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Found 7 results

  1. Greetings Everyone, I want to move to Australia in 3 months and I am still having trouble deciding which city to move to. I am an Australian citizen but left for Nigeria as a kid. Now I want to move back. Can you advise me on the choice of the city, the average rent for a single expectant mum? What is the ease of getting jobs? I am currently a banking executive in Nigeria, do I need a special license for continuing in the same line of work. What are even the chances of getting a job in either investment banking or something similar? How is the healthcare system like. Is health care subsidized?. I have loads of questions but generally, i need the information to help me decide on how to handle my move. All suggestions are welcome. Thank you.
  2. Mattcouts

    FX transfer UK to Aus

    Hi My partner and I are moving to Aus (she's an Aussie) in the autumn 2018. We have quite a bit of savings which we are keen to move over to Aus for a house. We will look to buy early/mid 2019 between North Sydney and the Central Coast. GBP/AUD is at a low but clearly it could get worse if Brexit negotiations go badly/ no deal but could do better if we get a decent deal/ not a terrible deal. What I and no one else can do is predict what is likely to happen but I am interested to know if anyone has been in a similar situation and what strategies you used to move money over, did you do it in stages, wait for the uptick, do it in £5000 chunks?... any/ all ideas welcome. Thanks Matt
  3. Jake71

    Moving to Australia

    Hi Guys, Someone could help me about some information regarding living in Australia. My sister will move in Australia because of work this coming June 15, 2015. This are the list I need, hope someone could assist me. I had a friend in Australia which is a good man. And I know Australian people are good personality. Please help. 1. Place to live: House for good, Apartment or House for rent 2. Regular foods cost in near places 3. Medical insurance 4. Visa applications 5. Available Bank (for Personal Debit Card) 6. Tourist spots 7. Extra curricular Activities near places. Thanks to all.
  4. PandaPaws1988

    Move back to Aus again?

    Hi, this is my first post on PIO so here goes :-) - sorry its so long! I moved over to Perth WA in Oct 2011 from London with my partner, after a horrific 2 year wait for a visa for him to start a company in Perth. 8 months into our move we amicably broke up and still to this day remain great friends. I continued on in Perth with great jobs and travelling around until May this year when I got mysteriously ill, and the doctors in Perth couldn't figure it out. I decided to go back to London for a 3 week trip to spend some time with my family (and to get away from a horrible breakup), and luckily I did because 2 days after landing my appendix ruptured - the NHS is amazing! I recovered well and started dating a long time friend so decided to stay for the summer at least. I now have a contract job for the next year and have been travelling around Europe on weekends which is brilliant. That being said I have a dilemma at the moment. Now that I have recovered and its winter here (I haven't really experienced one for 3 years!) I am deciding whether to go back to Perth or not. I guess this is down to the fact that when I left in May I didn't realise I wouldn't be going home. I went back to Perth for a week in August which turned into a mess as I bumped into my crazy ex and the encounter left a bad feeling, but I cant judge a place based on one person. I loved my time in Perth for the 3 years I was there, most of it being single and without any family which I didn't mind that much. I had a great life there, brilliant salary, lovely friends and the outdoor lifestyle I always wanted as I wakeboard and run. London is fantastic too, but I feel like I really grew up in aus because of being alone and maybe thats why I feel like its home now. My new boyfriend who I've known for years has family out there, and said he will happily go. But I am so used to my decisions just affecting me, and its difficult to ask someone else to give up the life they know just for you. But in my heart I know I want to go back and if I wasn't in a relationship I would. Do I give it more time as its only been 5 months, or just go for it again? Thanks guys :-)
  5. Hello All! - It's been a while since I last posted! My Australian partner and I have been in a de facto relationship now for over 3 years. Just over a year ago we left our flat in Australia (I was sponsored 457) and came to live in the UK (joint tenancy with another couple for 12 months). We now wish to apply for the 309 visa so that we can return to Aus with my Australian partner being my sponsor. We believe that we meet the standard eligibility criteria (finance, committed relationship etc) however we aren't sure about a few details: - Do we both need to be residing outside of Aus whilst my app is being considered? Will she be required to attend an interview with me at Australia House in London? - If we lodge our application this April and my partner returns to Aus in the interim (April onwards) will this affect our application? - This is likely to happen as my partner has potential work back in Melbourne but we are concerned that it may appear to contradict our claim to be in a de facto relationship if we will be apart for the duration of the app (we plan to meet in Asia, visits etc) Compared to many peoples troubles this may seem a little OTT and silly but we are really worried and cannot seem to get any advice from the official channels, would appreciate the help from you all!
  6. Guest

    when is the right time?

    Hi all, I wanted to post to say hello and that you'll probably be hearing from me over the coming months as myself and OH contemplate migrating to OZ. I've already read a number of threads about life in OZ and the migration process! It's wonderful to hear people's stories of success but also from those who are finding the transition somewhat harder and how they are overcoming the obstacles! So my first question is a simple-ish one? When is the right time to go? Let me expand a little... My OH and I are late twenties with a 2 and a half year old. We do not yet own our own home and have relatively little savings. We will be getting money from family for a deposit for our own home in the next year. My OH's sister currently lives in Oz. I am an organisational psychologist and am currently on the SOL which means we will be eligible to apply for a PR skilled migration visa. I guess i'm not sure whether we should take the plunge, apply now, move with relatively little or wait, bide our time- build up our finances and look to apply when we are more financially stable. As much as the latter seems the best alternative, I wonder if it is worth settling ourselves here only to up and go in 5-10 years when we could be making 'a life for ourselves' over there instead and run the risk of being removed from the SOL... So I guess I am looking for your opinions, advice having been there or generally thoughts about when IS the right time to go? When are others choosing to go?
  7. I'm writing all about my new life with hubby and three kids here. I want to inspire people to follow their dream of moving and living overseas and also let them know what it's really like so they can go into it with their eyes open. One of my most popular articles asks Why Do So Many People Want To Move To Australia? and details how we got attacked by leeches during an innocent walk in the countryside. I look forward to your comments and don't forget to subscribe by email so that you don't miss out on our next adventures. Why do so many people move to, or want to move to, Australia? « In the Hot Spot Good luck with all your travel plans!