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Found 29 results

  1. Hi Everyone Im 39 and will be moving to Melbourne mid March for a new life. I have no idea where Im gonna live or what job Im gonna do.. just know there is a bigger world out there and want to experience it. If anyone has any advice or help to me.. all will be accepted.. and it might be nice to make a few new friends along the way. As for my background... I was a production manager for the last 10 years of my professional life, posses an MBA in business and after obtaining my residential visa (skilled migration) I went travellin for the next 4 years throughout the world. Now its time to settle down again and get a job Hope to talk to some of u in the coming months Thanks to all that contribute in advance Antony
  2. heyy my names lucie i am 15 i am movin 2 perth at the end of the year i was wondering if any 1 is gon 2 live out there or any 1 thats already living out there
  3. Hey, i'm Nath, 15, wondering if anybody's moving/living around this area, so i have somebody to talk to as soon as i get there, so im not on my own when i move there. :wink:
  4. hi im jasmine and i have now been in australia for about a mounth and im enjoying it i will be happy to ask any questions and for you to tell me a bout yourself heres my advice and thoughts leaving the family : leaving the family is the most hardest things you can do and it is definitly the hardest part of your journey, when i left there was tears and i mean a lot of tear.but your will see them again and if you and your family talk on the phone often then it wont be so bad i have this thing called skype you may ahve heard of it and every monday we talk to one of the family membes. but im not saying it wont be hard the plane ride : first let me tell you my advice and then what i thoughtwell here is my advice:go to sleep on the longest part of your jorney.there are tvs on the back of the chairs and is packed with movies and games and all sortsthere is even a camra on the tail and the nose and underneath the plane so you can watch from points of veiw of didfrent places on the plane they will have drinks come roung often with snacks like chocolate and chrisps and biscuts alots so you wont get hungrey. the food on the plane is nice but i supsose what you have and who you fly with. getting to know your area: my advice : get a car there up the road is a car drive away and is NOT walkable trust me i have tried. my thoughts :it is hard getting to know you area and your neighbers where i live at the moment (im renting a house )has a lot of asian and not many australian or english and plus it is VERY quite well tank you for reading and i hope that you reply best of luck jasmine
  5. We are new to all this and need some help and advice on researching areas like secret harbour and the surounding areas, we are in the middle of doing are 176 and its not an easy ride.:wacko: any info welcome thanx
  6. hia my names olivia burton and im moving to aus i realy dnt want to go coz iv got some realy good friends over hear and im realy close to my family:sad: I want to makes some friends over there before i go so it wont e as bad movin there so anyone whos reading this rite bak to it please.
  7. hii i'm amber, have any of you got any tips as i should be moving to oz this summer which is only like a month away. is any1 moving to Warrnambool in Victoria.i want some friends for when i move.:cute:
  8. Guest

    movin to bunbury

    hi everyone, my husband has a job offer on western power in picton thinkin of comin over in may livin in bunbury ?we have 3 kids and it a big move are we doin the right thing?:jiggy:
  9. Guest

    Movin to Perth

    Hi there everyone, just calling in to say hi and see if any one else from our area is movin to Perth?! We're Lee, 32 and Lou, 29 and will arrive in Perth on March 18th 09!:laugh: Lookin to live in Secret Harbour, Baldivis, Mandurah area. xx
  10. Hiya, Im 15 nd worried bout makin new friends when I get 2 melbourne. Wil probs be goin there dec/jan!! anyone on ere bout the same age? wud like 2 chat 2 sum1 in a similar situation kristina x :smile:
  11. hi i am 25 my gf is 17 we have a 4month old gal and seriously sick of uk and want to move to oz, does anyone know what visas we need at all or where to start please, my gf would like to finish her studying in oz and i have been a test and run engineer for well known hire company for last 3 years with few qaulifacations gained from my job, i.e pat testing, mechanical courses, electric hoists and so forth any help would be greatly appreciated please. looking in nsw area or victoria.also does anyone know roughly how much savings will need to move there as dont have any property to sell as renting privatly here in uk. many thanx all
  12. Hi I am moving to Sydney on 20th Nov and am turning ten at the end of December. I won't go to school till end of Jan when school year starts in OZ. I was hoping there would be someone around my agegroup moving (or at) the north shores. (dee why, curl curl) I want to also know how to make friends there. Luv Brittany Also does anyone know how big the platypus toys are in Taronga Zoo??? (cos I will get 1 for my 10th LOL):biglaugh:
  13. hya is anyone on here 16/17/18yrs old?? ma dads jst startd talkin bout movin 2 aus or new zeland, were nt shor whr bouts tho. weve bin 2 aus 2005 and 2004 for a 4week hol n a 2week hol. i loved it, we have family in sydney n adelaide. but im a bit worrid if we do actuli move out thr as i will miss all ma friends and family here in england. also i have 2 horses, u no all tha usual materialistic thngs, bt thy mean stuff 2 me. any way im just wantin 2 talk 2 sum pple my sorta age who have moved out thr so u guys cn tell me about ur experiences please write bck sum nice pple lol cnt wait 2 hear frm u foxyroxy
  14. Guest

