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Found 20 results

  1. Although waiting for the house to sell, can anyone recommend movers/shippers and how much notice needed? Got to get the ball rolling and live in hope!!! Nicki :wubclub:
  2. Hi all anyone on here has moved from Adelaide to Melbourne or the other way round? Looking for a moving company but one that can lift furniture if needed up a few floors into the air if it doesn't fit through stairs - 60/70s type of apartments. Already been given one quote of someone that can do that ... Just wanted to compare. Anyone else had the issue of furniture not fitting through the stairs? Been told that even a queen bed could be a problem.
  3. Guest

    movers in tomorrow!!

    hello all, well the eve of the day the movers come is finaly here!! are we ready? u no way!! there seems so much to do still. i have a question though if anybody can help. we are putting clothes in the vac bags from argos(great by the way)you can get loads in and they go so small,but how much weight will the packers put in one box? i can make these clothes bails big but they get very heavy. any help would be great johny
  4. Ok guys, My brain has exploded and I need people to make a decision for me!! When should we get the packers/movers in?? My last day of work is Friday 14th October Satchdog flies out on Monday 17th October (QF10 in the evening, we live in Kent - a good couple of hours from LHR) Husband has Friday 14th and Monday 17th booked off work. I fly out on Sunday 23rd October. Packing and removal time is estimated at 2 days (ish) for our stuff. They have a local depot so will be taking stuff back to their warehouse to load the container. After our stuff goes we'll still need to clean the house, sort the garden and get rid of the remaining stuff to either it's new homes or the dump! Do I: (A) Prep Tues & Weds, Movers Thurs & Fri, clean house on Saturday & Sunday morning (B) Prep Tues, Movers Weds & Thurs, clean house Fri & Sat am, relax until I fly on Sunday C) Hope we're ready beforehand and have the movers in on Tues & Weds, Clean house Thurs & Fri, and have the weekend to relax.... It's a 3 bed detached house with a BIG garden, and I'm a lazy git. We have quite a few things that will take some serious cleaning (gas BBQ, bikes, wood-working tools, kitchen stuff). We're renting, so want to leave the place spotless to make sure we get our bond back!! Those who've done it - or who've already been through the deliberation - What should I do?????? BTW - we'll be staying with family until our stuff arrives, so a day or two here & there doesn't matter...But I'm soooo confused!! :chatterbox::cry::err::confused::eek::swoon::huh::goofy::wideeyed::arghh::shocked::nah::v_SPIN:
  5. How much and how long ago did you pay for your container 20, 40 or part shipping 'cos the three would be estate agents oh sorry, moving reps have been and were a bit of a shock, I wasn't planning on taking out a mortgage to relocate a couple of boxes.well maybe a few more but not a full container. :eek::jimlad::arghh:::mad:
  6. Fashionably Late


    I just have a quick question. I have seen posts from people who agree to go with a moving company and then have boxes delivered. Are they supposed to pack it themselves? Or does the moving company do this?
  7. Guest

    Movers - Tipping

    Did any of you tip the guy's once they had unloaded your container? Is it expected...if so how much? A lump sum to share??? Cheers LL
  8. Has anyone had Movements International Movers deliver their stuff in Australia, if so who was your removalist in the UK?
  9. Guest

    Cheap Movers

    Hi, Anyone know any good Sydney based removal companies? Thanks Byron
  10. Hi guys, we thougth we'd ask. We've got 3 removal companies coming to quote, PSS today, John Mason tomorrow, and Doree Bonner Friday. Selected these because I didnt see too many bad reports on them on here. So, whats your thoughts? PSS have a good tick in the box already, cos although he's running late he rang ahead and apologised, the missus likes that. So, any thoughts or comments???
  11. I thought it might be a good idea to share with you the story behind our storage arrangements in Brisbane. As some of you may have read we were in the odd situation of leaving our goods behind in Brisbane while we return to Britain to sell our house. So I have really had some fun in different ways with the relocation side of things. I say this because when all is said and done, each person’s possessions are I imagine the most important thing you have outside of family and friends, so we need to take care of them all. Sorry this is such a long post, but it’s difficult to keep it short. Here goes!! Well for months leading up to our temporary return to the UK, I had been going through hell in my mind trying to work out what was best to do. Shipping everything back to Britain when our intention was to come back to Brisbane A.S.A.P seemed a no brainer to me. Yet what could I do? I thought about looking into self storage arrangements but they didn’t seem too great, then there was our car which we had bought new just over a year ago when we arrived, what could I do with that. I found in Australia second hand cars for sale almost everywhere you look and I mean real large Car lots with all sorts of makes and models. I stood little chance of finding a nice second hand car dealer who would give me a fat cash price for my car if I sold it, so there was the prospects of a large loss on that. So I had to start somewhere and decided to get some quotes for shipping our goods back first and see where that lead. Now lets role back a year. We used CROWN for our move out to Oz. The service in Wales was absolutely phenomenal. Three guys, helpful, on time, worked non stop for 2 days and did a great job, even helping shift things we weren’t taking. Faultless. Brisbane was a different story. Man arrived with young lad, man gave me the orders told me what I should do and offloaded all our goods. Dumped them in the house some in the right rooms others just dumped wherever. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This guy from Crown told me he had another packing job to go to which was much bigger than ours and that he didn’t have time to hang around. I guess I should have done something there and then like call their Brisbane office. But I was a bit pushed and had a lot to get on with as we were just moving in that day and phones were being connected, and new items being delivered. In the end I managed to get him to agree to put our bed together so that we had a bed to sleep on that night, and I was just glad to see the back of this guy, a Kiwi (his words). Nothing was unpacked and very little was right about the house that day. :nah: Well over the next few days I got everything sorted out and put things together myself, as my wife had started working. I called Crown not only to report the situation to them but more so to get the 100 or so empty boxes in my garage removed. The lady at Crown was apologetic and said She would get the manager to call me. He did, but offered nothing other than a time for the boxes to be collected. All along I was noting all this knowing full well that one way or another I would get back at Crown as we still had a second load to ship to Brisbane or had to ship our goods home if we didn’t stay. So lets go forward almost a year, to me seeking quotes for shipping home. I made an appointment with Crown and they sent their Brisbane Sales/Move Coordinator around to the house to do a survey. He was aware of our problems from last year on arrival as the girl in the office with whom I made the appointment had told him. I had also contacted their marketing manager in Britain and repeated my complaint about a year ago. So the guy from Crown listened and explained to me he was aware what had happened, could only apologise for what happened but assured me the guy had long since gone as he had proved to be unreliable and they had received a lot of complaints about his non work ethic. Basically he had been fired a long time ago. It emerged that Crown do Sub contract their work in Brisbane and I think all around Australia. This left me very concerned. Firstly I was unsure whether to believe the rep or not, had the guy who did our delivery last year really been sacked or was he still there. Secondly what if I got some crappy sub contractor again who didn’t do the job well. I was already peeeeeed off about having to ship everything back, a bad job would only make things more annoying. So a few E-mails went back and forth and I told Crown I was unsure about things in view of the problems encountered previously and that I would call them if I needed them. About 10 days later I was still seeking quotes and my phone rang. It was the Area Manager of Crown. I won’t name him as I feel that would be unfair to name anyone here. However from that moment, an amazing turnaround occurred. This man took control of it all, and when I went through the problems of our delivery, he was fully aware of what had gone on, emphasised that I should not have put up with it on the day, and above all assured me that he would personally supervise the whole move for me and even offered to come out to our house and discuss it with me if I wanted. He then went on to ask me if I was probably coming back to Brisbane why was I shipping it all back. ? I asked him what did he suggest I do, and he said We can help in terms of storage if you wanted to look at that option. So we did and within a few days he had produced revised quotes for storage as well as shipment. What was so good was the time he spent in both E-mails and phone calls to offer help and advice and any support he could give. He totally changed my opinion of Crown at Brisbane and the proof was in the pudding on the day when the move went so smoothly and we had 2 guys there that were superb in all that they did. We even had a quality control man call to the house on the day to see that everything was going well and we were happy with all arrangements. We are paying around $32.00 per week for storage, however on top of that there’s a monthly insurance charge that you need to set up. There is a few other charges including a lump sum handling charge from your home to store, bear in mind that the goods are all Internationally packed and ready to ship to the UK if that should prove necessary. But all in all I am very pleased with the arrangements we have been able to set up and with the way Crown assisted us with everything. I was also amazed, they did not ask me for a penny in terms of payment until I had actually returned to the UK. Why I don’t know, maybe they overlooked it or something, but I didn’t receive my invoice until this week (22nd July). Absolutely faultless. I also managed to put my car into storage with RACQ in Brisbane. This allows for the car to be started and driven within their compound for 20 minutes each month and this is at a cost of $176.00 per month. So I hope this story is of some help to anyone considering who to use for their move to Australia and to Queensland inparticular. I am told Crown are not the cheapest, maybe that’s true. However I can safely say from experience now of having dealt with them in detail, that they are a very professional and experienced company who will treat your valuable possessions with care and respect. Personally I wouldn’t look anywhere else now. Just learn from my mistakes and maybe go down this track. Seek a written assurance on how your goods will be handled on the day both sides of the journey. Make contact with the receiving office (destination office) even before your goods have been packed in your home. Ask for the names of the manager and E-mail him or her and tell them what you expect. In the event that on the day you are unhappy and it can not be resolved with the guy’s at your home doing the move, call a halt to proceedings whilst you contact their manager. No one wants to be unreasonable but if you have paid for a particular service do not be put off the attitude of one individual. Be the boss. When the Survey rep is doing your survey and compiles your quote, do not be persuaded to purchase add ons to the policy like replacement sets and pairs and mildew cover and all that. Go into this in detail with the rep and ask yourself is it really necessary? Just look at how the goods are packed, do you really need that extra cover? Finally check out the insurance costs. A lump sum policy can prove more expensive than a detailed list at your estimated itemised value. In addition, to using the insurance offered by the relocation company (whoever they are) also get a quote for a marine policy from your local insurance broker or as we did Letton Percival in Liverpool. Don’t be put off by all the talk that their policy isn’t the same as that actually offered by Relocation Companies. It is.!! Infact it’s underwritten by the same Lloyds underwriters – end of story and your paying almost 50% less. But that said, some people believe that if they pay a lot more it’s bound to be better. I think we know that’s not always true is it. Hope someone benefits from this. Cheers, REDDERS :SLEEP: P.S I also asked Anglo Pacific for a quote. for the record, Anglos Pacific work in partnership with O.S.S in Australia. The lady from O.S.S came to our house and did a really excellent survey at our home. She then E-mailed me a copy and it was very detailed and comprehensive. She thanked me for our enquiry and advised me She had forwarded it on to their Partners ANGLO PACIFIC in Britain who would then get in touch with me with a full detailed quote. The lady did her job perfectly correctly however I never got any follow up from Anglo Pacific. - What a shambles and what a waste of that lady's time and effort.
  12. Guest

    Movers - any recommendations

    Hi All, Still struggling to make a decision on the movers to get our things back to England. Anyone got any suggestions? Here's my thoughts so far. Tried Crown over a week ago and still awaiting any quote from them even though they promised it to me by last Thursday. That doesn't inspire me in view of the mess they made of our delivery here in Brissy. Also found out they do sub contract out their work here, which is a worry. Awaiting a quote off O.S.S, but so far just a few E-mails back and forth and lots of questions off them, like what sort of things are you looking to move? :err: Hello, it's houeshold goods!! no desire to come and do a survey. E-mailed Anglo Pacific in UK to ask if they do the move in reverse, i.e Aus back to Uk, and who are their agents here. - No reply so far. Thinking of trying Allied Pickfords, but unsure what their like??? Anyone got any suggestions, who do you all rate as good, from here in Brisbane? Luckily have a bit of time yet, as not moving until July, but time will soon fly so I need to get this organised. Thanks guy's EMMY
  13. Guest


    Well the time has come for starting the big pack up for our return home in July. Yea I know its a few months off but having had a bad experience here in Brissy with CROWN, (diabolical service :biglaugh:) I am looking for a better alternative. Pity really because Crown back home in England were great, but I just don't trust the B's here. Anyone got any alternatives and recommendations other than Crown. Or do you think we should give them a second chance. Just don't want guy's in our house who cant wait to get away and don't want to help pack, as they were when they delivered 6 months ago. Really in a pickle, don't know what to do? EMMY :wink:
  14. wattswalkaboutgang

    Movers in Friday EEeeeeekkkk!!!!!

    Got the excess international movers coming to pack up our lives on friday, have sorted out everything, sold soooo much on carboots and have had brain ache for weeks. Trying to decide what to take is a nightmare, but think it's all done now. Any advice on what to do or expect on the day?? :idea: We have been told to pile up stuff to go in each room. I have vacu-packed all clothes and bed lining etc. Any other advice anyone could give me to help the day go smoothly would be fantastic. Many Thanks Alison x
  15. I see a few people posting about delivery firms this week and so as I said I would, I am going to speak up about what happened to us. Firstly, let me say the sound help I have had from this web site is invaluable. You can not put a price on it. As well as that you speak with nice people with first hand experience of the move to Oz. I took the recommendation about removal firms and chose Crown. 2 sides to this story. UK - Unbelievable. The most professional service you could wish for. 3 guy’s, 1 in charge 1 like a middle man and a young lad. Great little team, friendly yet not over bearing, took so much care in everything they packed. Went beyond the call of duty, even helped us move things that were staying behind. Took 2 days with it all, marked everything up and packed it off in the container. We were on first name terms, they enjoyed a few teas and a home made cake my neighbour baked for us all. Great atmosphere, and I walked in on a conversation in which they were saying to my Sis, what a lovely couple we were. (How lovely is that, and its true.) Brisbane. Oh boy!! Utter crap (sorry Cal but it’s true) We made the appointment and they were due 9.30am. Sadly the goods were arriving on the day I was on a day induction at my new job, but Tony was more than happy to get me out of the way. They arrived 10.20am. And left 12.45pm. 1 man Who had forgotten more than we will ever know and a lad who apparently spoke about 3 times in the period they were here. Does that tell you anything.? We paid for a service of pack, remove and ship and at the other end, deliver install, unwrap, assemble and put in place and take away the packaging. I arrived home that afternoon to find the house still full of boxes, not a mess but plenty of work needed. :no: Now my O/H is no fool and I love him to death, but how I didn’t bash him over the head with a saucepan or something I don’t know. I saw the house and couldn't believe it. What’s happened, I said, I’m stunned, I don’t believe this. What comes the reply from O/H. All the boxes were just dumped in the house, only the bed had been put together, bedside tables were just standing there without handles on and all through the house it was like this. Tony’s explanation was “The man had 2 other jobs to go too Em and he was really busy and the next job was a packing job and he just had to go.” :arghh: I screamed and there was a right row. (hope the neighbours didn’t hear- what a start!!) Anyhow, in fairness to Tony he had a lot of the work under control, and had unwrapped the vast majority of things as well as taking 2 other deliveries from traders in Oz where we had bought some things. In total we had 90 items box's crates etc., out of the 90 boxes, 48 were still here. I went absolutely bananas. Tony was too kind to them, and being a builder nothing like this phases him. He did say the guy was moaning so much he was fed up with him and rather than cause a row with him, he allowed the guy to leave as it was easier to get on with it himself. They were even leaving without opening one of the crates, luckily Tony spotted that and borrowed a wrench to open it with just as they were about to go. They were diabolical. The next morning I was all set to go to their place and play holy hell. But I calmed myself down. I telephoned their office and someone was going to call me back. Nothing happened. Eventually I rang again and someone did call me back. In short, I told them I thought their service was a disgrace. They arranged to return to the house and remove all the boxes, and it seemed as though this was a common way in which they do this, because it was they who offered that before I had got around to demanding it. I don’t want to sound like a whinging pom here but if you pay for something you expect the full service. We were given a load of garbage by the sales guy in England how they colour code everything and make sure everything goes into the right place for you. The guys at the Brisbane end had no idea or desire to do this and couldn't wait to get the job out of the way. As for future use, well? We have brought only half our goods this time, and in a years time we will either be bringing the remainder or returning back to England, depending on how things go and what decision we make. Would I use Crown again? I don’t know. The way they performed here doesn’t give me a lot of confidence to be bothered with them, however will any other firm be different. One drawback I have found in Brissy is the work ethic. Everyone wants to finish early, everything takes time and happens in a few days or next week. For example, the Telstra guy turned up early, 11.30am because he had done all his calls and was finishing for the day. The Car tint place wanted us to collect the car 3pm cos they were shutting at 4pm. So maybe Crown are no different to anyone else in this part of the World. Certainly know one here that I have met are suffering from work related stress. Sorry this has gone on a bit, but I hope it will help others. There is a serious side to this, it's a big part of your migration and your possessions are so important. Don’t listen to all the crap the sales guy in the UK gives you. Definitely don’t take their Insurance, buy a marine policy yourself. Then at this end just make sure they know before they open the lorry what you are expecting, and if there’s a problem, don’t start emptying the lorry get on the phone and speak to the management in Crown or whoever. Don’t let some little Tom Dick or Harry mess you around just because he wants a job out of the way. The good news was no items were lost or broken, and by the next evening my man had everything assembled, new washer plumbed in, plugs changed and all was rosy. A right big head, but He’s a treasure really!! And a glass of wine and I was back to stress free. EMMY
  16. Hi, moving abroad is a big step. It takes a fair amount of organising. It is quite stressful. Do yourself a favour and avoid AngloPacific. You do not need the added stress caused by their short comings. To cut along story short, our consignment was collected from our house in August, we are still waiting for it in December. The latest guess from the shipping company is delivery some time in January. I'm not holding my breath.
  17. gazza

    arrowpak movers

    hi all we had arrowpak around today to give us a quote on our move to oz. seemed a nice bloke and will receive quote on tuesday. just wondred if anyone else has heard of them or used them? cheers
  18. Hi We've just had a quote from Atlantic International Movers to transport our stuff from Nuneaton, Warwickshire to Perth WA. We've been quoted £3430 for a 20ft container including door to door delivery, packaging, loading/unloading etc, but not including insurance or any import duties and taxes. We're taking as much as we can - we have a two bedroom end terrace so we haven't got a lot, but we are taking an upright piano and a huge upright toolbox plus all the usual stuff. I just wondered if anyone out there had heard of, or used Atlantic International Movers. Do you think this is a reasonable quote? Is there usually import duty and tax to pay? or only if you take something you shouldn't e.g a load of new goods Any advice would be great - I've already done a search for 'Atlantic' on the forums, but can't find anything. Looking forward to receiving your words of wisdom Thanking you in advance Jo
  19. Guest

    Excess International Movers

    Hi, has anyone any feed back on this removal company? We have had a few companies round, and they seemed quite good. Though would like to know about anyones dealings with them. Finally got our visas in December and heading for Brisbane 24th July. Yippeeeeee!! Thanks
  20. Guest

    International Movers

    Avoid AngloPacific, nothing but disapointment. We're still waiting for our consignment 16 weeks after it was collected from our house in England. The latest guess for delivery to our address in Brisbane is January '07... We sent it in August '06!!!! Absolute joke, use someone else.