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Found 51 results

  1. Well, how thrilling it is to see all you fellow new Queenslanders like me, but lucky you'ze get to live in lovely Brisbane while im out here on me tod in Mount Isa!! MMmm, Im thinking I best work on my husband a bit more to get up and moved!
  2. Hi I hope someone out there can help me. My family and I are looking to move out to Mount Eliza area,as soon as visas etc granted. I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. I have been looking at the schools out there. Penninsula School was my number 1 choice but they have no vacancies. What are peoples opinions to the other state/private schools in the area?? I have seen mentioned before that Kunyung is not a good choice, but what about Mt Eliza North, Mt Eliza primary, St Thomas Moore and Toorak College?? Plus , are there childminders out there for my 2 year old or does everyone use day care - any suggestions for this?? Final Question- Anyone know of a very good gymnastics coach/ academy for my 5 year old. Thank you in advance for all your help :hug:
  3. Hi, we moved to Ashwood a couple of months ago, and would love to meet people with or without kids to socialise with. Our daughter is almost 2 and is desperate to make some new friends and a husband who would like a beer/ xbox buddy.:biggrin:
  4. the_whites

    Mount Eliza Secondary College

    We are heading to Melbourne in December to the Mornington/Mount Eliza area and have looked at a couple of school websites. Our daughter is 15 in January so unsure on the Year she will start in (currently in Year 10 in UK). We are going to do a tour of Mount Eliza Secondary College. Does anyone have any children at this school or have any information they can share? Thanks
  5. DannyCoyles

    Mount Martha???

    Looking for some advice on the possibility of relocating to Mount Martha. We looked at the area 3.5 years ago when we first moved to Melbourne, at that time it was out of reach, peak of the property prices etc. plus we didn’t know where we would be working and the CBD was just a little too far for us if that’s where we ended up working. As it turns out if we sold up where we are now we would have made a decent profit, our salaries have increased and the properties in the Mount Martha area seem to be offering good vfm. There is also the addition of the peninsular link which would make both our travel times to work much the same as they are now, we work in Mulgrave and Burwood East (just off the east link). We are only in our newly built dream home about 18 months it in Lyndhurst, nice area facilities are still getting built and we are close to most of the things that we need, with the peninsular link opening we will only be about 30 minutes from the likes of Mount Martha. It only takes about 40 minutes to go into the city at the weekend and 30 minutes the other direction we are out to the likes of emerald plus we are less than 1km to the train station. Trying to weigh up if the lifestyle change is worth it? I grew up by the sea and loved it and every time we are down that way I wish we could live there. My wife likes it too but also loves where we are now. It not an easy decision to make. Any comments for and against would be appreciated.
  6. Guest

    Mount Isa...nice place??

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this Forum, infact new to all this "moving to oz" lark...Currently live in the uk, have done all my life... My husband has recently appiled for a job via an agent, we can go under a 457 sponsorship visa. The vacancy is in Mount Isa, Queensland... Can someone please tell me what its like??? I have 2 young children and another on the way, I dont want a life of luxury, just somewhere nice to live, comftable for my children, but I know nothing about this place and we would be moving from our comfort zone... Any information would be great Thanks Gem x
  7. Went to Mt Mulligan today, just back. Great day out combining history, scenery and some bumpy tracks to test the 4wd out :yes: Mount Mulligan Brick kiln Airshaft Mt Mulligan Cemetery
  8. Guest

    Destination Mount Isa

    Looking at relocating to Mount Isa QLD, anyone out there lived in this area or surrounding??? Especially like to hear from other Irish families living here.:wink: We have heard a great deal about the place, where to locate and where not to-any info you might have would be greatly appreciated. Have not decided where to rent yet ie right in Mount Isa or surrounding areas. We are a young family of 3, husband been offered a job Mount Isa, initially not what we were looking for regards location but the job is perfect Any info, please tell Thanks:jiggy:
  9. Hi, My family and I have recently moved from Warwick, to Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula. We have two teenage daughters who have settled into school and made friends. I am waiting to register as a nurse and would like to meet to socialise. Does anyone have any links to meet people?
  10. Weasie

    Mount Gambier

    Anyone living in Mount Gambier? :err:
  11. Hello all, I haven't posted here for ages and have had to re-register. After almost a year in Adelaide I've been offered my dream job as a Fisheries Officer in Mount Gambier. I know nothing about the area and start my new job in 3 weeks! We have a 5 year old girl and 9 year old boy so does anyone have opinions on the which schools to put them in? What suburbs are good, which should we avoid? We are taking a drive down there next week but any info would be great. I'm not getting any joy from my usual pomsinadelaide, er probably coz it's in Adelaide! Cheers! Damien
  12. deanthebrickie

    Mount Annan High School

    Hi Does anyone have any knowledge of Mount Annan High School or Mount Annan Christian College. Are there many english children in these schools? Is Mount Annan High School any good or is it one best avoided. I've been on the myschool.edu.au website but information is fairly general. thanks
  13. Cycling in or around the Mount Eliza, South Frankston and Mornington area. Hi 45 yr old Expat who has been in Oz for a while but recently moved to Mount Eliza. Looking to see if there are any other cyclists ( road bikes) that get together over the weekends. Also are there any cyclists who, like me, work in the city and therefore need to go cycling really early during the week 4:30 – 5am ish start for an hour or so?
  14. Guest

    Mount Claremount?

    Hi We are currently awaiting a 457, should be thru March/April. We have a house swap almost lined up for Mount Claremount to start in June and am looking at schools in area. Is there anyone out there who can recommend a primary school we have 2 little girls 6 and 3. Would love to hear from anyone in or around the area who can enlighten me, it has been a lifetime challenge to be enlightened! ........Also, who may in the not too distant future like have a little meet up over a coffee? Thanks Karen
  15. 3 bedroom stone house for sale on 1/2 acre, $290,000 50 mins from Adelaide city. 4 buses per day go from M/Pleasant to T-Tree Plaza mount pleasant is a lovely village it has:realestate.com see picture butchers 2 pubs pharmacy hospital Drs cafe corner shop childcare school If keen please send email and will send loads of pictures
  16. We have been in Oz now for nearly 3 months, and love it so much we have bought a house in Mount Eliza, and are due to move in at the end of Jan. However, we just assumed that all the schools would have a before school club. None of the ones in Mount Eliza do. Since we are two working parents, we need before school care from 7:45am to 9am (when school starts) for our 5 year old son, who is due to start prep in Feb. We know nobody in the area (we are moving to Mount Eliza from Rowville where we are currently renting). We have applied for Home Based Carers (childminders) but they are not hopeful. The school has said we can put an advert in thier newsletter for other families who may be able to help out, but this will not be out unitl next March. We have even written to the Regional Educational Director to try and get our son into another school which provides before school care. Is there anybody who is able to help us with before school care for our son, or can anyone recommend anyone who can help, or know of any home based carers who currently have vacancies and can do school drop-offs? :arghh:
  17. Guest

    Mount Eliza Secondary School

    Hi, We are moving to Mount Eliza in Feb and have enrolled my daughter (17) in Mount Eliza Secondary School in year 11. We loved Mount Eliza when we did our reckie trip a few months ago, and also had a tour round the school etc. The school looked fine but it's always difficult to tell from a short visit. Is there anyone here who sends their children to Mount Eliza school and can give us a frank and honest evaluation of the school. Both my daughters are fairly academic and are keen to go to Uni - one focusing on psychology, the other on Maths. The reason I'm a little concerned is that both girls spent a day in a different school during our reckie. However, most of the time the pupils did not listen to the teacher, and were on their ipods or laptops - and this school is higher up the ranking than Mount Eliza. We did get a good vibe at Mount Eliza school, but the girls never got chance to spend time in the classroom. Many thanks, Simon
  18. Guest

    Balcombe Grammer, Mount Martha

    Hi, I understand that several people on this forum send there children to Balcombe Grammar school in Mount Martha. We are considering sending our 2 daughters to this school - starting in year 11. Both are academic and I'm looking for a school where their academic qualities will be supported. Would anyone be willing to provide some honest feedback on the school. I also understand that the school is based on christian values. Since we are not a particular religious family, I'm wondering how much religion is taught in the school. Many thanks, Simon
  19. Hi we moved to Oz back in April 2010 and have settled in Mount Warren Park Area. I am 35 my wife is 31 and we have two sons aged 10 and 12. We are looking to find some friends basically interested in the same things as we are which include but are not limited to drinking, going to the beach, BBQ's, days out and about and just basically having fun. This is more for my wife as she doesnt work or drive. Pretty much I am busy in work. We are normal people and a normal family with a sense of humour! Anyone on the same level and interested please give us a shout. Cheers.
  20. Hi everybody, We are due to break our lease on our property the end of June, for any OBSESSED golf fans this is the house for you, it is a 4 bedroom bungalow, backing right on to Lumeah Gof Club, its an absolutely lovely area, especially with being positioned right next to Mount Coolum, its also one 10 minutes walk to the beach, let me know if anybody is interested in the property. The lease is till November 2010. Rent is $430 per week PM if you require further info
  21. '99.9pc certainty' of Noah's Ark discovery on Mount Ararat | The Australian If this really is the Ark then this is surely one of the most important archeological discoveries ever.
  22. Guest

    Whats it like in Mount Isa?

    I've had a job interview for a role in Mount Isa, thinking of going for three months. Does anyone know what its like? Thank you Kim
  23. KatieLB

    Mount Hawthorn

    Hi, We are looking at temporary accommodation for our first month in Perth and Mount Hawthorn has been suggested to us, can anyone tell me anymore about this area? Is it easy to get into the city centre? I cant drive so good public transport links is quite important. Is it a nice/safe place to live? Thanks!!!
  24. Hope you can help, This is a strange request but........... stranger things have been asked on here so i thought I might as well give it a go. We are visiting on a reccie the first week of June and both of my kids would like to visit a cub scout group while they are their. Their cub leader put the idea in their heads now I am left to try and sort it out. I have been in touch with the Queensland scout head office and they have informed me that the following two groups will be the closest to where we are staying. Victoria Point Scout Group – Mount Cotton Scout Group They gave me some contact names and phone numbers but I have had no joy in getting hold of anyone. Please help me (you know what kids are like once they get the bit between their teeth) Thanks :hug:
  25. Anyone know of any rentals in Mt Martha/Mornington area around Bentons or anywhere really!!!? Could do with a 3 bedroomed house or unit - been to real estate agents. Is anyone wanting to get out of their lease? Needed as soon as possible. Staying with family but need our own space now x Thankyou :wubclub: