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Found 8 results

  1. laura.chesworth21

    Resident return visa

    Hey, This is a bit of a strange ask. I've scoured the forum and can't seem to have found anyone in a similar situation to myself. My whole family (mum dad brother and sister) uprooted to oz back in 2009 and have remained there ever since. We all went over on a permanent resident visa. Me being a stubborn teenage who thought they knew better decided to come back to the UK (I stayed in oz less than 2 years) I have remained in the UK ever since. I am now wanting to finally move to oz and hopefully settle there and will need to apply for a resident return visa. My only glimmer of hope is that my strong ties to australia (immediate family) all still live and work there and are settled. My sister is now an Australian citizen and has 3 children, my mum dad and brother are permanent residents still. My mum and dad have bought a house and work full time. I was just wondering if anyone could advise that this is sufficient enough for me to be approved for a resident return visa.
  2. How long does it take after moving to Oz to secure a mortgage? Short answer: it depends. I can see the rolling of the eyes from here. Different banks have different criteria, you need to tick the boxes. However long that takes, that is how long you have to wait. There are no hard fast rules on how long you ‘should wait’ to buy a house but there are some important things to know. The process itself is super quick The actual purchase process here is a lot quicker than in the UK. The never ending chain of teetering disappointment is very rare here. Property is bought and sold within weeks. Find out how much the banks will lend you, find a suitable house, put an offer down, exchange contracts, settle and move in. From start to finish in Australia you can be putting down an offer on a house today and potentially be moving in 6 weeks later. It can be that quick. Are you actually ready to buy? Why do you want to buy? Are you in a rush to buy? Why? Do you know the exact state and suburb you want to live in? Will the kids be accepted into the school there? Are you happy with that school? Is your commute to work a nightmare? Is it a dodgy area? If you have just arrived, renting is a great way to get to know Australia and trial out living in different places so you know exactly where you want to buy. The last thing you want to do is buy in an area soon after arriving only to realise your dream location is on the other side of the country. Where to start Ok, let’s assume you are set on buying as soon as possible. The first step is figuring out what it will cost overall and where is the money coming from. If you have enough to cover the shortfall between what it costs and what the bank will lend, you are good to go. If you don’t, then you need a plan on how to change that. Do you need to save more? Or do you need to wait for some circumstance to change so the banks are more favourable towards you (e.g. do you need to complete probation? Does the bank require you to have worked for longer than 6 months?). If you are a PR or Australian Citizen with 20% deposit (plus costs) then happy days, the banking world welcomes you with open arms. If not, don’t give up! There are so many different banks and policies out there so you don’t know exactly until you have had a professional unequivocally tell you so AND (most importantly) what you need to do to change that. If you are a temporary resident most banks may only lend you 60 – 70% these days. BUT if you purchase with someone who is PR or a Citizen then it can be a whole different ball game. It all drills down to finding the best fit for you. One last thing. Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR)- Australia is catching up If you are coming from the UK you probably already know all about credit scoring and the importance of having a clean bill of financial health. Australia has technically had CCR in place since 2014, but the uptake has been sluggish. This is about to change and may be a rude awakening for a lot of Aussies. From 1 July 2019 all major banks are required to share 100% of their data with credit reporting bodies, so this will become more and more relevant here, as it is in the UK, in the coming years. As of right now, lenders are slowing sharing their data and eventually will use this as a tool in their lending decision making. So whilst I wouldn't run to get an Aussie credit card, it is not a bad idea to think about ways to start developing your credit rating here, because it will be a brand new file. Setting up with an Australian phone plan is a good start, and if you are renting first even paying your utilities bills on time can help build up your score. Keep in mind that yes, a good credit score can help, but some banks value it more than others and it is not the be all and end all at the moment. What is more important is knowing which bank to go with and what is best for your particular circumstance. Hope this helps, any questions feel free to ask!
  3. Hi guys im 21 and me and my girlfriend would like to move to australia. my dad crunently lives in victoria is there any advice you would be able to give me please
  4. Hi I'm Moving to Australia in a about 6 months, with my daughter (9) son (5 months) and husband, my daughters is from a previous relationship and we have been to court and go the ok to move but with several conditions. 1, I have to register the order with the Australian court 2, we have to come back on 2 separate occasions each year Since winning the case ( which cost us 25,000 and took a year,!) my ex has been extremely difficult trying to take me back to court for breaching the order (even though I havnt) lying about it, and trying his dam hardest to split me and my husband up by threats and lies. My daughter is getting wise to this and soon will not want to see him as she's reluctant to go now as he is saying things to her now too. I would like to know if anyone has immigrated with a similar situation and if and how enforceable the contact order is in Australia and is this is the same in each state? I have a feeling when I go he will do his upmost to try and make to breach the order so he can order me back, but I want to no if he can? He is very vindictive and has put me in difficult situations already regarding our contact order. If anyone can help that would be great or no of any solicitors I can talk to over there. Thanks Kate
  5. Hi I've just joined this forum as we have been mulling over applying to move to oz for a while. We first went there in 1991 (working holiday) and I went back there for a couple of weeks about 10 years ago (Sydney). I love the feeling of the place compared to the uk and have always felt a "pull" to live there. But now we have got three children, 13,10,4 all in private schools in North London and I am concerned if we can get the same education or better in NSW. My eldest is not in a "top" school but it is very nice with huge grounds and a lot of activities. It is a boarding school but he doesn't board. The 10 year old is just about to take 11+ exams. With the schools in england they always seem to be on holiday (half terms etc) and we seem to be in winter for 9 months of the year. Seems the terms in oz are unbroken so they should make more progress. We would be applying under the Provisional Sponsored Business Owner sub class so it would be up to two years before we got approved. So the dillemma is would it be the right thing to do or would I be making a mistake to move them all to Sydney at this stage? I keep swinging one way and the other but its now or never. We are all going on holiday to oz next April for a couple of weeks to that should help our decision.
  6. Guest


    Hi all I am looking to head to Perth asap however we are just on the first leg of our visa app.Heading over with my Wife and two boys can anyone give us some pratical information ie. is it quicker to try and get sponsored.My skills are on the Critical Skills list but we hear it could take months to get the visa.Any information about good schools best areas for families and of course were the work is would be much apprecited as we are complete novices. Thanks a mill Eddie.
  7. Hi all, me and my fiance are looking to move to oz this time next year. I am currently a self employed Solid Plasterer with experience of dry lining and taping. We are looking at QLD Gold Coast Brisbane etc, if anyone could help we need to know more info on rates of pay so we can plan where to rent and arrange finances before we make the move. any help is appreciated thank you :yes:
  8. Hi to any tradesman in oz........ has anyone done the 'blue card' test? just wanting to know what is involved, the cost and where does my O/H register to do it? thanx for any help :cute: