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Found 14 results

  1. Thanks for the idea Connie Here's a few to get things started Hog's Breath (Cafe)-not something likely to stimulate your appetite Athletes Foot-yes that's a disease, why not change it to 'Club Foot', or go the whole hog and call it 'Gangrene' Clymax (natural product to help a woman's libido-I've got a better idea, leave australia) Footy (short for football) meaning any game predominantly played with the hands Soccer (football! cor, dear) The socceroos. that must have taken a nano second to think up, here's a better one: 'the Joeys' The Matilda's -Aussie female soccer team (to me conjures up images of old dears in dungarees holding pitchforks) the Wallabies (I would have even thought that 'the echidnas' would be more threatening, at least they've got spikes) I'm getting tired..more later
  2. We are here on a 457 and I want to start proceedings for an independent PR visa asap. This is because of the timescales involved.... if we have to wait for OH's company to do it as sponsored we have to wait 2 years, but the timescale for PR can be anything from 8 to 15 months!! which would leave me not sleeping at night and deadline for going back getting nearer. My second reason for wanting PR is that as a 457 spouse visa holder I am being refused a lot of applications for jobs.... I think they think it is not worth taking on someone who is only temporary? As we have been informed that with myself as principal applicant we have a good chance of making PR, I would like to press on and get it lodged. Heard lots of nightmares of migration agents and so was looking for some solid advice and names of trustworthy companies I may approach in the Sydney area. Please PM me if you feel more comfortable. Many thanks Naomi xxx
  3. hiya my partner and i are going through the final stages of checking our forms before handing in for our prospective marriage visa. Going through our statutory declarations we have noticed that on one a friend has put myself (Australian sponsor) under 'applicants name' and my partner (British applicant for migration) under 'Applicants partner' and on the other it was me under applicants partner and him under applicant. Has anyone else had issues with this before and is it something they will deny the application on? Ive heard they are pretty uptight with things like this so dont want to risk handing it in if its going to get denied on something so small. :twitcy: has anyone else hit a point of being sooooo sick of forms and paper work n stress of making sure everything is right gggrrrrrr seems everytime we go through it we find something else wrong:arghh:
  4. Guest

    Pass words ,user names

    Its a bummer when you forget your user name or pass word ,when you want to log on to a site i would say , after 5 goes i am out and 15 minutes to kill :arghh: :frown: Oh well ,glads thats off me chest.
  5. Hi, Apologies if this has already been asked elsewhere as I'm sure someone else will have. Last year I was accepted for State Sponsorship for the ACT. The occupation ACS assessed my skills was: Computing Professionals - Systems Programmer I have been in Cat 5 for the last year waiting for News (Post September application). Now DIAC have renamed all the occupations on the SOL (and the SMP I believe?), I am wandering if 'Computing Professionals - Systems Programmer' is covered by any of the following that's on the SOL (Systems Programmer was not on SOL): 261111 - ICT business analyst 261112 - Systems analyst 261311 - Analyst programmer 261312 - Developer programmer 261313 - Software engineer I would have thought it would come under 'Software Engineer'. My question is - as the occupations have been renamed, do I need to reapply for skills assessment (ACS) to receive new occupation and possibly as I may be on SOL be moved up a Category? Or do DIAC do this automatically and readjust people's Occupation and therefore category automatically? Also same question goes for the SMP which is due out next month for ACT... Do I need to do anything or just sit back and relax (and let DIAC\ACT deal with)?! I'm confused! Thanks, Mike.
  6. Bod

    Strangest Pub/bar Names

    A Pub Down the bottom of were my brother lived call the: Who'd have fought it.
  7. Hi all, I have finally made my decision on where to live once I finally get my visa (whenever that might be), and I have chose the Sunshine Coast. I particularly like the Caloundra area but anywhere near there would be good enough for me. I am looking to send my Resume off to various construction companies within the Sunshine coast or Brisbane area so I could improve my chances of finding employment and was wondering if anyone could possibly supply me with some Construction names? I have searched over the net but finding it a little struggle to find any big name construction companies, so if anyone out there could provide me with some would be very much appreciated. Cheers Matt
  8. hi my names callum and me and my family are thinking aout moving to perth in oz !!!!:spinny: im 13 years old and i would like to talk to any1 who is thinking about moving to perth or are already there :jiggy:
  9. Watching Chris Moyles show last night and heard that Jamie Oliver and his miss'es had a new baby girl last week and they named her .... wait for it Petal Blossom Rainbow How ridiculous it that........... Why are these celebs naming their kids with the most stupid of names. Surely they are just tryin now do out do each other... and hence they are not thinking ahead on how much other kids will take the mickey out of her at school, whether she goes to a private school or not and how embarrased she will be as she get older with a name like that. You can just picture a scene in her life ....... Poor child....... :frown:
  10. Hi With all the new changes to the CSL most people have been thrown towards State Sponsorship. What about those who are not on the eligible trades list for their choosen State, do they have any other options??? Thanks
  11. went up the sunshine coast and i kid you not there was a place called bald nob, and another called hells hole, please add others to this list.
  12. Have done a search, honest! Can anyone point me in the direction of a company that sorts .com.au domain names? Pretty please with sugar on top!
  13. Guest

    Weird Place Names

    Here are a few village names iv'e seen on my travels in the UK. LOST, 2 miles DULL UPPER DICKER THONG. And a few signposts that read Liverpool Maternity Hospital (non accident) Sign outside cemetary = Elderly people. On a door = If door does NOT open, Do Not Enter ? Restaurant = Phat Phuc Noodle Bar Restaurant = Stop and Taste = Te Puke. Are there any that you know, there must be some interesting ones in Oz.
  14. hi, thought this might be a bit of fun? any funny place names you can think of? i will start,. we have a place called six mile bottom!!!!!!! gail xx:v_SPIN: