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Found 6 results

  1. We are about to have all our worldly possessions shipped over to Perth [emoji51] and for some reason have LOADS of vacuum pack bags. We have had mixed messages about whether to use them or not. One removal company said yes the other said no- you could get mould due to items sweating inside the plastic. What did anyone else do? Anyone had experience or advice about this? Just thinking it could save us money with the space!! TIA [emoji846]
  2. Hi So our boxes have arrived. We are only renting so will be moving in about 7 months (not going to request to extend lease). We're not going to unpack absolutely everything however don't have the room to store it all in this rental. We have a garage that has a roof, two walls and the roller door. The other end of the garage has a wall built half the height of the other walls so quite a bit of access to the elements. Does anyone have experience with storing boxes practically outside? We can keep them to the side of the garage where there is a roller door and walls, however, the rain does come in via the other wall (not flooding and not reaching the roller door end). So the boxes should stay dry. However, coupled with humidity and the fact bugs etc. can access our garage I wondered if this was is foolish to even consider this? The boxes have books, paintings and other associated household products.
  3. :ssign14: OK, this is not a moan, just looking for practical advice. I am into my first Autumn/Winter season here in Oz, Sydney to be precise, and would like to get some good tips or words of advice on heating and solutions for damp & mould. We live in an older property which isn't well insulated and has no ducted air system in place. At the moment I have noticed mould appearing on the wooden floors in some places, as a blue/grey patina which just sits on top of the boards. It isn't in obvious places either, ie. not just inside cupboards or wardrbobes, as I found some in the living room in an open space. I have cleaned everywhere with a bleach solution and dried out with fan and this tends to keep things at bay. What annoys me most is the feeling that clothes, sofa and things like paper feel "wet" and shoes are going mouldy. Any tips???? We will be looking to move in August when the lease runs out, just need to cope these last few months. I have an electric heater per room, God knows what the bills will be like.... and electric blanket on the bed. Again any tips on helping to keep the place warm(er) and drier would be most appreciated. Ta folks :wubclub:
  4. janine the party queen

    Help with mould

    The past couple of days there has been an awful smell in our house !!!!!!! I even blamed the O/H. I had the day off today so went exploring. In one of our spare rooms we keep all the holdalls and backpacks,hiking boots,walking clothes etc.To my horror it was all covered in green/blue mould. We keep all the rooms aired use the aircon every day and I have "Hippo" pots in all the wardrobes. I have spent most of the day washing everything.Does any body have any suggestions on how to stop it happening again. We only moved into the house on the 19th Jan and I know we are having the wettest wet season ever but I thought I was being careful.
  5. i recently relocated from the UK to Sydney and I've had major issues around mould growing in my bathroom and moving into the bedroom... i haven't come across this problem before because back home we have central heating... i've asked the estate agency to put an extractor fan in the bathroom - initially after being told essentially to bugger off, they've asked the landlord who is attending meetings with housing groups etc to find an answer. the initial complaint was lodged around 5 months ago, and has been ongoing for the last 3-4 months (after saying that the landlord was making enquiries). now my question is, is it illegal to have a bathroom without an extractor fan? we were told (in the height of winter) that we had to regulate it ourselves and open all of the windows in our house, and that we must keep the flat well ventilated - even though they haven't provided an extrator fan to remove the condensation... i've searched the web and haven't found any legislation around the matter. any help would be appreciated.
  6. Just had a post on another thread and mould was mentioned how bad is it and if so what does it affect? Will our leather suites turn to mould during summer:no: or is this not the case?... Do your also require a clothes dryer for washing. Thanks Clare