us around. Anyway I found a website http://bettereducation.com.au where you can see the school rankings. Narangba far out-rates Dakabin at 82-68 My head is a mess I don't know how to work this. If I could actually go to both schools I could probably get a feeling for which one suits my daughter best and she could give her feedback too. But to enrol without actually seeing the school doesn't sound right to me at all. Does anyone have any experience of either of these schools or know of anyone who does. Thanks in advance from a :confused: very confused Deb
  6. Nathalie

    Narangba - Bris CBD commute

    Anyone has some more detail on what the commute is like from Narangba to Brisbane CBD? I checked the trainride and it says on Translink it's 55 mins. Are the trains busy/overcrowded? They only give one way fare prices, what will the cost be on average per week (5x up and down)? Are the trains frequent? What is it like to drive? We've driven it, but not during commuting hours, I was wondering if it's majorly different? Will it take longer or shorter by car instead of the train? Any info from someone who does a regular commute would be appreciated Nathalie
  7. FoundAshy

    Thoughts On Narangba

    Hi, Would anybody out there be kind enough to give there view's on Narangba and the surounding area's please, we are renting here for our reccie in may, and quite like the sound of the area, are there any anti social problems are the schools good etc etc. Many Thanks in Advance FoundAshy
  8. hello to anyone who can give our family some social networking or maybe even a meet up.we have been here now for 12 weeks currently renting in narangba.we have 2 fab boys 15 and 10 in valley state schools and we would love to chat or meet up with any helpfull families aroung the area :laugh:cheers jane
  9. Hi guys, if anyone is interested in Narangba as a suburb (i can certainly vouch for it) great train line, close to shops, schools etc. etc. easy to commute to Brisbane city (which i do). please let me know, as my house is available, which is just perfect for a family. (4 bed 2 bath, pool, park views, double garage etc. etc.) email me if you would like further info. regards and good luck to all those waiting for their visas!! really feel for you guys. (congrats to those who have those already!)
  10. 2Posh2Push


    Narangba is about 40 mins from the sunshine coast and about 50mins into the CBD of Brisbane. From my house it takes me 10 mins to the local shopping mall at Morayfield and 15mins the other way to the North Lakes Shopping plaza, 20 mins to Strathpine Plaza and 25 mins to Chermside which I have yet to visit so will let you know on that one! Its massive though... There are 2 primary schools in the area - Jinibara state school www.jinibarrass.eq.edu.au and Narangba Valley state school Home page My daughter attends Jinibara as we live outside the catchment for Narangba Valley and it is a lovely school. She used to cling to me at school time in Uk but here she is so confident and happy and a different child! The secondary school has an excellant reputation here - Narangba Valley SHS There are alot of nurserys in the area - 2 of which are right next to the schools. www.sesamelane.com.au Tadpoles Early Learning Centres - Child Care in South East Queensland www.childcare.com.au My local shops are less than 5 mins by car - they consist of Woolworths (grocery store - not like in UK) pizza place, dvd/video rental, newsagent, bakery, fish n chip shop, bank, chemist, dentist, real estate, pool shop, tavern, gym, vets and a tavern. There is another small selection of shops in Narangba at Main Street which include doctors, dentist, library, chemist, pizza, IGA (grocery's) real estate, butchers and more, 5 mins to Burpengary and you have another selection of shops including the Burpengary Plaza, Subway, Red Rooster (like KFC) gym, and many more. When we need a beach fix we go to Bongaree on Bribie Island (20mins away) or Settlement Lagoon ,Redcliffe(20 mins away) which are both fantastic for families. Redcliffe City Council - Discover Redcliffe and have the time of your life We spent Xmas day on Bongaree with friends having a barbi and enjoying the Kayaks with all the kids. Brisbane Queensland Australia - suburbs - maps - accommodation - events - street and business directory - restaurants - ourbrisbane.com is a really good site for finding suburbs you may like and anything you need to know about schools, things to do etc. Real Estate, Property, Land and Homes for Sale, lease and rent - realestate.com.au is great for sussing out rental prices etc. Hope this gives you enough to be getting on with!!!!
  11. Guest

    Schools in Narangba

    Hi, Although still early in our visa process we are looking at Narangba in North Brisbane as a base when we finally go over to OZ. We were wondering if any others were sending their kids to the high schools in this area. Thanks
  12. Hi, My 13yr old son has just started at Narangba valley and is finding making friend hard he is really shy, does any one have kids there can you give help on any after school clubs etc, he's not into footy. Thanks Debbie
  13. nicandjay

    Narangba ?

    Have been looking at Narangba, anyone any views on the place ???? Nic
  14. Guest


    Hi. Does anyone have any information on Bellmere? We're currently renting in Moronfield (sorry, Morayfield), which I would not recommend, and we're hoping to buy soon. We've investigated and know a few people who live in Narangba and Burpengary, and we are considering those areas, but we saw a house today in Bellmere which was near enough perfect: silly as it sounds, the one thing which is putting us off is the low price! We know it's currently getting built up, but that area is down the road from the house we saw, so we wondered if there's any other reasons for the low prices. Caboolture is a couple of K's away, and it does all seem very nice. I'd just like to know the best area to buy in Outer North Brisbane: the kids are settled in their school at Morayfield, so we want to be within 15 minutes drive of there, and the two of us work near the airport, so Burpengary and Narangba seem to tick the boxes for us, but now this lovely house in Bellmere has come up and made us think again! If anyone has further information on these areas, please let me know - anything to sort this out: we're ready to move!! Thanks for your time
  15. Guest

    Narangba State Schools

    Hi, does anyone have any experience of Narangba state schools-both primary & high? Just looking into schooling for my 12 & 9 year old girls. Am i right in thinking that my 12 year old will be in high School? (birthday is sept) Many Thanks
  16. Guest

    Any Poms in Narangba

    Hi all, We have been here for 18 months now and are really settling in well. We do have a good circle of friends and we like to socialise, funnily enough we just built a house only to move next door to English people that arrived at a similar time to us. we know it can be difficult when you first arrive we was lucky to meet some good people straight away so it did make things easier. if you would like a chat, tea, coffee or Beer we would love to here from you and also we both work in real estate so if you have any questions please drop us a line Regards Dean 32, Jem 27, Harrison 7, Preston 5:smile:
  17. Hello Just wondered if anyone can sway our choice of which suburb to go for. Anyone aware of any schools to keep away from or any to try and get into the catchment area for. Mainly talking primary but interested in secondry too as it wont be long before that starts. Thank you very much if you can help as i am all a tiz and we go in 9 weeks.:unsure: Georgie
  18. hi guys myself and my family have been living in narangba since 1st november 2008. finally have our rental and have started work! llooking to meet up with anyone in our area. i have two boys aged 9yrs and 6yrs ..... soon to be 7!! like everyone says its fab living here just miss the social side of life and my huge circle of friends i left behind in the uk!! would love to meet up with anyone who lives near us!:yesxmas:
  19. Hi If anyone wants a modern house with a pool in Narangba's Creekside then ring Ideal real estate in Burpengary. Hurry as its not on the internet yet. 38881249 is the number to ring. If you have a dog then he is a bit dubious about having one inside so if i were you i wouldnt even mention a dog. You can always say you are dog sitting or something and the owner wont be in Brisbane as he is moving to Mackay. Its on for $500 per week and its got 4 or 5 beds (cant remember for sure) It is next to shops and schools and is a nice area. 10 mins to Bruce Highway. Hope it helps someone Georgie
  20. Article from today's Courier mail Bligh Government to downzone sites on industrial use | The Courier-Mail I noticed that North Lakes "little Britain, or "lego land as it is known is now sprawled within 1 kilometre of Narangba
  21. kernow43

    News on Narangba

    This article was published today in the Brisbane Courier Mail about air pollution in Narangba. I know some were heading that way and might find this interesting. I still think they are not telling all they know! Harmful dust particles found near Narangba Estate | The Courier-Mail
  22. Hi all Still thinking Narangba (mainly down to house prices). But does anyone regret living here instead of elsewhere? Just a bit worried its too out in the middle of nowhere with absolutely nothing happening. Recently read about certain areas lacking a sense of community so anyone have a point of view about Narangbas community? We did want to try and find somewhere with a town centre rather like where we come from in England but Hervey Bay seems a little isolated. Does anyone know of a cheapish neighbourhood with an actual centre and decent schools? Preferably on the North side (thats if Narangba proves not to be siutable). I am stressing out now and cant get my head round it all. Basically can anyone put my mind at rest by telling me Narangba is GREAT:chatterbox:!!! Help
  23. Guest

    Just arrived in Narangba

    Hi everyone We have just arrived in Narangba two weeks ago and are currently looking for jobs, if you can help, Site Manager construction and secretary construction. Our eighteen year old son is with us and has employment as a gyprock setter and enjoying it, but is looking for young people to socialise with, anyone with any ideas???? Any tips or hints would be appreciated, any social activities or BBQ's would be appreciated for all of us! So we can get to know people. Keep us posted:smile:
  24. Hi there Just thought for anyone heading that way it would be nice to get a list of people and maybe arrange a newcomers get together. You can put down your name if you want to come from further afield too. Hope to hear from some of you Georgie
  25. Guest

    new to narangba qld

    hi, my name is Deena and i have just move to queensland last month with my husband,Ivor and our 2 sons Elliot,16 and Reece,14 , would love to hear from anyone in narangba or surrounding area. we have been in OZ since oct 2005 and were living in Ulladulla NSW but it was to quiet so have come to qld to try our luck!!!!!!!!!