    hi im 11 movin to perth

    hi im talin and im 11, technology,couldnt live without it well only for 6 weeks but i love animals and perth is my place thats why i should be moving there. is anyone else moving to perth? if you are well good on you. im a little bonkers:wacko:and i speak alot:chatterbox:but i never really get embarrassed and i like sleep what do you like? ps if you think im a girl do not answer because im a boygot that and im a nice person so please reply because i have no friends in oz yet.
  15. heyy my names lucie and im 15 and movin 2 perth is there any 1 on eya that is around the same age and movin there ?? is there anybody that has bin there and nos wat its like in perth?? i will b happy 2 chat on msn if any 1 has it reply back if u can help me lucie xx
  16. Guest

    movin to perth in six weeks!!

    hi everyone, im mandy and my husband gary has had a job in Booragoon so im looking for advice on the areas around here or within 30 mins drive to here. im looking for a 4 bed house with schools close to us we have 3 kids ages 11 9 and 3 yrs. iv been on realestate and there is so many placses to choose from i dont know where to start! can anyone give me information about bugeting the cost of living at perth so that i can work out what rent we can afford! I thought that waiting for the visa was stressfull but my head is in a total spin at the moment as we only have 6 weeks to sort everything and cant start till i secure a house. we have to be in perth before the 10 september, my original plan was to go to Bunbury but gary didnt get the job there so now i have to start all over again. thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
  17. Guest

    Movin to Perth jan 09

    Hi My name is Jess im 10 years old an im movin to perth in jan 09. is anybody else moving 2 or do you already live there, i cant wait. Ive got a dog called tilly she is a cavalier king charles and she is comin with us we have got a cat 2 but she is 16 so she is to old to come:sad: please reply Jess x
  18. hiya peeps,:biglaugh:i would like to say hello to everyone on the forum!!! from courtney xxx:chatterbox:
  19. Hi ya im Emma and im moving 2 adelaide soon, Im 11 years old and i bit worried about movin and about leavin my friends behind they all luv me 2 much and dont want me 2 go and neither do i, but my mom want 2 move my dad my 14 year old bro but my 11year old twin is iffy. Our house is up for sale and will have people comin around 2 buy it soon and just wonderin if there is anyone movin 2 adelaide and soon and if so wanna be friends?... I have msn and if u want it PM me and i will give it 2 you. so if ur bored and wanna chat and ur arround my age then PM me or post on this thread P.s...My mom and dad are KP Nuts your pearents might kno them. Emma..x
  20. hiya, i might b movin 2 perth nd i need sum ifriends who live dere or r plannin on movin... if u hav MSN plz tell me abwt your self on a private message and your msn or email addy. my name is kayley, i am 12yrs old, i curently liv in derbyshire , swadlincote , england. i love makin new m8ts... kayley..x..x --------------------- lol
  21. hi fred here 13 and a arsenal fan need help nd advice bout perth as ive neva bin dere if ne1 has then let us no wot its lyk?!
  22. Hi. I have a question for any sparkys moving and working to Oz. Is anyone booked on the April or August electrician licence course in london or birmingham and if so can you tell me how I would book a place on it? Its a long story but our agent is going to book my hb onto it but not yet and im worried he may not get his place so want to book it ourself. Can someone tell me how we go about booking him onto it??? Thankyou.
  23. Hii!! my name is Alannah ad im 13!! I might bee movin down till Australia in November!! Hopefully we will get to go down to Manly! if any one else is out there give mee a shout!! o and by the way does anyone no if they have a good kickboxing club down there?! Thanks!! write back soon!! :smile::huh: xoxoxoxox
  24. heyy im 18 and emigrating soon to ballajura or sumin like that with my parents before the end of 2008.:swoon: i haven really took interest in it all, ive just left ym parents make my decisions but i dont know anything about how life is out there like how different is it to the uk? better, worse? its all abit to much to think about, job driving cars bikes etc! can i go to college out there? if so how old do u have to be :goofy: just general stuff like that is abit weird to think about. so yea listen im trying thing so i can hopefully chat to some ppl my age or 17 or 19 or whatever who fancy a chat ini , im proper easy to get along with ,seriously but i like rugby bmx , off out on a friday and saturday, cars and generally im pretty dwn to earth like so umm i dunno what to do now cuz i only now registered so hope to hear from a few of you, Sound xx:smile:
  25. Hi my name is Stacey im 14 i got 2 sister who going with me to oz their names is jasmin 10 and jade 13 also ma mum and dad. im so looking forward to move but im scared to go to new school. i will miss alll ma old friend?!!:no: