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Found 32 results

  1. Hello I’m about to enter Australia on a multiple entry eVisitor (651) and intend to apply for a student visa shortly after. If my student visa application gets refused will my multiple entry eVisitor then become void/cancelled? Most people I’ve asked have said no it should be fine but just wanting to be sure. Thanks in advance.
  2. Kathie

    Multiple Sclerosis

    Can anyone help please? I was diagnosed with MS 6 years ago, have no symptoms/treatment (still questioning the diagnosis), work full-time. We are currently filling in the bupa insurance form, and a 457 visa application. Does anyone have any experience of how the MS might affect our application? Thanks x
  3. Hi, Anyone know if it is forbidden to lodge more than one state sponsorship application to two or more separate states at a time? Would the states know of your applications to other states and do you think it would affect your chances if they did? Cheers BB
  4. jove

    Multiple ACS assessments

    I have 2 positive skills assessments from the ACS. I initially applied under the NOC 'Software Tester' last year and it came back positive(5 years + experience). At the time when I recieved my skills assessment back the occupation was removed from the list of state sponsored occupations. I decided to change my NOC with the ACS to 'Systems Analyst' and it was successfully changed (3 years experience). It was my intention to go down the 175 route but since having a bad IELTS result I thought it could be possible to get state sponsorship with my original ACS skills assessment(software tester re-appeared on the list). I did read on the ACS website: 2S) If I Review, will this cancel or overturn my previous application? No, both assessment will still be valid. So it seemsd to be valid still. Has anyone done this? A quick look on the eligibility calculator shows i have the required number of points if I can use this original skills assessment. jove
  5. Hi.,., Just wondering if anyone has any experience on collecting flight points / rewards / miles etc. I know you can bag them up from each particular airline. And I`m still open to best suggestions on which carry the best rewards (freebies) etc. But, with sooo many flights / airline companies, I was wondering if there was a scheme where I could collected them together. ( ive heard about credit cards flight rewards.,., but you end up paying for the flight miles / points by the 3% card charge - or whatever it is)... Just wondering as i`m booking flights soon and may need to register before hand etc.:idea: CHEERS!
  6. I have lodged my TR application Individually. At the time of lodgement I havnt meet the the requirement for IELTS. I processed the application with my old IELTS for the application. But, now I have got the score in all modules above six for TR eligibility. I need to lodge for an second TR application. I heard from an agent I can simultaneously lodge 2 TR applications. When I about to lodge the second application. I am getting an error message stating that "An application for this service has already been lodged. Please contact the Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre". I am trying to process my application individually. Pls guide me with these issues.
  7. pandv_2000

    Flights with multiple stops

    We are looking at a reccie (and hopefully validation trip) for some time next year. At the minute we are undecided as to where we want to live and are looking at splitting our stay possibly 3 ways - Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Are there any companies that you can recommend where we can book flights with multiple stops entering and leaving the country from different airports? Thanks
  8. Would appreciate if anyone could provide an answer to a question I have. Originally my plans were to migrate using the skilled migration process to Adelaide for my occupation as a Mechanical Engineering Draftsman. However out of the blue whilst awaiting my skills assessment through engineers Australia I received an email from a person I had contact with a couple of years ago (I had looked at making the move back in December 2008 and was able to find an employer willing to sponsor but in the end the time was not quite right due to a number of circumstances at the time). This contact picked up from a couple of years ago and again I was offered sponsorship etc and this time I gratefully accepted. My current situation is that I’m currently in the process of the RSMS route but all seems to be stagnant. I have been wondering what I would do if for some reason the nomination was to be refused, i.e. I do not have a plan ‘B’. Here though is my dilemma.....If the nomination is refused I cannot get state sponsorship from South Australia for my occupation as special conditions apply relating to study within the state etc. But other states such as Victoria and Western Australia have no special conditions attached to the occupation. At the moment I am thinking that my plan ‘B’ could be to pursue state sponsorship within these states to secure my route to Oz, it wouldn’t be our first choice location but beggars cannot be choosers but my question is; Am I able to try and secure state sponsorship from Western Australia and Victoria whilst my RSMS application (currently stage 2, DIAC to approve nomination) is still live? Or would it be better to just sit tight and await the decision on the RSMS before trying to secure a state sponsorship for a 176? I just want to be able to sit down at the end of the day and say to myself that I have tried every option that was available to me and whatever happens happens! Thanks Chris & Mel
  9. Dear all Newbie here, so please be gentle. I've been offered a post with the Royal Australian Navy through the Lateral Recruiting scheme (I'm currently serving in the Royal Navy) and have completed all my medical checks etc and now am at the point where I can start the visa application process, essentially through a Labour Agreement with the RAN acting as my sponsor - all fine so far. In order for the job application to be successful both my wife and I have be granted Permanent Residency visas. Our problem is that my wife suffers from Multiple Schlerosis and I can't seem to find out any advice on the impact this will have on the application, other than each case is simply judged on its merits at the time. As the application would seem to cost at least £5,000 I'm a bit woried about applying if the answer is going to be a clear no. My question is, does anyone out there have any experience of succesful (or otherwise) applications with similar illnesses? I know the answer will always be "it depends on the medical assessment at the time", but I'm trying to build up a picture of how likely to succeed any application might be. Any advice most greatfully recived. Nick
  10. Hello everyone. Melbourne is very chilly at the moment, and I have just arrived last week. Still trying to get used to the weather, skin's really dry! Anyway, just want to confirm with you guys whether 309/100 is a multiple entry visa? Am i supposed to stay here for 2 years or allowed certain number of days outside the country to be granted PR for subclass 100? :unsure: So far I'm actively seeking for a job, and have 2 confirmed interviews with agencies (already went through one of them) . Everything's falling nicely into place for us! I have opened a bank account with Commonwealth Bank (no minimum opening balance, bargain!), registered TFN, and also registered for Medicare and the local library (free internet!). Just have yet to send out Form 886 as we want to secure an apartment, are we supposed to send out the Form 886 asap? Thanks all!
  11. Hi All, I am in a fantastic position where after months of applying for jobs and interviews I now have 3 job offers and need to make a decision this weekend. I have tons of questions and would be grateful of a little help; 1. Only 1 of the offers mentions LAFHA, on a salary of 150k + super how can I work out what the impact of having it would mean? 2. Has anyone the experience of resigning before the 457 is approved? As 1 of the offers wants me there in 6 weeks which would mean I need to resign now. They are happy to wait a little longer if the visa is not approved. 3. All 3 are approved sponsors with nominated headcount, I have all my paperwork ready as I lodged with my current employer (application is still being processed), so what sort of timeline am I looking at for a 457 (I know this differs wildly). 4. If I have lodged a 457 visa application that is currently being processed can the employer take over this application as the new sponsor or do they need to start from scratch? 5. 2 of the jobs are sydney and 1 is in melbourne, is there a significant cost of living difference? 6. And finally, 1 of the jobs offers salary sacrifice for a company car, this is around 23k but includes all fuel costs as well as the usual insurance and running costs - is this a good deal as I will be doing around 250 miles a week for work travel alone? Many Thanks in advance Tracy:chatterbox:
  12. Guest

    PR and Multiple Sclerosis

    Has any one been granted PR with a family member having Multiple Sclerosis, the wife has had MS for 5 years and on meds since, she is stable with no issues, can work but not because she looks after the kids and me. Have applied for 857 visa but waiting on medical waiver from NSW. Just want to know if anyone has had their PR aprroved with this situation? Need to know because if there is no hope may have to move back to where it is to dam cold in the winter (I am a Canadian not a pom but there are not to many of us down here so I was hoping you guys can help)
  13. Hi Sir/Madam, Can anyone please let me know that whether we can run 175 and 176 visa applications in parallel? I have a ongoing 175 visa application but I have obtained sponsorship from the state too. Can I re-lodge a fresh application for 176 (paper-based) when I have 175 in progress instead of withdrawing? Kindly advice.
  14. Six dead, 12 wounded in Arizona shooting - report - Yahoo! News UK Terrible News of a multiple shooting including a Federal Judge and a Congresswoman and a poor 9 year old shot dead in Arizona Isn't it time the 'Civil Right' to own a gun is taken away? Incidents may still happen but surely the sheer numbers of deaths would decrease?
  15. Guest

    Multiple Bridging Visa Bs?

    Hello - my partner is currently waiting (in Australia) for the outcome of his application to migrate here as my partner. If his application is not resolved by April, we had been planning on applying for a Bridging Visa B for him to attend his brother's wedding then. His mother, however, has recently become ill - it's not life-threatening, and currently seems to be under control, but she risks endangering her sight if she does not manage the condition well. He is worried as well that she is understating the extent of her medical problems, and that other family members are not being successful in encouraging her to take the best approach to her medical care. He would like to travel back earlier than April to check on her - but this would mean applying for a Bridging Visa B for that earlier visit, and then applying for another one to attend his brother's wedding. Does anyone have a sense of how two applications for overseas travel would be received, if they are requested only a few months apart? Is it possible to submit a single application that would cover both intended trips? Or is it better to focus on one trip at a time? Both trips would be to England, where my partner is a citizen. We think the first trip would be in early February (the soonest he can get leave from work), for around 20 days. The second would be in April, for around one week. Many thanks...
  16. hello, can we do multiple lease applications in parallel or does the application form filled is a comittment (i.e. we can not say no, or have to pay something if we decline)? Does generally people pay reservation fees? how long do landlords answer back to the applications (generally speaking)? any hint for application would also be welcome ;-) thanks a lot :wubclub:
  17. I have applied for SA. Since my application was on hold and they seem to be unreliable I applied for QLD last week:biggrin::wink: Does any body know whether it causes trouble for me and are these states strict with multiple application ?:eek::eek: Please share your experience rather than assumptions. Regards:notworthy::hug::cute::wubclub:
  18. I heard that some state has restriction on sponsorship applicaiton if you submit to other states simultaneously, appreciate much if anybody can give more details or hints on this.
  19. What will happen if I apply for both ? I have already applied for SA and wanna apply for WA whenever SMP releases.:eek: I know some of States are very strict about multiple sponsorship ( like VIC and ACT ) but I would be appreciated if you share your own experience about WA and SA:notworthy::notworthy: Regards:hug::hug:
  20. I had sent my applications to SA. But due to suspension of 176 my document is on hold:SLEEP::no: Now I wanna apply for ACT and do not withdraw my application with SA.:Randy-git: Supposed, SA start processing of applications after few weeks, Do they refuse my application due to my application to ACT ?:nah: I know ACT is very strict with multiple application,:confused: What about SA ?:eek::eek: are they so ?:eek: Please give me some advice as is my decision correct or not As I've seen so many people applying for more than one State and got granted Regards
  21. Guest

    Multiple entries on ETA

    Hi there, wasn't sure which forum to stick this under, but thought it might come in handy for someone in future. Basically, I just returned for the second 3 months on my ETA after going to NZ, and after quite a long and unpleasant interrogation with immigration at the airport, have had the visa expiration date brought forward by 6 months. So, for anyone else considering multiple entries on an ETA, bear in mind that it's not as easy as loads of people say it is.
  22. I was under the impression that you can submit several tenancy applications at the same time, as there are so many people applying you stand more of a chance. However each form says the following in the small print "Initial bond deposit and 1 month rent must be paid in cash or bank cheque within 24 hours after approval of application" So if I apply for 3 properties and all 3 get approved then would I be liable to pay for all 3 of them or be able to to choose which of them I would like to proceed with? Thanks in advance for any help.
  23. Guest

    multiple tourist visas

    My parents have just been granted a 12 month multiple entry tourist visa , their intentions are to spend the summers in Australia with their family every year, they anticipated having to re-apply for a new visa every year from U.k. which meant medicals , x rays blood tests as they are over 70. They have now been informed by an agent that they need not apply for a new visa as long as they keep leaving Oz and returning within a 12 month period they can carry on using the existing visa indefinetly.So basically what he was saying is even if my folks leave and return to Oz a week before the visa expires they can stay another 12 months and they can carry on doing that as long as they wish, i personally am very doubtful about this information which they have recieved and would be very thankful if someone can verify if it is correct or not.
  24. lsbc1976

    paying for visa,multiple cards

    Hi All. Can somone please help us.We will be submiting our 176 visa application in the next week or so.Is it possible to pay for this using multiple credit cards as we dont have enough credit on any one card.MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR:biggrin:
  25. Hi all, in order to maximise the chance of getting SS, do you guys think it's a good idea to apply to multiple states simotaniously? I looked at some app froms from various states, QLD specifically asks if you have or will apply for another state (and have to inform them in 5 days if you do), whilst NSW don't mention anything like that. So, apply to multiple states, is it do-able? there's only 2 outcomes - they will think you don't take them seriously and refuse you out right, or if they think they really want you then they will grant you a sponsorship. Which outcome is more likely? I think a.) is more likely. Has anyone got experience on this?