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Found 19 results

  1. Built in 1810 by convicts on the orders of Governor Macquarie. I imagined I was watching for ships sailing up from The Heads. I guess they had to wait six months to find out about Trafalgar and Waterloo?
  2. Guest

    Mrs Tracy Wriggles

    Mrs Wriggles (Tracy) and children...(and Geoff of course) Have a very safe trip to Australia this week. Finally it has come around and I am sure Geoff will be so excited to meet you guys off the plane. I am sure your welcome home party will be full of tears and laughter:hug: love Susie x
  3. Guest

    Mr & Mrs S

    We made a decision this week to make the move within 18 months. Now thats exciting to me, will soon fly by
  4. We got an email this morning from Allamanda Hospital on the Gold Coast asking when Lisa was available for an interview for a Nurse position. We will email them back tonight with a time for the end of the week so we have plenty of time to research the hospital. Can anyone give any pointers as to what to research and what questions to expect please? JOHN
  5. mr luvpants

    Congratulations to Mrs Puff puff

    One of our friends has her visa but keeps failing the IELTS test which means she wont be able to practice as a nurse. Today she got her results. It was the fifth time that she had done the test and she told me that she had failed again. Then she shouted "april fool" and told me that she had passed on her fifth attempt. Well done Angela! See you on the beach! LISA AND JOHN
  6. Since falling in love with my wonderful aussie husband, we have been on a roller coaster that has lasted almost 6 years. The last eight months have been spent stressing about a spouse visa which I am finally just about ready to put my papers in for( in London)! I have a CXR and medical this Thursday which has caused no end of worrying because I have smoked since I was 17 and stressing about this visa has only caused me to smoke more. Today I have given up, gone running and eaten the entire contents of the fridge in a bid not to smoke! So if my visa is granted I will be one very porky English wife arriving in Melbourne but at least I will be smoke free! Then it hit me after reading so many other people's posts and just how stressed out we all are about these visa's, is it worth worrying so much it causes me to feel ill? Yes I want to be with my husband but I am not going to stress anymore, if they don't grant me a visa.... it's not the end of the world as I used to think it would be. Yes it would be terrible but now we are out of the dark winter months, England is not that bad a place to live. It could be worse! I love my job, I look after older people with dementia and I love to chew the fat about the good old days when England was great! And if my husband (who qualifies for an Irish passport) really couldn't stand living here, well that's life. NO WORRIES, that's what I say!!!! (maybe being smoke free has really got to me!). Oh and I failed the IELTS and I don't care either, I know I speak English proper good rite! So to all of you from my heart ... Don't worry, be happy. Maybe our destiny is pre determined though the thought of another winter in England does chill me to the bone! Love to all wherever you are xxx :biggrin:
  7. munchkinpie

    Mrs Excitabubble!

    So excitabubble and need to tell someone (trying to keep things low-key with family in case everything goes pearshaped/takes years etc) :chatterbox: OH has an interview with a company today who are in London recruiting for some massive projects the company has just secured. He went to an "evening" with them on Tuesday - basically they contacted some people in UK and invited them to this bar in London to ply them with food and drink while telling them all about the company, what they were looking for, what they offered to lure you over there etc. He went up and spoke to 3 of the main people and everyone of them knew who he was when he said his name and stated they loved his showreel, couldnt wait to see him Friday - did he have his passport ready? OH recorded the presentation on his phone as he knew id ask a million questions - package they are offering includes flights, relocation costs, LAFHA but .................. on a 457 :eek: The job is in Sydney so that means high living costs and 3 kids worth of school fees - can you see the dollars stacking up? So we spent Wed and Thurs getting facts and figures together and he has went off today armed with pages of questions, figures etc and we are praying that what they can put on the table will be enough for us to live comfortably. Also when they spoke to him on Tuesday they basically said they want him yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! Never going to happen as our visa application is never going to be straightforward (kids from previous marriage, divorce not finalised etc etc) So at 2 o clock today we will see what they have to say. He is going to ask for possibility of ENS121 (or getting there and applying for 856) or if it comes to it we can still go ahead wth applying for the 885/886 when we get there. Worried that the numbers we are throwing at them are extortionate but still getting used to rough conversation from Aus $ to GBP and I guess Sydney companies should factor in the increased costs for employees so they may not be too shocked. Im waffling again but my minds firing at 100mph! Wish us luck everyone L x
  8. Dorrydo

    Mrs Geordie

    Hi All, Have been reading all of the different forums for a couple of weeks now. I'm an Aussie married to a Geordie. Can relate to those of you who miss home and those of you who love your new home here in Oz. I lived in the North East for 6 years and Mr Geordie has lived a bit more than half of his life span here in Oz. Did I pick up with old friends when we came back here ......... sort of, but found that we had all changed our lives to such an extent that the feeling of mateship had really changed ........ and I was more of a stick in the mud and wanted different values from life. The old saying is that you can count your true friends on one hand and they are life long. Glad to say that I still have two life long friends :smile: Mrs Geordie :wink:
  9. Guest

    Remember ME? I'm Mrs C!

    Hello to all you Pom's in Oz peeps! I hope that some of you remember me, it has been months since I came on here! There has been a lot going on, which I choose not to broardcast on here, lol but for those of you who know the situation, I just want to let you know that all is well here in the Croydon Household once again. I would also like to give a great big Thank you to Paula & Pat, Nurse Sue and her hubbie Wilf, Kdal and her family and Hammer, for being such good friends. I love you guy's! I hope everyopne else is ok, as I can't even start to read all the posts on here as it has stacked up, I think the last time I was on here was in November, OMG I used to be on every day, night etc. It would be great to hear from some of my old mates on here as well as the new people so drop me a line. April xxx
  10. Guest


    Hi all does anyone no what happens if u get turned down for a ss. Can u go for it again or do u have to start over:unsure:
  11. Guest

    Mr & Mrs Keily

    We had visitors last night and look what they rocked up in......
  12. Well what a weekend we've had! On their Australian and NZ tour,Mrs & Mrs Armchairdetective (I'll shorten to TADC now)flew over here to Adelaide to see us for a few days. Our friendship started 10 years ago when we bumped into each other on an old Usenet forum.After that we were always bumping into each other on forums. Knowing they wanted to meet up and have a peek at Adelaide we threw open the doors of Tyke Towers - we've never met but knew they would be lovely people. Well we were not wrong. We've had a ball,not stop yakking,going out and drinking. We all went out on the boat on Saturday,very busy at the launch ramp and perfect,calm conditions.Mrs TADC was the only one of us to catch a fish - a one eyed Pufferfish,sure it just committed suicide but don't tell here that:biglaugh: On our return the dolphins decided to show up,so lucky to see then - camera clicking away like mad. Boy was it busy when we returned to get our boat out at the ramp.Must admit I lost my temper with two women who pushed in front of the 18 boats waiting politely - my first case of "Ramp rage" - they deserved it though! Had a great get together on Sat night here at home, just a small bunch of us so Mr & Mrs TADC could meet everyone ( sorry to everyone else we all know).Ended up the wrong end of a lot of port and staggered to bed at around 2.am. Sunday saw us having a drive around the center of Adelaide and then in the afternoon a drive along the beaches of South Adelaide.A couple of calls to do a spot of wine tasting too! Sun night was lovely- we went down to the Victory Hotel for a great meal (highly recommend it) and watched the sun go down. Well,they are off on an adventure on the Great Ocean Road now,just seen them off this morning. Wish we'd have had more time together but they are covering a lot of miles here. Once again,a pleasure to meet Mr & Mrs TADC,we thoroughly enjoyed their company. I know they are quite taken by South Australia know. Who knows - they might be back.................................
  13. Jackboots

    mr and mrs braveheart

    just wondered if any one knew how the bravehearts are? not heard anything for a long time and like others , being on the site so much its like a little tinternet community , so you remeber certain people and there situ's ..
  14. nurse sue

    MRS C and Family Welcome to OZ

    Just wanted to welcome Mrs C aka April to the other side of the world and of course her family but you didnt have to bring the English weather with you:biglaugh:love to you all looking forward to a few tinneys and a BBQ ( Wilfs hoping he will get one for fathers day.)
  15. alias Kim XXX .....slightly early I know .... but wanted to catch the early morning ozzie shift! This will be your last birthday here in the UK .. next year you will be celebrating it in Oz in the middle of winter, instead of the typical english summer day, wind and rain!:biglaugh: You dont look a day over 39 ..despite living with Mr KP! :cute:
  16. debbie2302

    Happy 40th Mrs Hutchies

    Hi Lisa Just noticed its the BIG day tomorrow and wanted to be the first to wish you a very happy 40th birthday. Have a fab day and make sure OH and the kids pamper you all day. Love Debbie xx :wubclub::wubclub::wubclub:
  17. Guest

    Mrs YG here...

    'ello! Mrs YG here. Just been catching up on all that's been said on this thread thus far. You do seem a very friendly bunch, so a big hello and looking forward to reading many more posts on this forum for some help and advice, too! I am from N. Herts, myself, hubby's originally from South Australia. Can't believe I am sat here, 5:30 in the morning, writing this. lol.. 2 kookaburras outside, laughing away, doing their thing. They're so LOUD and so very comical to listen to and watch! I always chuckle whenever I hear them. Anyway, am 8 months pregnant with our first, have a sore back, feet like footballs, etc etc, and unable to sleep comfortably now. Such a joy! So yeah, I do love Oz to bits!! And it's a great place to bring up kids.. low crime rate compared to Blighty.. people are friendly. I can't begin to list the pros to living out here - BUT - I am very homesick and now bubs is coming, I just really feel the need to be back "home". Plus my mum's getting on and isn't in the best of health. Decent jobs in TV (producing, editing) are few and far between over here and I think Mr YG will have much better prospects, say, in London. Not that we would LIVE in London, mind you! So, having been through the immigration process over here, with the help from an Immigration Lawyer and having done plenty of research ourselves, we decided to produce an educational, professional DVD doco, that we thought may help out others who are thinking of taking the almighty step to move to Australia. A LOT of work was put into the making of the 68 min programme, including hubby sitting up in the edit suite til sunrise, many a night, trying to get everything done in time for its release date. It can be bought from our website, which is in my sig. It is also available on e-Bay (just look up "Moving To Australia" - that's the DVD's title. Now we need to seek advice on moving back to Blighty! ARGH! I still have my Brit Citizenship, am here on a Spouse Visa (residential visa.) I feel we ought to pay to seek advice from an Immigration Lawyer for the UK, just as I saw one here for moving here.. but have no idea even where to begin on this; whether we can seek advice in Oz, or need to contact someone in the UK. As soon as bubs is born, next month, we will have to crack on and research properly. She will be an Oz Citizen, so will need Visas for both her and hubby, to move back to England. Think I have babbled on enough...lol.. going to go and see if I can go back to sleep now. Sorry to bore! Will catch up more on this great forum later on. Happy Easter! Jo. x :spinny:
  18. Lazy Cow

    Oh how I love Mrs T.....

    Just thought I'd share my genius plan for making Tinny's flight fun. You all know how much I love the old baggage - bladder problems, false teeth, wrinkly stockings and all - so I thought I would bring a glow to her face and happiness to her heart. Yes, as she is all made of tin (except her heart which is a pea), I have decided to tell both Adelaide and Manchester airport that she is carrying 'bad' things about her person and needs a cavity check.... Now, isn't that thoughtful of me? Yours caringly, LC
  19. batman

    Mrs Batman has her say

    Just wanted to say we had a good laugh last night with you lot, got to say alcahol has got alot to answer for as conversation went abit below the belt (hilarious though) Mr Batman is already looking forward to next Friday, I must say Gail set a great trend with the blue text everyone soon caught on with that, its clearer to see who is saying what..you dont get eye ache trying to concentrate..or is that just me???????? speak to you all next week MRS Bxxxxxx